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TUESDAY | 6 MAR 2012


Nathan’s family arrive to join in search for son

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Tad Stoner

The mother of Nathan Clarke, who vanished a week ago, has thanked the people of Cayman for helping search for her missing son. Elizabeth Clarke told a candlelight vigil she was touched by the “outpouring of love” that has been shown since she and her husband, Randell arrived along with her other two children. The Public Beach ceremony started at 6:30pm Sunday, drawing 150 onlookers and participants to the small bonfire, addressed by beach-based RCIPS search leader Jack Horner; Philip Beck, father of Mr Clarke’s fiancée Lisa Beck; and Mrs Clarke, who arrived Saturday evening with husband Randell, and Mr Clarke’s brother and sister. “I want to say a big thank you,” Mrs Clarke told the crowd of mostly young people in a set of brief remarks. “We only arrived yesterday, and are touched by the outpouring. There is so much love on this island.”

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“Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!” Christopher Tobutt

Lots of happy pre-schoolers at the Launch Pad Enrichment Center wished Dr. Seuss a great big “Happy Birthday,” with a cake, ice cream, and plenty of books

Pigs take home the bacon Page 24

by the world famous children’s author. All the children brought in their favourite Dr. Seuss book, and dressed in special red-andwhite striped hats in honour of the Doctor’s most famous character, the Cat in the Hat.

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Dog joggers take centre stage

“It feels like I’m in a dream!” “Cancer knows no barrier, no age, no class, no color. It changes your life you know. It comes with a lot of pain; physical pain for the patient but it’s heart breaking pain for the family. Cancer breaks you emotionally and financially. Cancer drains you, it’s really hard. You never know what dealing with this disease does to someone until the shoe is on your foot.

Joggers set off at the start of the 5k

Paul Kennedy

These dogs were made for walking…. And running by the looks of things. More than 200 people, many complete with four legged friends, took part in Sunday’s annual dog race at Camana Bay. Organised by Cayman Animal Rescue Enthusiasts (CARE) the event was hailed a huge success. And although the winner of the five kilometre race wasn’t accompanied by a canine, there wasn’t one too far behind. Marius Acker crossed the line in first place (18.58) closely followed by Ray Welds (19.48) and Mark Tilly (20.44). In the women’s race, Claire Critchley came first (20.00) Tracey Walker next (22.24) and Jacqueline Davis third (23.22). But the loudest cheer of the morning was saved for Greg Meaker who, along with his dog Bella, finished first out of those runners with pets crossing the line in a respectable 22.34.

First woman with a dog that finished was Emily Davies after 25.11 with Berty at her side. Sponsored by Brit Cay, the annual event is now in it’s third year. Lesley Agostinelli of CARE said: “All of these activities contribute towards CARE’s mission to end Cayman’s animal over-population problem and to prevent the ill treatment, cruelty and suffering of all domestic animals. “We are understandably very proud of all that we have achieved so far, which has been undertaken solely through volunteers and funded by our fundraising events. We have no staff and no physical facility however our average vet bill is $3,000 each month and if we are to continue to make a difference and end the suffering and over population problem that exists we need to always be raising funds and awareness by engaging the hearts and minds of the community to make a difference....It takes a village.”

Photos by Paul Kennedy

The Cancer Society has been there for me and my husband and they have been a tower of strength in every way possible.” ~Wife of cancer patient

114 Maple Road George Town P.O. Box 10565 Grand Cayman KY1-1005 Cayman Islands

T. 345-949-7618 F. 345-949-8694

Winning dog Bella with Greg Meaker

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Ladies in red learn & live Visiting Dermatologist

Excellent attendance at Red Dress luncheon

Christopher Tobutt

Ladies in red dresses learned about heart health at the Cayman Heart Fund (CNF)’s Third Annual Red Dress Learn & Live Luncheon. The day began with a mini Expo of business from around the islands such as:

Nina Squires from Beach Bubbles

Jacqui Tomlinson Smith from Beyond Basics

• Mobile Fitness • CrossFit 7 Mile • Bliss Living Yoga • Body Works • Silver Rain • A Touch of Thai • Beyond Basics • Chocolate Creations • Black Trumpet • Tea Time in Cayman • Gawk & Leer • Audi (Arch Automotive) • Kara’s Glass Garden • Beach Bubbles • Every Bloomin’ Thing • Market at the Grounds • Magnum Jewelers • Baptist Health International As well as Red Dress Displays from Funky Monkey, NKY, Off the Peg, Arabus Boutique, Reba Dilber’s Red Carnival Dress & Old Caymanian Dress and Silver Rain Retail. Keynote speaker, Dr. Michael Ozner spoke on the topic: “A Sixweek Cardiac Makeover for a

Lifetime of Optimal Health.” Dr. Ozner is a cardiologist who has dedicated his career to the treatment, prevention and eradication of heart attacks. His practice, based in Miami, is dedicated exclusively to cardiovascular disease prevention. His prescription for heart health is simple: “Eat a delicious meal of fish, whole grains and fresh vegetables. Drink a glass of red wine. Take a nice walk, and take a nap. Relax with your family and friends. Do it all again the next day, and the next, for the rest of your life,” he says. Even though this lifestyle prescription sounds more like going on a vacation, it has been shown to decrease the risk of adverse cardiac events, control weight, as well as making life less stressful for those who choose to take his advice. All proceeds from the luncheon will benefit the CHF in their efforts to alert, reduce, and prevent heart disease in the Cayman Islands. Photos by Kara Coe

Patrick Danton from Market at the Grounds


Deborah Gaffigan from HSA

Catherine Pride from HSA

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Dr. Michael Fitz Henley 2nd March & 3rd March


6 MAR 2012 |


Jamaica’s famed coffee industry facing hard times BRANDON HILL, Jamaica (AP) — A few years ago in this mistshrouded mountain town, steep slopes were quilted with some of the world’s most valuable coffee trees. Farmers scrambled to increase acreage and pickers painstakingly filled wooden boxes with ripened berries at harvest time. Today, much of the terrain is overgrown with underbrush and bamboo as a declining luxury market in Japan and a voracious beetle drive thousands of frustrated small farmers away from tiny plots of leased highlands. Times are hard for the growers of Jamaica’s legendary coffee, especially those on isolated, lowtech farms such as the ones in Brandon Hill, a one-road enclave with no traffic lights. “We used to make a living, but now we’re working hungry,” said Colin McLaren, standing in his sloping farm of flowering coffee trees in Jamaica’s wild eastern mountains, where his father grew the gourmet arabica beans before him. “It’s tough and getting tougher.” Jamaica produces what connoisseurs rank as one of the world’s finest coffees, mostly grown on patches of a few acres between 2,000 to 5,000 feet (610 to 1,525 meters) above sea level. The moist, cool climate of the Blue Mountains lengthens the growing period from five to about 10 months, allowing sugars to develop in the beans that grow inside the berries. Many coffee lovers say the rich brew has a smooth, nutty flavor and a deep, intriguing aftertaste. The roasted beans often sell for about $40 a pound in the United States, up to four times the price of other gourmet coffees. In Japan, the main market for Blue Mountain coffee, the beans fetch as much as $34 for a 100-gram (3.5-ounce) package. But consumers are buying less because of the global economic slump. And that has brought declines in purchases by coffee dealers, as well as big drops in the

