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TUESDAY | 28 FEB 2012

UCCI Reaches for the Stars

Photo by Christopher Tobutt

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UCCI opens doors to the new Observatory which marked the final stage in a project that began more than ten years ago, when Dr. Hrudey, a lifelong astronomy enthusiast, began building an astronomical telescope in his garage.


Chief Magistrate Nova Hall yesterday remanded Justin Manderson, 19, into custody at Northward, denying him bail on charges of threatening violence and disorderly conduct. He is due back in court next

Tuesday, following the arrest of both himself and his brother Jordan, 18, after last week’s Thursday-morning raid at the Cinder Lane, West Bay, home of father Jake Manderson, 47. Officers detained the younger son on suspicion of conspiracy to murder and possession of an unlicenced firearm in connection with the 13

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September shooting death of Robert Bush at the junction of Birch Tree Hill Road and Captains Joe and Osbert Road. Police arrested the older brother for threatening violence and disorderly behaviour during the raid. Yesterday, father Jake Manderson accused police of battering Justin, Continued on page 5


28 FEB 2012 |


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28 FEB 2012 |


Reach for the Stars Christopher Tobutt

Dr. Bill Hrudey

Photos by Christopher Tobutt

The official opening of the University College of the Cayman Islands Dr. Wm. Hrudey Observatory marked the final stage in a project that began more than ten years ago, when Dr. Hrudey, a lifelong astronomy enthusiast, began building an astronomical telescope in his garage. Added to Dr. Hrudey’s labour of love – thousands of hours spent building the telescope from parts – was the goodwill of the corporate community, who stepped in with funds, as well as practical help and expertise, to house the telescope in its own state-of-the-art building, situated on the UCCI campus The telescope is a fully computerised 12.5 inch Newtonian reflector on a split ring equatorial mount which allows it to accurately track celestial object motion. The Observatory building contains a classroom to accommodate 20 students and an observing deck for the telescope. The roof over the observing

deck actually rolls off, exposing the telescope to the night sky. Once the Observatory is up and running, new courses will be available to students and to the general public, and there will be daytime and evening school tours, too. A number of dignitaries and community representatives were present. Premier McKeeva Bush said: “This is a special day, and I am truly elated to be here to participate in an event that opens a new and exciting chapter in the University College’s and Cayman Islands’ history. “The observatory was built and equipped entirely out of funds from donors and sponsors in the private sector. A heartfelt thanks to all who have collaborated on this project.” Dr Hrudey said that he hoped the new observatory would “serve as a gateway into physics, mathematics, and other scientific disciplines.” UCCI President Roy Bodden said “We in the Cayman Islands have to

learn to be tolerant and inclusive, and preach inclusiveness. I want to preface my vote of thanks by saying that this project would not have been possible without the generous donation of many persons who have come to the Cayman Islands because they wanted to make this place their home. Without their generosity, this project would not have been a reality; and that includes the maker and designer of the telescope, and now my good friend, Dr. Bill Hrudey.”

“The Cancer Society staff truly care for cancer patients” “I am not a cancer patient but I have been attending the Cancer Society’s Survivor Dinners over the years with my wife. I appreciate how the Cayman Islands Cancer Society’s staff care for my wife who is a cancer survivor. I have a lot of respect for those people because they treat everyone with respect. They truly care for cancer patients. I pray that the Lord will give them His blessings and the strength to carry on the good work that they are doing. I am happy to be around them as they are a friendly and loving group of people.”

Representatives from all the organisations and companies who have helped make the project a reality

~ Turner Myles 114 Maple Road George Town P.O. Box 10565 Grand Cayman KY1-1005 Cayman Islands

UCCI President, Mr. Roy Bodden

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President of the UCCI, Roy Bodden, and Dr. Bill Hrudey unveil a special plaque naming all the sponsors of the project


T. 345-949-7618 F. 345-949-8694


28 FEB 2012 |


‘One Man, One Vote’ referendum in 2013 election Tad Stoner

Rejecting as cynical UDP efforts to undercut their ‘One Man, One Vote’ petition’, opposition politicians yesterday vowed to press forward with their signature drive to gain a November referendum on a new electoral system. North Side Independent MLA Ezzard Miller yesterday dismissed a weekend pledge by Premier McKeeva Bush to offer electors a May 2013 choice for future voting. “What he is doing is trying to stop the obvious enthusiasm to sign the petition,” Mr Miller said. “This won’t dampen anybody’s spirit, though. It’s just typical of the UDP. If it’s a good idea, why wait until 2017 for implementation?” he asked. Both Mr Miller and East End PPM MLA Arden McLean, on 14 February, launched a drive to gain the signatures of 4,000 registered voters on a petition calling for 18 single-member constituencies, roughly, they said, equating to “one man, one vote”. Claiming the proposed 18-district system was more equitable than the current electoral system of 15 representatives in six districts, some of which return as many as four MLAs to Parliament, Miller and McLean promised an improved democracy, streamlined voting and better constituent relations in redrawn electoral boundaries. While Mr Bush on Friday unilaterally

