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2012 Fantasy Basketball Cheat Sheet Make sure to bring the best 2012 fantasy basketball cheat sheet to your draft and get ready to enjoy the 2012-2013 NBA season like never before! Sacramento, CA (I- Newswire) October 21, 2012 - This is the best fantasy basketball cheat sheet to bring to your 2012 fantasy basketball draft. What is a cheat sheet? After years of trial and error I've discovered that you can never over prepare for a fantasy basketball draft, but you can definitely be overwhelmed on draft day, especially if it is a live draft. Before your fantasy basketball draft you want to be well prepared by participating in several mock drafts, looking at NBA players' average draft positions (ADP), reading sleeper articles and looking at rankings. But on draft day, the only thing you want to bring is the best 2012 fantasy basketball cheat sheet - which is simply a list of players to target in each round. 2012 Fantasy Basketball Cheat Sheet This cheat sheet is for a 10- man, head- to- head, 9- category scoring 2012-2013 NBA fantasy basketball league. The key to winning any H2H fantasy basketball league is to draft a team of players that compliment each others' strengths and weakness. The perfect example of two players that compliment each other well is Dwyane Wade and DeMarcus Cousins. They both have the same strengths: FG %, REB, STL, BLK, and the same weaknesses: 3PTM, TO. The goal is to have a team that will dominate in 5 or 6 categories. This strategy will ensure a 5-4 or 6-3 victory each week and lead directly to earning that fantasy basketball championship trophy. I used this strategy to become reigning two- time champion in my fantasy basketball league. The players listed below in this 2012-2013 fantasy basketball cheat sheet compliment one another and are designed to dominate in these five categories: FT %, 3PT's, PTS, AST, and BLK. A live draft will be more hectic so make sure to print this cheat sheet out or have it already loaded on your mobile device before going to your draft. Writing down notes, especially injury updates, directly on this cheat sheet is very helpful. Click here for a printer- friendly version of the Fantasy Couch 2012 fantasy basketball cheat sheet. Here are players to target for the first 10 rounds of your draft. For the complete list checkout the Fantasy Couch 2012 Fantasy Basketball Cheat Sheet. Round 1 Kevin Durant (SF) - Ridiculous numbers in FT %, 3PTM, PTS, and BLK Chris Paul (PG) - Great FT % and AST, very good 3PTM and PTS Deron Williams (PG) - Very good FT %, PTS, 3PTM, and AST Kyrie Irving (PG) - .872 FT %, 1.4 3PTM, 18.5 PTS, 5.4 AST, and is only getting better Round 2 Serge Ibaka (PF/ C) - 3.7 BLK's, doesn't hurt FT %. An important player for this strategy Pau Gasol (PF/ C) - Great FT %, PTS, and AST for a big man. Good BLK's Kobe Bryant (SG) - Great FT % and PTS, good 3PTM and AST James Harden (SG/ SF) - Great FT %, good PTS, 3PTM, and AST Round 3 Paul Pierce (SF) - Great shooter with high, FT %, 3PT, PTS, and AST Kyle Lowry (PG) - Very solid numbers across the board Danny Granger (SF/ PF) - Great FT %, 3PTM, and PTS, for a PF, some help in BLK's Round 4 Ryan Anderson (PF/ C) - Lead the league in 3PTM with 2.7, great FT %, solid PTS Joe Johnson(SG/ SF) - Very good FT %, 3PTM, and PTS, AST won't hurt Kevin Garnett (PF/ C) - Very high FT % for center(.857) good PTS, AST, and BLK's Round 5 Steve Nash (PG) - Career .900 FT %, very high AST, 3PT's should increase, scoring down Anthony Davis (PF) - Very high blocks, won't hurt PTS Monta Ellis (PG/ SG) - Great PTS and AST(20.4 PTS, 6.0 AST) good FT % and 3PTM Round 6 Danilo Gallinari (SF) - .871 FT %, good 3PTM and PTS Manu Ginobili (SG/ SF) - Great FT % and 3PTM, good AST for SF (4.4) Round 7 Andrea Bargnani (PF/ C) - .873FT %, 19.5 PTS, 1.1 3PTM. A shooting guard in a 7 body Klay Thompson (SG/ SF) - .868 FT %, 1.73 3PTM, 12.5 PTS will all increase sophomore yr Kevin Martin (SG) - Very high FT %, 3PTM, PTS, but an injury risk Round 8 Mo Williams (PG) - .900 FT % 1.83 PTM 13.2 PTS, and 3.1 AST could all rise in Utah Ray Allen (SG) - .912FT %, 2.3 PTM, and 14.2 PTS should continue in Miami Jordy Nelson (PG) - Increase in 3PTM and PTS with Howard gone Round 9 DeAndre Jordan (C) - Need BLK's (2.0) this round Samuel Dalembert (C) - Good BLK's (1.7), wont hurt FT % (.796) Round 10 Jason Terry (PG/ SG) - 882FT % 2.2 3PTM 15 PTS are expected in Boston Damian Lillard (PG) - 2nd best rookie from 2012 class Brandon Knight (PG/ SG) - 1.6 3PTS, 12.8 PTS, 3.8 AST will improve sophomore yr Lou Williams (PG/ SG) - Good scorer will get plenty of shots in Atlanta Make sure to checkout the Top 100 Fantasy Basketball Rankings here. Take not of these underrated players by knowing the Top 20 Fantasy Basketball Sleepers.

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2012 Fantasy Basketball Cheat Sheet  
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