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Paul Kennedy

Police Commissioner David Baines has exposed the true extent Cayman’s crime problem – revealing there are 13 separate gangs operating with members as young as just 14 years old. The Islands’ top officer was speaking to representatives of the business community where it was also revealed that one of the UK’s most senior officers will lead a specialist unit of detectives heading to Cayman next week. Jon Murphy is the Chief Constable of Merseyside Police. He is also regarded as an expert in serious and organised crime on British shores. Mr Murphy will arrive on Island next Monday and will start work immediately in an attempt to crack the current crime wave that has seen five people shot dead in a little more than a week. Speaking at a Chamber of Commerce-sponsored event, Mr Baines said the RCIPS has intelligence to suggest there are 13 separate gangs operating outside

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of the law. And – in a terrifying new twist – he also said all the gangs have strong connections with one another and squabbles are often over petty matters such as geography, family ties and even girlfriends. Mr Baines said in West Bay, the

Birch Tree Hill gang has around 35 members and their rival, Logwoods gang around 16. But he said those numbers can be doubled when you take into account the criminal factions operating in Bodden Town and East End. Full story on page 5

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29 SEPT 2011 |

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The importance of freedom


WINSTON PAMPHILE His Excellency the Governor, Duncan Taylor

Christopher Tobutt

Information Commissioner, Jennifer Dilbert gave a special presentation on the work of her Office to MLA’s and Chief Officers of government departments, to mark International Right to Know Day. “We are joining over 90 countries worldwide in celebrating this day…so we feel we are very honoured that this is taking place in Cayman where we’ve had our legislation in place now for over three years,” she said. H.E. The Governor, Mr. Duncan Taylor gave the Right to Know Day address: “Why is freedom of information important? It leads to better government and to better services to the public,” he said. “My very first job as a young diplomat in the foreign office was in Havana, so I saw first hand what a society is like where there is absolutely no freedom of information at all. “Where information is tightly controlled, and used by the state against citizens in the state, it’s a very grim picture... what happens there is the state can pretty much do what they want, and you don’t have citizens having power to bring influence to bear. Mr. Taylor went on to use the example of the uprising in the Middle East dubbed the Arab Spring as a further example of both the power of information. In this case promulgated not through the government but through technology, and the demand for more open forms of government. to blog visit

Deputy Information Commissioner, Jan Liebaers

Mr. Taylor then used the recent expenses scandal involving UK government ministers as another example. “The information became available only because of the leak of a disc containing lots of information to the Daily Telegraph,” he said. “As we read stories of what’s been going on and how people have been manipulating the expenses system for their own benefit in parliament, we were more and more incredulous as to what had been going on…it seems to me that in reviewing the system of expenses in Westminster the best way to make sure it doesn’t happen again is to make it (the expense claims information) all available. “In my career as a diplomat we would refer to what we would call the ‘Daily Mail’ test…which is means when you want to do something such

as spend some money or going on a trip, the Daily Mail test would have been: How would this look if it was written in the Daily Mail? Would I feel comfortable? …Would I feel a bit embarrassed?” he said. Mr. Taylor then turned to the way local customs and culture have been challenged to adapt to FOI: added: “We had a lot of people sending in request and a sort of resistance to providing that information because its quite a significant change. It’s a change to our habits and to our culture.” The way forward, he said, was to embrace a culture of pro-active disclosure within government departments: “We put that information up on the website or make that information available automatically so people don’t have to go asking questions.”

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Information Commissioner Jennifer Dilbert


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Smugglers hand off drugs through new border fence NOGALES, Ariz. (AP) — A new type of border fence is apparently forcing drug smugglers to change the way they move their cargo from Mexico to the U.S. The Nogales International reports that law enforcement officers in Arizona recently noticed that some bundles of marijuana they seized were oddly shaped. Lt. Gerry Castillo of the Santa Cruz County Metro Task Force says investigators first thought the 48 pounds of marijuana wrapped in thin tubular packages had been prepared for easy transport through a tunnel. But the bundles weren’t dirty. That’s when investigators realized the packages had likely been passed between the bars of the new border fence. It features concrete-filled steel tubes with an approximately 4-inch space between them. The new $11.6 million, 2.8mile fence near Nogales was completed this summer.

Man who washed truck naked gets probation


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ATTLEBORO, Mass. (AP) — A man who scrubbed his pickup truck in the nude at a Massachusetts car wash has been sentenced to a year of probation. Robert E. Bailey, of Cumberland, R.I., pleaded guilty on Monday to open and gross conduct for being naked at Economy Car Wash in North Attleborough on May 31. The Sun Chronicle reports that a woman vacuuming her vehicle at the business called police after she saw the 65-year-old Bailey in the nude. Police say Bailey was wearing shorts by the time they arrived at the scene and denied doing anything wrong.


29 SEPT 2011 |


Rapha Medical Centre

Experts sought to solve gang warfare

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Members of the business community gather on Tuesday night

Tad Stoner

Merseyside Chief Constable Jon Murphy, the UK’s top cop for serious and organised crime, will arrive in Cayman next week to advise local police on battling gang activity He will arrive on 3 October with the first group of 20 UK police officers -- two senior investigative officers, three sergeants and 15 officers – to work alongside the RCIPS, expediting inquiries into the five murders and related violence since 13 September, conducting interviews and finding witnesses. In a Tuesday-evening, Chamber of Commerce-sponsored speech to Cayman’s business community in a packed Westin Hotel ballroom, Governor Duncan Taylor said he and Commissioner of Police David Baines had invited Mr Murphy to offer his expertise to fight Cayman’s recent surge of shooting deaths. “Police from the West Midlands were here last year,” he said, “and now Mr Murphy himself will come out next week. “He has expertise in fighting gang crime in the UK and will look at what we are doing and what more we might do,” Mr Taylor said. “Should we use different tactics?” the governor asked. “Maybe we are not going hard enough. Maybe we should use American tactics, or what they do in Canada and Mexico. I have talked to a Canadian expert on policies and tactics, asking if we are doing the to blog visit

right things or if we should do other things.” The governor also announced, in the wake of the 31 August acquittal of Devon Anglin, accused of murdering 4-year-old Jeremiah Barnes, that a specialist in prosecution and forensics would soon arrive to advise police on compiling and presenting court cases. “It’s a delicate subject,” Mr Taylor said, alluding to post-acquittal comments by Mr Baines and counterarguments from legal fraternity doyen Raymond Alberga “I have considered bringing out prosecution specialists and a forensic specialist to see how cases are put together, and the expected forensics evidence, with a view to doing better. “Cases may not be presented in the best possible way,” Mr Taylor said, “so we will get help to review this in an open manner.” Responding to a question from the Westin audience, Commissioner Baines revealed background information on local gangs. In 2009, he said, he had suggested that approximately 15 “trigger men” were on the streets, but those numbers were no longer appropriate. “Two of them are abroad, two are dead and the others have been arrested. Some of those are in Northward, and some have gotten out,” Mr Baines said. “Gangs go back about 14 years, when there were two distinct gangs,” battling for control of particular areas. Today, he said, “there are 13 separate

gangs, but with alliances to one another. “The focus is in West Bay, and Birch Tree Hill and Logwoods, and the disputes are in geography, family ties, sometimes girlfriends and drugs,” he said. Leaders, triggermen and enforcers, the commissioner said were between 14 years old and 30 years old. Birch Tree Hill counted 35 “collective members” and Logwoods numbered “between 15 members and 16 members”. “You can double those numbers when you include gangs in Bodden Town and east of there. Gang members are known to each other since they were about 14 years old and there are splits among them over issues of, say, criminal payouts,” Mr Baines said. “We monitor each of them and the areas where they operate. It involves a kind of criminal lifestyle,” he said. “They are unemployed and not part of the kind of normal lifestyle we enjoy.”

