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Urban Lyfestyles Magazine Launch New Interactive Digital Publication In 2007, Urban Lyfestyles Magazine (ULM) began distributing print publications. The goal at the time was to target the communities of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. Today, ULM is totally digital,interactive and reaches across the globe. los angeles (I- Newswire) August 18, 2012 - The Lyfestyles Network consists of Urban Lyfestyles Magazine, KRPR Media, KimiRhochelle, Lyfestyles TV and Lyfestyles Radio. Through these outlets, clients and members will receive cross marketing of their brands, products, services or events. For years, even before all the social network apps became a common automatic setup, KRPR Media had created various avenues that would allow content to flow to hundreds of other sites. In fact, due to the advancement of technology, KRPR Media had to recreate and reinvent the Lyfestyles Network to reduce double and triple postings which could annoy the reader. Although the success of the Lyfestyles Network unique cross marketing services worked, there appeared to be a missing piece. Urban Lyfestyles Magazine use to print and distribute the publication at major festivals, concerts, seminars, business conferences and other large venues which had a delay in up- to- date information being released. However, now, due to the new interactive magazine, the publication is send to hundreds of thousands viewers globally. This allows for further reach at a lower cost. In addition, clients ads and features have click- able links and videos produced through Lyfestyles Tv which gives a more personal and immediate effect. On ULM's social network site, ULM created Couture Lyfe and Celebrity Lyfe blogs that focus on positive urban celebrities, designers, fashion, red carpet highlight and more. This allows for immediate content to be published daily or weekly between the release of ULM quarterly distribution. Also, there is a community blog, calendar, photo/ video upload- where members can post their features, pictures, videos, events and more. This also allows for real time content. With the new digital interactive magazine, the entire Lyfestyles Network is fused and highlighted creating a dynamic relationship with clients' and members' content. To experience Urban Lyfestyles Interactive Magazine, please visit Urban Lyfestyles Digital Magazine

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About KRPR MEDIA: KRPR MEDIA is a full service media, event and entertainment firm specializing in internet marketing, media placement, press release distribution, event management, red carpet vip production... Company Contact Information: KRPR MEDIA KIMIRHOCHELLE 7256 VAN KOEVERING, FONTANA, CA 92336 Phone: 909-543-2978 Published in: Art & Entertainment Tags: magazine  events    entertainment    politics    Celebrities    blogs    Urban    calendar    lyfestyles     Published on: August 18, 2012 Original Source: Urban Lyfestyles Magazine Launch New Interactive Digital Publication

Urban Lyfestyles Magazine Launch New Interactive Digital Publication