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Prodivita Introduces New Array of Protein Diet Products to Aid in Weight Loss A Belgium- based manufacturer of high- protein, low- carb diet products, Prodivita is adding a new selection of diet products for a tastier regimen. Antwerp, Belgium (I- Newswire) August 29, 2012 - Achieving healthy weight loss is not an easy feat to achieve among Europeans. Belgium, in particular, has an obesity prevalence rate of 11.7%, ranking 19th globally. As a result, more and more Belgians are turning to diet programs and diet products to lose extra pounds. While the weight loss market is a thriving business, not all diet supplements and routines are reputable enough to be trusted. The highly recognized Prodivita protein dieet is based on natural proteins, including dairy- based and soy. For more than 30 years, the principles of a protein diet have been applied by professional dietitians. Vita Prodi has taken together such findings, and applied them in the manufacturing of protein diet food, which thousands of people have successfully tried. Detailed at, the Prodivita protein diet is becoming popular with ready- made low- calorie meals with a high content of natural protein that come in handy packages. The items come in powder form, packed in convenient small bags to which only water must be added. The company also sells tasty ready- to- eat protein bars and breads that are extremely handy and easy to prepare. Rudi K. from Ghent, Belgium talks about her success with the protein dieet at Prodivita: "Perseverance pays off. A complicated fracture made me spend a year with crutches and limited movement, but the delicious foods were a treat. In a short time, I weighed over 100 pounds! When I was already able to walk, I decided to change my life completely with the Prodivita protein diet - which has been so easy for me. Two months later, my weight slowly dropped." Consistent in its goal to provide not only effective but also tasty food for the protein diet, Prodivita has released new products to make the goal easier than ever to achieve. The newest addition to the wide selection of great- tasting protein diet meals are banana- chocolate pancakes, apple- caramel pancakes, vanilla waffles, chocolate waffles and caramel crunch bars. The Prodivita protein diet is mapped out in four phases. During the first stage, 70% of the desired weight is achieved. About 15%, 10% and 5% of the goal are reached upon embarking on the three succeeding stages. To learn more about the newest Prodivita products, please visit http:// for more information.

Additional Resources About Prodivita: is a manufacturer of high- protein, low- carb diet food products. Based in Belgium, the company endorses a protein diet that is essentially based on natural proteins. Company Contact Information: Prodivita Valerie DeBille P.O. Box 104 2000 Antwerp (Belgium) Phone: +32 (0) 11 63 22 39 Published in: Health & Fitness Tags: weight loss  dieet    new protein products     Published on: August 29, 2012 Original Source: Prodivita Introduces New Array of Protein Diet Products to Aid in Weight Loss

Prodivita Introduces New Array of Protein Diet Products to Aid in Weight Loss