announced the UDP would put the question on the 2013 ballot, looking toward possible 2017 implementation, a subsequent statement from the North Side and East End MLAs, both representing one-member districts, said Mr Bush’s move was a “naked attempt to stymie the current petition process” that furnished “clear proof that everyone needs to sign this petition, and let’s get it done for 2013.” While Mr McLean did not respond to phone calls, PPM leader Alden McLaughlin said he fully supported the petition, although worrying Cabinet would delay the referendum the petition was intended to spark. “This is an attempt to head off what they perceive as a winning petition,” Mr McLaughlin said. “Unfortunately, under the constitution, Cabinet can decide when it will be held.” To trigger a “people’s-initiated referendum” a public petition must garner the signatures of 25% of Cayman’s registered voters, meaning a total of 3,794 electors. Once verified, the signatures oblige government to stage a referendum on the question, although the only legal requirement is that poll must occur

within “a reasonable time”. Mr Miller and Mr McLean had hoped to see the ‘One Man, One Vote’ referendum -- and approval -- in November, clearing the path for a 2013 18-district electoral map. Mr Bush’s weekend pledge, however, did not address either the petition or hopedfor November poll, and presumed support for the UDP position from statements by Mr McLaughlin about issues of timing. “The interpretations of what I said are most unfortunate,” Mr McLaughlin said yesterday, rejecting any support for the UDP position. “The PPM has consistently pushed for single-member constituencies and I have been pushing for it for years. “I have signed the petition and I absolutely support it,” he said, fearing however, that Cabinet would simply delay the referendum until next May anyway. “I fear some of my concerns are being borne out, and I do have concerns about getting all the things done in time for the next election,” he said. “It creates a great deal of problems”. He remained hopeful, however, that the petition would prove so overwhelmingly popular that Cabinet could not reasonably delay a subsequent referendum until 2013. ”Unless the government is persuaded by the level of political pressure,” he said. “If, out of an electorate of 15,000, you have, say, 8,000 or more, you might see some response.”

Nathan Clarke is missing West Bay resident, 30 year old Nathan Clarke, has been missing since 9pm Saturday (25). He was last seen outside Calico Jacks beach bar on West Bay Road, near Sea Grape, walking towards West Bay. He was wearing beige swim shorts but no shirt. Clarke is a white male about 5 ft 7 inches tall. He has blonde hair, blue eyes and a tanned complexion. There have been extensive searches for him since Sunday involving the


RCIPS personnel, including K9 unit, Marine Unit, as well as friends. His family and friends say it is very unlikely Nathan would go missing. They are increasingly concerned about him. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Mr. Clarke, or who may have seen anyone fitting his description in the past 36hrs are asked to call the police at tel:345.949.4222, 345.949.4222

Nathan Clarke, Year I Teaching Assistant at Cayman Prep & High School

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28 FEB 2012 |


Manderson’s father elaborates on sons’ arrests Tad Stoner

Continued from front page hitting him on the head with the butt of a gun, requiring stitches to his head at the George Town hospital. The incident, he claimed, was only the latest in a series of attacks and threats against the two boys. “They keep after my children, harassing them because they don’t like them. I am fed up with it and I am angry,” he said. Mr Manderson elaborated on charges made late last week after the early morning raid, adding that the head injuries were part of a pattern of police treatment of the boys. Nearly a dozen officers, he said, had torn apart his house, the house of the boys’ mother and his own mother’s home, sparking a life-threatening attack of high blood pressure in the elderly Mrs Manderson. “At 5:30, the officers came and stood outside my window in black masks. They did not identify themselves, shouting ‘get up, get up’. There was one person with a handgun and a group of others standing outside in the yard with a flashlight. I thought some shooters or someone had come to look for me, so I hit the floor. “Between six and eight officers stormed through his door, he said, “and it’s a real small house, only three rooms. They took me out of the house and chased me down to the end of the road while they searched under the beds, up under the ceiling, everything.” Held at the corner of the road while police turned over the house, Mr Manderson watched as police finished, then called others to renew the hunt. “When they were done, they called another four CID officers and these other guys came in and went through everything: my refrigerator, the shelves, my suitcases, my kitchen. They even opened up my sugar jar and went through it grainby-grain. “I told them I had to go to work by 7:00, so they stayed until 10

Justin Manderson

minutes, maybe five minutes, before 7:00. They were in the house about an hour-and-a-half.” Leaving without Jordan Manderson, however, sought for arrest under Justice of the Peace Louis Ebanks 20 January warrant, police went to the home of Mr Manderson’s mother. “They went to my mother’s house, and she’s a little older. They chucked her air-conditioning unit out of the window, and broke into the house. They woke her up and went into the beds, and right through the house.” Still failing to find Jordan Manderson, raiders visited the home of his mother, arresting the younger brother, as per the warrant, and the older for resisting the encroachment and harassing police. “They had the two boys in two police cars,” Mr Manderson said.

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“They took the handle of a gun and hit Jordan in the head, because he was cursing. They carried him to the hospital to get stitches “ Meanwhile, he said, police took Jordan for an interview at the George Town Police Station, then moved him to the West Bay Police Station, then returned him to George Town for a second interrogation “with two other individuals who wanted to talk to him”. Only weeks ago, Mr Manderson said, police had similarly assailed Justin, returning from a day in North Side. “Justin and a couple of friends were coming down from Rum Point and he was sleeping in the front seat. The police saw him and stopped the car. They walked over to him, put a gun to this temple and said ‘get up and don’t open your mouth.’ He grabbed

the gun, pushed it away, trying to defend himself.” Jordan, he said, was in the next car. Police searched both vehicles, “and tore them apart. I’m fed up with this,” Mr Manderson said. Police yesterday acknowledged the charges, but rejected any responsibility for Justin Manderson’s injuries. “We can confirm that the male sustained an injury during an altercation the previous evening in East End which is currently being investigated by police. We strongly refute any allegation that the injury was caused by an RCIPS officer,” a spokeswoman said. “However, as previously stated in response to earlier allegations made by the family, if anyone feels they have cause for complaint we would encourage them to contact our Professional Standards Unit and the allegations will be fully investigated.”


