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QMedRx Encourages Patients to Compare Costs When Filling Prescriptions A new study finds that drugs provided by doctors may be costing patients more than when they fill the same prescription at their local pharmacy. QMedRx encourages patients to compare costs to maximize their budgets. Maitland, FL (I- Newswire) August 08, 2012 - A new study, reported by Newsday, asserts that drugs dispensed by doctors in workers compensation cases may cost employers more than had the patients filled the prescription at a local pharmacy. Compiled by the Workers Compensation Research Institute, this report indicates a significant difference in price between doctor- dispensed medications and their pharmacy- filled counterparts. QMedRx reminds patients to consider their options when it comes to obtaining their medications, as comparing costs can save them and their insurance companies. According to the article, the study focused on 5.7 million prescriptions that were written for approximately 758,000 workers compensation claims. These claims were filed in 23 states during the years 2007-2008 and 2010-2011. According to the article, the cost differences between doctor- dispensed and pharmacy- obtained medications were significant. "The cost of Vicodin quadruples when dispensed by physicians compared to the pharmacy," asserts the article. "The drug cost [on] average is $1.48 per pill at the physicians' offices and 36 cents per pill at the pharmacy." The article notes that the prices that patients paid for medications dispensed by physicians increased for several of the drugs investigated. Surprisingly, the cost for the same medications fell or stayed relatively flat at local pharmacies. This study sheds light on an interesting trend that may have an impact on patient spending. But cost may not be the only factor that affects where individuals go to get their medications. As QMedRx points out in a press statement, below, there are other variables when considering which prescription resource holds the best value. In a press statement, QMedRx states: "Depending on the therapy, it may benefit the patient to receive their prescription directly from the physician's officeprimarily for the immediate convenience, elimination of shipping costs, or demonstration of the medication's use. For cost- conscious patients, however, it is always wise to compare prices set by many resources, physician's offices and pharmacies included, to find the best deal." As this statement shows, convenience and instruction pertaining to drug administration are also important for patients to consider. QMedRx believes that the pharmacies of today's industry, particularly those that specialize in prescription delivery, are well- equipped to provide the same degree of knowledge and convenience. ABOUT: QMedRx, Inc. provides specialty pharmacy and healthcare services. Headquartered in the State of Florida, this company has dedicated its services to patients who cannot leave their homes since 1990. Home Care Solutions, the ACHC- accredited pharmacy of QMedRx, is licensed in 44 states and provides for patients who are traveling and for families who have members living in several states. Home Care Solutions is an in- network pharmacy for most insurance providers. Through this organization, QMedRx creates positive, lasting relationships with physicians and patients by ensuring the proper and timely filing and delivery of prescriptions.

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QMedRx Encourages Patients to Compare Costs When Filling Prescriptions