Page 1 Online Marketing Is Essential As Internet Sales Increase New reports reveal that online shopping has increased dramatically in the past year, giving businesses more incentive to expand their online marketing campaigns. As an online marketing resource, encourages businesses to take advantag Phoenix, AZ (I- Newswire) September 07, 2012 - While the promise of the Internet is vast, in recent years many have focused in on the economic advantages that are afforded through the online marketplace. As online users have become more accustomed to web- based shopping, online retailers have enjoyed the benefit of attracting a wide and diverse consumer market. A recent article from The Sydney Morning Herald suggests that online shopping is still a rising trend among consumers. It states, "Online spending has jumped by a quarter to a record $11.7B over the past year, as Internet businesses encroach further onto the turf of traditional retailers." In response to these statistics, notes that now is the perfect time for many traditional small businesses to expand their sales by developing a strong online presence. In the article, the National Australian Bank reports "a strong bounce in online spending in July, with international retailers experiencing the fastest growth." responds in a recent press statement, "The large number of online sales is surely enough evidence to entice business owners to take advantage of the new market provided by the Internet. With sales growing fast through global businesses, it is clear that a small brick and mortar business can have the potential to reach consumers around the world, and in turn, generate more revenue." However, explains that jumping into the online marketplace takes careful preparation, as many seasoned business owners must learn how to adapt to the marketing strategies used throughout the Internet. Using one- on- one training and specialized lessons, is able to conveniently educate small business owners on ways they can improve their business through using online marketing tactics. As the article notes, some may argue that traditional retail sales are still king in today's market. According to the National Australian Bank report, "While online spending continues to grow at a strong rate, the scale of online sales remains modest when compared to traditional retail sales." says that while this may be the current state of the market, it does not suggest that brick and mortar stores will be able to survive in future years. However, the company explains that by adopting online marketing procedures, business owners do not have to give up their physical store- they simply have to expand it. In addition to taking part in a growing side of the retail industry, forming an online presence can also help businesses increase revenue, create a stronger brand and form a trustworthy relationship with consumers. ABOUT: In order to address the challenges presented by today's unique online market, NetConsultCo has developed a series of programs designed to help small business owners and other clients tackle Internet- based sales. The company offers one- of- a- kind relationships with its students by providing one- on- one training that emphasizes the changing trends in online marketing. The coursework is crafted to meet the needs of both beginning and advanced students through innovative training tools and wide curriculum selection. For more information on available courses, visit

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NetConsultCocom Online Marketing Is Essential As Internet Sales Increase