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28 FEB 2012 |


‘The Artist’ earns best-picture, lead-actor Oscars

Octavia Spencer accepts her “Supporting Actress” Oscar

LOS ANGELES (AP) — “The Artist” won five Academy Awards on Sunday including best picture, becoming the first silent film to triumph at Hollywood’s highest honors since the original Oscar ceremony 83 years ago. Among other prizes for the blackand-white comic melodrama were best actor for Jean Dujardin and director for Michel Hazanavicius. In a night of few surprises, the other top Oscars went to Meryl Streep as best actress for “The Iron Lady,” Octavia Spencer as supporting actress for “The Help” and Christopher Plummer as supporting actor for “Beginners.” “The Artist” is the first silent winner since the World War I saga “Wings” was named outstanding picture at the first Oscars in 1929. “I am the happiest director in the world,” Hazanavicius said, thanking the cast, crew and canine co-star Uggie. “I also want to thank the financier, the crazy person who put money in the movie.” The other wins for “The Artist” were musical score and art direction. Martin Scorsese’s Paris adventure “Hugo” also won five Oscars, all in technical categories. Streep’s win was her first Oscar in 29 years, since she won best actress for “Sophie’s Choice.” She had lost 12 times in a row since then. Streep also has a supporting-actress Oscar for 1979’s “Kramer vs. Kramer.” “When they called my name, I


had this feeling I could hear half of America go, ‘Oh, no, why her again?’ But whatever,” Streep said, laughing. “I really understand I’ll never be up here again. I really want to thank all my colleagues, my friends. I look out here and I see my life before my eyes, my old friends, my new friends. Really, this is such a great honor, but the thing that counts the most with me is the friendship and the love and the sheer joy we’ve shared making movies together,” said Streep, the record-holder with 17 acting nominations. Streep is only the fifth performer to receive three Oscars. Jack Nicholson, Ingrid Bergman and Walter Brennan all earned three, while Katharine Hepburn won four. It was a night that went as expected, with front-runners claiming key prizes. Streep’s triumph provided a bit of drama, since she had been in a two-woman race with Viola Davis for “The Help.” The biggest surprise may have been the length of the show, which clocked in at about three hours and 10 minutes, brisk for a ceremony that has run well over four hours some years. The 82-year-old Plummer became the oldest acting winner ever for his role as an elderly widower who comes out as gay in “Beginners.” “You’re only two years older than me, darling,” Plummer said, addressing his Oscar statue in this

Jean Dujardin holds Uggie after accepting the Oscar for best picture for “The Artist” during the 84th Academy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 26, 2012

84th year of the awards. “Where have you been all my life? I have a confession to make. When I first emerged from my mother’s womb, I was already rehearsing my Oscar speech.” Completing an awards-season blitz that took her from Hollywood bit player to star, Spencer won for her role in “The Help” as a headstrong black maid whose willful ways continually land her in trouble with white employers in 1960s Mississippi.

List of Oscar Winners: Best Picture The Artist Actor in a Leading Role Jean Dujardin - The Artist Actor in a Supporting Role Christopher Plummer - Beginners Actress in a Leading Role Meryl Streep - The Iron Lady Actress in a Supporting Role Octavia Spencer - The Help Animated Feature Film Rango - Gore Verbinski Art Direction Hugo Production Design: Dante Ferretti Set Decoration: Francesca Lo Schiavo Cinematography Hugo - Robert Richardson Costume Design The Artist - Mark Bridges Directing The Artist - Michel Hazanavicius Documentary Feature

Undefeated - TJ Martin, Dan Lindsay and Richard Middlemas Documentary Short Subject Saving Face - Daniel Junge and Sharmeen obaid-Chinoy Film Editing The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Kirk Baxter and Angus Wall Foreign Language Film A Separation – Iran Makeup The Iron Lady - Mark Coulier and J. Roy Helland Music (Original Score) The Artist - Ludovic Bource Music (Original Song) Man or Muppet - The Muppets Music and Lyric by Bret McKenzie Short Film (Animated) The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore - William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg Short Film (Live Action) The shore - Terry George and Oorlagh George Sound Editing Hugo - Philip Stockton and Eugene Gearty Sound Mixing Hugo - Tom Fleischman and John Midgley Visual Effects Hugo - Rob Legato, Joss Williams, Ben Grossman and Alex Henning Writing (Adapted Screenplay) The Descendants - Screenplay by Alexander Payne and Nat Faxon & Jim Rash Writing (Original Screenplay) Midnight in Paris - Woody Allen to blog visit


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Women’s divine healing prayer breakfast Christopher Tobutt