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Police Commissioner David Baines with Governor Duncan Taylor


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Stocks edge lower, erasing early gains

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NEW YORK (AP) — Stocks are edging lower, erasing an early rally. rose as the company announced a new tablet device to rival Apple Inc.’s iPad. rose 2.7 percent after the online retailer said it is launching a tablet called the Kindle Fire that will cost $199. Stocks started the day higher after the government reported that factory orders fell less in August than analysts had predicted. The Dow Jones industrial average slipped 12 points, or 0.1 percent, to 11,214 at 10:40 a.m. It had been up as many as 126 points earlier. The Standard & Poor’s 500 fell 5, or 0.5 percent, to 1,170. The Nasdaq fell 11, or 0.4 percent, to 2,535..

Merkel says Greek bailout terms may be changed


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BERLIN (AP) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel hinted that the second Greek bailout package might have to be renegotiated amid increasing market speculation Wednesday that European leaders want to force private holders of Greek bonds to take bigger losses. Merkel didn’t rule out altering the terms to the euro109 billion ($148 billion) package, saying the decision must be based on how Greece’s debt inspectors, the so-called troika, judge Athens’ recent austerity efforts. “So we must now wait for what the troika finds out and what it tells us: do we have to renegotiate or do we not have to renegotiate?” she said in an interview with Greece’s ERT television Tuesday night. Merkel added that she “cannot anticipate the result of the troika.”


29 SEPT 2011 |


Get ready for Murphy’s Law

Merseyside Police Chief Constable Jon Murphy

Paul Kennedy

Jon Murphy has risen through the ranks of Merseyside Police and is regarded as an expert in serious and organised crime. On Monday, he will bring his knowledge to Cayman, when he heads a specialist unit of UK crimefighters in an attempt to crack the crime wave sweeping the Island. Yesterday he told iNews: “I am going to offer whatever assistance I can at the Commissioner’s request. “I am putting together a team of officers from the North West (of England) who have experience of dealing with gun crime and gangrelated issues.” Mr Murphy joined Merseyside Police - where both former Police Commissioner Stuart Kernohan and Deputy Commissioner Stephen Brougham served - in 1975. He served in the Force up to the rank of Chief Superintendent when he left to join the National Crime Squad in 2001. Six years later he returned to Merseyside as Deputy Chief Constable and was asked by the Home Secretary to blog visit

to lead the Ministerial Task Force ‘Tackling Gangs Action Programme.’ In April 2008 he became a member of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) as the National Serious & Organised Crime Coordinator where he led on a programme of work set to deliver on work commissioned by the newly established Organised Crime Partnership Board. In February 2010 Mr Murphy took up his current position as Chief Constable of Merseyside Police. He read Law at Liverpool University and has a postgraduate Criminology Diploma from Cambridge. Mr Murphy is no stranger to fighting crime on foreign shores having worked in the US with the FBI and other policing agencies. He is the ACPO portfolio holder for both Serious and Organised Crime and Telephone Interception. Commended on 14 occasions, he was awarded the Queens Police Medal in the 2007 Birthday Honours. ACPO’s crime business area controls the direction and development of crime fighting across the country. The business

area is divided into 11 portfolios, each headed by an ACPO officer, and includes forensic science, serious and organised crime, intelligence, drugs, violence and public protection, and financial crime. Each portfolio is subdivided into working groups, focusing on specific crimes. For example, according to ACPO, the violence and public protection group focuses on such crimes as rape, domestic violence, knife crime, guns and gangs.

RCIPS Commissioner David Baines



29 SEPT 2011 |


Ophelia regenerates and may reform Jessica Willis

Ophelia has regenerated. Yesterday (28) it was written that the storm had an 80% chance of re-forming. It was a Tropical Depression as of yesterday morning and is expected to reach Tropical Storm status either in the late morning or early afternoon. Ophelia is even forecasted to become a Category 1 hurricane as it draws near to Bermuda and Newfoundland. Ophelia reorganised to the east of the northern Leeward Islands and her path takes her away from the Caribbean and north to Bermuda by Saturday and Newfoundland on Monday. Rob Lightbown writes, “Ophelia is expected to slowly strengthen

over the next few days first reaching tropical storm strength sometime today (28) and then hurricane strength on Friday night or Saturday morning. Ophelia is expected to be a Category 1 hurricane as it tracks just east of Bermuda on Saturday and still a Category 1 hurricane as it approaches Newfoundland on Monday.” Meanwhile, Philippe remains

in the eastern Atlantic Ocean and has shown no signs of further development or strengthening. Go to Crown Weather Services at or to the National Hurricane Centre at www. for more information. iNews wishes to thank Crown Weather for their permission to use their graphics and information. Please support them.

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UK gov’t orders extradition over honeymoon killing had married in India two weeks before arriving in South Africa. May signed an order for the extradition after she “carefully considered all relevant matters,” the Home Office said in a statement. Dewani, who denies any involvement in his wife’s death, has 14 days to appeal the decision. Though British courts hear arguments in extradition cases and issue a ruling, it is the government’s top law enforcement minister who must give final approval. Last month, Judge Howard Riddle advised following lengthy court hearings that Dewani should go to South Africa to face the allegations

against him. Dewani claims that the couple’s vehicle was attacked by gunmen during a township tour. However, taxi driver Zola Tongo alleged in a confession last year that Dewani had offered him 15,000 rand (about $2,100) to arrange the murder and make it appear like a carjacking.

Jackson’s voice echoes through Los Angeles court LOS ANGELES (AP) — First, prosecutors showed a photo of Michael Jackson’s pale and lifeless body lying on a gurney. Then, they played a recording of his voice, just weeks before his death. Slow and slurred, his words echoed Tuesday through a Los Angeles courtroom at the start of the trial of the doctor accused of killing him. As a worldwide audience watched on TV and Jackson’s family looked on from inside the courtroom, a drugged Jackson said: “We have to be phenomenal. When people leave this show, when people leave my show, I want them to say,

‘I’ve never seen nothing like this in my life. Go. Go. I’ve never seen nothing like this. Go. It’s amazing. He’s the greatest entertainer in the world.’” Prosecutors played the audio for the first time during opening statements as they portrayed Dr. Conrad Murray, 58, as an incompetent physician who used a dangerous anesthetic without adequate safeguards and whose neglect left the superstar abandoned as he lay dying. Defense attorneys countered that Jackson caused his own death by taking a drug dose, including propofol, after Murray left the room.

A number of Jackson’s family members were in the courthouse, including his father Joseph, mother Katherine, sisters LaToya and Janet, and brothers Jermaine, Randy and Tito. LaToya Jackson carried a sunflower, her brother’s favorite flower.

More than 130,000 gay couples report they’re married WASHINGTON (AP) — Increasingly visible, the number of gay Americans telling the U.S. census they’re living with same-sex partners nearly doubled in the past decade, to about 650,000 couples. And more than 130,000 recorded partners as husband or wife. Census figures released Tuesday provide a rare snapshot of married and unmarried same-sex couples in the U.S. based on the government count conducted last year, when gay marriage was legal in five states and the District of Columbia. It comes at a time when public opposition to to blog visit

gay marriage is easing and advocacy groups are seeking a state-by-state push for broader legal rights. Some 131,729 same-sex couples checked “husband” or “wife” boxes on their decennial census forms, the first time people could do so, after gay marriage became legal in Massachusetts starting in 2004. That 2010 tally of married gay couples is higher than the actual number of legal marriages, civil unions and domestic partnerships in the U.S. Even after New York legalized gay marriage in June, a Census Bureau consultant, Gary

Gates of UCLA, put the actual number of legally recognized gay partnerships at 100,000. “There’s no dispute the same-sex population increases from 2000 and 2010,” said Martin O’Connell, chief of the fertility and family statistics branch at the Census Bureau.