Coffee farmer Colin McLaren inspects a coffee tree on his small farm in Brandon Hill, a struggling farming area in the mountains of eastern Jamaica.

prices paid to Jamaica’s growers. Like farmers everywhere, they get only a small fraction of the retail price after middlemen, processors, shippers, retailers and others take their slices of the pie. Meanwhile, the cost of producing coffee has soared for Jamaicans as inflation has driven prices for fertilizer, insecticide and wages higher over the last decade and powerful storms damaged their trees. Between 2005 and 2009, the cost of tending an acre of coffee almost doubled, jumping from $3,400 to $7,070. An increasing number of exasperated Jamaican farmers say they can’t even eke out a bare living growing the specialty crop. The nation’s Coffee Industry Board says Jamaican farmers received an average of $50.57 for every 60-pound (27-kilogram) box of Blue Mountain coffee cherries they produced during the 20062007 season. Last year, they got $28.91. Over the same period, the price of coffee elsewhere roughly doubled, according to the World

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Coffee Organization, as consumer demand has risen for mostly inexpensive commodity beans. McLaren said the problem has gotten so bad that he would accept being paid in fertilizer instead of cash just so he can keep his coffee farm healthy and maintain his investment. “That’s what it’s come to now,” he said, looking over his mountainside farm from a ledge. “Fertilizer here costs more than a box of our coffee.” Demand for the island’s coffee has plunged in Japan, where coffee lovers have long paid top dollar for Jamaican beans. Japan used to buy nearly 90 percent of Jamaica’s crop and helped the island develop its brand. Now Japanese importers buy around 60 percent at depreciated prices and have stopped advance payments for green coffee, shifting the costs to Jamaican exporters. This year, Jamaica is projected to produce just 140,000 60-pound (27-kilogram) boxes of branded Blue Mountain coffee, far below the record crop of 529,704 boxes in

2003. Even in 2004, when Jamaica’s coffee business was ravaged by Category 4 Hurricane Ivan, it managed to produce 236,405 boxes of Blue Mountain coffee. As some farmers gave up in the lush Blue Mountains that tower over eastern Jamaica, their untended fields exacerbated a problem for those who remained by creating a breeding ground for the coffee berry borer, an invasive pest originally from Central Africa that is a headache for coffee growers around the world. Officials say some Jamaican farmers could lose as much as half of their coffee crop this year due to the borer, an opportunistic bug smaller than a sesame seed that flourishes in abandoned fields and then spreads to working farms, further diminishing supply. Derrick Simon, president of the All Island Jamaica Coffee Growers’ Association, argues that the industry is in trouble largely because it foolishly relied on Japan almost exclusively for years and failed to diversify its markets.



6 MAR 2012 |


Nathan Clarke (insert) and people gather at the scene where Nathan was last seen

Search for Nathan resumes today Tad Stoner

Continued from front page Mr Beck, who arrived early last week with his wife Elizabeth, joining their daughter Lisa, 32, underscored Mrs Clarke’s appreciation, saying that thanking everyone involved “would take all night”. “We have been completely overwhelmed with the generosity from the heart. We all love Nathan. He’s a great guy,” Mr Beck said. We want to keep going. There are a lot of very good people and we don’t want to stop.” He thanked police and “the diving community on this island. We are not about to stop. We want to keep going until we get an outcome.” Mr Clarke, 31, from Cheltenham in the UK, vanished last Saturday evening, 25 February, as he, Ms Beck and a group of friends shared drinks at Calico Jack’s, sitting at tables in the cafe area 30 feet from the water. Between 8:30 and 9:00, Ms Beck later said, she last saw Mr Clarke “walking towards the water’s edge”.


Thinking little of it, the group continued to socialise until, preparing to leave for their West Bay home, she called his telephone at 10 minutes after 9:00, hearing only his voicemail. A massive land, sea and air search turned up no trace of Mr Clarke, until Wednesday, when a bather accidentally stumbled across Mr Clarke’s cell phone, submerged in 10 feet of water, 50 metres offshore. Police immediately took possession of the handset, pinpointing a final outgoing call between 8:07 and 8:09 Saturday evening, and a number of incoming calls, routed directly to voicemail, as friends sought to ascertain Mr Clarke’s whereabouts. Police later dismissed as “absolutely not correct” a searchteam report that the handset continued to emit a signal until 1:00am on Monday. Searchers have still not found Mr Clarke’s wallet or sunglasses. “I have never had so many people come out in assistance in all my years as a search coach,” Mr Horner told the crowd, as both

Mr Clarke’s and Ms Beck’s family circulated among participants, shielding candles from the breeze. “There is still a lot we can do on both the land and the ocean side on through next week. I am more than willing. My objective is to search for Nathan Clarke. “We have put in eight, 10, 12, 14 hours per day this week, and [Monday] will be a catch-up day,”

he said, encouraging volunteers to “do your laundry, get groceries and catch-up on everything you missed out during the week.” Police, parents and family, he said, “would sit down and plan what to do going forward. We will sit down away from the beach and look at what we want to do and where we want to go. And then we will start again on Tuesday morning.”

Family and friends of Nathan at a candlelight vigil on Sunday

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6 MAR 2012 |


Police and volunteers look for Nathan Tad Stoner

Citing rough conditions, searchers on Saturday called off the sea hunt for missing water-sports instructor Nathan Clarke, while a sunset alarm proved fruitless as divers answered reports of an object snagged on a reef outcropping. Towed 450 feet offshore by paddleboard, police divers working alongside an emergency vessel unsuccessfully scoured a broad area of reef running parallel to Public Beach, but were unable to find a patch of waterborne material reported by a helicopter crew. Mr Clarke, 31, missing since Saturday 25 February, was last seen in the early evening at the water’s edge, wearing beige shorts. A bather found his cell phone, however, on Wednesday, 29 February, in 10 feet of water, approximately 150 feet offshore. His wallet and sunglasses have not been located. The family of the part-time teacher arrived in Grand Cayman on Saturday evening, joining the parents of fiancée, Lisa Beck, 32, who arrived earlier in the week to aid the search. The couple has lived in Cayman for four years. On Saturday, 3 March, police continued to interview visitors and Public Beach regulars, seeking clues

Chief Inspector Richard Barrow

to the whereabouts of Mr Clarke, as his family arrived from Europe in the evening. The sunset survey of the reef, cut short by darkness, resumed at first light on Sunday, but turned up nothing. Chief Inspector Richard Barrow, West Bay Area Commander, said the general sea and land hunt would start again at 8:30am. “It’s been a week now, and we will comb tomorrow until we have exhausted and explored every possible avenue,” he said, describing ongoing efforts to find the missing man. “We have used marine assets, hundreds of volunteers, fixed-wing aircraft and divers, but Mr Clarke has not been found,” he said. He paid tribute to the efforts of

People search for Nathan

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Public Beach

Officers talk to members of the public

the searchers, citing more than 28,000 hours expended throughout last week by nearly 530 volunteers and 39 police officers. He vowed to continue the land-side hunt of nearby dykes and abandoned buildings, although the cell-phone discovery had shifted the focus from the surrounding bush. Officers had remained on site until as late as midnight during the week, Mr Barrow said, “revisiting the scene with a view to jog people’s minds, their memories, offering hand-outs and flyers, and surveying people. “We want to enable access to information for people, and also give those people a chance who might be able to give us information,” he said. Mr Barrow declined to speculate on Mr Clarke’s fate, moving only to dismiss rumours of criminal activity. “He had to have lost it,” he said of Mr Clarke’s cell phone. “It was not thrown” into the water.