Cayman believers Women’s Ministries and First Assembly of God Women’s Ministry got together to present a special Morning Glory Breakfast Fellowship with guest speakers Sis. Donna Dandie, Pastor Joe Ribeiro and his wife, Dee Ribeiro. Mr. and Mrs. Ribeiro had come to speak on this month’s theme of Divine Healing at the First Assembly of God Church, Crewe Road. Pastor Ribeiro said: “We believe God sent us here to meet the needs of many of those who are sick. I truly believe in divine healing, and I have experienced the power of God for healing these past fifteen years that I have been a minister; I have even experienced it in my own life, and I know that God is able. “I’ve seen people get healed from many kinds of disease such as cancer, heart disease, and so many other diseases. My wife and I are going to pray for some of the ladies today, and are believing God for some big miracles.” Antoinette Parris-Hoyte of the First Assembly of God Women’s Ministry explained why their group

Antoinette Parris-Hoyte of the First Assembly of God Women’s Ministry

Dee Ribeiro and Pastor Joe Ribeiro

had planned this joint meeting with the Cayman Believer’s Women’s Ministries, a locally-based interdenominational group whose aim is to empower women through the word of God. “We are the women’s group of the church and we meet every Tuesday night at 7.30. What we have in every last Saturday of the month is a prayer breakfast which is a synopsis of the entire theme that we carry for

the month. This month the theme is ‘Divine Healing’ and we are working with the Cayman Believers this month, but every month after that we do our prayer breakfast. It’s free and it’s open to all ladies who would like to come out, hear the word of God, fellowship with other ladies, and be empowered through the word of God,” she said. Judy Penn, from the Cayman Believer’s Women’s Ministry, said:

“We enhance, enrich and inspire one another. We decided on a joint venture for this month because we invited Pastor Joe Ribeiro down from Boston. Cayman Believer’s Women’s Ministries mission statement is: “Energising, enriching, saving and transforming the lives of women through Christ Jesus, that will ultimately benefit the family and the community.”

Photos by Christopher Tobutt

The Morning Glory Breakfast Fellowship

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Judy Penn, from the Cayman Believer’s Women’s Ministry.



28 FEB 2012 |


Detroit automakers race to keep up with sales DETROIT (AP) — Auto sales are growing so fast that Detroit can barely keep up. Three years after the U.S. auto industry nearly collapsed, sales of cars and trucks are surging. Sales could exceed 14 million this year, above last year’s 12.8 million. The result: Carmakers are adding shifts and hiring thousands of workers around the country. Carmakers and parts companies added more than 38,000 jobs last year, reaching a total of 717,000. And automakers have announced plans to add another 13,000 this

year, mostly on night shifts. But there’s a downside. The newfound success is straining the factory network of the Detroit automakers, as well as the companies that make the thousands of parts that go into each vehicle. This could lead to shortages that drive up prices. And it also has auto executives in a quandary. They got into trouble in the first place largely because their costs were too high. Now, they fear adding too many workers. Ford, for instance, is “squeezing every last component, transmission,

engine out of the existing brick and mortar,” says Jim Tetreault, vice president of North America manufacturing. Still, the surge in hiring bolsters the argument of those who supported the federal bailout of General Motors and Chrysler in 2008. The bailout has been a major issue in the days leading up the Michigan Republican Party primary this Tuesday. GOP front runner Mitt Romney opposed the bailout, which was supported by then-President George W. Bush and later by President Barack Obama.

Osama bin Laden’s Pakistan home is no more ABBOTTABAD, Pakistan (AP) — Pakistani authorities have reduced the house where Osama bin Laden lived for years before he was killed by U.S. commandos to rubble, destroying a concrete symbol of the country’s association with one of the world’s most reviled men. Workers completed the demolition job in the garrison town of Abbottabad in northwest Pakistan on Monday. The al-Qaida leader moved into the three-story house in 2005. Acting on intelligence gathered by the CIA, a team of U.S. commandos flew in

by helicopter from Afghanistan and killed bin Laden on May 2 before dumping his body at sea hours later. The operation left Pakistan’s army in the awkward position of explaining why it had not detected the U.S. raid, and how bin Laden was able to live in the town without its knowledge. U.S. officials have said they have found no evidence that senior Pakistani officials were in the know about bin Laden’s whereabouts. Mechanized backhoe vehicles and construction workers began pulling down the house on Saturday night,

working under floodlights. An Associated Press photographer said Monday the job was completed, save for a section of its boundary walls. The house stood less than half a mile (one kilometer) from one of the Pakistan army’s top training academies. Officials did not explain why the house was destroyed. Some residents of Abbottabad thought it should be a tourist attraction, although given the sensitivities surrounding the property it was hard to see the government developing it as one.

Officials say 3 dead in Canadian train derailment BURLINGTON, Ontario (AP) — A Canadian Via Rail passenger train derailed west of Toronto Sunday, killing three railroad employees and injuring dozens of passengers, officials said. Via Rail spokeswoman Michelle Lamarche said the three people killed were all engineers riding in the cab of the locomotive at the front of the train when it derailed in Burlington, Ontario. A fourth Via worker in the locomotive was injured, she said. Burlington Mayor Rick Goldring also confirmed that three people died in the accident.


