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Marv Scott Responds to New Back Pain Study A new study reveals that staying active may be the key to returning from work more quickly after lower back pain. Dr. Marv Scott adds that a well- rounded approach to care is also pivotal in assisting individuals in returning to work quickly. New York, New York (I- Newswire) August 22, 2012 - A recent study reveals that individuals who have lower back pain and stay active actually increase the speed of their recovery. Published in Spine, this research indicates that both information and guidance regarding recovery are integral to the ability of an individual to return to work after seeking treatment for their pain. Dr. Marv Scott, a concierge, sports, and performance medicine specialist, believes that this research supports his philosophy that a well- rounded treatment plan is best. According to the previously cited article, the study analyzed the experiences of 506 workers who had to take sick leave due to pain in the lower back. All of the participants were involved in routine evaluations performed by medical advisors. Half of the participants were also given information regarding back pain and advice pertaining to recovery. This counseling included information about how back pain heals over time, encouragement to stay active, and the recommendation to abstain from bed rest. After one year, 96 percent of the participants who received both medical evaluations and counseling were back to work and 92 percent who received only medical evaluations had returned to their jobs. Researchers assert that the difference between these two groups "mainly resulted from a lower rate of repeated episodes of medical leave among workers assigned to information and advice: 38 percent, compared to 60 percent with evaluation only." Back pain is very common and, if nonspecific in nature, can be difficult to address. Dr. Scott utilizes every resource at his disposal when treating patients in pain. "The majority of patients who are out of work suffer from back pain," asserts Dr. Scott, "and they want to get back to work as quickly as possible. By providing them with our performance health program, we are able to help these patients get back to work in record time. Depending upon the root cause of the pain or injury, our team of experts puts together a unique and individualized plan of care, which usually comprises massage therapy, physical therapy, and chiropractic care. Through this approach, we can provide optimal care and improve recovery time." ABOUT: Dr. Marv Scott is the creator of the Performance Health Program. Through his work, Dr. Marv Scott offers concierge, sports, and performance medicine. The care plans that Dr. Marv Scott creates are personalized to the needs of each patient and call upon a variety of medical fields, including massage and chiropractic. Due to his well- rounded skill set and ability to customize his approach to each individual patient, Dr. Marv Scott is able to help his patients overcome the challenges that injuries and chronic medical conditions can create. To learn more about Dr. Marv Scott, including how he utilizes massage therapy and chiropractic care to enhance treatment plans, visit

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Marv Scott Responds to New Back Pain Study