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Compound Stock Earnings Helps Amateur Investors Make Informed Decisions Commentator Jim Cramer recently opined that smart, focused investors can make money even in a down economy; Compound Stock Earnings seeks to help novice investors make decisions that are smart, responsible, and well- informed. Fort Worth, Texas (I- Newswire) September 03, 2012 - Amidst ongoing economic tumult, there are many investors and would- be investors who believe that it is simply impossible to make a profit, barring major market recovery. According to popular financial pundit Jim Cramer, however, this thinking is shortsighted. Cramer recently said that investors can make money even during times of economic difficulty, so long as they are focused and make prudent, responsible decisions. Compound Stock Earnings is a company that seeks to help investors cultivate these very skill sets, both through online resources and even seminars. According to Cramer, many investors make poor or hasty decisions by following conventional wisdom or bowing to trends. The investors who truly succeed, he contends, are those who make well- informed and intelligent decisions. Compound Stock Earnings is zealous to help investors make decisions that fit such criteria. The company has long been known for its financial education services, which it provides both to seasoned and to amateur investors alike. Compound Stock Earnings makes its instructional materials available via podcasts, webinars, and online resources, as well as through seminars and events held around the country. At the center of the Compound Stock Earnings curriculum is the concept known as the covered call. This investment technique is not well known to many investors, yet the company maintains that it is one of the best investment strategies for novice investors, particularly those who are simply interested in generating steady, consistent revenues. The covered call technique is known for its ability to generate these steady portfolio earnings. In fact, Compound Stock Earnings says that the covered call, when administered properly, can generate monthly incomes of between 3 and 6 percent. Additionally, covered calls are recommended to amateur investors because they are relatively low in risk, something that appeals to those with little investment background, particularly in the midst of uncertain markets. Ultimately, the goal of Compound Stock Earnings is to help amateur investors develop the skills that will help them meet Cramer's standards, becoming savvy and strategic investors through the use of the covered call technique. Compound Stock Earnings makes these teachings available both on its website and via seminars and live, educational events, held throughout the country. The company has recently announced its latest string of webinars and in- person events, scheduled throughout the remainder of the calendar year. The company has the full schedule, along with registration information, available on its website. Upcoming events are scheduled for Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles, among other major cities. ABOUT: Compound Stock Earnings is a highly regarded financial education company. Through this organization, clients can access resources, seminars, and additional services to assist in learning to utilize the covered call investment technique. Often misunderstood, the covered call technique, as taught by Compound Stock Earnings, assists clients in achieving success through investment practices. In fact, some have reported a return of as much as six percent after following the proper investment procedure. Compound Stock Earnings was founded by Joseph Hooper, a former banker, and can be found online at

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Compound Stock Earnings Helps Amateur Investors Make Informed Decisions