Lamarche said no passengers died but 45 were injured. She said 75 people were on board the train traveling from Niagara Falls to Toronto when the train left the tracks around 3:30 p.m. Sunday within view of a residential area near Aldershot station. The locomotive crashed on its side into a small trackside building, and at least two passengers car behind it were driven off the tracks into an L-shape. All six cars derailed, a Via official said. Amid the twisted metal and debris emergency crews scrambled to pull passengers to safety amid

reports fuel was leaking from the train. Some passengers were carried away on boards and stretchers while others, looking dazed and battered, were led out of the wreckage by emergency workers. Three passengers were airlifted to hospital, one with a heart attack, another with a broken leg and the third with a back injury. Forty-two other passengers suffered less-serious injuries and were either treated at the scene or taken to local hospitals. Some 30 passengers were well enough to continue on to Toronto’s Union Station by bus. to blog visit

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28 FEB 2012 |


Coconut Shrimp Recipes Georgina Wilcox

If you love coconut shrimp, here are three different, but very good coconut shrimp recipes to try. Everyone who has been invited to Georgina’s Kitchen has enjoyed all three. 1. Coconut Beer Batter Fried Shrimp with Pineapple Salsa Ingredients 2 eggs 1-3/4 cups all-purpose flour 3/4 cup beer 1 tablespoon baking powder 2 lb. medium shrimp, peeled and deveined. Coconut oil 3 cups grated coconut Seasoning mix ingredients: 1 tablespoon cayenne pepper 2-1/4 teaspoons salt 1-1/2 teaspoons sweet paprika 1-1/2 teaspoons black pepper 1-1/4 teaspoons garlic powder 3/4 teaspoon onion powder 3/4 teaspoon dried thyme 3/4 teaspoon dried oregano Directions • Thoroughly combine the ingredients for the seasoning mix in a small bowl and set aside. • Mix 1-1/4 cups of the flour, 2 teaspoons of the seasoning mix, baking powder, eggs, and beer together in a bowl, breaking up all lumps until it is smooth. • Combine the remaining flour with

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1-1/2 teaspoons of the seasoning mix and set aside. Place the coconut in a separate bowl. • Sprinkle both sides of the shrimps with the remaining seasoning mix. Then hold each shrimp by the tail, dredge in the flour mixture, shake off excess, dip in batter and allow excess to drip off. Coat each shrimp with the coconut and place on a baking sheet. • Heat deep fryer to 350∞F. Drop each shrimp into the hot oil and cook until golden brown, approximately 1/2 to 1 minute on each side. Do not crowd the fryer. Drain on paper towels and serve immediately. • Lay shrimp on large lettuce leaves and serve with Pineapple Salsa dip. Garnish with lemon, orange, or lime wedges. Pineapple Salsa Ingredients 1 cup finely chopped fresh pineapple 1/3 cup chopped red onion, 1/4 cup finely chopped fresh cilantro 1/4 cup pineapple preserves (or apricot-pineapple preserves) 1 tablespoon finely chopped seeded fresh jalapeno chili 1 1/2 tablespoons fresh lime juice 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper Directions • Combine ingredients and toss.

2. Coconut Shrimp Kabobs with Island Coconut Salsa Ingredients 1 lb. shell-on shrimp, uncooked 1/3 cup coconut milk, canned and sweetened 2 tablespoons lime juice 1 garlic clove, crushed 1 teaspoon red chili peppers, seeded and minced 1 teaspoon ground cumin 1/2 teaspoon ground coriander 1/4 teaspoon ground white pepper 12 to 18 fresh pineapple chunks Island Coconut Salsa Ingredients 1 cup flaked coconut 1 cup chopped cilantro 1 cup chopped green onion 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice 2 tablespoons minced fresh ginger 1 to 2 teaspoons minced garlic clove 1/2 teaspoon sea salt 1/2 cup olive oil or macadamia nut oil

Directions • Peel and devein shrimp retaining tails; set aside. Combine coconut milk, lime juice, garlic, red peppers, cumin, coriander and pepper; pour over shrimp. Marinate no more than 1 hour. Thread shrimp and pineapple chunks on skewers. Broil or grill, 3 minutes per side, or until shrimp are done. Arrange coconut shrimp on large lettuce leaves. Serve with Island Coconut Salsa on the side. 3. Caribbean Shrimp Run Down Ingredients 1 lb shell-on shrimp, uncooked 3 tablespoons lime or lemon juice 3 cups coconut milk 1 large onion 3 cloves garlic Finely chopped hot pepper to taste 1 lb. tomatoes, peeled and chopped 1 Tbsp. vinegar 1 t. fresh chopped thyme Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper Directions • Peel and devein shrimp retaining tails. Pour the lime juice over the shrimp and set aside. Cook the coconut milk in a heavy frying pan until it is oily. Add the onion, garlic and cook until the onion is tender. Add the hot pepper, tomatoes, salt and pepper, thyme and vinegar. Stir and cook very gently for 10 minutes. • Drain the shrimp, add the other ingredients and cook until the shrimp is tender, about 10 minutes. Serve hot over rice. Preparation time: 30 minutes.



28 FEB 2012 |


The Editor speaks Wily Bush’s ‘One Man, One Vote’ statement. Ezzard and Arden reply

Colin Wilson

You have to hand it to our premier, Hon. McKeeva Bush - he is one wily politician. With signatures on the petition for a people initiated referendum on ‘One Man, One Vote’ steadily mounting, the premier cleverly announced on Friday (24) government would hold a national ballot at the same time as the 2013 May General Election. Mr Bush said in his release to iNews Cayman that “the United Democratic Party government will hold a referendum on ‘One Man, One Vote’ at the May 2013 general election.” He added that this was a previously stated position of the UDP and the benefits of holding the referendum as part of the general election next

