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New Strong LINAK System Solution for Couches for Treatment and Examination LINAK proudly presents three new products, which all together offer a system solution for especially couches and other medical applications like dialysis chairs and other non- mobile applications. Guderup (I- Newswire) September 24, 2012 - The system includes the LA43 IC with three plugs - one for a footswitch, one for an SMPS30 power supply and a third plug for a second actuator and / or OpenBus accessories. LA43 IC is based on the intelligent OpenBus platform and with a printed circuit board inside there is no need for mounting of a control box. With the LA43 IC the couch producer will experience simple mounting and an easy design of the application. The PCB inside ensures easy readout of service data and fault finding during service visits. The LA43 IC takes care of movement adapted to the application and the usage as it controls up to two actuators. One actuator takes care of lifting and lowering the couch and a 2nd actuator takes care of moving the back- rest or top and tilt position. Correct ergonomic working conditions for the caregiver, is ensured by adjustable height of the couch. The movement of the 2nd actuator adds comfort for the patient during treatment and examination. Besides the LA43 IC with 8,000 N in push, the LINAK family of intelligent actuators also includes LA44 IC as an option if 10,000 N or 12,000 N is needed for handling obese patients. SMPS30 is a powerful 300W switch mode power supply which transforms mains voltages - universal 100-240 V AC - to low voltage DC as supply to the application. The SMPS30 is an eco- friendly solution. It has low standby power consumption compared to traditional transformers. High safety and flexibility is ensured with exchangeable mains and output cable and universal input voltage. It makes the SMPS adaptable to the worldwide market. FS3 is a new foot switch available as a floor model and a model for beds. Both models have an aesthetic design and are expandable up to two FS3. The floor model is available in an analogue and an OpenBus version. It is very important that a footswitch is easy to use as caregivers sometimes need to adjust movement without looking away from the treatment or examination to avoid distraction. The FS3 is designed together with end- users through intensive analysis of how to use footswitches and the FS3 lives up to the expectations and important features identified; Very intuitive - easy to use and cleaning friendly. Intelligent control inside The third plug of the LA43 IC can also be used for easy connection of OpenBus accessories like reading lamp, USB power supply for charging of mobile phone or laptop etc. for even more perfection of the system functionality. With the LA43 IC or LA44 IC connected to SMPS30 and FS3 you connect the couch to a LINAK system solution based on more than 30 years of experience and global know how.

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About LINAK: LINAK is a world leader in designing and manufacturing electric actuators and electronic controls for a variety of applications such as hospital beds, patient lifts, office desks, leisure beds, harvesters, solar tracking systems and many other applications in the industry. LINAK is a global company with subsidiaries all over the world and production facilities in Denmark, the USA, Slovakia and China. LINAK employs approximately 1600 employees and has a turnover of around DKK 2.0 billion. Company Contact Information: LINAK Tove Villumsen Smedevænget 8 6430 Nordborg Phone: +45 73 15 15 15 Published in: Engineering Tags: linear actuator system for couches  switch mode power supply    foot switch     Published on: September 24, 2012 Original Source: New Strong LINAK System Solution for Couches for Treatment and Examination

New Strong LINAK System Solution for Couches for Treatment and Examination  
New Strong LINAK System Solution for Couches for Treatment and Examination