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Belgrade's Serviced Apartments Industry on The Rise Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is in chronic lack of luxury and budget accommodation facilities. Hostels and serviced apartments were imposed as the best alternative to Belgrade's hotels. Belgrade, Serbia (I- Newswire) October 10, 2012 - From year to year, the capital of Serbia - Belgrade is increasing in number of foreign and domestic tourists and consequently number of overnight stays in the capital. However, experts in this field suggest that the lack of Belgrade luxury and budget accommodation facilities is chronic and has to be seriously taken; "Belgrade has a small number of hotels and these hotels do not meet the basic requirements for the category under which they are operating." says our source, adding "Belgrade has a need for a much larger number of beds and tourism of Belgrade has been just recently seen as a strategically important sector of the Belgrade economy" There are two developing alternatives to hotels in Belgrade at the moment and those are hostels and serviced apartments(shortterm apartment rentals). There is no certain indicator about these facilities occupancy but the rise of these two alternative forms of accommodation is evident at the global level. This confirms Milos Kraguljac, manager of the Belgrade based agency RentApartmani Beograd "Belgrade short- term apartment accommodation is definitely an alternative to hotels because you can get same quality of service as in hotel but at much lower prices. This industry is definitely on the rise. Crisis is evident but in spite of all we are trying to maintain the service standards and keep prices at current levels." Kraguljac adds: "Belgrade has over 60 registered hostels, while the number of serviced apartments is much higher but no one knows the exact figure. Anyhow, I advise you to open "four" eyes when renting serviced apartments in Belgrade, and inform yourself well about your stay in Belgrade. I've been in this business for a few years and heard all kinds of experience people had." In recent years there are indications that Belgrade tourism was noted as an essential and integral part of the Belgrade economy. Numerous activities of Tourist Organization of Belgrade are welcomed by everyone in tourism industry of Belgrade and things are beginning to "move". Whether the activities in the future will intensify even more and lead Belgrade tourism to a level it deserves, remains to be seen in the coming years. To learn more about Belgrade apartments please visit http:// for more information.

Additional Resources About RentApartmani Beograd: Apartment accommodation in Belgrade lets visitors stay in the apartment (flat) in the short term (several days or weeks). The offered apartments vary in quality from budgeted to luxury, and at the location of the wider to the center of Belgrade. This type of accommodation is just as good and much cheaper form of accommodation to the hotel. Company Contact Information: RentApartmani Beograd RentApartmani Beograd Vele Nigrinove 10, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia Phone: 381 63 330 017 Published in: Travel Tags: travel  tourism    apartments    accommodation    Serbia    Belgrade     Published on: October 10, 2012 Original Source: Belgrade's Serviced Apartments Industry on The Rise

Belgrades Serviced Apartments Industry on The Rise