Asked about possible drowning and why prevailing currents had not washed objects ashore, Mr Barrow said it was impossible to predict. “It depends on the time of year, on the climate, how long something may have been gone, I really couldn’t say.” Directions to divers had ensured a comprehensive survey of the area, he said. “We search on a grid pattern so we know exactly what has been covered, that there is no overlapping and we do not miss anything. The volunteers throughout the week have been overwhelming,” he said. Volunteers, friends and family attended a Sunday-evening candlelight vigil for Mr Clarke, as police gathered under a nearby tent with both families, planning strategy for the coming week. The search is set to resume this morning. Police have not said how long their efforts will continue.



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Cat-in-the-Hat kids say “Happy Birthday” Christopher Tobutt

Photos by Christopher Tobutt

The children of Launch Pad Enrichment Centre in Savannah joined others from around the world in wishing children’s author Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known to the world as the beloved Dr. Seuss, a great big “Happy Birthday.” Since 1957 when The Cat in the Hat was published, Dr. Seuss books have shown millions of children around the world that reading could be fun. Families, kids and grownup kids too fondly remember books like “Green Eggs and Ham,” “ABC” and “Oh the Places You’ll Go,” to name just a few. All dressed in Cat-in-the-hat style hats, the kids of Launch Pad brought in their favourite Dr. Seuss Books to take part in a special Read-a-thon celebration, with a variety of guest readers from the local community. At the end of the day delighted kids chanted “Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss” as a birthday cake was shared out, followed by ice cream. Laurel Fraser, Executive Director of the Launch Pad Enrichment Centre said: “This special activity day is designed to commemorate reading, learning and community. In Grand Cayman we are joining millions of readers in the United States to celebrate a great author who was born on March 2nd 1904 and who died on September 24th 1991. His books are legendary and for fifty years his genius has been inspiring children to read and enjoy books as well as discover the joys of reading.” The children of Savannah joined in Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebrations going on around the world, with everyone who grew up on the mastermind’s rhymes taking some time to revisit a bit of their childhood. Even rappers and R&B stars donned their best Dr. Suess outfits especially for the occasion. In addition, a brand new movie, The Lorax, has just been released, and will help to introduce more kids to the magical world of Dr. Seuss.


Cat in the Hat kids got together at the Launch Pad to wish Dr. Suess a “Happy Birthday.”

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Obama makes case against striking Iran now development sites. Obama is trying to avert an Israeli strike that could come this spring, and which the United States sees as dangerously premature. The president is expected to tell Netanyahu in private at the White House that although the U.S. is committed to Israel’s security it does not want to be dragged into another war. Obama is unlikely to spell out U.S. “red lines” that would trigger a military response, despite Israeli pressure to do so. U.S. officials believe that

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama says he doesn’t want war but insists he would attack Iran if that was the only option left to stop that nation from getting a nuclear weapon. “Loose talk of war” only plays into Iran’s hands, Obama said Sunday. On Monday, he will try to persuade Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to slow quickening pressure among many in his hawkish government to attack Iran’s disputed nuclear

while Tehran has the capability to build a nuclear weapon, it has not yet decided to do so. They want to give sanctions time to pressure Iran to give up any military nuclear ambitions. Israel says the threat is too great to wait and many officials there are advocating a preemptive strike. Obama did not directly call on Israel to stand down, and made a point of saying Israel should always have the right to defend itself as it sees fit.

A tearful Putin claims Russian election victory MOSCOW (AP) — Vladimir Putin scored a decisive victory in Russia’s presidential election Sunday to return to the Kremlin and extend his hold on power for six more years. His eyes brimming with tears, he defiantly proclaimed to a sea of supporters that they had triumphed over opponents intent on “destroying Russia’s statehood and usurping power.” Putin’s win was never in doubt as many across the vast country still see him as a guarantor of stability and the defender of a strong Russia against a hostile world, an image he has carefully cultivated during 12 years in power. Accounts by independent

observers of extensive vote-rigging, however, looked set to strengthen the resolve of opposition forces whose unprecedented protests in recent months have posed the first serious challenge to Putin’s heavy-handed rule. Another huge demonstration was set for Monday evening in central Moscow. Putin claimed victory Sunday night when fewer than a quarter of the votes had been counted. He spoke to a rally just outside the Kremlin walls of tens of thousands of supporters, many of them government workers or employees of state-owned companies who had been ordered to attend. “I promised that we would

win and we have won!” Putin shouted to the flag-waving crowd. “We have won in an open and honest struggle.” Putin, 59, said the election

showed that “our people can easily distinguish a desire for renewal and revival from political provocations aimed at destroying Russia’s statehood and usurping power.”

New Mexico crews try to reach child’s body in hole CARLSBAD, N.M. (AP) — Crews are trying to reach a child’s body, believed to be that of a missing 4-year boy, discovered wedged into a deep and narrow hole in the backyard of a southern New Mexico home. Carlsbad police said Sunday that they are fairly sure it’s the body of Samuel Jones, who was reported missing from his home next door Saturday. An Amber Alert that had been in effect for him was cancelled Sunday night.

“We have reports of one missing child, and this child is right next door to the missing child’s house,” Carlsbad police spokeswoman Lt. Jennifer Moyers said, while adding that authorities cannot be positive the body is Samuel’s until the body is retrieved. Recovery efforts began Sunday afternoon, with a large tracked excavator on scene along with metal shoring typically used in pipeline construction projects.

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A specialised search and rescue team from Roswell was headed to Carlsbad at midday to oversee the operations. State police said the recovery could take a day. “It’s a little tricky in that you have to start to dig kind of away from the hole and dig at a slant until you get down deep enough to go laterally,” Moyers said. “They’re going to have to put in retaining so that the dirt doesn’t cave in on what they’ve dug out.”



6 MAR 2012 |


The Editor speaks

Missing and my pet hate – bloggers!

Colin Wilson

An astounding 2,300 persons are reported missing in the USA EVERY DAY! But only a tiny fraction is from kidnappings and even less ending in murder. By the end of 2005 there were approx 110,000 persons still actively missing. This figure has remained fairly constant. When someone goes missing here in the Cayman Islands most have been found fairly quickly but there are three mysterious missing persons recently that have shocked all of us. The very latest, 30 year old Nathan Clarke, is one of these and because Nathan is English, it has sparked world wide interest, most of course from Britain. It disappoints me that we still have persons blogging saying because Nathan is British the RCIPS will work harder at trying to solve it. Those comments are disgusting and I have nothing but contempt. Thank God they are in the minority. Nathan comes from Gloucestershire and of course the newspapers in his home town and the British media are going to be

all over it. It has nothing to do with Nathan being English that our police force and the commissioner, David Baines (who is English) has authorised any preferential treatment. None has been given to this case more than the others. At the vigil for Nathan held on Sunday at the Public Beach where 150 persons attended iNews Cayman was the only local media source with a reporter present! The police helicopter has been out of action and friends and family of Nathan have had to raise money to charter a private helicopter. K9 units from the USA were brought in to try and help search for missing person, Anna Ebanks Evans, and Jamaican nurse, Kerran Baker, received an equal amount of police attention. It matters not what nationality a person is. These persons who think otherwise should turn their thoughts to the family and friends of the person who is missing. It is worse not to know what has happened to a loved one. Your mind can come up with the most horrific scenarios. No one wants to give up hope.

