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The Death Of Eco- Toilet Sweden's Stockholm Environment Institute's ingenious idea and design of the eco toilet has been quite popularly recognised and used all over the world, by some 5 million people. London (I- Newswire) August 13, 2012 - A disastrous consequence - Failure of the Eco - Toilet Sweden's Stockholm Environment Institute's ingenious idea and design of the eco toilet has been quite popularly recognised and used all over the world, by some 5 million people. Yet there may have been reasons for the eco toilet to have malfunctioned and failed in some places. The mechanism perhaps hasn't worked well all over the world alike. The mechanism and operability seemed extremely comprehensive, with separate chambers for urine and excrement in the toilet. Innovatively, the urine chamber or bowl and the excrement container were separate; the urine was to be aimed at the urine bowl that had pipe connections leading to an underground storage tank, whereas the excrement container (receptacle) would automatically turn up when one sits on the toilet for disposal. After disposal, when one pulls the lever to shower sawdust (which is a replacement for water) on the excrement and subsequently gets up, then the container automatically turns over and abandons the excrement through the excrement pipe in to a tank which is in the basement; this excrement tank is periodically cleaned up twice or thrice a month. There are attached fans that gust out odour out of the pipes to the roof, in order to prevent smell or odour from entering in to the apartment. (Source - http:// environment/2012/ jul/30/ eco- toilet) Although the mechanism of the eco toilet was devised with intent to save water, thwart odours and smell, and have conversions of fertiliser from the excrements, there have been shocking revelations in this otherwise accepted concept in the other parts of the world. In spite of the intent translating into an innovative toilet concept, there have been appalling consequences. Now, read as "Civilised City, erstwhile called as Daxing Ecological Society has witnessed the devastation of the eco toilet concept. The remnants are seen strewn, and the stench is still lingering in the vicinity of Ordos in Mongolia, though the toilets have been removed forever. Yan and his family have had a very unpleasant experience with this innovative system. Smell emanated and spread all over right from the day they installed it in their home. The reek of ammonia was all around inside the house; as a consequence, it started affecting their eyes, which, resultantly, watered whenever they ventured in to the bathroom. Yan said, "I could hardly eat at home, and felt miserable on my way back after work." As a result, they ate at his sister's place and his relatives avoided visiting them at their place. Apparently, the misery was immeasurable. Instead of rotating or flipping over, the excrement container ruptured and broke, and every household had to indulge into extra tasks of having the bowls or containers repaired. Most of the households had frequent replacements of the bowls. Although bowl replaced with a retractable tray in 2007, Yan still couldn't get respite from the odour. According to them, many other strategies were discovered like increasing the speed of the fans to deplete or get rid of the smell, given the severe winter conditions due to which the windows had to be kept closed tightly, but there was no relief from the bad smell whatsoever. On the contrary, Yan felt warm air engulfed in the bathroom whenever he sat on the toilet, entailing him with suffocation, following which he was forced to keep the window open for 30 minutes approx to feel comforted or relieved. (Source - http:// environment/2012/ jul/30/ eco- toilet) Gao Jixiang, another inhabitant of Ordos, who has used the dry toilet between 2004 and 2009, also had a bitter and unpleasant experience. He had to say, ""Getting home was like stepping into a public toilet", and he had to have his supper at the gallery. Also, Wang Cuilan and other women living with her had to face vaginal discomfort due to the sawdust that were used in the toilet created problems, for they drifted upwards; the women often indulged in the discussion as to how to get relief from the irritation like willow leaves boiling up. They were also distressed because of the menace of the maggots and cockroaches that were increasing and browsing on the toilet. Appallingly, Wang Cuilan went to the extent of spending 300 yuan, equivalent to US $47, on toxins to eliminate them. In 2007, Lu Zhanrong, the head of the in charge of the sanitation system, was busy attending incessant complaints and request- for- service phone calls. In 2007, for the first time in over a decade, the temperature plummeted to -30 degrees Celcius, and in such grave conditions, the workers had to climb on the icy roofs, in order to mend the ventilation; this had to be done thrice in some winters. It used to be as bad in 2008, with ominously uninhabitable rooms. The outrage was to the extent that they cordoned Lu and his workers in one of the apartments saying, "Let them see how they like living in a toilet". (Source - http:// environment/2012/ jul/30/ eco- toilet) Soon, the ecological complex was surrounded by other buildings that were built with flushing type toilets. Gao Jixiang, in response to his complaint to the government and the developers regarding the worsening conditions at Daxing, was asked to communicate to SEI, deeming them to be technical problems. Subsequently, Gao communicated about the agony to Arno Rosemarin who is a researcher at the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and with entrusted responsibility for the Ordos Ecological City Project, and the latter decided to take stock of the situation himself. In 2008, SEI began the process of negotiating with the inhabitants and spoke to the women in 15% of households, regarding the gynaecological issues from the menace, also, the odour that was causing nuisance. He met the outraged and agitated inhabitants twice; apparently, they were demanding new flush type toilets. As a result, the developer was suggested to improve the water pipes, by Rosemarin. He said, "But they didn't want to, and I had no way to apply any pressure". Seeing the gremlin in March 2008, two German experts sent by SEI for investigation were livid, because according to them, the developer was irresponsible and there were quality crisis in the building, Lu Zhanrong recollected. In the same year, starting in the month of March, unpowered ventilators that were imported from Germany were installed; subsequently, in May, at the base of the building, the power to the fans was improved. Further, in June, the excrement tanks were sealed. Lu said, "And that was all that could be done". Later, Li Zifu of Biejing University of Science and Technology was hired by SEI, to check the installation of the sanitation system but in vain as nothing positive came out. Further, Li said, "There was mass support for a return to flushing toilets. There was no indication of where the money for fixing the current system would come from, and the government had no confidence it could be done". Ironically, disgruntlement soared during the winter on 2008. On 22nd December, a committee of residents' was formed and was chaired by Gao Jixiang. The letters written to the city and district governments were stuck up by him all over, in the public spaces of the apartment premises. Many of the committee members and Jao Jixiang started communicating with the Swedish embassy in writing. The dry toilet project was officially annulled in the month of June that year by the district government, and they funded to have flush toilets in the complex; also, the office that was managing the sanitation system was bunged. In 2010, along with a septic tank, new toilets were installed, and the pipe was redirected to the wastewater plant directly, which supplied waste water to the lake. Finally, the apartment complex of the biggest dry toilet ever, departed forever. (Source - http:// environment/2012/ jul/30/ eco- toilet)

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The Death Of EcoToilet  
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