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West Rental Management Announces New Name, New Location The Property Management Boutique is now known as West Rental Management.


San Diego, CA (I- Newswire) August 31, 2012 - San Diego- based property management firm formerly known as The Property Management Boutique recently announced its change to a new name, as well as a new location. Now known as West Rental Management, the firm will still offer the same personal touch as it always has with local ownership and a staff of agents and

By relocating to 11555 Sorrento Valley Road, West Rental Management is able to allow customers to reach their offices more easily. Sorrento Valley Road runs parallel to the San Diego Freeway, central to everyone in the San Diego area. Previously, The Property Management Boutique was located on Rio San Diego Drive. Centralization is necessary because West Rental Management's clientele spans a wide area of San Diego County, with the majority of its client based located in San Diego and surrounding cities. West Rental Management handles military clients, professional athletes, investors, working families, and more. Having such a variety of clients allows West Rental Management to expand its horizons, finding solutions for every need. With more than 100 clients, West Rental Management handles condos, houses, and apartments in San Diego. Illustrating its dedication, the property management firm has not had an eviction or lost a client. One reason for this is West Rental Management's point of contact system. Each client has a single contact to report any issues that arise. Each team member is trained in other areas of property management, including accounting, tenant services, and owner reporting. This allows employees to cover for each other when needed. One of the ways West Rental Management has such a high retention rate is its refusal to cut corners. The company knows the key to long- term relationships with a client is providing top- notch service. In order to accomplish this, West Rental Management makes every effort to grow slowly to avoid overextending itself. Equally important, however, is that a property management company doesn't become stagnant. For that reason, West Rental Management makes an effort to continue to grow. Not only does West Rental Management provide great customer service, the company uses its marketing expertise to promote a property. Using every social media site imaginable, along with government websites, real estate websites, and Craigslist, West Rental Management gets the word out about its property so it doesn't sit unoccupied. "Unlike other companies we refresh our listings many times a week to ensure they are always at the top of all marketing lists which helps our property management company rent properties much faster than competition," West Rental Management states on its website. West Rental Management's management fees are competitive with others in the San Diego area but at the level of service they provide, those fees are a great value. Customers can obtain a free quote by contacting West Rental Management at (858) 332-2480 or visiting its website, http:// Follow West Rental Management on Google + https:// posts Like West Rental Management on Facebook https:// pages/ West- Rental- Management/214095565345251 Watch West Rental Management on YouTube https:// user/ westpropertymgmt

Additional Resources About West Rental Management: West Rental Management is a locally- owned professional rental property management company centrally located in San Diego County (Sorrento Valley). Company Contact Information: West Rental Management James Paine 11555 Sorrento Valley RD STE 204 92121 Phone: 858.332.2480 Published in: Business Tags: Real Estate management  Property Management    rental property management     Published on: August 31, 2012 Original Source: West Rental Management Announces New Name, New Location

West Rental Management Announces New Name New Location  
West Rental Management Announces New Name New Location