So what can we do to help find Nathan? Carry on searching is the only practical thing. There have been 500 persons and 39 police officers spending more than 28,000 man hours on the search on land and sea with even a fixed wing aircraft involved. And just like the other two cases precious little has been discovered. This is the good thing about Cayman. In times of trouble there are plenty of persons who will volunteer their time and effort in helping, even persons they don’t know. To the person who wrote on a recent blog in another media that, “I wish the same effort was put into the search for the others that have went missing in this country in recent times,” I have to ask were you there on the search party on this one and more importantly were you there on the two others? I expect the RCIPS were dismayed but I applaud the George Town resident who took on two of our society’s scum, masked assailants armed with a gun, in the early hours last Sunday and won. His action still got a blogging comment that “if politicians steal,

why can’t we?” I expect the blogger is proud to see his stupid blog in print and get more encouragement to show off his insanity. Another blogger points out that “more crime equals more funding for police, prisons, lawyers, counsellors...and more security contracts for CCTV, security guarding etc etc.” This blogger admits he has left these Islands citing his own personal safety. He suggests, “As long as those people are profiting, nothing more will be done about the levels of crime in the Cayman Islands; that, in itself, is the biggest crime of all.” This blog may show signs of someone who has a bit of education but is just as stupid and insane as the first one. If crime isn’t stamped out, there will be little or no tourism, no one will want to come and live here and people will leave. Oh, haven’t you left because of the crime? And I have a close friend who writes to me every week telling me to read these blogs and I will learn some ‘interesting’ facts that have never been reported. I have yet to find one ‘fact’ that has not been reported actually factual.

Have your say on our website If you have any news, views or comments you wish to share with iNews please get in touch either on Facebook, Twitter or email us at: iThought He who works, and so abounds in all things, is better than he who boasts, and so lacks bread.


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Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax (PG) 5:00PM

Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax 3D (PG)

0189284 0435351 1625403 3234409 4575132Street, Grand 4687601 Camana Bay • 55-Market Cayman, KY1 , Cayman Islands • Tel: (345) 640-3456 6597305 6695012 7080770 7393004 Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (PG) 8258574 8321009 4:30PM Journey 2: The Mysterious Island 3D (PG)

12:30PM | 2:40PM | 7:35PM | 9:35PM

1:50PM | 7:40PM | 9:55PM

1:20PM | 3:50PM | 7:20PM | 9:50PM

1:10PM | 4:00PM | 7:10PM | 9:45PM

12:15PM | 2:45PM | 5:00PM | 7:30PM | 10:00PM

12:20PM | 2:30PM | 4:45PM | 7:00PM | 9:30PM

Gone (PG-13)

Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds (PG-13)

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Safe House (R)

The Devil Inside (R)

0565355 0667307 3612453 3892700 Tuesday 4749485 5222270 6870300 6930476 Wednesday 7509645 7567636 8366388 8536198

5-Day Forecast


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0921974 Weather 4493081 H: 84 L: 5392348 7020698 H: 84 L: 8187448 8964357

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H: 83 L: 74


H: 82 L: 73


H: 84 L: 75 11



6 MAR 2012 |






Solving 9x9 sudoku puzzles Sudoku begins with some of the grid cells already filled with numbers. The object of Sudoku is to fill the other empty cells with numbers between 1 and 9. Each number can appear only once on each row and column.






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6 MAR 2012 |


WORD SEARCH: Circle words in the story of David and Goliath












































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Across 1. Father of ‘’Number One Son’’ 5. Country album? 10. Chief Norse god 14. Late-night monologist 15. Fauvist painter Dufy 16. Melt fish 17. Echo on the streetcorner of old 19. Walked on 20. Religious beliefs 21. California wind 23. Horseshoe site 25. Bride’s concern 26. Impudent 29. Take a pick 32. Gymnast Comaneci 35. Chills and fever 36. On the way out? 38. Caterer’s vessel 39. Head over heels 40. Marina site 41. Fabled prince? 42. LAX guesstimate 43. State trooper, over the CB 44. Nathan of ‘’The Birdcage’’ 45. To the point 47. Bunch of bills 48. LP material 49. Cyber junkmail 51. Kind of mother 53. Juliet, to Romeo 57. Save 61. Fires do it sometimes 62. Restaurant chain’s echoing slogan 64. Just --- (not much) 65. Young Jetson 66. Speaker’s spot 67. Garden grower of rhyme 68. Love and mercy, e.g. 69. Scot’s tongue

Down 1. Staff symbol 2. Prefix meaning six 3. Debate side 4. It’s between the British Isles and Scandinavia 5. Reply to ‘’Am not!’’ 6. Sales add-on 7. They may be drawn 8. Heavenly glow 9. Latest lingo


6 MAR 2012 |


10. NHL city 11. Band with an echo 12. Privy to 13. Zero, zip or zilch 18. Greeting from Popeye 22. Broadway award 24. Temporarily 26. ‘’Full House’’ star 27. Playing marble 28. Pop chart echo of ‘69 30. Piece for squeezeboxes 31. Some jacket fabrics 33. Humor with a twist 34. Financial backer 36. Slow-witted 37. Hog haven 41. ‘’Hound Dog,’’ relative to ‘’Don’t Be Cruel’’ 43. Prepare to mail

46. --- Gonzales (cartoon mouse) 48. Number-two exec 50. Has the blues 52. Busboy’s pickups 53. Rail runner 54. Pro --55. Morally reprehensible 56. Metrical Pound 58. Big shot of industry 59. Israeli submachine guns 60. Effortlessness 63. ‘’B.C.’’ sound effect

Need some help?

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Actress Lucy Lawless arrested in oil-ship protest WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — Police arrested actress Lucy Lawless and five Greenpeace activists, four days after they climbed onto an oil-drilling ship to prevent it from leaving a New Zealand dock. Police removed the protesters from their perch atop a 174-foot (53-meter) drilling tower on the Noble Discoverer in Port Taranaki. Chartered by oil company Shell, the ship had been due to leave over the weekend to drill five exploratory wells in the Arctic. Lawless and six activists climbed the tower early Friday to stop the ship’s departure and raise awareness about Arctic oil drilling. One of the activists left the tower Saturday and was initially charged with unlawfully boarding a ship. All seven have now been charged with burglary, a more serious crime. All have been released and are due to appear in a New Zealand court Thursday. Lawless, 43, a native New Zealander, is best known for her

Lucy as Xena, Warrior Princess

title role in the TV series “Xena: Warrior Princess,” and more recently for starring in the Starz cable television series “Spartacus.” Lawless spoke to The Associated Press from atop the tower Friday, where she said wind gusts were making it difficult for the group to stay put. She said she felt compelled to take a stand against oil-drilling in the Arctic and against global warming. “I’ve got three kids. My sole biological reason for being on this

Actress Lucy Lawless and five Greenpeace activists are arrested by police atop a 174-foot (53-meter) drilling tower

planet is to ensure that they can flourish, and they can’t do that in a filthy, degraded environment,” she said. “We need to stand up while we still can.” In a series of tweets over the weekend, Lawless described some of the challenges of staying on the tower. “I found last night pretty darn scary,” she wrote. “Not for sissies.” In a release, Rob Jager, Chairman of Shell New Zealand, said the protest had put people in danger and he was pleased it was over.

