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DJ Michaelis \' Official Website Spins Now DJ Michaelis \' official website,, is now available. Clients and fans can check the website for information on his work, upcoming appearances, and blog. Los Angeles, CA (I- Newswire) August 08, 2012 - What makes a great DJ? Is it his repertoire? Is it the way he handles the turntables? For renowned music savant DJ Michaelis, it \'s all about access to his genius as he launches his very own website, Backed by a great management team, DJ Michaelis \' official website features everything there is to know about his career and body of work. Samples of his heart thumping beats and dance inducing mixes are available for visitors to listen to while browsing. Interested parties can also book him online for their events and parties by simply providing basic information on their event. The website also provides an on- the- scene look at the events where DJ Michaelis has worked his music magic with a great gallery of his gigs. See how crowds are magnetized and moved by DJ Michaelis \' music which includes genres such as funk and hip hop. For his growing body of fans or those who want to experience DJ Michaelis \' passion for music firsthand, a list of the upcoming events and venues where he \'ll be playing is available. Visitors and fans can also get from the section the directions and ticket information on his upcoming performances by simply checking out the links provided. For a more in depth look at his work and process, clients and music fans alike can check out the blog on his website where he shares his thoughts and ideas in ways people have never had access to before. DJ Michaelis \' official website breaks a new territory in his career as he introduces his style of precise and perfect DJ skills to more people worldwide. Introduced to the world of music at a very young age, DJ Michaelis, Michaelis Jacoby in real life, lists music greats such as Metallica and Beastie Boys as his influences. He perfected his craft in Tel Aviv, earning a residency as a DJ in one of the biggest bars there before moving back to the US to further perfect his craft. Today, DJ Michaelis \' performance history includes world- class venues such as Supperclub, Lure, and Confidential of Beverly Hills and shows no sign of slowing down, taking the party scene by storm. For more information, log on to DJ Michaelis \' official website at

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About DJ Michaelis: DJ Michaelis is a renowned DJ based in Los Angeles, CA. He and his management team can be reached via his new website, Company Contact Information: DJ Michaelis Published in: Other Tags: dj michaelis  hollywood dj    los angeles dj    hire a dj in los angeles    la dj    michaelis    michaelis jacoby    los angeles house dj    los angeles hip- hop dj     Published on: August 08, 2012 Original Source: DJ Michaelis \' Official Website Spins Now

DJ Michaelis Official Website Spins Now