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Richard Liloia Reacts to Diet Industry Approval of Bloomberg's Proposed Drink Size Reduction Diet industry leaders are currently encouraging the New York City Board of Health to vote "yes" on Mayor Bloomberg's proposal to limit the city's sales of oversized sugary drinks. Seattle- based dietician Richard Liloia comments on this propos Boca Raton, Florida (I- Newswire) September 14, 2012 - With the recent introduction of Michelle Obama's "Let's Move!" campaign and public schools changing lunch menus to provide students with healthier options, many believe that the battle against nationwide obesity trends is improving. New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg will soon find out, though, if the New York City Board of Health will approve his proposal to limit sales of large sugary drinks. A recent article from The New York Times notes that nearly a week before the vote, many diet industry leaders are publicly endorsing the campaign. As a dietician working in Seattle, Richard Liloia responds that the proposal is an indication of positive change, but not one that should cause as much controversy as it already has. According to the article, the proposal has received varied responses from the New York community; some feel that the change is necessary to help encourage healthier diets, while others say there should be no restrictions. In addition to residents in favor, Bloomberg's proposal has been backed by the noted professionals behind Weight Watchers, the South Beach Diet, the Best Life regimen, Jenny Craig and the Dukan Diet. Dr. Howard Shapiro, founder of Picture Perfect Weight Loss, explains, "Our portion sizes are becoming ridiculous, bordering on vulgar, and the mayor is stepping up and telling it like it is." In opposition, Eliot Hoff, spokesman for New Yorkers for Beverage Choices, states, "New Yorkers should have every option available to them, and they should be able to make the choices that they want to make and this regulation definitely limits that." Richard Liloia comments that the diet industry support is a positive step, but also one that shows just how diverse diets are. He comments, "Seeing the many brands that endorse the proposal, it is obvious that there are a variety of diets for a variety of people. Although some may be able to maintain health by drinking oversized sodas, others cannot." Richard Liloia adds that the debate is one similar to uproar caused by other local bans that have developed across the country regarding the discontinued use of trans- fats. "People hate having things taken away, and that is understandable. As a dietician, I endorse the ban, but I also think that it would not have huge effect on the city's health. People who want to drink soda are going to find it, even if it takes extra effort. The important thing is that regardless of whether the ban passes, many more Americans are now aware of the dangers of drinking large quantities of sugary drinks." ABOUT: Richard Liloia currently resides in Seattle, Washington working primarily as a dietician and nutritional expert. In addition, Richard Liloia is an avid painter who enjoys creating works of art in a variety of styles. As an artist, Liloia has a comprehensive understanding of art history and enjoys participating in charitable art events, fostering creative education and engaging in dialogue with fellow colleagues in the artistic community.

Additional Resources Company Contact Information: PR Management Bill Trager 1735 Market St. Philadelphia, PA 19103 Phone: 484-362-9658 Published in: Lifestyle Tags: Richard Liloia  Richard Liloia FL    Rick Liloia     Published on: September 14, 2012 Original Source: Richard Liloia Reacts to Diet Industry Approval of Bloomberg's Proposed Drink Size Reduction

Richard Liloia Reacts to Diet Industry Approval of Bloombergs Proposed Drink Siz  
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