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Fitness Website Shows How Science Plays a Critical Role on How to Lose Weight Fast Created by medical student and personal trainer, explores new and emerging scientific studies that challenge conventional weight loss methods. Iceland (I- Newswire) September 26, 2012 - With one- third of Americans categorized as obese and another one- third considered overweight, knowing how to lose weight fast seems to be an insurmountable goal. As a result, people often turn to fad diets or quick solutions that seem to promise overnight success, ranging from bogus weighloss pills to ineffective weight loss systems. While the choices are many, most of them are scams, without an effective long- term success rate. is a website that focuses on providing evidence- based nutrition information. The website is the brainchild of Kristjan Gunnarsson, a 26- yearold medical student and personal trainer from Reykjavik, Iceland who believes in making health and nutrition a priority. Mr. Gunnarsson is committed to reveal the realities of healthy living, busting the dieting myths and scams that are all over the Internet - and looking into scientific evidence instead. "Official nutritional guidelines for the general public seem rather in line with conventional wisdom than actual science. Hence, the main goal with this website is to educate people on how to eat and exercise in order to gain optimal health, based on the latest, cutting- edge science." Mr. Gunnarsson explains. Home to a wealth of health information, offers articles that discuss critical weight loss mistakes; live- saving healthy meal plans; the consequences of cheat meals; the bitter truth about wheat; eating saturated fat; stopping cravings for unhealthy foods; eating low- carb diets; drinking coffee; and eating gluten. reveals the foods that must be avoided at all costs when deciding to embrace healthy eating. The list includes Sugar and high fructose corn syrup, gluten grains, seed oils, trans- fats, artificial sweeteners, anything labeled "low- fat" food, and highly processed food. Exposing lies in modern nutrition, encourages visitors to read labels, because even foods disguised as health foods may contain added sugar, wheat flour and other unhealthy substances. To know more about how to lose weight fast through methods backed by scientific studies, please visit http:// for information.

Additional Resources About Kris Kris: is a website that provides information about losing weight and maintaining a healthy body, with emphasis on the right nutrition. All details presented are based on actual scientific studies and findings, as researched by website owner Kristjan Gunnarsson, a medical student and personal trainer from Iceland. Company Contact Information: Kris Kris Kristjan Gunnarsson Birkihlid 34 Reykjavik, Gullbringusysla 105 Iceland Phone: 3546939246 Published in: Health & Fitness Tags: Health  weight loss    Nutrition    how to lose weight fast     Published on: September 26, 2012 Original Source: Fitness Website Shows How Science Plays a Critical Role on How to Lose Weight Fast

Fitness Website Shows How Science Plays a Critical Role on How to Lose Weight Fa  
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