He said he remained disappointed that Greenpeace hadn’t taken up the company’s offer to engage in a “productive conversation.” Shell spokeswoman Shona Geary said she thought the ship would leave port within the next few days. Bunny McDiarmid, the chief executive of Greenpeace New Zealand, said she thought the protest had gone “brilliantly” and that more than 100,000 people had sent messages to Shell to oppose the company’s Arctic plans.

UK’s Tate buys eight million Ai Weiwei sunflower seeds LONDON (AP) — Britain’s Tate gallery has bought a work by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei made up of eight million porcelain sunflower seeds — a portion of the 100 million he brought to London in 2010. Tate said Monday that it had purchased “Sunflower Seeds 2010” — 10 cubic meters (13 cubic yards) of seeds, hand-crafted by Chinese artisans, which can be displayed either as a conical pile or as a square or rectangular bed. Chinese artist Ai Weiwei poses with some seeds from his art installation ‘Sunflower Seeds’ in London. The gallery did not It still proved a hugely popular disclose the price. Last year hall at London’s Tate Modern with Sotheby’s auction house sold a almost 100 million of the seeds. show. The gallery said the seeds, 100 kilogram (220 pound) bag Visitors were initially invited to a common Chinese street snack, friendship and of the seeds for 350,000 pounds walk or lie on them, but after a few represented raised questions days the ceramic dust was judged a compassion, ($550,000). In 2010, Ai covered the floor of health hazard and the exhibit was of individualism and evoked the enforced conformity of the a 1,000 sq. meter (10,000 sq. foot) cordoned off. to blog visit

Cultural Revolution, when propaganda posters depicted Chairman Mao as the sun and Chinese people as sunflowers turning toward him. The bearded and burly Ai, 54, has exhibited widely in Europe and the United States and last year was named the world’s most powerful artist by Britain’s Art Review magazine. He helped design the futuristic Bird’s Nest stadium for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but later soured on the event. His social activism has brought him into conflict with the Beijing authorities. In 2011 he was detained for almost three months during a wider crackdown on dissent, and has since been investigated for tax evasion.



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Crisis centre first to benefit from Walkers Staff members at Walkers have kicked off another year of their popular ‘Dress Down Day’ program, this time coming together to raise money for the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre (CICC) while getting to enjoy some tasty treats at the same time. In recognition of the serious issue of domestic violence, Walkers’ Human Resources Department organised a special ‘Dress Down Day’ where staff made a donation to the Crisis Centre in order to dress in casual clothes on Friday 10 February. In addition to the dress down fundraising drive, Tiffany Laurie, Executive Legal Secretary with Walkers’ Dubai office, baked a batch of cupcakes for the staff in the Cayman Islands office to buy in aid of the CICC. With the combination of dress down donations and cupcake sale receipts, Walkers’ staff collected a grand total of CI$1,467.50 for the CICC, which was presented to Executive Director Renee CarrollGrate. This effort has got Walkers’ 2012 ‘Dress Down Day’ program off to an excellent start to the year, having raised over CI$30,000 for local good causes in 2011. Tiffany Laurie, who formerly worked with Walkers in Cayman before relocating to Dubai, is a

master baker and designed the cupcakes especially for the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre. “The people involved with the Crisis Centre are wonderful. They work so hard and dedicate their lives to bring peace and joy during devastating times,” said Tiffany, whose cupcake design featured a butterfly representing freedom and a purple ribbon to represent awareness of abuse. All Walkers employees in Cayman get the chance to opt into the ‘Dress Down Day’ program and in return for making a monthly donation can wear casual clothes to the office on the last Friday of every month. Charitable causes are selected quarterly by the firm, with input from staff members, who get the opportunity to nominate a particular organisation. The program is run by Senior Human Resources Administrator Kitti Chambers and Human Resources Administrator Keyreaye Bodden. The local charities that received funds from Walkers’ Dress Down Day programme in 2011 were Big Brothers, Big Sisters (CI$5,585.66), The Pines Retirement Home (CI$5,543.66), the Special Olympics (CI$5,209.00) and CI$6,528.77 for Feed our Future, which aims to solve childhood hunger in Cayman. In addition, a number of special

CICC Executive Director Renee Carroll-Grate and Walkers’ Human Resources Administrator Keyreaye Bodden

‘Dress Down Days’ are held throughout the course of the year, giving staff members additional opportunities to dress down and raise more funds for charity. A total of CI$7,844 was collected in 2011 for special ‘Dress Down Days’. Among the good causes benefiting were: the Sunrise Adult Training Centre, which received CI$965, the Cayman Islands Cancer Society which received CI$1,955 and a collection to raise money for food for the children of Anna EbanksEvans, organised by the Lighthouse School, raised CI$1,439.

“An important element of our ‘Dress Down Days’ is that employees regularly make suggestions as to which charities should benefit and as such we have assisted a wide range of important causes over the past seven years,” said Victoria Hew, Human Resources Director with Walkers. “For example, Feed our Future has been an extremely popular charity among our staff and we intend to make them an annual dress down charity, while for the first quarter of this year we are collecting for the Humane Society.”

Tiffany Laurie – Walkers (Dubai) with cupcakes for Cayman Islands Crisis Centre


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Library boost for the prison by Rotary Central In its continued effort to improve the quality or reading skills in the Cayman Islands, the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman Central (Rotary Central) has extended its reach to the library at Northward Prison “Rotarians are mindful of the needs of everyone in the community to have access to the written word. Books not only provide readers with pleasure but they are so important for developing the mind in positive ways and for reference. Also, the development of reading abilities by those people whose literacy skills require enhancing will help them to cope better with the normality’s of every day life such as understanding signs, notices and forms” said Rotarian Graham Wood who co-ordinated the project to provide the books to the Prison Service. Prison Director Dwight Scott said “I am delighted to accept this supply of books for our library and thanked Rotary Central for their efforts in serving the whole community, including those people who are currently incarcerated. There is no doubt that rehabilitation is assisted through reading especially for those who manage to improve their reading abilities as it really


Rotarians Graham Wood and Martin Ruben presenting a portion of the books from Rotary Central to Dwight Scott, Prison Director.

helps them after release”. He added “These books will benefit those who are accomplished readers as well as those who require help with their reading”. Rotarian Martin Ruben explained that the selection of books had been left to the Education service of the prison and he said” I am impressed with the selection made which is all

by Caribbean based authors; there are history books, novels, books on science fiction, music, culture, fishing, personal development to name but a few”. Rotary Central has invested a lot of money and effort in the area of Literacy in the Cayman Islands over many years which have involved the development

of literacy programmes for adults and children and for the promotion of reading. These efforts have been continuously recognised by Rotary International not only at the District Level, but also at the Zone level (14 Districts, 729 clubs) where it was awarded the top award for Literacy for the past two continuous years.