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LONDON (AP) — Britain’s government said Wednesday that a suspect accused of hiring a hit man to kill his wife on their honeymoon in South Africa should be extradited there to face trial. Home Secretary Theresa May approved the extradition of 31-yearold Shrien Dewani following a court ruling last month. Dewani, a British businessman, is alleged to have paid others to arrange and carry out the murder of his 28-year-old wife, Anni, who was found shot dead in an abandoned taxi in Cape Town’s deprived Gugulethu township in November. The couple, both of Indian descent,



29 SEPT 2011 |

The Publisher speaks

We all need somebody to lean on Joan Wilson

their Chief Constable breathing down their necks I’ve no doubt that will be at the moment. the case. But the Royal Cayman Islands Police Mr Murphy is the ACPO – the Association Commissioner hasn’t shied away from the of Chief Police Officers – spokesman for media and dealt with things head on. crime. Each UK Chief Constable has a Yesterday he spoke honestly and candidly different area of expertise and according with Tad Stoner in our exclusive interview to his resume, included in Mr Murphy’s in which he revealed how stretched the is serious organised crime. He is also an Police Service has become. expert on forensic science, drugs, and Five gangland murders in the space of intelligence. His knowledge, expertise just over a week would test the resources of and experience will prove invaluable in any force worldwide, let alone a relatively catching and convicting those responsible small one like ours. for these heinous and cowardly crimes. Governor Duncan Taylor and Premier Also revealed yesterday to the great and McKeeva Bush were both quick to dish out the good of the Cayman business world praise to Mr Baines in front of the business was that help and advice will be sought community at a Chamber of Commerce in other quarters. Following a number of meeting on Tuesday night. high-profile criminal acquittals we will be During that discussion more details were looking overseas for support from Canada revealed of the outside help heading to in preparing cases before they go before Cayman next week in the shape of around the courts. 20 officers from Merseyside Police. There’s nothing wrong with asking for Comparisons will obviously be made help when people are ready and willing to to the disastrous Operation Tempura lend invaluable support at times of need. when a team from the Metropolitan I just hope, as I’m sure David Baines and Police came here – at a huge expense – all of Cayman do, that we have chosen the and failed to secure a single conviction. right people for the job and we can put an One British newspaper labeled them the end to the problems before they spiral way “sunshine squad”. out of control. I’m confident this contingent from the UK won’t want to be tarred with the same iNotices EVENTS brush – and more so when I learned they will be joined by Jon Murphy, Chief Constable of Merseyside Police. The most The iNews team would like extend our senior policeman on the force. The officers will want to impress deepest sympathies to the family of their boss. They will want to make sure Eddingston (Bill) McTaggart who passed they get results and return to the UK away recently. Funeral arrangements will with their heads held high. And with be announced in due course.

David Baines is a man with a lot on his plate



Stand in the assembly of your elders. If they are wise listen to them. Ecclesiasticus 6.34


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Jamaica offers economic advice to Greece

Athens, Greece

Jamaica’s Finance Minister Audley Shaw said Greece should follow the example of the Caribbean nation and restructure the national debt as a first step toward solving its economic crisis. “Start with that debt exchange,” Shaw said yesterday in an interview at Bloomberg headquarters in New York. “We had to do it because we had no alternative.” Jamaica swapped $7.8 billion of local bonds for securities with longer maturities and lower interest rates last year as a debt burden exceeding 120 percent of gross domestic product threatened to stall growth in the island nation of 2.8 million people. The accord paved the way for Moody’s Investors Service to raise Jamaica’s credit rating and the International Monetary Fund to approve a 27-month, $1.27 billion stand-by credit. “We had inherited a financial crisis of our own,” Shaw said. “The debt overhang, the persistent lack of growth, the persistent deficit that we face. Added to that came the global economic crisis.” to blog visit

The national debt stood at 128 percent of GDP as of April, according to a government report issued that month. That compares with 143 percent of the GDP for Greece and 119 percent for Italy. The Jamaican dollar is fixed at about 85.6 to the U.S. dollar. Jamaica’s efforts to reduce its debt burden received a setback this week after Prime Minister Bruce Golding said he plans to step down after four years in office. He will leave once a new ruling party leader is elected in November. ‘Absolute Statesmanship’ The extra yield investors demand to hold Jamaica’s dollar bonds instead of U.S. Treasuries rose by 8 basis points, or 0.8 percentage point, to 615 yesterday, the highest level since January 2010, according to JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s EMBI Global Diversified Index. The spread has increased from 400 basis points at the end of June. “It was a personal decision the prime minister made,” said Shaw, 59, who has been finance minister for the past four years. “It was an act of

Audley Shaw

absolute statesmanship, an unselfish decision that seeks to put the country and the fortunes of the country ahead of its personal political ambitions.” Government attempts to sell assets, attract foreign investment and foster growth, won’t be harmed by Golding’s resignation, Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce Christopher Tufton said at the same interview. “Jamaica is open for business,” Tufton, 43, said. “It is a natural part of the democratic process and it is important for all concerned to recognise that it is business as usual.”



29 SEPT 2011 |


Philippines repairs after typhoon kills 21

Residents living beside a swollen river walk through floods in Navotas, north of Manila

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Forecasters sounded alarms over a new storm headed for the Philippines Wednesday, even as workers repaired seawalls demolished by a typhoon that killed at least 21 people and left scores stranded in swamped communities. Typhoon Nesat also left 35 people missing and brought some of downtown Manila’s worst flooding in decades before blowing out of the northern Philippines early Wednesday (28) toward southern China with winds of 75 mph (120 kph). Floodwaters were receding in most places, but many low-lying communities in the north remained in crisis. Mayor Santiago Austria of the ricefarming town of Jaen in Nueva Ecija province appealed to the government for help, saying many people in his community of 63,000 needed to be

rescued but that officials there had only four rescue boats. “Many people here are still on top of their houses. We don’t have enough boats to reach them and hand them food,” Austria said. Civil Defense Office chief Benito Ramos said army troops were on their way to assist Jaen. The town of Obando, north of Manila, remained under waist-high water and officials had not yet been able to check on reports of houses swept away on two nearby islands where thousands of residents live, Mayor Orencio Gabriel said. In all, 320,000 people were affected by the storm, with 73,000 in evacuation centers and about 100 still stranded, officials said. Meanwhile, a fresh tropical storm was brewing in the Pacific, government forecaster Bobby Javier said, adding

Residents carry a pig through a street flooded by Typhoon Nesat in suburban San Mateo, eastern Manil


that it already had sustained winds of 52 mph (85 kph) and gusts up to 62 mph (100 kph) and was expected to strengthen significantly before hitting major parts of the country in the next few days. Ramos said disaster agencies were being kept on full alert because of the new storm. In Manila, hundreds of workers used cranes to lay sandbags where parts of a downtown seawall were ripped off by the typhoon’s huge waves and fierce winds. Residents made repairs to nearly 5,000 houses damaged in the storm. Scavengers rummaged through household items carried by the floodwaters — footwear, a basketball, a child’s school bag, a hunter’s hat. Mar Depas, 28, said he collected about a dozen fairly new leather shoes and sandals but was disappointed that they didn’t match. “I can’t find their pairs. They’re useless,” Depas said. “I came late ... most of the better recyclable stuff is gone.” Typhoon Nesat had unleashed torrents of floodwaters Tuesday that swamped Manila’s downtown areas, rapidly engulfing hotels, a hospital, the U.S. Embassy, business offices and several blocks of residential areas in waist-deep floodwaters. Power was gradually restored Wednesday to Manila’s downtown area, which strewn with trash and fallen bamboo pieces washed ashore by storm surges. City trains resumed operations. to blog visit

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UCCI receives generous donation from scholarship fund In an effort to provide educational opportunities for needy and deserving Caymanian students, the founders of the Ironwood Scholarship Fund donated over CI$100,000 to the University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI). “The Board of Governors of the University College of the Cayman Islands wishes to publicly record its profound gratitude to the founders of The Ironwood Scholarship Fund for their generous donation of CI$106,259.76 to UCCI,” said Mrs. Berna Cummins, Board Chair. The Board of Governors further records its sincere appreciation to CIBC Bank and Trust Company (Cayman) Limited, in particular the CEO Mr Ben Gillooly, for their waiver of all charges and fees against the funds. UCCI President Roy Bodden said that the Board will determine how the funds are disbursed. “As originally conceived, the Fund would have been self-perpetuating. To maintain this objective the funds would have to be

disbursed as some kind of loan which will have to be repaid. This is a task best left to the Board, and we should settle this prior to any disbursement. I will, however, suggest to the Board that the original intentions of the

Founders should be maintained.” Further information on how interested students can avail of scholarship opportunities will be made available to the public in the near future.