Your Views

year would avoid duplicating “costs at a time when there is tremendous pressure on public finances.” The premier stated that if the one man, one vote passed at what would be a 2013 referendum, this allows for an orderly implementation of the system. “Furthermore the call to have such a referendum this year obviously does not have the support of the leader of the opposition given his comments,” referring to an article published in another news media. However, both North Side and East End MLA’s, Ezzard Miller and Arden McLean are sticking to their position that the national ballot on ‘One Man, One Vote’ must take place in November BEFORE the May 2013 general election. They said it was: “nothing but a naked

attempt to stymie the current petition process. “We remind Caymanians that the premier has made this promise before and has not delivered. In 2003 as leader of government business, he expended considerable public funds to have the Electoral Boundaries Commission draft up the 18 single member constituencies in preparation for the 2004 elections, only to abort the implementation for his own political expediency, in spite of his party’s support for its introduction. “The premier then offered to placate the PPM who supported the introduction of ‘One Man, One Vote’ by introducing it for George Town as a test case, again only for his own political purposes. This never happened and the premier is

now merely offering up yet another empty promise on this matter.” Although conceding there would be a cost to the country in holding the referendum they said, “The benefits achieved by winning the referendum are certainly worth the money spent. How much is too much to allow Caymanians to express their democratic rights and freedoms?” The organisers of the petition have said they are already past the half way mark to collect the 3,800 signatures they need to trigger the constitutionally enshrined peopleinitiated referendum. No one can say politics in Cayman is dull. I came in this morning wondering what I was going to write about in my editorial? Thank you McKeeva.

Here is an example taken from a certain report. “For quite a while it has been recommended that the areas of Barkers and the Dyke Roads be excluded from the beach access claims because of a greater development framework was already under consideration.” It is now clear to see why the beach access claims have not been completed or registered so that the citizens may enjoy unhindered access to our beaches. There is a good chance that we may lose them now. Other countries are finding ways to deal with the worldwide recession and not exchanging their valuable lands to satisfy a particular developer alone. Some countries, their representatives are taking a pay cut in salary. Also placing their hospitality workers

back to work by not renewing work permits in that industry. For example, in Cayman there are 23,000 work permits and 1,000 Caymanians out of work. Could we not find the commitment to require of the big firms that they employ our people? That would mean only 1000 less work permits. There are much more than those mentioned to help put people back to work. Why could not our representatives come up with some sensible ideas rather than the madness of the For Cayman Investment Alliance deal? It is our right to protest this injustice and we should not be afraid to do so and when the West Bay Road is gone to a private developer then it is lost forever.


Letters to the Editor Dear Editor What we have to realize that the public was intentionally ignored about the For Cayman Investment Alliance deal. It was only after all the plans were made that the public was informed. When the road is closed it is bound to inconvenience Cayman. Not only the closure but when the work begins because constant work will have to be carried out which will at some point inconvenience all of us. This is left to be seen. The For Cayman Investment Alliance is uneconomical. We cannot swap all of our assets because of the recession. What happens in the event of another recession? Then what do we have left to swap. The Government has not

even considered another plan to preserve its crown lands because one developer feels that he must have the portion of the West Bay Road for his gain. We have to say no to this. The Government must revisit this idea for a better plan. It is uneconomical. They have not given the public a chance for input for a better plan. What has been dumped on us is this madness to lose some of our very best lands. We are a smart people and we should have been able to come up with better solutions than the For Cayman Investment Alliance deal proposed only if our representatives had involved its people to participate in finding solutions to help deal with the recession. This For Cayman Investment Alliance deal was long planned.

Ezmie Smith

iThought The wisdom of one who is humble will exalt his head, and will cause him to sit down in the midst of great men.


Ecclesiasticus 10:11 to blog visit


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This Means War (PG-13)

12:20PM | 2:30PM | 4:45PM | 9:30PM

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (PG) 4:30PM | 10:10PM

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0563432 0630470 1442741 2015574 2858912 3085785 Camana Bay •4680107 55-Market Street, Grand Cayman, 5375658 KY1 , Cayman Islands • Tel: (345) 640-3456 6798860 7108074 7764302 8163487 Journey 2: The Mysterious Island 3D (PG) 8643978 8798340 1:50PM | 7:40PM Safe House (R)

1:10PM | 4:00PM | 7:10PM | 9:45PM

The Vow (PG-13)

1:20PM | 3:50PM | 7:20PM | 9:50PM

Beauty and the Beast 3D (G)


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5-Day Forecast


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H: 84 L: 75 11



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Solving 9x9 sudoku puzzles Sudoku begins with some of the grid cells already filled with numbers. The object of Sudoku is to fill the other empty cells with numbers between 1 and 9. Each number can appear only once on each row and column.






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To answer the trivia question, look for words or phrases that are hidden in the puzzle, but not in the word list.


Can you find the first and last names of the “Fab Four” in the puzzle?