Top award for Morritt’s Resort Morritt’s Resort today announced that Morritt’s Grand Resort has been awarded the prestigious RCI Gold Crown Resort property designation and Morritt’s Tortuga Club has been awarded the prestigious RCI Silver Crown Resort property designation by RCI, the worldwide leader in vacation exchange. Resorts that have provided outstanding vacation experiences for RCI exchange guests are honored with this prestigious award. These resorts have met quality and service standards based on ratings from RCI Subscribing

Member Comment Cards. David Morritt, owner and developer of the resort says “Morritt’s Resort could be considered a ‘Jewel in the Crown’ for the Cayman Islands’ tourism product - with 18% of overnight visitors staying at Morritt’s Resort in East End our property is the Island’s best kept secret!” “My ambition has always been to create a piece of paradise for our guests to own, to return to, and keep coming back year after year!” He added “It was my dream! I can still remember sitting here almost 25 years ago and this was

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my vision. An impressive resort development, in beautiful East End offering laid back, island living, with the facilities of a full service resort. I’ve always wanted to focus on the guest’s experience, and offer a sliding scale of accommodation options from one bedroom poolside units to deluxe oceanfront penthouses - offering affordability for all and something for everyone.” He reminisces –“That’s how we started and that’s how we have continued... Now our owners love coming back because they feel like family. Our visitors that exchange their timeshare with RCI

to experience a piece of our island become our friends. So at Morritt’s whether you’re family or friends we have created a beautiful vacation home here in The Cayman Islands” David Morritt explains. “RCI’s Resort Recognition Program helps ensure that our RCI affiliated resorts provide a memorable experience for our members” said Gordon Gurnik, president of RCI North America. “We are thrilled to recognise those who have attained this designation and continue to working to offer top vacation destinations to our 3.7 million members worldwide.”


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The golden age of electronics Georgina Wilcox

What was the golden age of electronics or are we in it now or is it still to come? What defines a golden age? Conventional wisdom echoes that a golden age is when the quality of the product being produced is at its highest level possible; when every new innovation or release is equal to or superior to the standards of excellence that have already been achieved. Was it the 20th century? There were so many inventions during the 20th century and most of them done by one person or a very small team of people. The list is endless, but think about Thomas Edison or Henry Ford just to get started. However, I think it is nearly impossible to determine when you are experiencing a golden age until many years after is has passed rarely can you identify a golden age while it is taking place. And there are some well-noted golden ages: the golden age of television, radio and movies being the most identifiable. All arts that are based upon creativity and public distraction. Today, we live a world where things are so complex it seems nearly impossible to think about one man inventions as we have large teams of people working on complex topics that take longer and longer to advance and improve.


This is especially so when it comes to electronics, anyone can surmise that the quality that is being released is far superior to anything that has ever been created before. Highdefinition televisions are becoming even higher defined. Video game systems, such as the Playstation or the Xbox 360 are taking the gaming diversion from pastime to exhilaration. The broadcasting of music is now done with the giant powers of satellites or the tiny circuits of the iPod. Everything being released is better, faster and more fantastic than everything released before it? So, is the Golden Age now despite what I have just said? The huge flaw with that argument is that if we are in a golden period of electronic and technical innovation, then we should enter a period of decline and mediocrity at some point. It’s hard to envision new electronic items becoming worse

in quality as time progresses. Unlike say, film and cinema, where there is no way that a film like Speed can be compared to Citizen Kane - the drop off in quality is simply too great. But, the difference between an iPod Mini and an iPod Nano is negligible at its most visible. Then Apple then ‘gave’ us the iPad. And since technology is always on an upward trend, can it then be debated that since the introduction of the last industrial revolution in the late 1800s, we have constantly been in a period of electronic excellence? Technological advancements have just been that -advancing. It’s rare that a new and important electronic release stepped backwards rather than forward: the Xbox 360 is much better than the original Nintendo. A DVD player is exponentially better than a Betamax. And now we have Blue-ray. If one had to pinpoint a time period where electronic and technical advancements were being produced and released at such an impressive rate, it could be argued the periods between 1919-1945. The monster of war required a great many food sources, and in order to get the upper hand, technological

edges needed to be found at any and all costs. Necessity is deemed to be the mother of invention, and the requirement to survive, win and defend a way of life resulted in some of the most impressive electronic creations in an incredibly short period of time. Perhaps we can argue we are in a golden age of electronics? It would appear that we are, because the ability for electronics to connect the world has never been greater. If that is the case, then what exactly is the next goal for technical innovations? Video games, iPods, iPads and camcorders can be improved in design, but what about function? Is a digital camcorder destined to only become the feeding tube for YouTube, or can it do more? I don’t believe when the golden age of technology was or is will ever be answered, and maybe that’s a good thing. It would be unwise to declare that we have reached the pinnacle of invention and that everything else from here on in will be a disappointment. And while we may not be able to define the era we are in, that does not prohibit us from enjoying the benefits and innovations of it. to blog visit

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Ten signs that you aren’t cut out for IT Jack Wallen

It’s a tough world out there. Anyone who’s ever worked in IT knows just how tough it is. And if you’re not totally up for the challenge, there will always be someone else who is. But for anyone considering getting into the world of IT, or for those considering getting out of IT… how do you know? How do you know whether you are really cut out for the career that chews up and spits out its young? Well, I have a handy list of signs that maybe IT isn’t the best fit for you. 1: You lack patience Patience is most certainly a virtue in IT. When some problems strike, they strike with vengeance and most often require a good deal of time to resolve. If you are without patience, you’ll either give up, lose your mind, or pull out all your hair. But the need for patience doesn’t end at dealing with problems. Many times, end users will test your patience more than the technology will. If that’s the case, I recommend that you either get away from having to deal with end users or (if that’s not possible), leave IT immediately. 2: You have no desire to continue your education IT is an ever-evolving field and without the desire to continue learning, you’re already way behind the curve. This is one of those fields where you must be okay with constantly learning something new. That might mean taking a class or attending a workshop or just hitting the books on your own. But no matter how you slice that education, you must be willing to continue to learn. 3: You refuse to work outside 9-to-5 Technology doesn’t adhere to a set schedule. Servers go down whenever they want and business must go on. So you must be willing to wake up in the middle of the night, work long hours during the week, and work weekends. If you’re someone who refuses to let your workweek

interfere with your personal life — well, the writing on the wall is pretty clear. 4: You don’t like people Do I really need to expand on this one? Yes? Fine. The reason IT pros have jobs is to support end users — aka people. If you don’t like people (and I know plenty who don’t), you really shouldn’t consider a career in IT. The big irony of this is that I also know a lot of people who have been driven to dislike people BECAUSE of IT. 5: You give up quickly How many times have you had an issue really test your abilities? Did you give up or did you forge on until you managed to best that problem? If you gave up, you did so knowing that you left something broken. That is not an acceptable work ethic in IT, and if you’re okay with that, it’s time to reconsider. Oh sure, there will be times when something is beyond repair or an issue goes above your skill set. But if that’s the case, it’s your responsibility to replace the broken tech or hire someone in to fix the issue. 6: You’re easily frustrated This is an industry that can frustrate even the most unflappable. But if your frustration boils to the surface right away, you will spend much of your day with high blood pressure. Although IT is a rewarding

