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Muskoka Recovery Center- Sticks And Stones But Enough Is Enough Muskoka Recovery Center and its owners are subject of constant online slander and defamation but move forward in spite of it. Muskoka, Ontario (I- Newswire) August 28, 2012 - Muskoka Recovery Center / Pickerel Lake Recovery Center has taken many hits online by former clients that either failed at recovery, were discharged from treatment or individuals that were employed and were fired for not being able to maintain the high degree of professionalism needed by those working in this industry. All the aforementioned people have taken to the internet to smear the good name of the treatment center and its owners for trying to help. But not all bad has come from these abundant posts online that continue even to this day, "we always take the good from bad" says John Haines, Director and owner of Muskoka and Pickerel Lake Recovery Center, we have taken a look at all the complaints and criticism and benefited by changing and making things better such as the hiring of better more qualified employees, fully registering the center both locally and nationally and bettering facility and the many amenities and even the food. Haines himself doesn't mind that his shady past is posted for all to see online but that fact is that it is many years ago, some old criminal charges and some nasty false allegations that were made up but "That is why my addiction recovery has changed me, I am not that same person anymore, I do this business to give back to the world that I so took for granted in the past" says John. "People change for the better when they truly overcome and recover from their addictions". Haines is fully qualified and carries several degrees in Psychology and Addiction studies but has that important key element by most of the staff that they be in recovery for a minimum of 3 years along with qualifications and experience in the field. "We know that the best people to employ as counsellors are those that themselves have been there - done that which seems is what people seeking treatment want, not just some educated doctor or therapist that hasn't walked a mile in their shoes", say Haines. The center even hired a local security company that turned out to be anything other than professional, the staff were in fact not licensed and many had their own problems such as one of their employees being caught by management looking constantly at pornographic material on the internet the whole night through instead of working and performing his overnight duties, a few others from that same company could not even be termed capable of performing duties due to physical limitations such as parkinsons and obeastly overweight. The owner of this security company and a couple employees have been found to be the culprits slandering and defaming Haines and his centers online. "All these individuals will be dealt with very shortly through the law and possible criminal charges are pending, as well as the legitimacy of one person's company's security licenses and practices", say the company hired legal firm. There were many posts found online about local township taking the center to court for operating illegally but that was even stretched and demeaned and by the time some sick individual posted it online it was that it was as criminal as Fraud and Theft when in fact going through the court process the center has had the "Cease and Desist" order set aside and zoning being properly dealt with and become in compliance as of the date of this post. Muskoka Recovery Center/ Pickerel Lake Recovery Center is the result of the work of John Haines along with many faithful employees and friends along the way over the past 5 years. John Haines has grown from a small 10 person facility in Toronto to the large beautiful facility it is now in wonderful Muskoka. The negative online campaign that started over 2 years ago by failed and upset clients and fired employees has helped somewhat in making positive changes and to make it that much better but that was only after weeding through the many posts and looking only at legitimate concerns and complaints. In every bad there is good The result is one of the best facilities in Canada and Haines states, "truly as these disgruntled people state online what goes around comes around or karma, so will ring true for them." At Muskoka Recovery Center, we are having highly skilled professionals taking the process of recovery to the path of success. With privileged facilities and latest treatments we ensure that our patients get comfortable ambience that helps in recover faster. This alcoholism Rehab Center of Canada is considered as a well known recovery location. The most significant facts about this rehabilitation Center are: • In the country it is seen as one of the best recovery centers with one of the highest success rates. • This is a rehab providing guaranteed success on recovery programs. • For Methadone addiction it is considered as the only Rehabilitation Center offering recovery treatments. On a land of serene beauty in Northern Muskoka, Muskoka Recovery Center is situated over an area of 140 acres. In 2005, the Founder & Executive Director of Pickerel Lake Recovery Center, John Haines, began to develop a model for a distinguished addiction treatment Center. Later with the help of 5 years of consecutively hard work and thorough research he managed to stage a center in North Muskoka at Pickerel Lake now called Muskoka Recovery Center. Now indulging advance treatments and routine counseling we are serving several people to overcome from addiction situation. Our team of professionals holds expertise in their work area. We indulge a staff of: • Physicians who specialization in medicines for addiction detox. • Psycho- therapists • Certified addiction therapists • Spiritual health counselors Thus, having staff who all work with complete dedication we provide renowned services with the purpose to make our patients feel comfortable. In our recovery center you will come across all the elite resort- like facilities such as gym, indoor pool, lounges and so on as to get you every sort of facility under one roof. To know more about the recovery treatment programs or any other services, contact us at 1-877-966-6887 or email us at Muskoka Recovery Center 2159 Pickerel & Jack Lake Road Burks Falls, Ontario P0A 1C0

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About Muskoka Recovery Center: At The Muskoka Recovery Center we believe in total health, and the achievement of starting a new life! With modern ideas, and the industries leading professionals, we take recovery to new heights and success. An elite facility where family members can enjoy the recovery process along side their loved ones through support and observation, Muskoka Recovery is one of Canada's most sought after recovery locations. Company Contact Information: Muskoka Recovery Center John Haines 2159 Pickerel & Jack Lake rd Burks Falls, Ontario, Canada P0A 1C0 Phone: 1-877-966-6887 Published in:

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Muskoka Recovery Center Sticks And Stones But Enough Is Enough