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Patent Assistance Worldwide: For Inventors, Opportunities Abound Samsung has obtained a patent for a mobile phone that emits perfume- a development that points to just how many opportunities there are for inventors, Patent Assistance Worldwide says. Miami Beach, Florida (I- Newswire) August 10, 2012 - Just when it seems like technology could not possibly grow or develop any farther, a new product always seems to come along to illustrate just how many good ideas remain up for grabs. Samsung has proven as much with its most recent patent acquisition. The patent in question is for a new mobile device that emits perfume- potentially the first of its kind, according to CNET. The news of Samsung's latest innovation has reached the intellectual property experts at Patent Assistance Worldwide. The company has responded to the Samsung development with a new statement to the press. "Some will find this to be a frivolous and silly idea, and others will think it's just brilliant," says Patent Assistance Worldwide representative Mark Fallows. "What cannot be argued with is that it is innovative, and, because Samsung has patented its innovation, it will probably generate some serious money from it." The patented device uses a sort of scented battery, which is recharged as the phone itself it recharged, ensuring that it continually emits a perfumed scent. Fallows says that the unusual Samsung patent goes a long way toward showing how wide open the field of technology still is. "It is easy to look around at the sheer number of technology firms and technology products out there, but the reality is that there are new ideas coming out all the time," the Patent Assistance Worldwide spokesman says. "What's more, not all of these brilliant, potentially lucrative ideas come from big tech firms. A lot of them come from novice inventors, in many cases first- time innovators." The problem that many small- scale inventors face is not a lack of ideas or a dearth of opportunities, Fallows continues, but simply the difficulties that lie in the patenting process. "Many people have ideas, but not many people know how to protect those ideas," he says. "Protecting your intellectual property is imperative if you want to make money from it, or receive the recognition that is your due. Sadly, getting a patent is a difficult process, and hiring a patent attorney is often expensive." Enter Patent Assistance Worldwide. The company is devoted to providing inventors with the services they need. "We have access to a big network of patent attorneys, and we can put inventors in touch with them, often securing them discounted rates," Fallows explains. Patent Assistance Worldwide is not a law office, but rather it strives to be a clearinghouse of patent- related services. Legal assistance is high on this list of services, but Fallows says inventors can find a number of other services offered by Patent Assistance Worldwide. These additional services include patent research, patent illustration, and a diverse array of marketing services. ABOUT: Patent Assistance Worldwide is a clearinghouse of services geared toward inventors seeking to protect or market their intellectual property. The company places clients in touch with professional illustrators, patent researchers, and patent attorneys, and typically offers inventors more affordable rates than traditional legal firms can offer. More information about Patent Assistance Worldwide can be found at http://

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Patent Assistance Worldwide For Inventors Opportunities Abound