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Universal Web Consulting: Online Marketing Can Boost Small Business Credibility Although many small businesses are currently experiencing financial stress, online marketing is being recognized as an option to help increase revenue. Universal Web Consulting explains how this approach can help small businesses gain customers. Phoenix, AZ (I- Newswire) August 24, 2012 - In recent years, both large and small companies have realized the enormous marketing potential that the Internet can offer. Although many business owners feel that creating an online presence through a website is adequate enough, Universal Web Consulting educates its users on how to strengthen that presence through online marketing tactics. Today, online marketing tactics have expanded far beyond that of web design; using the Internet to reach new consumers now requires initiatives regarding social networking, search engine optimization, data analysis, and creating effective online ads to increase web traffic. A recent article from B2C explains a myriad of advantages that businesses can incur as a result of online marketing efforts. For small businesses that are currently facing financial troubles, online marketing can be an affordable way to advertise. One Universal Web Consulting representative comments, "Online marketing is essentially a win- win scenario for many entrepreneurs who are struggling with financial stress. While some advertising schemes may not be affordable, once online marketing tactics are learned, they are consistently low- cost to the business owner. If a user learns from Universal Web Consulting how to create engaging content, utilize the resources that social media offers and how to respond to consumer interest, they may increase sales while also ramping up awareness." As the article notes, many small businesses are simply looking to grow; those who have exhausted their home markets need to expand in order to generate more sales. After creating a solid online store, entrepreneurs can market their product or service to consumers all over the world. As long as a small business has the resources to expand their market, Universal Web Consulting notes that marketing to national and global consumers can drastically improve sales. B2C also observes that "Online marketing allows [business owners] to discuss past ventures, history and background with [their] customers. This helps in building a trust in [the] company which eventually helps in building relationships." In a recent press statement, Universal Web Consulting responds to these observations, "Gaining credibility as a business is probably one of the most important end- results of online marketing. By engaging with consumers through social networks and responding to their needs, business owners can develop a strong customer following that will only continue to grow by word- ofmouth." ABOUT: Universal Web Consulting is a resource for small business owners who wish to increase their online presence through ecommerce and online marketing practices. Using expert industry knowledge, the web site is able to offer an array of course work that focuses on several elements of online marketing. These areas include lessons on topics such as web design, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. One of the most unique features of the company is that it offers a curriculum that can be learned during the user's own time and at their pace for convenient and comfortable learning. Visit for more information on available courses.

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Universal Web Consulting Online Marketing Can Boost Small Business Credibility