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Les Mills Combat | The Review You Can't Find | Beachbody & Les Mills New Workout Grab A Towel & Get Your Fight On! Les Mills COMBAT is the 2nd joint venture workout program by Beachbody LLC & Les Mills International. The programs 5 DVDs are now all that you need to enjoy Les Mills BODYCOMBAT classes. Santa Monica, CA (I- Newswire) October 15, 2012 - Les Mills International and Beachbody LLC have released their second in home workout program modeled after BODYCOMBAT classes. The title of the new workout is called Les Mills COMBAT. The two companies, much to the dismay of Les Mills instructors, began their relationship late last year when they abruptly announced the release of their first joint venture Les Mills PUMP. This program is modeled after the infinitely popular BODYPUMP classes. After a year of success it was only a matter of time before they would replicate another Les Mills Class. The Les Mills COMBAT home version is currently out of development and in the preorder phase. The preorder phase will last until early December at which time the program will begin to ship and anyone who preordered will receive their package. During the peorder phase Beachbody is offering a special promo, which includes free shipping (considered a $9.95 savings) and a bonus 30 minute DVD entitled "LIVE" that's not part of the base kit (considered a $19.95 value). Infomercials for Les Mills COMBAT are currently not running, although Beachbody representatives anticipate them to begin rolling them out by early 2013. This means that all promoting of the program will be done through Beachbody's independent coach network made up of individuals and independent online retailers that offer Beachbody programs and supplements. A Closer Look At Les Mills COMBAT COMBAT is solely based on the fitness theory of Mixed- Martial- Arts or MMA. This training method pools together today's most recognized and utilized forms of martial arts that range from traditional karate to the newer capoeira which is a form of Brazilian jiu jitsu. According to Beachbody LLC, the trainers at Les Mills that created the COMBAT routine came up with a series of 3 to 5 minute long sequences that blend together different moves from each of these martial art forms. This blending of styles creates a workout routine that targets the fast twitch muscle fibers in your body, which are the fibers that have the greatest potential for change. Les Mills COMBAT will be offered in three different versions. The base kit of the program will be suitable for the majority of people who are simply looking to try the program with as little monetary commitment as possible. The Base kit retails for $59.85 and includes the 5 base DVDs with 7 workouts on them, a guide to healthy eating while on the program, a calendar for scheduling your workouts, and an exercise guide full of illustrations of each move in the program. The Deluxe version which costs $89.85 will include a pair of kickboxing gloves in addition to the base kit, and the Ultimate kit will come with everything mentioned plus a DVD tri- set of advanced martial arts workouts. The Ultimate kit retails for $119.70 being the most expensive of the three versions. Who Is Les Mills COMBAT Best Suited For? COMBAT wasn't designed for the faint of heart. It's an intense workout that's demanding on your entire body. If you have a history of lower body pain and rely on lower impact exercises, this may not be the best routine for you. If you thrive on martial arts based workouts already or like the idea of mixing up your current cardio routine with something new, COMBAT will be a great fit. When it comes to results, the only barometer out there to measure against were those that participated in the pilot program. Those in the test pilot of Les Mills COMBAT achieved significant results ranging from weight loss to significant muscle development. They also achieved these results fast - within the 60 days specified for the program. This was partly due to the demanding nature of the workouts, but mostly because of the science behind it and the "Fast Twitch Muscle Method." Les Mills COMBAT Review Conclusion In about 90 days all you will have to do is do a Google search for Les Mills COMBAT Review to find conclusive evidence pointing to this workout plan either being a bust or living up to its reputation. Les Mills and Beachbody seem to have tried to keep this workout as close to its live classroom version as possible in hopes that whoever uses it will not be disappointed. If you decide to try Les Mills COMBAT do so knowing that even if it ends up not being right for you, Beachbody has given you 30 days to send it back no questions asked. A simple guarantee like that can go a long way and help put anyone's mind at ease.

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Les Mills Combat The Review You Cant Find Beachbody Les Mills New Workout