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Healthy Energy, It Exists and It Is Not Sold At "Some Gas Station" Changing the way your body healthily absorbs B vitamins and antioxidants through Liposome Encapsulated Delivery (LED). Las Vegas. NV (I- Newswire) August 08, 2012 - Energy is so important especially on those busy days. You know the types of days or even weeks where we struggle. If you are a student it could be that week of finals where you have to work a double and your sister is ill. If you are a mother it is that week full of client meetings mixed with parent- teacher conferences and your inlaws coming to visit. And men have those weeks too full of sports games, proposals at the office and night classes. How do you cram all these obligations into your busy schedule while being alert? There is nothing worse than only giving someone half of your attention or walking away from a meeting and only remembering half of what was said. Sure, it can be easy to grab a 5- Hour Energy Shot or a Red Bull, but these cheap solutions are temporary and many times unhealthy. That is why such a crash is associated with many of these over- the- counter beverages. To top it off, too much negative public relations is out there about people have fainting spells and even seizures from taking too many energy supplements. Be smarter about what you are using to fuel your body. Altrient™ME is a new product on the market. This is the best supplement when it comes to healthy energy. The best way to take Altrient™ME is by adding it to your morning glass of orange juice. This gel like substance gently breaks down into the juice and leaves a hint of cinnamon flavor in your morning beverage. The Altrient™line uses patented Liposome Encapsulated Delivery (LED) that makes it different from all other products on the market. The best B vitamins absorb directly into your bloodstream about 15 minutes after consumption. For more information on Altrient™ME and the Altrient™line and how it can complement your busy lifestyle visit http:// or call 1-888-437-6353.

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Company Contact Information: Altrient, Inc. 2654 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway Suite B5-175 Henderson, NV 89052 Phone: 1-888-437-6353 Published in: Health & Fitness Tags: Vitamin B  best supplement    best b vitamins     Published on: August 08, 2012 Original Source: Healthy Energy, It Exists and It Is Not Sold At "Some Gas Station"

Healthy Energy It Exists and It Is Not Sold At Some Gas Station