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Apple IPhone 5 Review Increased in screen size, upgrade to A6 processor and increase to LTE status, the Apple iPhone 5 is the phone many people have been waiting for and doesn't disappoint. Get your accessories now at a great price at Provo, Utah (I- Newswire) September 28, 2012 - Apple made quite a few changes to the iPhone 5, adding many upgrades and improvements that were requested after the iPhone 4S was released. The first noticeable change is the weight. The iPhone 5 is 20 percent lighter than its predecessor. It's also taller and thinner, at 4.87 by 2.31 by 0.3 inches. Somehow Apple, in a thinner body, also increased the battery life. Instead of a full- glass back, it's now mostly aluminum with glass on the top and the bottom. It has a very premium feel since Apple uses extremely high quality materials while constructing the phone. One of the complaints of consumers was the screen size. Apple has kept the screen at 3.5 inches for years and with more and more Android phones coming out with 4 or 4.5 and even 5 inch screens, Apple users feel they are falling behind. More people are using their phones instead of their computers and a smaller screen can lead to eye fatigue. Apple understand this and increased the screen size to 4 inches. Along with a bigger screen, they increased the pixel resolution to 640x1136 or 326 ppi. Color wise, it has 44% more saturated. Basically, it's an incredible screen. A huge change Apple made is the power/ sync connector. Apple has always had its own unique power port and it's a pretty big plug. Apple decreased the size of the plug, replacing it with the Lightning port. Small and with the ability to insert either upside- up or upside- down, it fits securely. With an adapter, it's compatible with the old connector as well and on a side- by- side test, files synced much faster with the Lightening connector than the old connector. Inside the phone is the A6 chip. Apple won't publish the exact specs of this chip, only saying it's 2x the power than the iPhone 4S and 22 percent smaller. Apple finally added LTE connectivity, as well as adding 5GHz band support for Wi- Fi. Combined with the increased processing power getting information on the internet has never been easier or faster. It will be available with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions. Protecting your iPhone 5 with a case is highly recommended. The Apple iPhone 5 Ballistic Every1 offers style and drop protection all in one attractive package. Durable, slim, convenient and protective are the features this Apple iPhone 5 case was conceived from. It's versatile enough to slip the Apple iPhone 5 phone into a pocket or attach it to a holster. Whether it be a soccer mom, construction worker, music star, business executive, athlete or a student, this Apple iPhone 5 case was designed for everyone. It is illegal in many states to use a phone without a hands free device. A car mount is a great option. Drive Safe and Legal with the the iBOLT ProDock kit by keeping the Apple iPhone 5 phone in a secure and easy to view position. By placing the ProDock kit in the windshield area, signal is optimized for GPS and Cellular and allows easy access and viewing of the Apple iPhone 5 phone. Use with a preferred Bluetooth hands- free solution or as a speaker phone for a complete hands- free driving experience. The stylish Apple iPhone 5 ProDock holder is designed to work with the Apple iPhone 5 device. The adjustable aluminum latch secures the Apple iPhone 5 phone even when using a case, including the thicker Otterbox or Ballistic type models. To insert Apple iPhone 5 phone, simply place the phone on the support feet and press the latch downward. To remove, press the release button on the side. Vertical positioning is possible by using the single support leg on the side of the Dock. The ROK Solid mount has a strong 70 mm suction cup and is designed for a vibration free driving experience. Attach the ROK Solid mount to windshield or use the included disc to attach to top of dashboard. An easy to use Air Vent Mount is also included. A ball- joint connector system allows the driver to adjust to almost any viewing angle.

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Apple IPhone 5 Review  
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