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Dr. Rachna Mehra: ALS Stem Cell Treatment Shows Promise A clinical trial of a new adult stem cell therapy for patients with ALS is, so far, well- tolerated. Dr. Rachna Mehra is hopeful that future research will result in a new treatment option for patients who suffer from this disease. Orlando, Florida (I- Newswire) August 22, 2012 - Since first making its way onto the medical scene, stem cell therapy has shown great promise in terms of its ability to adapt to different applications and address a variety of medical illnesses and injuries. Recently, a clinical trial for an adult stem cell therapy treatment for patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) has showcased this flexibility. The Huffington Post reports that the clinical trial, conducted by BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics, indicates that the treatment is "well- tolerated, appears to be safe and does not present undue risk." Dr. Rachna Mehra, an adult stem cell specialist, is hopeful that this trial will result in a viable treatment option for this disease. According to the article, the treatment undergoing testing is called NurOwn. Although still relatively new, the therapy has already garnered attention due to its success at its early stage of development. Moshe Neuman, the CEO of Biomedical Research Design, explains that this particular trial has had surprisingly positive results. "It's very uncommon to give at such an early point in a clinical study efficacy data, but we cannot ignore the fact on an individual basis we could see an improvement in many of the patients involved, each one in different areas," asserts Neuman. These areas of improvement include muscle strength, speech, and more. Chaim Lebovits, the President of BrainStorm, says that these results indicate the potential of the treatment to not only slow the deterioration of nerves associated with ALS, but to perhaps cure the disease. Equally as important, he thinks that the technology and processes utilized to create NurOwn could be applied to the development of similar treatment for other neurological illnesses. "The coming phases in the trial will have to prove this, but these results also reaffirm our belief that we have an enormous potential of being successful with less severe indications such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's," Lebovits asserts. Dr. Rachna Mehra is ecstatic about these results. She believes that adult stem cell treatment is the key to many medical breakthroughs- and the success of NurOwn proves it. "I have always believed in the power of adult stem cell therapy, and the success of the BrainStorm team underscores how powerful this line of treatment is," comments Dr. Mehra. "With the right research, I know that stem cell treatment options can be developed for some of the most devastating of diseases, thereby improving- and saving- the lives of countless patients." ABOUT: Dr. Rachna Mehra is a medical professional who provides adult stem cell treatment to her patients. Through her work, Dr. Rachna Mehra treats a wide range of illnesses and injuries with stem cell treatment options, as well as Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. In addition to these specialties, Dr. Rachna Mehra offers therapeutic and cosmetic Botox injections. For more information about Dr. Mehra, and to learn more about the therapies that her practice offers, visit

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Dr Rachna Mehra ALS Stem Cell Treatment Shows Promise