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Mixed Martial Arts World's Fastest Growing Sport Now Has Online Training Available For Everyone Mixed Martial Arts is becoming one of the fastest growing sports of our time. One of the best thing about mixed martial arts is that anyone can do it. MMA Training is now available online which makes it available for anyone. wellington, fl (I- Newswire) August 09, 2012 - Grand Master Rodriquez, owner of Wellington Martial Arts Academy has a belief that everyone big and small should possess the skills of the big MMA fighters we all see on TV. He is keeping true to his belief by offering MMA Training online to individuals who desire his training. Grand Master Rodriquez has been teaching and training Mixed Martial Arts for over 30 years and has full belief in the system that he has put together for "reality based violence". Reality based violence can be many things such as someone trying to rob you at an atm, or a stranger trying to grab some unsuspecting child. These are scenarios that happen everyday and it's always good to be prepared with the proper training and techniques. Grand Master Rodriquez is quick to point out the father of Mixed Martial Arts is Bruce Lee. We all love Bruce Lee by comparison though, he was a pretty small guy, but he was able to leverage his speed and strength to handle opponents almost twice his size. Grand Master Rodriquez says this is something everyone can learn and should learn. MMA Training is becoming very big in the USA but where are the best experts? Some of the best experts are halfway across the country, so how do you get trained by the best? The answer is the internet. Grand Master Rodriquez has devised a system that will let literally anyone access his training via online module. Based out of Wellington, Florida, many of Wellington Martial Arts Academy's students are out of state, they also provide in house training for local students at Wellington headquarters. Not only is Mixed Martial Arts good for adults it even better for the children. Through Mixed Martial Arts Training they are building self- esteem that will help them out in many areas of life. As quoted by Grand Master" Our program teaches practical, proven self- defense methods. We also teach the kids that the moves they learn in class will work, so they don't go home and try them on their family members or neighbors." Wellington Martial Arts Academy provides online training to give everyone the same access to proper training from real experts as the pros have. To learn more about Mixed Martial Arts from Wellington Martial Arts Academy and there online training visit: http://

Additional Resources About Wellington Martial Arts Academy: We are a Mixed Martial Arts Training Facility Company Contact Information: Wellington Martial Arts Academy GrandMaster Rodriquez 3125 Fortune Way wellington,fl 33414 33414 Phone: 561-729-4244 Published in: Sports Tags: mma  mixed martial arts    MMA training     Published on: August 09, 2012 Original Source: Mixed Martial Arts World's Fastest Growing Sport Now Has Online Training Available For Everyone

Mixed Martial Arts Worlds Fastest Growing Sport Now Has Online Training Availab