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Travel To Go And Tommy Middaugh Review Machu Picchu Vacations Travel To Go offers you tips on travel and vacation planning. Find new ways to save money on your next vacation with tips on travel from Travel To Go Jeanette Bunn and Tommy Middaugh, your partners in travel. San Diego, California (I- Newswire) August 20, 2012 - Travel To Go San Diego, along with Jeanette Bunn and Tommy Middaugh, reviews a variety of travel related topics. The Travel To Go Jeanette Bunn executive review program is used to review vacation destinations, offer tips and tricks for travel and to discuss Travel To Go membership benefits. The best way to arrive at Machu Picchu is by taking the Hiram Bingham luxury train which stops at the small town of Aquas Calientes which is located beside the Urubamba River. Next to the headwaters of the Amazon, the vegetation there is lush and green. You then take a bus that climbs the mountain on narrow and precipitous switchbacks that are so close to thousand- foot drops that one cannot see the ground beside the bus window. At the top of the climb, visitors will find the gates to Machu Picchu and the entrance to the only hotel by the park, the Orient- Express Sanctuary Lodge. After checking into the hotel, guests can enter the gates of the park and climb the winding path to the ruins of Machu Picchu, emerging on one end of the ancient city. It is said that Machu Picchu sits in the "saddle" of the mountain, flanked on either side by peaks that tower over the ruins. The Incas' greatest achievements were their building prowess and architecture, and there are about 140 structures there -- temples, residences, watchtowers and guardhouses -- built on many levels. Their mountainside foundations and drainage systems have withstood earthquakes and floods for hundreds of years. There are irrigation canals that carried fresh spring water to one house after another, and agricultural terraces built on slopes using retaining walls and topsoil hauled from the valleys below to create level, high- altitude growing areas. Inca- built walls stand strong here today as they do in ruins throughout South America. Builders lowered one rock on another and carved away the lower rock until the two fit snugly, the concavity of the lower stone providing extraordinary stability without mortar. The view from the site is mesmerizing, spectacular mountains in every direction, some with peaks shrouded in clouds. Many believe the site and the setting combined are the reason Machu Picchu was recently named among the New Seven Wonders of the World in a worldwide Internet poll. It's been 100 years since Hiram Bingham introduced Machu Picchu to the outside world, and in this anniversary year, the site will be visited by an all- time record number of tourists. If you come, plan to stay as late as you can, until the crowds have gone and the fog and the peace have descended upon the ruins. For it is only then that you may hear the ghosts of a dying empire, struck down by smallpox and the cunning and treachery and greed of the conquistadors.

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About Travel To Go: Since 1989 Travel To Go San Diego has been successfully arranging luxurious vacation resort accommodations for the savvy vacationer worldwide. A California corporation, Travel To Go is a membership vacation services company, licensed as required by the states of California, Florida, and Hawaii. Travel To Go Reviews is our latest new offering where we review vacation destinations and post articles to assist persons in planning their ideal dream vacation getaway. Company Contact Information: Travel To Go Samuel 7964- B Arjons Dr. 92126 Phone: (800) 477-6331 ext 1 Published in: Travel Tags: travel to go reviews  travel to go tommy middaugh    travel to go jeanette bunn     Published on: August 20, 2012 Original Source: Travel To Go And Tommy Middaugh Review Machu Picchu Vacations

Travel To Go And Tommy Middaugh Review Machu Picchu Vacations  
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