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UK Wholesaler, BoyzToys Ltd Today Announced Their Latest Product Range, 'Gone Optical' BoyzToys Ltd, a UK wholesaler, today announced their latest product range, 'Gone Optical'. The range includes a variety of designs of reading glasses and sunglasses. Leicester (I- Newswire) July 31, 2012 - UK Wholesaler BoyzToys Ltd today announced their new range of products, 'Gone Optical'. This range features reading glasses and sunglasses in different styles and designs. BoyzToys Ltd is a UK based wholesaler that provides many different goods such as wholesale camping supplies to the retail market. Their latest range, 'Gone Optical' includes reading glasses and sunglasses in a wide range of designs and styles. When people go on holiday they can forget their reading glasses easily. There are many retailers that offer these glasses, particularly in the tourist season, in order to provide to these potential customers and make additional sales. During the summer there are more tourists visiting the UK and UK residents are usually travelling around the country on their own holidays. Throughout this season retailers often begin to offer their customers sunglasses, as tourists may have forgotten to bring theirs, regardless of whether they're from abroad or within the UK. BoyzToys Ltd is now able to provide the glasses for these retailers as well as the products in their other ranges like wholesale fishing tackle. This is a great addition to the BoyzToys Ltd range, which already consisted of over 400 products. A representative from BoyzToys Ltd said, "We're really happy to have launched the Gone Optical range. These products are sold for a large part of the year in many retail shops around the UK, and now we are able to provide to those shops alongside our other products. We've been careful to pick designs that will sell well so our retailers are guaranteed to have reading glasses and sunglasses that people will want to buy." With the 'Gone Optical' range BoyzToys Ltd has found a large market which they are now able to provide for. As the company grows they are always looking for new ways in which they can provide for their current and potential new customers. BoyzToys Ltd is a UK wholesaler providing to the retail market. They have a wide range of products which they import for their retailers in the UK. Their latest range, 'Gone Optical' is just one of the ways in which they are improving their service to their customers. BoyzToys also provide many other goods to their customers such as wholesale golf goods which are perfect gifts.

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About BoyzToys: BoyzToys is a wholesaler of own brand goods. They provide to retailers around the country with a wide range of goods to suit everyone's needs. Company Contact Information: BoyzToys James S. Doughty The Old Wagon Works Coalville LE67 3DW Phone: 0116 257 7943 Published in: Events / Trade Shows Tags: flying lanterns  wholesale golf    wholesale fishing tackle    IFrogz    wholesale camping equipment     Published on: July 31, 2012 Original Source: UK Wholesaler, BoyzToys Ltd Today Announced Their Latest Product Range, 'Gone Optical'

UK Wholesaler BoyzToys Ltd Today Announced Their Latest Product Range Gone Optic  
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