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Custom Software Development Vexing for Clients; Failure Expected Custom software projects often fail or are stressful for clients. A new website,, helps clients through the process of commissioning software. New York NY (I- Newswire) September 19, 2012 - Software is the backbone to many businesses spanning across all industries. While there are numerous off- the- shelf versions of software available, these software programs are usually lacking when it comes to meeting business needs. To get an adequate solution, many businesses are choosing to commission customer software. The custom software solutions can help them save time, streamline work, and get a competitive edge. There are now numerous companies and freelance developers which offer to build custom programs and applications for businesses. However, according to, upwards of 68% of custom software projects fail. Failed projects not only cost clients directly in expenditures, but also in time lost and the solution which they did not receive. "Most people who commission custom software are shocked at how trying the process is," said a software expert from "Clients have to divulge vast amounts of information to the developers, spend a lot of time in communication, and go through extensive troubleshooting periods." Custom software development must be commenced with care if the experience is going to be stress- free and produce positive results. Articles at the give advice for choosing the right software developer, such as questions to ask developers and the pros and cons of using large development companies. All custom software development projects require a contractual agreement between the parties. This contract is the backbone of any successful project as it dictates everything from payment terms to post- implementation support. will help clients negotiate favorable terms in the contracts to ensure they get results while reducing their burden. For free information about how to commission custom software and get successful results, visit

Additional Resources About in an online resource for businesses who are considering whether to commission custom software. Industry experts provide free guidance on contract negotiation and choosing the right developers. Company Contact Information: Media Relations Published in: Technology Tags: custom software development    Software development    Custom Software     Published on: September 19, 2012 Original Source: Custom Software Development Vexing for Clients; Failure Expected

Custom Software Development Vexing for Clients Failure Expected