International Day of older persons Message from Minister for Community Affairs and Housing The Hon. Michael Adam At the start of this century, the Caribbean population of older persons (those 60 years and over) was larger than ever before in the history of this region. Life expectancy rose from an average of 50 in the late 1940’s to an average of 70 for men and 73 for women in most of the English speaking Caribbean. Thanks to investment in health and social programmes, people simply live better, longer, more self-sufficient lives. Increasingly, seniors are financially independent, keeping up their homes and working way beyond the traditional retirement age. But even as we celebrate these achievements, we need to keep our eyes on the next test, namely making sure that our growing elderly population stays a vibrant part of society. As we observe International Day of Older Persons with the to blog visit

theme Older Person Embracing Opportunities and Challenges, we need to ask ourselves what we need to do to ensure that our residents 60 years and older will enjoy the additional years which are now their reality? A good start is changing the way we relate to old age. Representing about 13 percent of the Caribbean population, seniors -- and their experience and skills -- present a wealth of opportunity for society. We can tap into this resource by creating part-time, volunteer and other opportunities for our older people, so they can remain in the mainstream longer. Seeing retirement age and beyond as the end of the road means throwing away lifetimes of valuable experience. Even as we have our eyes set on creating new opportunities for our

Hon. Michael Adam

elders, we cannot lose sight of the challenges some of them are facing. These can range from needing daily care to needing help to learn new technology. And that is where our responsibility starts. On this International Day of the Older Person, I then challenge you to ask yourself what you can do to turn challenges into opportunities for our seniors.


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Recovery Benefits Everyone

Alcohol and drug addiction carry tremendous costs to the individual, his or her family, employers and the community. As the Cayman Islands ends its observance of Recovery Month, it’s important to remember the benefits of intervention and prevention. According to a Norwegian police chief “every new drug abuser lures or persuades about 3-4 of his acquaintances to try the drug. Each of these make 3-4 others join and so on, thus creating an increase like a geometric pattern: 3-9-27-72 and so on.” As drug abusers form communities of users, so society initiates and supports programmes -- such as law enforcement, prison treatment, adolescent prevention/treatment, community outreach, half-way and aftercare services, and inpatient and outpatient programmes – to form communities for those in recovery. The economic, health, and social benefits of the treatment and recovery of addicts are well documented. The statistics below from the USA provide support for the necessity of treatment of alcohol and drug addiction: Since 1980, the number of deaths related to drug overdoses has risen over 540 per cent. Alcoholism causes 500 million lost workdays each year. In adults 50 years and older, alcohol was the most frequently reported primary substance of abuse for all substance abuse treatment admissions. Of those


admissions, 76 per cent were 65 and older. Each year, drug abuse and drug addiction cost employers over $122 billion in lost productivity and another $15 billion in health insurance costs. Monitoring the future, 66.5 per cent of high school seniors reported drinking alcohol and 31.5 per cent reported using marijuana in the last 12 months. (These statistics come from healthbased agencies such as SAMHSA, NIDA and the Caron report.) In a February 2005 review paper, the authors (Belenko, Patapis and French) noted “nearly two decades of treatment research, represented by hundreds of studies, finds that substance abuse treatment… results in clinically significant reductions in alcohol and drug use, crime and improvement in health and social function for many clients.” Spending on addiction intervention programmes is an investment in the entire community. Not only is the recovering addict’s quality of life improved but so also are the lives of those with whom the recovering person interacts. Restoring an individual to normalcy has a positive impact on the prevention of crime, disease, and the harmful influence of addiction. Visit the Join the Voices for Recovery website and read the testimonials of persons in recovery. They report benefits such as the healing of

relationships, a renewal of spirituality, the ability to continue education, maintain employment, and abstinence from criminal activity. As more national and international exposure is given to the treatment of substance abuse and recovery, more of society is convinced that substance abuse is a disease that requires treatment. However it should be noted that treatment and recovery are successful only if an individual receives support. The person in recovery requires the assistance of family, community, churches, self-help groups, governmental and non-governmental partners, to ensure access to the services necessary to rebuild his or her life and learn to “give back” to society. In summary, prevention is one of the most powerful tools against any anti-social element, which in itself argues for its support. Treatment enables people to counter addiction’s powerful effects on the human brain and behaviour. Treatment provides addicts with the life skills that allow them to refocus their talents and efforts, regain control of their lives. Recovery is the continuity of the growth process, which allows not only addicts to then benefit but also the society in which they live. Article courtesy of Cindy Dilbert - Social Worker, Department of Children and Family Services in collaboration with the Department of Counseling Services. to blog visit

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“Cancer is devastating but if you have support… it makes it much easier to cope”

“I can’t thank the Cancer Society enough” “When I found out I had cancer, I went to the Cayman Islands Cancer Society and was able to qualify for financial assistance to cover my chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Everything I needed to help me with my cancer treatment, the Cancer Society provided. I am so blessed to be alive today. “I can’t thank the Cancer Society enough. They are always there for me. Whenever I can, I give back to the Society’s boxes that are in stores and Supermarkets. I do my part to help them to help someone else. I love these people.” Ms. Ruby Myles

Cayman Islands Cancer Society

114 Maple Road, George Town, P.O. Box 10565, Grand Cayman KY1-1005 T: 949-7618 | F: 949-8694 to blog visit



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Premier encourages students You need $$$ money and you need it now!!!! Can BBES help you to get what’s yours? (YES) YOU CAN KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE LANDING STRIP WHILE I CO-PILOT YOU

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bbexecutiveservices 14 Wilmar Plaza, Eastern Ave, George Town, Grand Cayman PO Box 11078 KY1-1008

The Premier, the Hon. W. McKeeva Bush, OBE, JP, advised a new group of seven auto mechanic trainees to stay the course. “Studying will not kill you,” he told the six young men and one young woman, urging them to be punctual, attend classes regularly and concentrate on the course that is being provided free of cost by local fullservice garage, Superior Auto. “It hurts and tears me apart to see young people not being productive,” he commented. Revealing that lack of funds had stymied his further education in his teen years, Mr. Bush


noted determined efforts to improve his education led him to read books from the public library. However, the encouragement he received from many people helped him, he revealed. He asked the trainees to make the most of the support they were getting from Mr. Mark and Mrs. Denise DeMercado of Superior Auto, the principals behind the training programme. “If you want to talk or need my advice, feel free to talk to me,” he added. The students’ classes, a year of theory and practical lessons, will prepare

them to take the first assessment examinations at the Jamaica German Automotive School in order to become certified automotive technicians, according to Mrs. DeMercado. “It is challenging but we need to help the young people,” she said. Acknowledging the support the programme has received from individual volunteers as teachers and monetarily from Rotary Sunrise, Rotary Central, Price Waterhouse Coopers and now HSBC, she said the three students from the first class are already employed at Prestige Motors, Car City and Superior Auto. to blog visit



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Physicians w/ International Designations

Get up… Get out… Enjoy Island Life!

