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Among the Top Executive Search Firms, Battalia Winston Celebrates 50 Years of Excellent Service It can be difficult and time- consuming to find the right person for the top post. Battalia Winston is an expert at finding the right executive to fill in the right position. New York, ny (I- Newswire) July 24, 2012 - Without doubt, the most valuable resource a company has is its people. Without good and capable people at the helm, and their subordinates helping make things happen, a company won't flourish and become stronger. Headquartered in New York, Battalia Winston is an expert at finding the perfect executive, based on its clients' unique needs. Battalia Winston, one of the leading executive search firms, will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year. It finds the most talented and capable individual for the top position. Battalia Winston doesn't limit its search in the local market. With resources and specialists all over the world, Battalia Winston has the capability to perform global searches to find the ideal and most- qualified candidate for its clients. From its offices in the U.S., Battalia Winston has performed executive searches in Asia, Canada, Europe, and Latin America. With experience gained over decades, Battalia Winston has proven its expertise in executive searches in various fields including Consumer; Diversity and Inclusion; Family Business; Financial Services; Health Care Services; Industrial; Legal, Risk, Compliance; Life Sciences; Media and Entertainment; Notfor- Profit; Professional Services; and Retail. Companies have different specialties; serve different markets; and have different goals. The one- size- fits- all philosophy doesn't apply to people. A uniform search technique for all clients wouldn't be logical nor would it work. A person may be the ideal executive for one company, but would be the wrong fit for another company. Battalia Winston aims to find the ideal candidate for the position and customizes each of its executive searches based on its client's needs. Battalia Winston also understands people. The firm knows that a "perfect candidate" wouldn't do much if he doesn't like what he does. Even the best painter can't produce a work of art if he's not inspired and if his heart isn't in the painting. Battalia Winston ensures that appropriate candidates also get the "best jobs" for them. For executive recruiting needs, visit the company's website at to know more about its services and for assistance.

Additional Resources About Battaliawinston: Battalia Winston is a leading executive search firm founded in 1963 by William Battalia. One of the oldest executive search firms in operation today, Battalia Winston will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year. Company Contact Information: Battaliawinston Peter Winston 555 Madison avenueNew York ny 10022 Phone: 212 3008 8080 Published in: Business Tags: Executive search firms  executive recruiting    ecexutive search     Published on: July 24, 2012 Original Source: Among the Top Executive Search Firms, Battalia Winston Celebrates 50 Years of Excellent Service

Among the Top Executive Search Firms Battalia Winston Celebrates 50 Years of Exc  
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