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Pottstown Father and Son Invent 9-1-1 APP A Pottstown, PA father and son, Kevin and Alex Kollar, have invented a 9-1-1 APP for Android smart phones. The unique quality of this APP is that it is instant and covert. Your assailant does not know you have called 9-1-1, you do not speak to 9-1-1. Pottstown, Pennsylvania (I- Newswire) September 06, 2012 - The APP allows you to call 9-1-1, no need to speak to a call center, the call center hears everything from your speaker, and all without your assailants' knowledge. If your assailant demands your phone, the GPS that was activated by the call, tells the police exactly where the crime is happening, and where your phone is, thus helping to apprehend the criminal. Kevin Kollar says it started when he heard a news report a few years ago about a young girl who was beaten and raped. "She tried to call 9-1-1 from her phone but she only got out 9 and 1 before the guy grabbed the phone and destroyed it. She was in a coma for three days and as far as I know, they never caught the guy." This disturbed Kollar greatly. He developed a system that would send out 9-1-1 if the phone was destroyed, but then his son suggested a 9-1-1 APP for smart phones. Alex Kollar said "Dad gave me the idea, and I ran with it." Alex Kollar works a lot with Linix technology and had the APP together over the course of a few months. "Basically it works with one tap on your Android smart phone screen. It instantly calls 9-1-1, the GPS tells them where you are, the microphone shuts off, the speaker turns up, and the screen goes dark, like the phone is turning off. 9-1-1 can hear everything that is happening and sends the appropriate help, all within a nanosecond" says Alex Kollar. The APP is used for emergency situations when you are being attaked and don't have time to talk to 9-1-1, or you don't want your assailant to know you have called, or you need to be very silent because you are hiding. "There are multitudes of situations where this APP could be used. I think of all the young people going back to school or off to college. This is like a personal bodyguard for them. It would deter a lot of criminals if they knew 9-1-1 was already called before they even took a breath" says Kevin Kollar. Purchase it here: https:// store/ apps/ details? t=W251bGwsMSwyLDEsInNpbGVudC5ndWFyZGlhbi53ZWJiZmluYWwiXQ..

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About Lions Images Productions, LLC.: Android software development for safety and for play. Company Contact Information: Lions Images Productions, LLC. Kevin Kollar 144 East Moyer Road 19464 Phone: 6109701218 Published in: Home and Family Tags: sick  elderly    services    emergency    app    violence    safety    Terrorism    abuse    Android    rape    Bullying    911     victim    terrorist     Published on: September 06, 2012 Original Source: Pottstown Father and Son Invent 9-1-1 APP

Pottstown Father and Son Invent 911 APP  
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