Premier the Hon. McKeeva Bush, OBE, JP, exhorts a new batch of auto mechanic students to give it their all. The training is being provided free of cost by local garage Superior Auto.

• Resolve sport injuries • WALK without pain • WORK without pain- carpal tunnel relief • Latest treatment for arthritis & osteoporosis Call today for an appointment You’ll be glad you did

943-5800 943-5900

Premier the Hon. McKeeva Bush, OBE, JP (centre) with auto mechanic students, Trainer Owen Knight (first, left) Mrs. Denise DeMercado (second, left) and Mr. Mark DeMarcado (centre, right) of Superior Auto to blog visit


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It’s that time when PURITAN starts collecting your pick up tickets, for your chance to win in the BIG PRIZE, drawing at Christmas. Just put your PICK UP TICKETS in the “see thru” box at any PURITAN CLEANERS store: Centennial Towers – West Bay, Savannah – Countryside, Elgin Avenue, and Eastern Avenue, Drive Thru “Rain or Shine” Route Pick up and Delivery customers included.


Summer Sale! Buy Criollo Reserva Chardonnay, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Malbec Rosé at 50% off!

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iFood & Drink


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Chicken and blueberry pasta salad Yes, you read it correctly... blueberries and pasta! The addition of poached chicken and feta cheese makes this dish into a light and satisfying summer

supper that’s also great for a potluck. If you already have some leftover chicken, skip Step 1 and add shredded chicken in Step 4.

Lunch, Dinner - American • Makes: 6 servings, about 1 1/2 cups each • Active Time: 30 minutes • Total Time: 30 minutes • Ease of Prep: Easy




Start your online Christmas shopping early and let us ship and clear via our SHOP ZIPX & SEAX Service!!



• 1 pound boneless, skinless chicken breast, trimmed of fat • 8 ounces whole-wheat fusilli or radiatore • 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil • 1 large shallot, thinly sliced • 1/3 cup reduced-sodium chicken broth • 1/3 cup crumbled feta cheese • 3 tablespoons lime juice • 1 cup fresh blueberries • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh thyme • 1 teaspoon freshly grated lime zest • 1/4 teaspoon salt

• Place chicken in a skillet or saucepan and add enough water to cover; bring to a boil. • Cover, reduce heat to low and simmer gently until cooked through and no longer pink in the middle, 10 to 12 minutes. • Transfer the chicken to a cutting board to cool. Shred into bitesize strips. • Bring a large pot of water to a boil. • Cook pasta until just tender, about 9 minutes or according to package directions. Drain.

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• Place in a large bowl. • Meanwhile, place oil and shallot in a small skillet and cook over mediumlow heat, stirring occasionally, until softened and just beginning to brown, 2 to 5 minutes. • Add broth, feta and lime juice and cook, stirring occasionally, until the feta begins to melt, 1 to 2 minutes. • Add the chicken to the bowl with the pasta. • Add the dressing, blueberries, thyme, lime zest and salt and toss until combined.


Tel: 949-0262 19



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Cayman Islands Netball Association

Name: Lyneth Monteith CINA Position: Second Vice-President Occupation: Principal John Gray High School

Started playing in High School Captain of C. I. National Netball team at • 1988 CANA Tournament in the Cayman Islands • 1991 World Netball Championships Australia • 1991 World Netball Championships England Assistant Coach C. I. National Netball team 1999 – New Zealand Coach C. I. National Netball Team 2003 to Jamaica Coach/Player AllStars Netball Club Coach National Under 16, 2009 and 2010 to Jamaica and Barbados Intermediate Umpire since 2009

Want to know more about the Cayman Islands Netball Association?

Please call: 916-1944 or email:


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We continue our serialisation of Anne by Constance Fenimore Woolson

Anne Part 56

“After the storm came halcyon days”

With his wig pushed back, and his cheery face scarlet from the heat, Dr. Gaston presented a fine contrast to Père Michaux, who, quietly and deliberately as usual, was seasoning a stew with scientific care, while Miss Lois, beating eggs, harried the Irish soldier’s wife until she ran to and fro, at her wits’ end. Tita kept guard in the sitting -room, where Anne had been decisively ordered to remain and entertain Rast; the child sat in her corner, watching them, her eyes narrowed under their partly closed lids. Rast had now recovered his usual spirits, and talked gaily; Anne did not say much, but leaned back in her chair listening, thankfully quiet and happy. The evening was radiant with contentment; it was midnight when they separated. The gale was then as wild as ever; but who cared now whether the old house shook? Rast was safe. At the end of the following day at last the wind ceased: twenty-two wrecks were counted in the Straits alone, with many lives lost. The dead sailors were washed ashore on the island beaches and down the coast, and buried in the sands where they were found. The friends of those who had been washed overboard from the steamer came up and searched for their bodies up and down the shores for miles; some found their lost, others, after days of watching in vain, went away sorrowing, thinking, with a new idea of its significance, of that time “when the sea shall give up her dead.” After the storm came halcyon days. The trees now showed those brilliant hues of the American autumn, which as yet no native poet has so strongly described, no native artist so vividly painted, that the older nations across the ocean have fit idea of their splendor. Here, in the North, the scarlet, orange, and crimson trees were mingled with to blog visit

pines, which made the green of the background; indeed, the islets all round were like gorgeous bouquets set in the deep blue of the water, and floating quietly there. Rast was to return to college in a few days. He was in such gay spirits that Miss Lois was vexed, although she could hardly have told why. Père Michaux, however, aided and encouraged all the pranks of the young student. He was with him almost constantly, not returning to the hermitage at all during the time of his stay; Miss Lois was surprised to see how fond he was of the youth. “No one can see Rast a moment alone now,” she said, complainingly; “Père Michaux is always with him.” “Why do you want to see him alone?” Said Tita, from her corner, looking up for a moment from her book. “Don’t you know that it is rude to ask questions?” Said Miss Lois, sharply. But although she gave no reasons, it was plain that for some reason she was disappointed and angry. The last day came, the last afternoon; the smoke of the coming steamer could be seen beyond the blue line of the point. No danger now

of storm; the weather would be fair for many days. Père Michaux had proposed that Anne, Rast, and himself should go up to the heights behind the house and watch the sunset hues for the last time that year; they were to come back to the Agency in time to meet Dr. Gaston and Miss Lois, and take tea there all together, before the steamer’s departure. Tita announced that she wished to go to the heights also. “Come along then, Puss,” said Rast, giving her his hand. They set out through the garden, and up the narrow winding path; but the ascent was steep, and the priest climbed slowly, pausing now and then to take breath. Rast staid with him, while Anne strolled forward; Tita waited with Rast. They had been sitting on a crag for several minutes, when suddenly Rast exclaimed: “Hallo! There’s Spotty’s dog! He has been lost for three days, the scamp. I’ll go up and catch him, and be back in a moment.” While still speaking he was already scaling the rocks above them, not following the path by which Anne had ascended, but swinging himself up, hand over hand, with the dexterity and strength of a mountaineer; in a minute or two he was out of sight. Spotty’s dog was a favorite in the garrison, Spotty, a dilapidated old Irish soldier, being his owner in name. Spotty said that the dog had “followed” him, when he was passing through Detroit; if he did, he had never repeated the act, but had persistently gone in the opposite direction ever since. But the men always went out and hunted for him all over the island, sooner or later finding him and bringing him back; for they liked to see him dance on his mournful hind legs, go through the drill, and pretend to be dead — eats which once formed parts of his répertoire as member of the travelling canine troupe which he had deserted at Detroit.

