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App Development Marketing Strategy Can Boost Sales and Visibility Explains E- commerce Maurice Victor, doing business as, is an Internet marketing and e- commerce company that provides app developers with online marketing assistance to help them up their sales.


Bonn, Germany (I- Newswire) September 04, 2012 - Mobile applications, simply called apps, are tagged as the innovative gateway to the Internet. Trumping the traditional online access offered by personal computers and Mac, apps run in various "smart" devices that make it easier to circumvent going to websites and instead of having content accessed and filtered from the

"Statistics show that only 2% of all apps make it to the top of the app store and search engines, leaving 98% of the 600,000+ apps available for download struggling for attention and sales," explained Maurice Ufituwe of AppSoluteMarketingX. Ecommerce Maurice Victor is an Internet marketing and e- commerce company focusing on assisting global app developers in boosting their apps, so they get discovered and downloaded. The company was founded by Maurice Ufituwe in December 2006, starting out as a seller on Ebay and moving its activities on affiliate marketing and selling information products online. "We believe there are real gems waiting to be discovered and have a huge potential to become major hits, if only they had the same exposure as the ones at the top of the search results are enjoying. Our marketing skills and expertise are at the disposal of new app developers who are trying to market their apps," added Ufituwe. Expanding its business to serving the app development industry, consults clients and assists them with their App SEO inside the App stores; social media advertisement and Internet marketing; and news announcements. Clients are able to get help and assistance on how to market their product and services on the Internet and on 5.2 billion mobile devices worldwide. As such, the company consults with businesses in the field of Social Media, Mobile Marketing, App Marketing and Reputation Management. According to, it believes that there is enough room for every app developer with their app to be able to market their product or recoup their initial investment. To learn more about the app marketing assistance services offered by AppSolute Marketing X, please visit http:// for information.

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About AppSolute Marketing X is the to- go marketing agent for increased sales and app downloads in the Apple and Android Store. The company provides unique marketing solutions for app developers. Company Contact Information: Maurice Victor Grubenstr. 69A Bonn, Germany 53179 Phone: 4922892987020 Published in: Internet Marketing Tags: Mobile Application Development  App Development    app developer     Published on: September 04, 2012 Original Source: App Development Marketing Strategy Can Boost Sales and Visibility Explains

App Development Marketing Strategy Can Boost Sales and Visibility Explains Appso  
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