Page 1 Offers How to Succeed in Business Complimentary Blueprint Package A division of The Entrepreneurs' Advice Bureau in London, England, offers a $271.90 package of business building information that helps puts a struggling income earner on a fast track to success - for free. New York, NY (I- Newswire) August 20, 2012 - Statistics show that in the United States 50% of businesses fail within the first 5 years and 90% of businesses in the United Kingdom fail within the first three years. On average, around two- thirds of all start- ups are deemed to fail within their first year of business. A UK business is said to declare bankruptcy every 12 minutes. The cycle seems evident, with people finding financial success an elusive dream, especially with the present economic meltdown hounding Europe. "Often, many business owners and independent entrepreneurs don't have access to guidance from people who have already achieved success in business," explained Roslyn Yee of"We provide an 'answer' to some of these problems by providing business owners with invaluable information that was created by a successful millionaire entrepreneur." is a website that offers the step- by- step blueprint on how to succeed in business with large amounts of profit. As a result, it can lead people to more cash flow, more stability and greater freedom in their business lives. is a division of The Entrepreneurs' Advice Bureau - a London, England- based organization founded by millionaire Michael Cheney to help business owners world- wide unleash the true potential of their enterprises by harnessing the power of proven, tested- in- the- field, marketing strategies. The organization has been recognized by top media outfits and has been featured in The UK Times, The Guardian, Telegraph, The Independent and CNBC, evidencing its value. In particular, offers the best- selling book "The Customer Magnet" that demonstrates how to attract more customers. The publication is a tell- all of the secrets to multiply income by 10 times almost overnight through breakthrough tactics. The package also offers a Special Breakthrough Report that presents a proven strategy to dominate the competition. A video is also included, which shows little- known secrets to ensure profits during the hard times and to make a business thrive. An audio file that describes the ways to create cash flow in a business completes the package. The value package, which is worth $271.90, can be accessed for free by website visitors by simply filling out a form on the website. This free gift can provide the vital tools necessary for anyone who wants to achieve a higher level of business success and financial security. To obtain the free sales doubling information value package, please visit for details.

Additional Resources About is a division of The Entrepreneurs' Advice Bureau. The organization provides entrepreneurs with proven sales growth information, products and coaching services on how to succeed in business and has a following of over 100,000 entrepreneurs and business owners worldwide. Company Contact Information: Media Relations Published in: Business Tags: increase sales  Succeed in Business    Improve Cash Flow     Published on: August 20, 2012 Original Source: Offers How to Succeed in Business Complimentary Blueprint Package

SalesDoublingSecretscom Offers How to Succeed in Business Complimentary Blueprin  
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