Lorna's The finest in ladies wears Exquisite Fashions

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Sudoku 16x16

Sudoku 16x16 - Puzzle 5 of 5 - Hard

d 9

7 a





e a g


29 SEPT 2011 |





b 4 d 8 3 7

c 6


d 2


6 a 2

9 f d e 1 7 3 8 3 1 b g c 3 b f 4 7 1 g 6 9 4 e a 2 e 9 a 5 7 6 c 8 1

3 1 b 4 f 5 g

e 8 9 7 e 6 2 8 g d a g 5 1 b 9 1 a g 8 1 6 e 5 3 f e

1 7 g a 2 4 6 c f e b d 8 3 5 9

3 1 4 e c 2 g b 6 8 f a 7 9 d 5

b f 8 d 4 1 e 9 2 g 7 5 c a 6 3

c 6 7 2 5 a 8 3 4 d 9 1 b g e f

a g 9 5 6 d f 7 e c 3 b 1 8 4 2

7 d 3 b f 5 4 e c a g 9 2 1 8 6

5 c 1 4 9 g a 6 8 b d 2 3 f 7 e

2 e a 6 8 c 1 d 7 3 5 f 9 b g 4

g 8 f 9 3 7 b 2 1 6 4 e a 5 c d

6 a 2 g 1 9 d f 3 4 e 8 5 7 b c

4 b c 1 e 3 2 5 d f a 7 g 6 9 8

f 9 d 7 b 8 c a g 5 2 6 e 4 3 1

8 5 e 3 g 6 7 4 b 9 1 c f d 2 a

Good luck!

e 3 5 f d b 9 g a 2 8 4 6 c 1 7

No numbers or letters should appear more than once on every row, column and 4x4 boxes.

Sudoku 16x16 - Solution 5 of 5 - Hard

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9 4 6 8 a e 3 1 5 7 c g d 2 f b

Place digits from 1 to 9 and letters from A to G in each empty cell.

d 2 b c 7 f 5 8 9 1 6 3 4 e a g

How to play sudoku 16x16

Our Eye

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Chinese medicine and acupuncture

Try our New Ocean front location in WEST BAY

Georgina Wilcox

There is an undeniable mystique that accompanies Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM, a range of traditional medical and therapeutic practices developed in China over thousands of years. In fact, one of the earliest known compilations on Chinese medical practices dates back to 2698 B.C. To the uninformed, it is assumed that TCM is all about the use of exotic products such as bat excrement and cow urine as medicine. Many also wrongly assume that the diagnosis and treatment offered by TCM practitioners are nothing more than just guesswork; and that these practitioners do not really have actual abilities to discern the patient’s symptoms. In truth, Traditional Chinese Medicine is a complex and centuriesold system that has been shown to be effective in the treatment and management of various ailments ranging from sinusitis to muscle spasms. Chinese herbal concoctions have also shown efficacy in providing migraine reliefs and lower back pain relief, and everything in between. The core concepts of traditional Chinese medicine can be found in Chinese philosophy, with Wu Xing and the concept of yin and yang as the primary foundations of both diagnosis and treatment practices. The basic perception of the body in Chinese medicine is that it is a whole, but with separate parts. The parts are designed to work together in harmony, generally by balancing their naturally opposing concepts against one another. Each part not only serves a physical function, but is also important to mental processes. This explains the belief in Chinese medicine that what affects one’s physical health also has consequences for one’s mental health, with each imbalance in the body having a counterpart imbalance in the mind. This aspect echoes the principles of yin and yang, which is best summarized as a blending of two opposing but complimentary concepts, to blog visit

TREATS CAFE with neither one being superior in any way over the other. Disharmony is said to occur when yin or yang becomes more prevalent in the body than the other. This disharmony or imbalance is thought to be the reason behind human illnesses. The Wu Xing aspect comes into play in terms of analyzing how the disharmony came about. Wu Xing is similar to the classical concept of the basic elements which are composed of fire, water, wood, earth, and metal. Each of these elements can be found in the body, with varying concentrations in different areas of the body. Combined, the elements produce a delicate balance and results in the normal state of a person’s physical and mental health. This balance can be affected by internal and external factors, which can sway the elemental balance in a variety of ways. In theory, an increase in certain elements in areas that perform certain functions can sway the yin and yang balance, thus affecting a person’s health. The treatment for the condition, whether it be sinusitis, lower back pain, knee pain, migraine headaches, visual migraines, insomnia or whatever else ails the patient is ultimately determined by where the imbalance is and what caused it. For example, an excess of water that swayed the balance more to the yang in the nasal area is sometimes cited to cause problems such as colds and sinusitis. To counter this, a traditional Chinese doctor might prescribe a formula composed of herbs and more exotic ingredients to help suppress the water element and, thus, restore balance to the yin and yang. Traditional Chinese medicine also espouses a number of other

treatments, including those based on the manipulation of the patient’s diet. Another famous aspect or branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine is called acupuncture, a technique that involves the insertion of needles into the skin on specific points around the body to help restore ‘balance’ between the Yin and Yang. Acupuncture is also the branch of TCM that is concerned with the treatment of what Western medicine would term as mental health disorders including anxiety and phobias. Acupuncture is seen as an effective means of balancing the flow of ‘chi’ or internal energy throughout the body. In TCM, the need to balance the yin and yang of the mind and heart is as important as attaining balance in the human body. Modern TCM practitioners in China, however, do acknowledge that there are situations when the traditional remedies can no longer put the body back in proper balance. In most cases, when such situations are encountered, the patient is advised to consult a doctor who practices Western medicine. However, this does not create a conflict between the two schools since most Chinese patients and doctors actually appreciate the ‘balance’ between Eastern and Western medical theory and practice. For example, Chinese people will have no problems with surgery for appendicitis. At the same time, they will see no conflict in using traditional herbal formulas to help recover after the surgery, or to prevent the appendicitis in the first place. This is often in sharp contrast to the attitude of some practitioners of traditional Western medicine who tends to dismiss other medical philosophies, theories or schools as mere quackery.


Light House Point,Next to Divetech 947-5377

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M-F: 8am-2:30pm

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TREATS RESTAURANT West Shore Centre Seven Mile Beach 945-4262

All day Breakfast & Lunch Specialty Cakes, Wedding Cakes & Pastries Outdoor Catering Service Available


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Amazon expected to launch tablet soon NEW YORK (AP) — Amazon is expected to unveil a tablet computer, picking a fight with Apple Inc. and its iPad. The iPad has many challengers, but analysts say Amazon’s could be different — it has a chance to be more than a wannabe. Inc. is nearly unique in its ability to sell content such as e-books, movies and music suited for a tablet, just like Apple does. In addition, the “Kindle” tablet could be a reminder, right in the owner’s hands, to buy general merchandise from Amazon. Running out of toilet paper? Just add it to your Amazon shopping cart. “In essence, the Kindle is a Trojan horse for Amazon’s retail and media brands,” said Morgan Keegan analyst Justin Patterson. Seattle-based Amazon hasn’t confirmed that it’s launching a tablet, but it’s holding an event in New York on Wednesday (28) morning, with its CEO Jeff Bezos speaking. With the iPad, Apple has created a whole new product category of tablet computers. Many have tried to copy its success, but so far, the iPad is the only really successful product. Apple sold 28.7 million of them from April 2010 to June 2011. Analysts at research firm Gartner Inc. expect the iPad to account for three out of four tablet sales this year. Analysts believe Amazon’s new tablet will come in two sizes: one with a screen that’s 7 inches on the diagonal, a bit larger than the Kindle e-reader, and one that’s 10 inches, slightly bigger than the iPad.


“The Journey is the Reward” What if you could choose who to be despite your circumstances?

