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Fancy Dress Outfitters Discusses The Effect Upcoming Game ZombiU Is Having On Halloween Costume Purchases Online fancy dress retailers, Fancy Dress Outfitters, discuss the effect that the upcoming game ZombiU is having on the purchases of Halloween costumes. Leicester (I- Newswire) October 18, 2012 - Fancy Dress Outfitters, online fancy dress retailers, discusses what effects the upcoming game for the new WiiU console, ZombiU, is having on Halloween costumes and fancy dress purchases. ZombiU is a game that is being released alongside new console the WiiU. The WiiU has a new controller that is intuitive to help players use controls easily, and interactive, acting as a second screen and touch pad for the games to be played on the console with. ZombiU is a game based around the sudden surge of a plague that infects humans and turns them into zombies. Players wake up as a survivor of this plague and need to progress through the story in order to escape London and uncover where the plague came from. This game is unique in the way that if players die then their character will be infected with the plague and become a zombie in the game world. Players will then wake up as a new character, and must find their old one in order to get all of their items and story progression back to continue with their game. As the release of this game and the new console gets closer, more and more people are getting excited about them and are drawing them into more parts of their lives. Marion Partygoer, a Customer Service Representative for Fancy Dress Outfitters commented, "ZombiU is quite a mature game, and many teenage gamers have been phoning us to ask whether we have any costumes based on zombies in it. Unfortunately we don't have any of these costumes, however we have been recommending that all of our customers who want a specialised zombie costume make one themselves. This is easy with any of our costumes, all customers need to do is add some of our fake blood and makeup, and they have zombie costumes that are individual to them. Fancy Dress Outfitters have today posted their Zombie Survival guide on their blog, detailing everything anyone could ever need to know about surviving a zombie apocalypse. This guide is being launched in order to help people whet their appetite for zombie themed games, and get a taste of what living life in a zombie apocalypse would be like, much like people are sure to experience in ZombiU. Halloween is the largest fancy dress event of the year, and almost everyone in the UK takes part in it. Zombie films and games like ZombiU are adding to the popularity of zombies, and more and more people want to dress up as them when Halloween comes around this October. By taking the advice of Fancy Dress Outfitters and making their own zombies, customers can save money and look individual. Fancy Dress Outfitters is an online retailer of fancy dress, zombie fancy dress and Halloween costumes. They have a great range of costumes that are available for any customer to purchase, and they've even arranged a section on their website through which customers can create their own zombie online.

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About Fancy Dress Outfitters: Fancy Dress Outfitters supply fancy dress costumes to the public. they have a great range of Halloween costumes that are perfect for anyone to wear this year, and a range of other costumes that are superb for any party. Company Contact Information: Fancy Dress Outfitters Marion Partygoer 49 Oxford Street Innovation Centre LE5 1XY Phone: 441162577943 Published in: Events / Trade Shows Tags: fancy dress  fancy dress costumes    zombie costumes    cheap fancy dress    Halloween fancy dress costumes    gorilla costumes     Published on: October 18, 2012 Original Source: Fancy Dress Outfitters Discusses The Effect Upcoming Game ZombiU Is Having On Halloween Costume Purchases

Fancy Dress Outfitters Discusses The Effect Upcoming Game ZombiU Is Having On Ha