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Dr. Marvin Lagstein: Kool Smiles Fills Gap in Dental Coverage for Kids Kool Smiles, a provider of dental care to patients in financial need, is forecasted to exceed the record amount of dental care it supplied during 2011. Dr. Marvin Lagstein applauds the work of this organization, which he believes is crucial. New York, New York (I- Newswire) August 05, 2012 - Dental care is an often expensive form of healthcare- particularly for those who do not have dental coverage through their health insurance providers. For this reason, many non- profit and other organizations have been created to assist patients in accessing the care that they need, even if they cannot afford it. Kool Smiles is one such organization, which provides free care to underserved communities across the United States. Dr. Marvin Lagstein, a dental professional who specializes in pediatric dental care, understands just how important this and similar organizations are in filling the gap that dental coverage often leaves behind. The Wall Street Journal reports that dental care providers associated with Kool Smiles performed $14 million in donated services over the course of 2011. Just six months into 2012, the organization's providers had already completed $8 million in complimentary dental treatment. This puts the organization on track to exceed the record- breaking numbers reported in 2011. Established in 2002, Kool Smiles runs 130 individual dental practices throughout the United States. These practices offer a "safety net" for patients who are uninsured or whose insurance is not accepted by their dental professionals. Dr. Paul Walker, Vice President for Clinical Quality at Kool Smiles, explains: "Although we do accept insurance plans that most dentists reject, we also recognize that there is a significant number of patients who lack any type of coverage whatsoever. Recognizing that children who go without access to quality dental care can face lifelong struggles and health problems, we feel it is our moral and professional obligation to also donate our services so that every child can have a healthy, happy smile." Dr. Marvin Lagstein, who specializes in pediatric dentistry, agrees that children need access to quality dental care no matter what their insurance status. "Kool Smiles is a wonderful program that has done a great deal to provide dental care to patients who simply cannot afford it," comments Dr. Marvin Lagstein. "Organizations like this do a great deal of good in the world and, ultimately, positively impact the lives that they touch." Kool Smiles is forecasted to provide $16 million in dental services to patients in need during 2012. Dr. Marvin Lagstein supports this organization in its endeavors and encourages other dental professionals to do the same. ABOUT: Dr. Marvin Lagstein is a dental professional who has over 39 years of experience providing care to pediatric patients. Dr. Marvin Lagstein completed his education at Brooklyn College and the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Dental Medicine. Although he specializes in pediatric dental care, Dr. Marvin Lagstein is also known for his work in cosmetic orthodontics, in which he has pioneered treatment techniques involving fast paced, invisible braces.

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Dr Marvin Lagstein Kool Smiles Fills Gap in Dental Coverage for Kids