Coaching works for you to identify and achieve your most important goals. They also expect Amazon to subsidise the cost of the tablet, on the expectation that it will make the money back when owners buy things through the tablet. That might allow the company to undercut Apple on price, something other manufacturers have had a hard time doing. Apple’s profit margin on the iPad, which starts at $499, is lower than it is for many of its other products, particularly the iPhone. “Amazon’s willingness to sell hardware at a loss, combined with the strength of its brand, content, cloud infrastructure, and commerce assets, makes it the only credible iPad competitor in the market,” wrote Forrester analyst Sarah Rotman Epps. Epps believes Amazon can sell 3

million to 5 million tablets in the fourth quarter. That compares with Apple selling 9.3 million iPads in the April to June period. Two other companies are treading the same path as Amazon, but they don’t have quite Amazon’s heft. One is Barnes & Noble Inc., which launched a “Nook Color” e-reader last year that’s nearly indistinguishable from a small tablet. It has a colour screen, runs a version of Google Inc.’s Android operating system and accepts thirdparty apps. It’s also modestly priced at $250. Yet Barnes & Noble sees it first and foremost as an e-reader, not as a springboard into competition with a full-blown tablet like the iPad. Sony Corp.’s first iPad-style tablet, which started shipping two weeks ago, is linked to the company’s online movie and music stores. It’s set up to capitalise on Sony’s library of PlayStation games as well, but so far, only plays a few of them. However, Sony doesn’t come close to matching the breadth of content in Apple’s iTunes store. This year, Amazon started streaming movies for no extra charge to customers who’ve signed up for its Prime premium shipping program. On Monday, it added TV shows and movies from News Corp.’s 20th Century Fox studio, bringing the total number of streaming titles to 11,000 titles. That’s about half of what Netflix’s streaming library has. to blog visit

Benefits include: - increased power, integrity communication and balance in life Curious what coaching has to offer? Now offering free sample sessions.

345 928 9723

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Our Eye


Get your children to exercise Georgina Wilcox

Part 1 Written by : Victoria Anderson

Because the weight of the Cayman Islands’ children has continued to climb, the message is, “Run, walk, jump, and dancedo whatever it takes to get the whole family moving.” It is not just here. According to the Mayo Clinic, the rate of obesity in the U.S. has more than doubled for preschoolers and adolescents, and it has more than tripled for children ages 6 to 11. These suggestions will help.

Risk factors for cervical cancer are similar to the risk factors for HPV The Cayman Islands Cancer Society is observing September as Cervical Cancers/HPV Awareness Month. Nearly two decades ago, experts discovered a relationship between infection with HPV (human papillomavirus) and cervical cancer. In the first of a of a two part series we will discuss what every woman and girl should know about HPV and cervical cancer.

The cervix is part of the female reproductive system. It is the lower part of the uterus (womb) that widens during childbirth to allow the passage of the fetus. Cervical cancer is the diagnosis when the cells lining the cervix reproduce and divide abnormally.

A preventable disease? Cervical cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in women in the Caribbean and one of the leading causes of death from cancer in women in the region. Often these women are in the prime of their lives with families to take care of. The question can however be asked are many of these deaths needless? Almost 100% of all cases of cervical cancer can be attributed to one cause – exposure to a sexually transmitted form of the human papilloma virus (HPV).Most people who have ever experienced intimate sexual contact with another person will have been exposed to this virus and will have had an “active” HPV infection at some point in their lives. For most people the body’s immune system kicks into action and the infection is eliminated from the body often without the infected person ever knowing they had the virus. In a few people, sometimes because their immune system is otherwise compromised, the virus persists and remains. It is in persons with persistent HPV infections that cancer can develop, often 10 – 20 years after the initial infection.

Early age of sexual exploration and intimate sexual contact, multiple sexual partners over a lifetime especially if those partners have also had multiple partners. The more times a woman has been pregnant the more likely she is to develop cervical cancer especially if more than one man is the father of her children. Additionally women who smoke are twice as likely to develop the disease as are women who have had a mother or sister diagnosed with cervical cancer. Long-term use of the oral contraceptive pill will also increase risk.

How to lower your risk for cervical cancer Women can therefore substantially lower their risk by abstaining from initial sexual contact for as long as possible, remaining in a monogamous relationship and avoiding tobacco products. Women can also lower their risk by having a Pap smear on a regular basis – at least once every two – three years or more frequently if recommended by a doctor and by getting vaccinated with the HPV vaccines; either Gardasil or Cervarix (this ideally should be done before sexual initiation). This will be further discussed in a future article. The cells on the surface of the cervix can become abnormal before they become malignant (cancerous), a condition known as cervical dysplasia. A Pap smear can identify these changes allowing treatment to occur at a stage before cancer has developed. Should cervical cancer develop, it often does so without any early warning signs or symptoms. As the disease progresses signs that you might notice are abnormal bleeding e.g. between periods or after sexual intercourse, or for those people who no longer have a period, there may be new bleeding. You may also observe an abnormal discharge that might have an odour associated with it. Symptoms that you might feel are discomfort during intercourse and pelvic pain. It is important to remember that these are also signs and symptoms of other medical conditions, so consult your doctor if you notice any of them. T: +1 345 949 7618 | E: 114 Maple Road, George Town, P.O. Box 10565, Grand Cayman KY1-1005, Cayman Islands

For more information on cervical cancer or HPV contact the Cayman Islands Cancer Society at 949-7618 or email

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• Be a good example. Take a walk. Go for a swim. Sign up for a class. • Instead of always relying on the car, take walks with the kids, and ride bikes. • Take the kids to the park or beach. • Celebrate birthdays at parks, beaches, sports centres and other active places. • On weekends and during vacations, introduce kids to fun activities. Go swimming, hiking, ride bikes, jump rope, play tag, soccer, cricket, basketball or netball, catch, any activity that involves motion. • If it’s raining outside, organise a treasure hunt in the house, one that involves lots of running up and down stairs. • Be sure to keep an open mind if your daughter wants to play rugby and your son prefers dance. • Children should do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day and 60 minutes if they want to lose weight. Regular exercise can help improve the quality of your children’s lives now and later on. It can help prevent diseases such as heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes..

29 SEPT 2011 |


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Jewellers want states to replace limits on cadmium LOS ANGELES (AP) — The U.S jewellery industry wants states to overturn laws that limit the toxic metal cadmium in children’s trinkets and adopt new voluntary guidelines it helped create, saying stricter rules in several states create chaos for manufacturers and importers. Persuading legislators to reopen the issue won’t be an easy sell: Many consumer and environmental advocates say the new guidelines weaken protection of children’s health. While the voluntary rules have the support of federal regulators, states that passed much stricter limits over the past year would have to backtrack and allow higher levels of a metal that can cause cancer. That didn’t sound likely Monday. “Maryland ought to set whatever standard we feel is correct,” said Delegate James Hubbard, a Democrat who successfully sponsored the nation’s toughest cadmium-in-jewellery limits this spring. “We made a judgment call based on what we felt was in the best interest of the people we represent.” A jewellery industry that has been hammered by more than a year of recalls and legal setbacks does have some momentum, now that the rules it drafted were passed last week by the respected organisation ASTM International, which sets voluntary rules for a range of goods. Industry’s goal is to replace the current patchwork of regulation with a unified standard. “Our whole mission in this is to have standards that are not floating in quicksand,” said Brent Cleaveland, head of the ASTM subcommittee that wrote the rules and executive director of the Fashion Jewellery and Accessories Trade Association. He described the limits he oversaw as “way more conservative than necessary” to protect kids’ health. Cleaveland says his next move is to press legislatures in states that have set limits to reopen the issue and adopt the voluntary standards. If that succeeds, Cleaveland would then ask Congress to pass legislation to make the voluntary standard national law. If the industry lobbying effort fails, state limits that are much tougher than the voluntary rules will effectively remain the national standard. That’s because manufacturers that sell in to blog visit

places like California and Maryland would need to comply with limits there, and wouldn’t create different products for the rest of the country. Mandatory limits adopted over the past year already deter use of the heavy metal, which over time can also cause bone and kidney diseases, though there have been no documented deaths or serious injuries. While the voluntary standards don’t trump limits from states and legal settlements, they do create a consensus national standard that jewellery manufacturers and importers endorse. Because the limits are voluntary, there is no automatic penalty for jewellery sold with cadmium levels exceeding them. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission will, however, use the limits in deciding whether to pursue product recalls. The agency has argued that voluntary limits were the appropriate — and fastest — way to create a common understanding of what constitutes a problem piece of jewellery. The agency said that unless it finds widespread

failure to comply, it will not seek mandatory rules. In response to an Associated Press investigation, the Consumer Product Safety Commission helped recall about 300,000 pieces of high-cadmium necklaces, bracelet and rings last year. The AP reported that some of the jewellery contained more than 90 percent cadmium and would release alarmingly high levels of the metal into stomach acid if swallowed. Problem jewellery, typically made in China, was available across the marketplace, from Walmarts to chain stores specializing in jewellery to dollartype shops. Five recalls were done before the agency decided how to handle the problem. By last fall, guidelines were in place for how to identify a hazardous piece of jewellery based on lab testing that mimicked how much cadmium would enter a child’s body from jewellery that was licked or swallowed. In that process, the agency more than tripled its estimate of how much cadmium a child could safely ingest.