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field, it can also be a frustrating one. If frustration often gets the best of you, you might want to consider a new career or stock in a therapist. 7: You can’t multi task At any given point in a day, I am doing three or four things at once. Sometimes, this is the only way I can actually get everything done in the given time frame. If you insist on sticking to one task at a time, IT is going to be a tough career for you. That is not to say single-minded people can’t succeed — but they will have a tougher time than those who can multi task. 8: You have dreams of climbing the corporate ladder There isn’t much room on the ladder within the IT department. If you have dreams of climbing up and perching yourself on top, you might want to consider a different field. Some IT departments do offer promotions, and maybe you can even climb your way up to CIO. But if CEO is in your dreams, IT is not the field for you. 9: You hate technology This one should go without saying. But strangely enough, I know people in the IT field who actually HATE technology. If you consider yourself a technophobic, maybe being around servers, desktops, switches, routers, and other IT-centric hardware might not be the best place for you.

Although it’s perfectly possible to work in a field you despise, the added level of frustrations you will experience might end your time on this good green Earth earlier than you expected. Take a pass on IT. 10: You turn off your phone at night This relates to your work hours. Many IT pros I work with are on call 24/7. Their lives completely revolve around their networks, and if they weren’t willing to have such a life, they probably wouldn’t have the jobs they have now. The IT job doesn’t go away — it remains in the background all the time, waiting to pull you from sleep, family gatherings, the birth of your first child. If you’re one to turn your phone off when you leave work, or even ignore those calls from the office (even when said office is blowing said phone up), it might be a good sign the that you and your career are not a good fit. Tallying up the cons Just because you suffer from one of two of these traits doesn’t mean you should jump off the IT train and start flipping burgers. But if you recognise quite a few of these signs, you might want to call it a career and head back to school. To help balance the pros and cons, I’ll follow up soon with a list of signs that IT is exactly where you need to be.



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Brazil spat with FIFA brings uncertainty over World Cup

Brazil’s Sports Minister Aldo Rebelo

SAO PAULO (AP) — With Brazil’s preparations for the 2014 World Cup under increasing scrutiny, tensions are escalating between the country and FIFA. The public fighting between the host country and soccer’s governing body could further affect Brazil’s work leading to the tournament. The government has yet to pass a key bill regulating the World Cup, and FIFA still has to approve two venues for next year’s Confederations Cup. In addition, it remains unclear how FIFA will react to Brazil’s request to have FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke replaced as the person responsible for working with the government in the country’s preparations. Brazil’s sports ministry said Sunday that it will deliver a letter to FIFA President Sepp Blatter on Monday saying it will not deal with Valcke anymore. The request comes after Valcke sent a blunt message Friday, telling the country to get moving: “You have to push yourself,” emphasizing the point with a vulgarity. If Blatter chooses not to accept Brazil’s request, the controversy could grow further. Blatter has no official plans to visit Brazil, but he was expected to travel to the country once Congress approves the bill regulating the World Cup. Valcke said he was still going to Brazil as scheduled in about a


FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valck

week, but Sports Minister Aldo Rebelo said the country would not welcome him. Rebelo said Brazil still expects to work closely with FIFA to make the country host a great World Cup, but he said the government will not be dealing with Valcke anymore. The dispute pits two heavyweights against each other. On one side is a country emerging as a world power economically and politically, trying to show it deserves to be respected. On the other, perhaps the world’s most powerful sports organisation, with more than 200 national associations. Rebelo said the country was “chosen” to host the tournament and did not impose this on FIFA, while officials from the soccer body have said Brazil has the “responsibility”. Brazil was picked as host in 2007 when it was the only bidder because of FIFA’s continental rotation system at the time. The local World Cup organising committee is stepping in, trying to make both sides happy in an effort to keep the dispute from escalating. Organisers have said 2012 is a key year for the country’s preparations. Committee President Ricardo Teixeira, also the president of the Brazilian soccer federation, issued a statement late Saturday defending Brazil’s sovereignty but also saying he understands

FIFA’s concerns, calling them “legitimate and natural.” “But the entity can rest assured that Brazil and its people have the competence and the dignity to organize an impeccable and unforgettable World Cup,” Teixeira said. Teixeira, however, also urged more respect for Brazil. “In every democratic process the discussions have to be ample and will always take into consideration the interests of the people,” he said. “Brazil doesn’t have an owner, it’s a solid democracy recognised worldwide. The country and its three branches of government always have to be respected.” Teixeira himself has complicated Brazil’s World Cup preparations because of allegations against him locally and abroad. He has always denied wrongdoing and has never been convicted, but the accusations have prompted calls for his resignation, something that could end up hampering the country’s World Cup organisation. Teixeira recently reiterated he will remain head of Brazilian soccer. The biggest matter between the Brazilian government and FIFA concerns the bill regulating the World Cup. FIFA wants the bill approved because it gives the entity the legal guarantees for organizing the World Cup and helps expedite the tournament preparations. The proposed law is expected to be approved in a congressional to blog visit

commission Tuesday. But after Valcke’s comments Friday, the resistance from opposition congressmen was expected to increase significantly. Government officials had said they had enough congressional support to approve the bill before the dispute with FIFA intensified.

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A slam dunk of a car wash


Almost eight hundred dollars was raised at a fundraising car wash on Saturday which was held by the Youth Development Basketball Programme that is currently headquartered at Kings Gym. Under the leadership of Coaches Daniel Augustine , Bruce Reynolds and a Parent Support Group, the youth players and their parents, washed, shined and vacuumed some 40 cars from 8.00am to

2.00pm on Saturday March 3rd at Wendy’s Restaurant parking lot. The programme media officer said “money raised will go towards a trip that has been planned to take the athletes to Eckerd College Development Basketball camp in a few months.” The kids will also be doing other fundraisers like food sales and a walkathon to help offset the cost of the trip.

Last year 4 of the participants won gold medals in their individual divisions and it is hoped that more hardware can be gotten this year. The Programme says they are grateful for the support from the public and also from sponsors of the event, namely Wendy’s who provided the venue, Tony’s Toys for the car washing supplies and Hurley’s supermarket for the breakfast pastries and goodies.


