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Jason Meyer Chiropractic Offers Non- Surgical Relief to Back Pain and Personal Injuries Surgery is not always the best solution to health problems. World of Wellness offers free consultation and non- invasive treatments to back pain or accidentrelated injuries. Fort Worth, TX (I- Newswire) August 28, 2012 - Being proactive about one's health can ultimately save one's life as well as thousands of dollars in medical bills. Many people who have experienced just how difficult being sick is wish that they had taken care of themselves better and that they had been more proactive about their health early on. According to statistics, 80% of adults will experience back problems at some point in their lives. World of Wellness Chiropractic Center shares that abnormal spinal curvatures begin during childhood and worsen over age. Studies show that even youngsters as young as 13 show signs of spinal degeneration and deterioration. When caught early and managed properly, certain health conditions can be cured or corrected. Many people suffering from chronic pain are surprised to find permanent relief from their aches and pains at the hands of a chiropractor. Most people would not even think of going to the chiropractor for persistent back pain or even headaches. Chiropractic treatments are non- invasive compared to surgery, where longer recovery period may be required. Chiropractors are trained specialists who employ non- surgical treatments to treat back pain, neck pain, strains, headaches, sports injuries, automobile accident injuries, and arthritic pain. Wikipedia describes chiropractic care as being "a health care profession concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention" of neuromusculoskeletal system disorders as well as the effects of these disorders on one's health. World of Wellness is a one- stop center for natural wellness, pain management, chiropractic, rehabilitation, massage, nutrition, and weight loss. World of Wellness helps its patients improve their health to prevent future aches and pains by designing a customized program specifically targeted to each patient's needs. Dr. Jason Lawrence Meyer Chiropractic, World of Wellness chiropractor at the Fort Worth branch, also offers free consultation. One can contact World of Wellness and Dr. Jason Meyer chiropractic through the website at World of Wellness offers these services: spinal and postural screenings; chiropractic care; corrective exercises; massage therapy; nutritional counseling; medical weight loss; botox injections; lifestyle advice; disc conditions; and rehabilitation. Physical therapy complements chiropractic treatments. These therapy procedures include spinal decompression therapy; interferential current therapy or "muscle stim"; mechanical traction; cryotherapy; massage therapy; and active rehabilitation program. For more information about the services of Wold of Wellness please visit to learn more.

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About World of Wellness: The World Of Wellness in Fort Worth, Texas is a chiropractic health care facility center that helps patients in dealing with personal injury pain relief, upper, lower and mid back pain, chronic neck pain, pinched nerve in the back, pinched nerve in the neck, shoulder pain, whiplash, fibromyalgia, slipped disc, stress and many others. Company Contact Information: World of Wellness Jason Lawrence Meyer 903 Summit Avenue Fort Worth, TX 76102 Phone: (817) 877-5353 Published in: Health & Fitness Tags: Jason Lawrence Meyer Chiropractic    Jason Meyer Chiropractic    Jason Meyer DC     Published on: August 28, 2012 Original Source: Jason Meyer Chiropractic Offers Non- Surgical Relief to Back Pain and Personal Injuries

Jason Meyer Chiropractic Offers NonSurgical Relief to Back Pain and Personal Inj