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Surging Rays top Yankees, remain tied with Red Sox

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) — The Tampa Bay Rays are loose and raring to go, ready to work overtime — if necessary — to win the AL wild card. “Whatever it takes,” designated hitter Johnny Damon said. “It’s been a fun ride and hopefully it continues.” The Rays’ improbable bid for a third playoff berth in four years comes down to the final day of the regular season after Tuesday night’s 5-3 victory over the New York Yankees left them tied for the wild card with Boston. The

reeling Red Sox held off the Baltimore Orioles 8-7. If the teams remain tied after Wednesday night’s season finales, they will meet in a onegame playoff at Tropicana Field on Thursday afternoon. “We have to focus on ourselves ... play our game and not worry about the other side of it,” manager Joe Maddon said. “That will eventually take care of itself.” Matt Joyce and Ben Zobrist homered, the bullpen shut down the Yankees after starter Jeremy Hellickson pitched six strong innings, and the Rays kept the score close by turning the third triple play in franchise history. Throw in Joyce, whose threerun homer wiped out a 3-2 deficit in the seventh — playing on an injured foot — and that the Rays were without Casey Kotchman after the first baseman experienced tightness in his chest and was taken to a hospital for tests, and no wonder Tampa Bay feels it has no limits.

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2014 Super Bowl logo features snowflake NEW YORK (AP) — Let it snow — but not too much. That would make for just about perfect weather conditions for the 2014 Super Bowl being co-hosted by New York and New Jersey.

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“A little snow would be great for us, but whatever comes our way, we’re going to be prepared for it,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Tuesday during the unveiling of the host committee’s blue-and-white snowflake logo for the game. “Some of our most memorable games were played in unusual weather circumstances. Winter and cold are part of football, and snow is also,” he said. The game at MetLife Stadium will be the first outdoor Super Bowl in a cold-weather venue. Although the lowest Super Bowl kickoff temperature has been 39 degrees, average February temperatures at East Rutherford, N.J., are 24 to 40 degrees. “The world will be waiting for us to probably screw up on this because this is the first coldweather Super Bowl,” New York Jets owner Woody Johnson said. “It was very courageous of our commissioner, Roger Goodell, and our fellow owners to vote yes on this — albeit on the fourth or fifth ballot.” The logo and advertising campaigns were touted at a “power breakfast” news conference at The Modern, a restaurant in the Museum of Modern Art. The campaign and logos were designed by Source Communications in New Jersey.

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- Martin Luther King Jr.

Gender equality and a life free of violence for all

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Super Mario rattles Man City

Mario Gomez is mobbed by his team mates after opening the scoring

Paul Kennedy

Bayern Munich sent Manchester City and their millionaire stars back to school with a convincing 2-0 in the Champions League. A brace from Mario Gomez sunk Roberto Mancini’s men in their first test among the European elite. But the game was over-shadowed by City substitute Carlos Tevez who refused to come on when needed in the second half. After the match Mancini said as long as he in charge at Eastlands, the fiery Argentinean will never play for him again. Munich boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge warned against the euphoria sweeping the German giants after their impressive win over Manchester City in the Champions League. Munich’s Allianz Arena will host the Champions League final on May 19, but Rummenigge has warned against any day-dreaming of Munich lifting European football’s top domestic title for the first time since 2001. “The Champions League doesn’t really get going until the knockout stages and the title will be won in May, not in September,” said Rummenigge, Bayern’s Chief Executive Officer. “So let’s keep our feet on the ground. We need to take this step-


Carlos Tevez stayed put on the substitute’s bench

by-step.” His comments were echoed by Tobias Fischer of the Cayman branch of the Bayern Munich supporters club. Fischer said: “Manchester City were never going to be of any serious threat to Bayern. I don’t care how much they have spent on players we will always be far superior.” It was an equally bad day at the office for Manchester United who let a two goal lead slip to draw at home to Basle. And it took a last gasp equaliser from Ashley Young to spare United’s blushed who before then were trailing 3-2 to the unfancied Swiss outfit. Sir Alex Ferguson labelled his players “careless” and “lax” after Basle came close to inflicting a home

humiliation on Manchester United. Young’s last-minute header in the Champions League clash rescued a point for United but Ferguson was not happy with the 3-3 draw. He said: “I thought there was a carelessness about us throughout the game. The attacking part was very good at times - we played some very good football, particularly in the first half. But there was a carelessness about us and really, they could have scored three goals in the first half.” Ferguson added: “I suppose in many ways, it is ‘welcome to European football’ because they were very lax for parts of the game. “We were careless. It’s a wakeup call in many ways. A lack of concentration saw us give the game away really, but we rescued it.” to blog visit

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Kendall prepares as Dariel wins

Dariel Ebanks

Paul Kennedy

West Bay boxer Kendall Ebanks gets into the ring on Saturday for the start of his gold medal journey. And after his gym mate Dariel Ebanks powered to victory in his opening fight, Kendall needs to keep the flag flying for Cayman. Light weight Kendall, 22, has completeD his advanced training ahead of the World Boxing Championships. Speaking from Azerbaijan Kendall told iNews: “The camp has been over about seven days now. “I’ve moved from that location which was the country into the city where my team was located. “I’ve met up with my coaches and teammate Dariel Ebanks. Camp was very beneficial to me. I thank God for putting me in the position. I feel that I’m capable of gold now. “Out in the country is a lot of farm land not a lot to see. Its away from everything so there’s no distractions “It’s just been training, training and

more training and what a great feeling that is.” Kendall has now moved to Baku, the capital of the former Soviet Union country for the start of the Championships. A gold or silver medal will mean automatic qualification for next year’s London Olympics. A top ten finish for Kendall or Dariel would see the pair enter into the qualifying stages. But the two fighters from Dalmain Ebanks Boxing Gym only have one thing on their minds – and that’s gold. Dariel, fighting at 81k, won on a points decision against Agnes Keddy of the Seychelles. He next steps in the ring on Sunday with one victory already under his belt. Kendall is hoping to follow in his footsteps the day before. Kendall added: “My fight is on Saturday Oct 1st against Morroco. I’ve trained hard and I’m ready for the fight mentally and physically. God has me well prepared for this. “Out here the city is beautiful. It

Publisher Joan E Wilson Editor In Chief Colin G Wilson MCIM Printed and Published By: iNews Cayman Ltd. 342 Dorcy Dr., CAC Building, GT, Grand Cayman P.O. Box 10211 Grand Cayman KY1-1002 CAYMAN ISLANDS

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Kendall Ebanks

reminds me of Paris. The building structures are amazing, very different. “I made a lot of new friends out here. Fighters from all over Africa, Panama, Tonga and practically the whole Caribbean. I don’t know many European fighters though, they are a little more to themselves.“

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