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MEANetwork Ads Presents Hybrid PPC and CPA Online Advertising Network for Increased Profits is a Pay Per Click and Cost Per Action hybrid publisher and advertising network that features a custom hybrid bidding system behind its network. Corrales, NM (I- Newswire) September 26, 2012 - Online advertising works wonders. While marketing online can bring great results, it entails the implementation of essential strategies to attract more visitors to a website, so that an ad, product or service can reach the most customers possible. While there are many improvements to online advertising systems, the process has remained essentially the same over the years, converting leads to actual customers. MEANetwork Ads acts as a professional advertising partner to websites in order to ensure online advertising success. Home to the most advanced and effective online advertising system available today, MEANetwork Ads features the Pay Per Click or Cost Per Action hybrid bidding system, as well as the custom software that maximize profits for advertisers and publishers. "We help maximize profits for advertisers and publishers by putting the most relevant ads, that are actually converting, in front of publisher traffic," explained Mason Crane of MEANetwork Ads. Detailed at, the network's state- of- the- art software continuously tests and analyzes advertisements and websites in order to find the highest compatibility, which benefits the website owner as well as the advertiser. The system takes into consideration the clicks per thousand views and creates a quality score for each website, as well as each advertisement. If an advertisement is not performing well on a website, it will be taken out of the rotation, which helps increase the cost per thousand views of an advertisement, consequently benefiting the website owner as well as the new advertiser that has taken the advertising space. "What sets us apart from other ad networks is the PPC/ CPA hybrid bidding system and custom software behind our network. With over 30 million ad views per month, network- wide, we offer worldwide traffic in many different verticals," added Crane. explains that each ad campaign and publisher site is rated based on their algorithms, and after the close of each day they are queued up for the next day, so that everything is already mapped out for extremely fast ad delivery. Worldwide traffic is offered by the company in many different verticals, Mobile banner ads are also available for publishers with mobile ready sites, and advertisers specifically wanting to target mobile users. With, clients are not locked into either a PPC or CPA campaign. They can set their advertising budget at virtually any level while the company takes care of managing and overseeing advertising performance. To learn more about the MEANetwork Ads online advertising service, please visit http:// advertisers/ for more information.

Additional Resources About Mash Marketing LLC: MEANetwork Ads is an advertising network that offers Pay Per Click and Cost Per Action bidding for advertisers. Catering to advertisers and publishers alike, the company maintains an intelligent engine and a winning scoring system for a higher eCPM or effective Cost Per Thousand views for publishers, and conversions for advertisers. Company Contact Information: Mash Marketing LLC Mason Crane PO Box 2868 Corrales, NM 87048 Phone: 505-652-7263 Published in: Business Tags: online advertising  ppc    pay per click    CPA    ad network    mobile advertising    cost per action    banner advertising network     Published on: September 26, 2012 Original Source: MEANetwork Ads Presents Hybrid PPC and CPA Online Advertising Network for Increased Profits

MEANetwork Ads Presents Hybrid PPC and CPA Online Advertising Network for Increa  
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