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Speed- Marks Continued Success with Rising UK Demand for Speed Ramps Central Source Speed Ramps, through the website Speed-, offers road safety solutions in the United Kingdom, including speed ramps and parking blocks. Nottingham (I- Newswire) September 05, 2012 - More and more motorists all over the world are recognizing the importance of road safety. In the United States, the installation of physical measures such as speed ramps, speed cushions or speed humps has paved the way for a dramatic decrease of at least 8% in road- related accidents and fatalities. Speed ramps essentially provide technical significance in restraining careless drivers from over- speeding. In the streets of the United Kingdom, speed ramps are usually fixed or bolted to the road, although they can often simply be laid on the ground without any drilling, bolting or bonding. Central Source Speed Ramps is a leading supplier of comprehensive traffic management solutions in the UK. The website Speed- showcases a portfolio of diverse products that include Speed Ramps of 5mph, 10mph, Instant, Kerb Ramps and Parking Block. Traffic Signs that are either temporary or permanent, or have mounting options are also offered. External, cable protectors for industrial, temporary and heavy duty purposes are also available on the website, as well as Internal Cable protectors placed under Budget, Snap Fit, Hazard and Crystal Clear categorized for easy customer browsing. Speed- emphasizes that in as traffic management systems dictate, the importance of using clearly visible warning signs alongside installation of speed ramps should be taken into consideration. The website notes that speed ramps - which are sometimes called \"sleeping policemen \" should not be \"too severe \" as emergency vehicles will also have to pass over them. As the need to significantly reduce accidents in UK roads strengthens, the installation of speed ramps has become a clamour that has grown louder than ever. Speed-, a leading supplier of industry products, has effectively catered to the need, as demonstrated by sales figures that continue to grow. The company is also steadfast in its goal to ensure that all products are manufactured in the UK for superb quality. To know more about the speed ramp products from Central Source, please visit http:// www.speed- for details.

Additional Resources About Speed Ramps: Central Source Speed Ramps offers quality products at the best prices for industry and commerce. It is backed by an experienced team that offers help and advice on choosing from a huge range of products that include Workshop Equipment, Barrier Systems, Hazardous Storage Products, Drum Handling Equipment, Posts & Ropes, as well as Cycle Storage solutions. Company Contact Information: Speed Ramps Harris House, Moorbridge Road East, Bingham, Nottinghamshire NG13 8GG Phone: 08081294848 Published in: Business Tags: sleeping policeman  sleeping policememn    speed ramp     Published on: September 05, 2012 Original Source: Speed- Marks Continued Success with Rising UK Demand for Speed Ramps

SpeedRampscom Marks Continued Success with Rising UK Demand for Speed Ramps  
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