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UK Wholesaler And Importer Bonnington Plastics Ltd Today Announced Their Increased Range Of Christmas Products UK wholesaler Bonnington Plastics Ltd today announced their increased range of Christmas products. This range has been increased to prepare for retailers buying their seasonal stock early this year. Nottingham (I- Newswire) July 31, 2012 - Bonnington Plastics Ltd, a UK wholesaler based in Nottingham UK, today announced their increased range of Christmas products in preparation for Christmas 2012. The UK has seen a spectacular 2012 with the Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the current Olympic Games. Retailers expect the high spirits to continue into Christmas. As Christmas is a time of year when many people rush out to buy Christmas presents for their friends and family, both businesses and consumers decorate their stores and homes in order to be festive. Bonnington Plastics Ltd has a wide range of wholesale Christmas products that are perfect for any shop to offer during the festive season. With the launch of their new website, Bonnington Plastics Ltd has also increased the range of Christmas products they have to offer their customers in the Festive product range. The Festive product range from Bonnington Plastics Ltd offers a wide selection of goods, all of which are useful and desirable to consumers. Items such as Christmas trees and sledges are all staple products that retailers need to be offering during the Christmas season. In addition to this Bonnington Plastics Ltd also offer the most basic of Christmas decorations, to help secure last minute sales for their retailers. A representative from Bonnington Plastics Ltd said, "The Bonnington Plastics Ltd Festive range has been increased so that our customers can offer more to their customer for holiday purchases this year. On our new website all of our customers can see the products they're buying with our Kingfisher TV presentation, which shows all of the products that can be found in the Kingfisher Festive range." Even though Christmas is still months away Bonnington Plastics Ltd has increased their seasonal products now in order to prepare for retail customers purchasing their holiday stock early. During winter delivery can be delayed, and many shops are getting their seasonal stock now to avoid this, and any other delays that may cause them to loose Christmas sales. Bonnington Plastics Ltd are wholesalers based in the UK. They have a wide range of stock which they manufacture and import in order to offer their customers the products they need for a low cost.

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About Bonnington Plastics Ltd Wholesaler: Bonnington Plastics is a wholesaler that provides all kinds of goods to retailers including bird care wholesale, Christmas wholesale and Halloween wholesale products. Company Contact Information: Bonnington Plastics Ltd Wholesaler Louise Fisher Bonnington Plastics Ltd Kingfisher House NG8 4GP Phone: 0116 257 7943 Published in: Events / Trade Shows Tags: importers  new website    wholesalers    dropshippers    cash and carry     Published on: July 31, 2012 Original Source: UK Wholesaler And Importer Bonnington Plastics Ltd Today Announced Their Increased Range Of Christmas Products

UK Wholesaler And Importer Bonnington Plastics Ltd Today Announced Their Increas  
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