Answers: 1. ______________________

2. ______________________

3. ______________________

4. ______________________

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Across 1. This one and that 5. Flying pros 9. Actors Alan and Robert 14. Sailing 15. Burst of wind 16. Shoplift, so to say 17. Riddle, Part 1 19. Retired Chicago Bears coach called “Iron Mike” 20. Rope on the range 21. Sentimental do-gooder 23. “Eeeww!” 25. Fond du ___, Wisconsin 26. Lamb ma’am 27. Riddle, Part 2 33. Major util. 34. Ess follower 35. Less fresh 38. Fragrant compound 40. Prof ’s aides, briefly 42. Enlighten 43. Search (out) 45. Letter after pi 47. Get in on the pot 48. Riddle, Part 3 51. Moroccan topper 53. Sci-fi transport 54. Puny 55. Revolving server 58. Model wood 63. “___ far, far better thing that I do ...” (Dickens) 64. Answer to riddle 66. Discussion group 67. Biblical garden 68. Taj Mahal locale 69. Foments 70. Tabula ___ (blank slate) 71. Answering machine sound

Down 1. Blubber 2. Dept. of Labor arm 3. Soho socials 4. Sombreros 5. Long ___ 6. Stage manager’s reminder page 7. Gas brand in Canada 8. Balanced 9. Walk away from, as responsibility


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10. Lane of “The Daily Planet” 11. Place to sign 12. Crooked 13. Long look 18. Gloomy 22. Slumps 24. Snare 27. Coral buildup 28. “Who ___ was there?” 29. Served over pasta with sherry and cream sauce 30. Champagne buckets 31. Upgrade weapons 32. Doppler device 36. Small newts 37. Baker’s rackful 39. Thumbs-down options 41. Tecumseh’s tribespeople 44. Vegetarian staple 46. Grand ___ Opry

49. Lineup 50. Socialist politico Eugene V. ___ 51. Somersaults in the air 52. Patronize, as a restaurant 56. North Sea feeder 57. Verdi heroine 59. Captain in “Moby Dick” 60. Theater box 61. Dried up 62. “Pronto!” to a CEO 65. Forensic sampling

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Great Barrier reef to be visited by Google Earth

Armchair scuba divers will be given the chance to explore the Great Barrier reef when Google Earth delves beneath the waves to offer sea views with a difference. Rarely seen coral reefs, underwater grasslands, forests and craggy drop-offs teaming with marine life are to be photographed and mapped by a pair of unmanned submarine cameras during the Catlin Seaview Survey, which starts in September. Story from Daily Telegraph London: A pioneering research survey will map the Great Barrier Reef as never before and allow virtual divers to experience the unique ecosystem through thousands of 360-degree, highdefinition panoramas of underwater landscapes – similar to Google’s street view. Rarely seen coral reefs, underwater grasslands, forests and craggy drop-offs teaming with marine life are to be photographed and mapped by a pair of unmanned submarine cameras during the Catlin Seaview Survey, which starts in September. “Most people who dive the Barrier Reef do so to depths up to to blog visit

about 20 metres. But 93 per cent of the reef lies at between 30-100 metres, where light still penetrates. These areas are rarely if ever dived,” Ove Hoegh-Guldberg from the University of Queensland told the Daily Telegraph. “Our specially made James Bondlike submersibles will capture for first time in history the unique marine life down there – and whether it is under threat from climate change,” he added. Hoegh-Guldberg is the chief scientist of the research project, which is a partnership between Google, NGOs and sponsored by UK insurance company Catlin. “The two camera subs – one is needed to rescue the other should it run into difficulties – are fitted with four state of the art HD cameras at the bow,” explained Hoegh-Guldberg. “Each which will take photos every few seconds as they navigate designated sites along the 2,300km long reef. The subs also have the capability to collect samples to bring to the surface for further study on deepwater ecology and the changes taking place in our oceans ecosystems,” he added.

The images will be posted on Panoramio, Google Earth, Google Maps and be seen via a custommade 360-degree viewer. A YouTube channel will also show the images. Currently they can be seen at Caitlin Seaview Survey. Viewers will be able to click on the Google platforms at dive sites and submerge to carry out their own survey expeditions. “We will seek the global audience’s help in assessing the health and composition of the reef. The public can help us scientist study in close detail the size of the corals and the number of fish, and spot things like coral bleaching and unique breeding habits. Hopefully, virtual diving will raise awareness about climate change,” said Hoegh-Guldberg. Information on sea temperatures, calcification rates and the ability of relatively protected deep coral to provide the spores needed to rebuild damaged coral located nearer the surface, will also be gathered. “All data gathered by the cameras and the viewers will strengthen our understanding of our oceans and form the basis for future analysis,” added Hoegh-Guldberg.

The expedition will consist of three dives to conduct shallow reef, deep water and mega fauna surveys. Green turtles, tiger sharks and mantra rays will be also tagged as part of the research and then tracked on line by satellite. “This will allow viewers and scientists to discover where such species migrate to as climate change impacts on their sea routes,” said Hoegh-Guldberg. Images from a six-day pilot mission are already on line – and declared a success. “The test run discovered a new species of pygmy sea horse and four types of coral that had never been seen in the region. We hope to over the coming years expand the surveys to other seas and oceans,” added Hoegh-Guldberg. The new view of the seas was unveiled Thursday at the inaugural World Oceans Summit in Singapore, which for the first time has brought together leading economists, CEOs, scientist and select NGOs to “reframe the debate” about ocean conservation and the multiple challenges facing the booming blueeconomy, from overfishing and to widespread environmental damage.



