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New Spicy Romance Novel Excerpts Showcased on Titillating Tuesdays From is dedicated to featuring the work of romantica writer, Madison Lake, author of romance stories and novels with an edge of erotica. New York, NY (I- Newswire) July 31, 2012 - Romance novels are enjoyed by a wide range of readers. In fact, an estimated 64.6 million Americans - 78% of them female - have read at least one romance novel in their life, according to a 2009 survey. More and more, people are finding the convenience of reading romance novel excerpts online. The problem, however, is that while there are plenty of choices in the romance genre, good quality, mature, engaging material, is harder to find. is a website and blog that showcases the work of Madison Lake, a romance fiction writer whose allure lies in the way she embodies the concept of "romantica", a playful term that blends romance and erotica. Her work is her conduit, her brand, the very idea of Madison Lake, is what the website is all about. For example, every Tuesday visitors to will get new content to the current story or chapter of a novel, giving them a weekly dose of provocative plots, and something to look forward to the following week. "I have fans that can hardly wait for the next chapter to see what's going to happen," claims Ms. Lake, who is famous for her cliffhanger chapter endings. "This is entertainment". epitomizes the writer herself - visually enticing and classically simple. Within her website, daily blogs are written and shared to her thousands of Twitter and Facebook followers, from Titillating Tuesday chapters or stories, to sex educational tidbits on the popular The History of Sex. By signing up today, you can keep up with this and more. "You won't just read your romance novels online, you will live them," explains Madison Lake about her novels and weekly updates. Romance novel lovers' looking for the right material to indulge in, will end their search at To date, Ms. Lake has written three short books of fiction, More Than Just Friends, Salon Antics, and the more classic romance novel, A Cloud of Hawthorne. She is currently working on a book of erotic short stories. Unlike the well marketed Fifty Shades of Grey, her work is written for a smart, mature audience. She trumps other writers with the very fact that she and her body of work are a single entity. Worth looking out for, Madison Lake may well be the next big phenomenon. To read romantica novels by Madison Lake online, or to learn more about her work, please visit http://

Additional Resources About Madison Lake Pages: Madison Lake Pages is the new blog of Madison Lake, a writer of steamy fiction called romantica: romance with a touch of erotica. Ms. Lake and her work are known to be a class act. She stays true to her art form of titillating readers with just enough sexy. Company Contact Information: Madison Lake Pages Madison Lake Published in: Art & Entertainment Tags: steamy romance novels online  romance novel authors    good romance novels     Published on: July 31, 2012 Original Source: New Spicy Romance Novel Excerpts Showcased on Titillating Tuesdays From

New Spicy Romance Novel Excerpts Showcased on Titillating Tuesdays From Madisonl