Page 1 Additional Shade Provides Relief in Triple- Digit Heat High temperatures in Northern California have many Sacramento officials watching closely for signs of a city- wide emergency. While the heat has not yet reached emergency level, reminds citizens that shade is essential with this heat. Villa Park, CA (I- Newswire) July 23, 2012 - Intense heat waves have been making headlines across the country since the beginning of the summer. These temperatures have been responsible for widespread drought, power outages and several cases of heat- related health conditions in patients across America. According to a recent NBC report, Sacramento, California, is reaching its peak of summer heat with continuous days of triple- digit temperatures. While the heat wave has yet to reach an emergency status and is not as threatening as temperatures recorded six years ago, the community is still urged to take precaution when spending time outdoors. says that adequate shade can drastically improve the summer experience and help avoid troublesome heat stress and other medical emergencies. Sacramento is known for its hot and dry summers; the city even has a tradition of watering its fleet of horses down once the 100- degree temperature has been broken. However, since those temperatures have remained steady this summer, several residents are worried about how they may be affected. While the NBC article may suggest constant hydration and staying indoors, many understand that life cannot come to a halt simply because of warm weather. As of yet, there have been no major power outages reported, and hospitals have not yet been inundated with cases of heat- related medical issues. In addition, the article eases concerns and states, "the heat is dissipating at night, [giving] residents a break during the overnight hours." However, those claims reported from Rick Martinez, director of the county's Office of Emergency Services, were made only three weeks into summer. notes that summer is a long season, and without adequate comfort, the temperatures can drastically impair one's life. In order to stay outdoors and remain cool, agrees with the article and recommends that everyone drink adequate amounts of water. However, even those efforts do not make the physical heat any more enjoyable. "If you are a resident in an area with hot temperatures, living inside is no way to enjoy life. Providing shade in your own yard can make a considerable impact on how you feel outdoors," the company notes in a recent press statement. offers a wide array of patio covers that are proven to not only provide a great deal of shade to a front or back patio, but also help lower uncomfortable temperatures. One company spokesperson adds, "Summer is a time to be social - not stay indoors. Sacramento residents who invest in a patio cover can enjoy events, such as backyard barbecues, without having to suffer under the intense rays of the sun." ABOUT: has over 26 years of professional experience in providing exceptional patio covers to homeowners in Southern California. Many consumers note that these products offer great shade and comfort that improves the overall quality of the home. The company's expert professionals offer thorough installation, strong warranties and continued customer service. For more information and testimonials, visit

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