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Villas-Boas fired by Chelsea after eight months LONDON (AP) — Andre VillasBoas was fired by Chelsea after barely eight months in charge of the Premier League club on Sunday, leaving owner Roman Abramovich searching for his eighth manager in nine years. The Russian oligarch lost patience with the inexperienced 34-year-old after Chelsea’s first loss to West Bromwich Albion since 1979 on Saturday left the club fifth in the league, in danger of missing out on a lucrative Champions League qualification place. “Andre Villas-Boas has parted company with Chelsea,” the club said in a statement. “The board would like to record our gratitude for his work and express our disappointment that the relationship has ended so early. “Unfortunately the results and performances of the team have not been good enough and were showing no signs of improving at a key time in the season.” Assistant coach Roberto Di Matteo, a former Chelsea player and West Bromwich Albion manager, will take charge of the Blues until the end of the season. His first game in charge will be Tuesday’s FA Cup fifth-round replay at Birmingham. “The club is still competing in the latter stages of the UEFA Champions League and the FA Cup, as well as challenging for a top-four spot in the Premier League, and we aim to remain as competitive

as possible on all fronts,” Chelsea said. “With that in mind, we felt our only option was to make a change at this time.” Villas-Boas has been under constant pressure since being hired in June on a three-year contract to replace Carlo Ancelotti, who was fired after failing to win a trophy last season despite a league and FA Cup double the previous year. That change of managers cost Chelsea $45 million in compensation. Villas-Boas is likely to receive compensation after being fired with more than two years remaining on a contract reportedly worth $8 million annually. Having repeatedly insisted he had the owner’s full backing, Villas-Boas appeared to acknowledge his job was under threat after the 1-0 loss to West Brom left Chelsea with three wins in the last 12 league matches. Villas-Boas had two seasons of topflight managerial experience behind him when he was hired by Chelsea last June on a three-year deal. Winning four trophies with Porto last season had established him as one of Europe’s most highly rated coaches. He was dubbed by many as the “Mini-Mourinho,” after the current Real Madrid coach who has been one of the most successful managers in Europe in recent years. Villas-Boas was a scout at Chelsea between 2004-07 under Mourinho, who won five major domestic

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Chelsea’s manager Andre Villas-Boas gestures during the English Premier League soccer match against West Bromwich Albion

trophies in that time. However, Mourinho and successors Avram Grant, Luiz Felipe Scolari, Guus Hiddink and Carlo Ancelotti always came up short in the Champions League. Since Abramovich bought Chelsea in 2003, the club has won three English titles, three FA Cups and two League Cups. But the Champions League is the competition Abramovich is said to be obsessed with and the Blues face another season of failure unless they can overcome their 3-1 loss at Napoli in the first leg. On Friday, Villas-Boas insisted he would “never” quit Chelsea. “Am I the right man for the job? Yes,” he said. “I wouldn’t have taken it if I didn’t think that.”

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McIlroy wins Honda and becomes golf’s new No. 1 PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. (AP) — Rory McIlroy, the new No. 1 player in golf, is not easily rattled. He didn’t see a scoreboard in the final round of the Honda Classic until he walked onto the eighth green, looked at the large video screen to his left and saw that Tiger Woods — who started the day nine shots behind — already was tied for fourth, four shots behind. McIlroy buried a 10-foot putt for his first birdie of the day. The 22-year-old from


Northern Ireland finally played it safe at the end, making par on the last hole for a 1-under 69 that was meaningful in so many ways. It made him the 16th player to be No. 1 in the world, and the second-youngest behind Woods, who was 21 when he first reached No. 1 after the 1997 U.S. Open. It was his fifth career win, three of those on the PGA Tour, which includes his recordsetting performance last year at Congressional to win the U.S. Open.

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Get set for a splash at CBAC Swimmers – and water walkers – are now gearing up for the second part in the Camana Bay Aquatic Club Open Water Series, which will take place on Saturday. The event will start with a 200m Lollipop Dash, followed by a 600m Sea Swim and a 600m Water Walk. The series will conclude on Saturday 31 March with a 200m Lollipop Dash, and a rewarding 800m Sea Swim and 800m Water Walk. The first event was held on Saturday 18 February with more than 86 participants turning out for the first in this three-part series of family-friendly open water events. “It went really well,” says CBAC Head Coach Katie Lambert. “We had a tremendous amount of parent and volunteer support, which led to a very well-organised meet – and to a very positive experience for the swimmers.” The little ones enjoyed a 200m Lollipop Dash, designed for swimmers 10 and under who are new to open water swimming, with more confident swimmers participating in the 400m Sea Swim. The last event of the day was the 400m Water Walk, where participants walked through the water at waist height. The Series allows swimmers to build open water confidence in a friendly environment while giving others in the community an opportunity to test the waters of competitive swimming, explains Coach Katie Lambert. “All events are open to swimmers of all ages and abilities and aim to encourage new swimmers to try a new sport, get wet and have fun.” Registration for the remaining two events can be made on the day at the event, online at caymanactive. com or at The Discovery Centre in Camana Bay. Cost is CI$30 for a Series Package, CI$90 for a Family Series Package (2 adults and 2 children) or CI$15 per individual race. All swimmers will receive a CBAC swim cap, and those who sign up for the Series or Family Package will each receive a CBAC Open Water Series T-shirt. For more information on CBAC and the Open Water Series, contact Coach Katie at katie. to blog visit



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Trotters take home the bacon If ever there was someone looking for a Cinderella Story in Cayman Rugby then they’d need look no further than the Queensgate Pigs Trotters. The Trotters, who had not won a game of XV’s Rugby in over 2 years, finished last in this year’s Alex Alexander Memorial Trophy Season and facing the current league champions the DHL Cayman Storm in a 1st vs. 4th place play off to see who would march into the DART Vase final, won the game in emphatic fashion 27-5. The DHL Storm, having started the 2011-12 season with a strong 48-5 win over the Krys Global Buccaneers, had made a marked decline in the 2nd half of the season to need a late comeback against the Pigs Trotters to avoid embarrassment, lose to the Buccaneers and finally struggle against a 12 man Iguana side. The game started brightly for the Storm who camped out in the Pigs Trotters half of the pitch and had the first shot at points but

the strong onshore breeze made kicking a treacherous prospect for Storm flyhalf Michael Sumares. His counterpart Marco du Plessis had little difficulty at the other end of the field when his team turned the tide and marched downfield into Storm territory and never looked back. Whilst the usually solid Pigs Trotter pack was pressured at the scrum by the DHL Storm every other aspect of the Pigs game was in the ascendancy. Indeed the first try for the Pigs came from a lineout drive with Captain Doug Anderson crossing the line. The dogged Pigs Trotters defense turned the Storm over at the breakdown and stopped the dangerous running of Keswick Wright and Vanassio Tokotokovanua at all the important moments. 18-0 down at the half and after a strong talking to from DHL Storm coach Steve Clarke many expected to see yet another DHL Storm comeback but an early Iain Curry

Photo by Caroline Deegan

try in the 2nd half hammered home the Pigs desire to not see this game slip out of their grasp as had been the case on more than one occasion this season. As the game wound down the DHL Storm, knowing that overcoming a 27-0 deficit was a nearly impossible feat, looked instead to avoid a shutout loss and thanks to the strong running of late substitute Baron Solomon set up an unconverted try to bring up the final score of 27-5. With the Queensgate Pigs Trotters now set to face the in-form Krys Global Buccaneers in the DART Vase final there will be much debate on whether the Pigs Trotters can maintain this new found desire and resilience to raise their first trophy since 2007. Next game 10 March 2012 at the Cayman Islands Rugby Club: 3.30pm: Krys Global Buccaneers vs. Queensgate Pigs Trotters (DART Vase Final) Publisher Joan E Wilson Editor In Chief Colin G Wilson MCIM Tel: (345) 323 0300 Printed and Published By: iNews Cayman Ltd. 342 Dorcy Dr., CAC Building, GT, Grand Cayman P.O. Box 10211 Grand Cayman KY1-1002


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David Terry’s ball carrying was integral for the Pigs Trotters


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