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Forklift Vancouver Specialist Keeps Canadian Companies Running OnTime and On- Schedule Serving clients in Vancouver, Canada, is a website that features forklift sales, rentals and other services from FSB Forklifts Services BC LTD. Richmond, BC (I- Newswire) July 31, 2012 - With the manufacturing, construction and industrial sectors in Canada continuing to thrive, forklifts are seeing an upsurge in terms of usage. Such lifting trucks are essential in carrying and transporting heavy goods, especially in warehouses. Being so, companies utilizing forklifts in their operations are becoming more aware about finding the right heavy equipment for their needs. FSB Forklifts Services BC LTD is a company that offers new and used forklifts, as well as forklift equipment and parts rentals. The company also offers forklift disposal and forklift repair Vancouver services. FSB Forklifts Services BC LTD carries a wide array of forklifts from trusted names in the industry, namely Raymond, Yale, Komatsu, Clark, Mitsubishi, Nissan, CAT and Crown. For more information about FSB Forklifts services, please visit FSB Forklifts Services BC LTD takes pride in its 10- year experience and expertise in the forklift Vancouver and lift trucks field. The company is backed by a team of experts who do what they do best, targeting to get customers' forklift problems solved efficiently and effectively in terms of time and cost. A representative from Advantage Aluminum, a satisfied client, sends a note of thanks: "FSB Forklifts Services are our number 1 guys when we are in need of help. They are always dependable and they get the job done." also aims to educate visitors regarding forklifts and related modern equipment. On the website, visitors can learn more about lifting trucks and get ideas or tips on how to choose a comprehensive forklift Vancouver among the many that claim to provide comprehensive solutions. notes that while it is appealing to tap multiple service providers for forklift Vancouver services, using a single provider offers a level of consistency and satisfaction that is difficult to cultivate with more than one trusted source. To learn more about the forklift Vancouver sales and services from FSB Forklifts Services BC LTD, please visit http:// for details.

Additional Resources About FSB Forklifts Services BC: FSB Forklifts Services BC LTD is company that specializes in the field of forklifts and lift trucks. Based in and serving clients in Vancouver, Canada, it offers new and used forklifts and forklift equipment parts sales and rentals, as well as disposal services and repairs. Company Contact Information: FSB Forklifts Services BC Dan Chu #9-4771 Vanguard Road Richmond, BC, Canada Phone: 604-782-7744 Published in: Transportation Tags: Forklift Parts  forklift    forklift repair     Published on: July 31, 2012 Original Source: Forklift Vancouver Specialist Keeps Canadian Companies Running On- Time and On- Schedule

Forklift Vancouver Specialist Keeps Canadian Companies Running OnTime and OnSche