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Corsets Make A Comeback In 2012 Corsets are among the many retro trends to make their way into the closets of American women in 2012. Las Vegas, NV (I- Newswire) October 24, 2012 - Chalk it up to the revival of retro fashions and deep seeded affinities for the hourglass silhouettes of yesteryear, but there's a new trend hitting the closets of retro fashionistas everywhere. In hot pursuit of the ideal figure, women are turning to the fashion staples of the past. Cosetry, or girdles are making a comeback in a big way. In Spanish they are referred to as 'faias' and have been making waves in the Latino communities for the past five years. Women love corsets and girdles because it lends them the perfect coke bottle figure and they're willing to deal with the constricting consequences of corsets to achieve their dream shape. According to corset wearers, the faia is so tight it can force air out of your lungs and cause organ shifting. Modern corsets come in a variety of fabrics and shades. Each faia ranges in price from $20 to $70 depending on the quality of craftsmanship and fabric, a small price to pay for many women who want the retro pinup girl figure. Many women find the desire to cinch into a faia to be baffling. With strides in women's lib and the discomfort of corset wearing, many women can't understand why anyone would want to subject themselves to figure binding, but the demand for corsets is rapidly growing. Colfajas, a Columbian manufacturer, reported that they were forced to raise production by nearly 50 percent last year to accommodate retail demand. Many corset wearers claim that a return to the corset is no different then the modern shape wear, Spanx, that's been popularized by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Eva Mendez. By making public declarations about their love for shape wear these celebrities have helped move the movement to center stage. Time will tell if the trend continues to grow or fizzles out like other beauty fads.

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Corsets Make A Comeback In 2012