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Fancy Dress Outfitters Today Announce Their Top Tips For Trick Or Treat Sweets This Halloween Fancy Dress Outfitters, fancy dress retailers online, today announce the top tips they have for sweets for trick or treaters this year. Leicester (I- Newswire) October 02, 2012 - Fancy Dress Outfitters, retailers of fancy dress costumes and Halloween outfits, today announce their top trick or treat tips for food and sweets for the neighbourhood children this year. As is tradition, every year at Halloween children go out dressed as scary characters from movies or classic monsters such as ghosts, and zombies. They go from door to door around their neighbourhood and when the door is answered they all shout, 'Trick or treat!', at which point the adults of said home must either give them a treat or a trick. For treats this year Fancy Dress Outfitters is announcing their best ideas in order for people to give something a bit more individual to the neighbourhood children this year. 1. 'Finger Sandwiches' might sound like something that would be found in a country club, but that's not the kind of sandwich Fancy Dress Outfitters means for Halloween. There are loads of tasty spreads such as lime curd that can be bright colours, and when put into a sandwich shaped like a finger it can be made to look like gangrene, especially is some blood (red food dye) is added to the chopped off end. These treats are easy to make in large quantities and can be a sweet that isn't completely full of sugar. 2. 'Jelly Sweets' are perfect to hand out to children for Halloween. They're cheap to buy and you can give a lot of them away at once without the risk of running out as they are so small. These can also be bought months in advance, meaning that people don't have to worry about their trick or treating sweets. 3. 'Exploding Sweets' aren't as violent as they sound but children love them. These sweets generally only get released close to Halloween and are special editions of other sweets with gel in the middle that literally explodes out of them when bitten. Handing these out will give children a pleasant surprise this Halloween. 4. 'Orange Flavoured Cupcakes' might sound simple and boring but by jazzing them up with some food colouring, icing and sweets, these can be the best treat ever. If someone is feeling particularly adventurous they could also mix up some marmalade and put it in the centre of each cupcake, making them ooze when children bite into them. 5. 'Liquorice Bugs' are a treat that need to be made from various kinds of liquorice laces. By cutting these up and sticking them together in different ways someone can create some brilliantly imaginative insects for children to eat. 6. 'Guts Cups' are one of the more disgusting treats that people can offer. These cups consist of custard, mixed with red food dye to make it turn red, and bits of red sweets and red liquorice laces. Chopping up any red sweets to put them in the mix works as it makes them look like chopped up bits of flesh. Children will love this cup full of guts and talk about it for weeks after Halloween. Some people simply like to buy a pack of sweets and hand them out slowly over the night of Halloween to all of their trick or treaters. For those that want to put some special effort in this year, there is a huge number of treats that they could make for the children that will come to their door. Making any of the above suggestions is sure to have a big impact on the neighbourhood children, and they won't let you forget it when next year's Halloween comes around. Fancy Dress Outfitters is an online retailer of Halloween fancy dress. They have a wide range of fancy dress goods available and a great collection of Halloween fancy dress that will turn anyone into their neighbour's worst nightmare this Halloween.

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About Fancy Dress Outfitters: Fancy Dress Outfitters supply fancy dress costumes to the public. they have a great range of Halloween costumes that are perfect for anyone to wear this year, and a range of other costumes that are superb for any party. Company Contact Information: Fancy Dress Outfitters Marion Partygoer 49 Oxford Street Innovation Centre LE5 1XY Phone: 441162577943 Published in: Events / Trade Shows Tags: fancy dress  fancy dress costumes    zombie costumes    cheap fancy dress    Halloween fancy dress costumes    gorilla costumes     Published on: October 02, 2012 Original Source: Fancy Dress Outfitters Today Announce Their Top Tips For Trick Or Treat Sweets This Halloween

Fancy Dress Outfitters Today Announce Their Top Tips For Trick Or Treat Sweets T