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Online Retailer Today Announced An Increase In Their Range Of Trampolines, an online retailer based in the UK, today announced an increase to their range of trampolines as they become more popular with customers. Lancashire (I- Newswire) August 31, 2012 - UK online retailer today announced an increase to their range of trampolines available on their website. The summer in the UK has been unpredictable, as reported by many weather broadcasters. However, despite this there have been numerous weeks of full sunshine that people around the country have been taking advantage of by getting outside either on holidays or in their spare time. As reported by The Republic, a large newspaper company, trampolines and other activities that force you to jump are known as rebound exercise, which has been proven by scientists to burn more calories than regular forms of exercise. A customer sales representative from added, "Due to the summer now being more sunny and warm than it was a few months ago we noticed that more people were buying items like garden games and other products to have fun in the garden. We also noted increased sales and enquiries into our trampolines. When questioned, our customers told us they wanted a trampoline as a way to get the whole family outside and as a form of exercise. As a result of this we increased our range of trampolines in order to meet these customer needs." The BBC recently proved that around 16% of boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 15 are overweight or obese. This shows a need for children to exercise more, however the BBC also proved that these same children would rather stay inside all day than go out and play. National Jewish Health, a health organisation, recently observed that children are more likely to play outdoors and exercise if they see their parents doing so. The main reason for this is that the children feel more confident with support from their parents, which will bring families closer together as they play together. A trampoline is a good form of rebound exercise that is more fun for children to play on and, more importantly, it doesn't feel like exercise. This is the reason that parents are more likely to purchase one, and it means they're able to use it for themselves as well. is an online retailer of gardening products and other garden and homeware goods such as water butts. They have a wide range available on their website which is constantly being updated with new products such as the 8ft trampolines, in accordance with which products are currently popular.

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About is an online retailer of garden and home products. They have a wide range of products such as water butts, garden tools and garden games that are all available for purchase online. Company Contact Information: Alan Cray Unit 9 Enterprise Court PR26 6TZ Phone: 0116 257 7943 Published in: Events / Trade Shows Tags: Garden Tools  trampolines    Water Butts    garden games    hunter wellingtons    hose pipes     Published on: August 31, 2012 Original Source: Online Retailer Today Announced An Increase In Their Range Of Trampolines

Online Retailer GardenCentreOnlinecouk Today Announced An Increase In Their Rang  
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