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On- Line Store Offers Book on Water System Optimization Looking to expand your water treatment knowledge? Tall Oaks Publishing offers an extensive on- line bookstore at Book titles cover a variety of subjects key to water treatment in industrial and high- purity uses. LITTLETON, Colo. (I- Newswire) October 13, 2012 - Looking to expand your water treatment knowledge? Tall Oaks Publishing offers an extensive on- line bookstore at offers the tools needed by water treatment professionals. Book titles cover key topics associated with success with treatment of high- purity and industrial grade waters. Questions about boiler water treatment? The On- Line store for ULTRAPURE WATER journal, and INDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT magazine carries "Optimizing a High- Purity Water System" by Paul Tan. The book has 8 chapters that covers topics such as filtration, reverse osmosis, degasification and ultraviolet light, and ion exchange. One purpose of the book is to provide tools to operations and maintenance engineer in basic maintenance and troubleshooting, as well as well as assessment of treatment plant performance. The author has been active in high- purity water and wastewater engineering since 1992, and has worked both with semiconductor manufacturers, as well as a treatment equipment supplier. ULTRAPURE WATER's On- Line store offers one of the largest libraries of books dedicated to industrial and high- purity water treatment. Books cover the major treatment technologies and highlight the unique needs of several industrial water users. The On- Line store offers more than 30 titles, ranging from high- purity water as used in the semiconductor or pharmaceutical industries to water used in petrochemical or paper mill plants. The store's extensive library covers key technologies associated with successful water treatment. A recent addition to the bookstore is "Desalination Plant Concentrate Management" by Nikolay Voutchkov. The book features 12 chapters. Examples of chapter topics include "Desalination Plant Discharge Characterization", "Discharge to Sanitary Sewer", and "Deep Well Injection". A well- known store offering is the latest edition of "The Nalco Water Handbook." This respected book provides useful information on water and wastewater treatment in industrial or institutional facilities. This updated book covers basic water chemistry and explains how to improve water quality, minimize water usage, and implement more efficient treatment processes. The Third Edition features new information on wastewater, cooling systems, microbiological control, energy conservation, environmental hygiene, and steam generation problems and prevention. The On- Line store also features a 12- CD water treatment encyclopedia by author Wes Byrne. The interactive CD topics include electrodeionization, reverse osmosis, boiler water, and ion exchange. Bookstore customers may also buy CD Proceedings from past conferences sponsored by Tall Oaks Publishing. A complete listing of books and CDs offered at the bookstore is available at http:// The web site also offers details about Premier Subscriptions to ULTRAPURE WATER journal and INDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT, on- line bi- monthly periodicals that cover the business and technology of water treatment. More information is also available by calling 303/973-6700, or by emailing

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About ULTRAPURE WATER journal and INDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT: INDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT magazine and ULTRAPURE WATER are bi- monthly on- line journals published by Tall Oaks Publishing that follow the business and technology of water treatment. INDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT covers water used at industrial facilities, while ULTRAPURE WATER focuses on high- purity water treatment such as used by the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and power generation industries. Additionally, the company organizes the ULTRAPURE WATER Pharma, ULTRAPURE WATER Micro, ULTRAPURE WATER Asia, and WATER EXECUTIVE Forum conferences, and offers books and CDs on key water treatment technologies through its extensive on- line bookstore. Since 1984, the two journals have published more than 1,800 technical articles on water treatment topics. Information is available at these Internet sites: http://, and http:// Company Contact Information: ULTRAPURE WATER journal and INDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT Mike Henley, editor Phone: 303-745-3890 Published in: Water Tags: books  water treatment    Bookstore    Pharmaceutical Water    USP    Semiconductor Water     Published on: October 13, 2012 Original Source: On- Line Store Offers Book on Water System Optimization

OnLine Store Offers Book on Water System Optimization  
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