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Townhouse Listed And Staged By Rockville, MD Realtor To Appear On HGTV Program "My First Place" Airing On Monday, August 20th At 6:30 P.M. In the current market, staging helps to sell a house for top value. Realtor Pamela Egnew listed and staged a townhouse that was selected to be on an episode of the HGTV Program "My First Place" which will air on Monday, August 20th at 6:30 p.m. Crofton, MD (I- Newswire) August 21, 2012 - In the current real estate market staging helps to sell a house for top value. Pamela Egnew of Llewellyn Realtors in Rockville, Maryland, knows this too well from her years of experience as a realtor, home stager and home remodeler. She used her vast experience to professionally stage a townhouse along with her seller that she listed in Crofton, MD. The townhouse was one of several of properties in the Annapolis area selected by HGTV to be featured in an upcoming episode of their popular TV show "My First Place" and will air on Monday August 20th at 6:30 p.m. The episode titled " Too Many Bids, Not Enough Time," follows a first- time buyer and their realtor agent along the stress- filled, yet exciting, search for the perfect home. Pamela said that during the walk through prior to filming, the first time buyer and her realtor agent mentioned how much they like the townhouse from all the houses they had seen that day. Pamela was not surprised by the compliment because in addition to her realtor experience, she uses her professional staging experience to help her property listings stand out from others and sell for top value. The first time buyer liked it so much that she wanted to submitted a contract offer, The buyer ended up choosing another home because it was closer to her son's school. Pamela Egnew was pleased that HGTV wanted to showcase one of her property listings. She will continue to provide her clients with the same world- class service. Perhaps in the near future, another of her listings will be featured in a HGTV show.

Additional Resources About Pamela Egnew, Llewellyn Realtors: Llewellyn, Realtors is an independent, locally- owned and operated business that specializes in residential real estate in Maryland. Every transaction reflects on our team of almost 100 professional Maryland realtors, so every client is pursued until they are 100% satisfied. We are aware that this attitude fosters referrals, long- term relationships and consistent performance. We also know that high standards can only be secured and then strengthened through humble leadership. Pamela Egnew offers her clients a smooth and professional relationship when buying or selling a property. She brings a strong set of skills and resources to assure that her clients will effectively realize a successful settlement and achieve their goals. A successful sale occurs with strong marketing and negotiation expertise. Pamela offers an objective evaluation as to staging, remodeling and working within her clients' budget. From the curb appeal, to the wall and floor finishes, lighting and arrangement of furniture to accessories, her team enables the presentation of your house to the largest market of potential buyers making more money in the shortest period of time with less headaches. We have relationships with many reputable vendors (for reasonable fees) to refer you to which make it easy to sell or fix up a house after you buy. Her experience includes working with luxury homes, investors, first time buyers, mover uppers, short sales & foreclosures, senior citizen discounts, corporate benefit savings plans, and people relocating in or out of state. Coverage includes Maryland, DC and VA. Pamela has two buyer agents, who work with her to make sure that her clients are 100% guaranteed satisfaction. Company Contact Information: Pamela Egnew, Llewellyn Realtors Pamela Egnew 795 Rockville Pike Rockville, MD 20852 Phone: 240-793-7944 Published in: Business Tags: HGTV  first place    home show    realt estate    home stagging     Published on: August 21, 2012 Original Source: Townhouse Listed And Staged By Rockville, MD Realtor To Appear On HGTV Program "My First Place" Airing On Monday, August 20th At 6:30 P.M.

Townhouse Listed And Staged By Rockville MD Realtor To Appear On HGTV Program My  
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