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Logix9: Online Marketing Success Found in Compelling Content As online users become more accustomed to the wide variety of material that is available on the Internet, many businesses are branching out advertising to channels that feature audio, video and written content. Logix9 provides tips for those attempti Phoenix, AZ (I- Newswire) September 05, 2012 - Over the last ten years, the landscape of the Internet has changed tremendously and online users have integrated many innovative applications and platforms into their lives. These features include, but are not limited to, online video, audio channels, social networks, e- mail, comprehensive search engines, blogs and cloud- based file sharing. While this technology has changed the face of global commerce, it has also changed the way business markets to consumers; as the Internet connects more individuals across the world, a greater opportunity exists for companies to advertise their products to new markets. Logix9 helps business owners transform their companies to meet the standards of online marketing, which, in turn, has helped many companies reach wider audiences and boost sales. However, even if an individual learns the many processes that are included within online marketing strategies- including search engine optimization, web design and social marketing- they may not have an understanding of how to make online content engaging enough to attract consumers. A recent article from B2C addresses this problem, by encouraging online marketers to focus on content, whether it is auditory, visual or written. Logix9 endorses this kind of diversification, urging its users to take advantage of any new platform or trend that attracts online users. According to the article, online users are looking for content in a variety of forms, meaning that it is essential for marketers to offer material in every form. It suggests that businesses create blogs as a way to engage readers and draw repeat attention. In addition, companies may find that creating digital video content will give consumers a valid option to learn about a new product or service. Logix9 notes that those who regularly update a YouTube channel with online videos will find that a growing audience could aid a business' popularity and reputation. These same strategies apply to those who opt to create audio webcasts; Logix9 states that audio is a great way to reach out to multitasking professionals without interrupting their daily routine. Logix9 concludes that no matter what the content, business owners should strive to make it unique and entertaining. Even if the content does not directly sell a product or service, engaged consumers will relate concepts back to the creator- the business- and, in turn, generate business leads. ABOUT: Logix9 is an online educational resource for business owners who want to learn how to make a strong impression on the Internet. The website focuses on the individual student and forms a curriculum with help from some of the most experienced professionals in the e- commerce industry. Based on the latest developments in technology and online marketing, the online resource offers assistance in areas such as web design, social media, domain names, HTML coding and more. To learn more about how Logix9 can help you, visit

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Logix9 Online Marketing Success Found in Compelling Content