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Miles Arnone: Hiking with Dogs Requires Safety Precautions Although hiking with a pet dog can prove to be an effective way to bond and exercise, the outdoor activity requires a cautious mindset to ensure the safety of both the dog and the owner. Experience hiker, Miles Arnone provides tips to improve safety. New York, New York (I- Newswire) September 12, 2012 - Although many hikers prefer to hike with other outdoor enthusiasts, some may opt to travel the trails with their canine companions. While hiking can be a great form of exercise for both the dog and its owner, a recent article from The News & Record highlights tips from the ASPCA to optimize safety. Miles Arnone, experienced hiker, has traveled extensively with his pet dog and explains that if done correctly, the experience can be a great way to bond with one's pet. "In today's hectic society, dogs and their owners rarely experience time alone to bond. I find that this time is necessary for dogs and owners to form great relationships. While many believe that sitting on a couch with one's furry friend is a good way to bond, it should also be recognized that taking to the outdoors is a great way to stimulate a dog and provide him with well- deserved time outdoors," states Miles Arnone. This hiker has had extensive experience backpacking across Europe and hiking the noteworthy Appalachian Trail, and often brings his dog along with him during his travels. According to the article, hiking with a dog really depends on how well the owner can anticipate the animal's behavior. Although some may let their animals roam freely in open spaces, the ASPCA recommends that hikers take note of leash restrictions and always have one nearby in case other hikers come near. Miles Arnone adds, "Even though dogs are usually well- trained, you can never be sure how they will react to something in nature, like another animal. If you haven't explored a trail before, I would definitely recommend keeping your dog leashed for peace of mind." Although many may think that natural water resources are safe for dogs to drink, the article notes that many of these sources could contain toxins. The ASPCA suggests that hikers double- up on water and bring a bowl for the dog to drink out of. Miles Arnone explains that just like humans, dogs will get tired, "Just because they are animals, people should not expect dogs to have endless amounts of energy. If they seem tired, let them rest. If they seem thirsty, let them drink." The article also suggests that dog owners make sure that their pets are up- to- date with all their vaccinations, since the wilderness can often be unpredictable. Miles Arnone concludes, "Having hiked the Appalachian Trail, I've seen many people travel with their dogs for extended periods of time. I only recommend this for dogs that have experience hiking and are not new to the experience. In addition to the ASPCA's vaccination tips, it is important to remember to bring medical supplies for one's dog if a hiking trip will involve camping or extensive travel. Make sure to bring along extra bandages, medication and food in case a dog needs it." ABOUT: Miles Arnone is a professional website developer, world traveler and experienced sailor. Arnone's adventures include backpacking through Europe, driving across the United States, hiking the Appalachian Trail and sailing across the Mediterranean Sea. Miles Arnone has explored parts of Japan, Egypt and Mexico and hopes to make several more international journeys in the future.

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Miles Arnone Hiking with Dogs Requires Safety Precautions