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Dog that killed baby may have been trying to care for him AIRDRIE, ALTA (AP) — A friend of an Alberta couple whose two-dayold baby was killed by the family’s pet husky says the dog was probably trying to comfort the crying boy when it delivered one fatal bite to the child’s delicate, tiny head. Dawn Donald says she has spoken with the baby’s devastated parents, Rob and Rhonda Fradette, and they seem to have done everything they were supposed to do when they brought their new baby home from the hospital last week. They had locked the dog in its kennel in the basement and put their sleeping baby in his crib, Donald said. But somehow the dog escaped and went to investigate when the baby woke up crying. It was not a vicious attack, she said, and the same bite wouldn’t have killed an older child. The parents believe the dog may have been trying to care for the child, she said. “When dogs grab their young, they grab them there to pull them in,” said Donald, who came to know the Fradettes through the dogsledding community in southern Alberta. She said the nine-year-old female dog, a Siberian husky, had previously delivered four litters of its own puppies. “It wanted to nurture, care for (the baby),” Donald said. “It felt like it was part of the family. That’s what it seemed like to them.” Donald, who runs Mad Dogs & Englishmen Expeditions, a dogsled touring company in Canmore, Alta., conceded that no one will ever know what was going through the dog’s mind. The parents issued a statement through the RCMP on Thursday that described their son’s death as an “unthinkable, tragic accident” but did not talk about what happened. “We will never know what our family pet was thinking nor will we ever know why she did what she did,” they said. “We now have to accept what has happened and move forward in our grieving and healing.” The RCMP will only say that their


investigation revealed there was no negligence and there will be no criminal charges. The baby was born on the night of Feb. 13 and was bitten on the morning of Feb. 15 at the couple’s house in Airdrie, a bedroom community just north of Calgary. He died 12 hours later at Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary. The animal remains in quarantine. The Fradettes said they have been too busy mourning the loss of their child to discuss whether the dog should be destroyed. The animal had not been aggressive before and went through training and obedience classes. The parents said they also attended seminars by the Calgary Humane Society, including one on how to bring a new baby into a home with pets. Darryl Poburan, manager of municipal enforcement in Airdrie, said the husky is being assessed by an animal behaviour specialist. If the family decides it doesn’t want the dog destroyed, the matter will be heard by a provincial court

judge on March 15, he said. “It’s not the city’s choice to destroy the dog,” Poburan said. “In this case, we feel that it needs to be heard by a judge, and he needs to make that decision whether this dog should be put back into society or not.” Donald said the Fradettes are taking their time with the decision, “so they can look at it objectively, which is, I think, really big of them.” “Not only have they lost their baby, but now they’re going to lose a dog, too, that they desperately love. And it’s like their whole family unit has been blown apart in every direction.” For the Fradettes, dogs are their family and also their business. They run a home-based company called Urban Mushers that sells dogsledding supplies. According to their website, they own four Siberian huskies named Spot, Siku, Ikkuma and Celine. Rob Fradette is a competitive dogsled racer. Neighbours said they often saw the family hook their dogs to a sled in front of the house to go for a ride. The couple also has a

2½-year-old son. “Both of us are very experienced regarding the husky breed and canines in general,” said the couple, who added that all their dogs have gone through numerous rally, tricks, agility and pulling-sports classes. The couple also said in the release that they have been touched by friends, relatives, fellow mushers and “complete strangers who have reached out their arms and shown us love and support during this extremely difficult time.” They have set up a memorial fund in the name of Baby Fradette. Donations will go to the Alberta Children’s Hospital. The Fradettes have in the past written about their love for the dogs on their business website. Rob Fradette also detailed his sled races on Facebook. On Feb. 14, he wrote about bringing home his new son, Grayson, and feeling like “the luckiest, most happy guy in the world.” He said the dogs welcomed the baby home by singing. His last entry simply reads: “Hurting.” to blog visit

Our Eye

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Copyright protection in music It’s hurting the industry and in particular the musicians

Georgina Wilcox

Here is another interesting blog from Paul McGowan of PS Audio (www. concerning how the archaic copyright protection pushed into legislation by the recording companies actually is hurting the industry and in particular the musicians: This issue about copyrights and protection has so many layers and hooks into society’s fabric that it’s hard to pick on just one but I will certainly try. It is legal for me to stream music in the form of a radio station. In fact, we do this already through eTracks. Here I can stream pretty much anything I want and pay

a yearly license fee. Problem is, it’s 192kbps limited and MP3. It sounds good, but it’s not great and the quality of the sound certainly doesn’t pay homage to the musicians who made the music. What I’d love to do is stream full CD and high-res quality but there’s simply not enough bandwidth to do that. So I came up with an idea – if the source of the radio station was local then you wouldn’t have bandwidth restrictions. So we place the entire library onto a small hard drive in its uncompressed format, encrypt the data so it cannot be copied, and package the HD in a radio product we sell to folks. Access to it is still the same – as a radio station – but

now you get full bandwidth without compression – we could even do multiple stations from the same library – and what a cool product that would be. Maybe 20 stations that cover everything we’d like to listen to – all in uncompressed wonderfulness. Can’t do it. Copyright laws prohibit this. Same music, same fees paid, same protection from copying and selling. And that’s the problem of legislating against change and the natural order of things. For now it’s just an inconvenience but one that hurts the musicians as well as the high-end customer who wants to enjoy music without suffering the degradation of MP3.

Change is tough but building fences to protect a dying industry doesn’t work and slows down what will work. If you want to send Paul a comment go to: www. problem/5115/#comments

10 Most Popular Dog Breeds The results are in!

Georgina Wilcox

In the American Kennel Club’s annual survey of most popular purebred dogs in the U.S., the Labrador Retriever has won again. This is the 20th year in a row that the loveable Lab has topped the list. See the full list below. 1. Labrador Retriever 2. German Shepherd 3. Yorkshire Terrier 4. Beagle 5. Golden Retriever 6. Bulldog 7. Boxer 8. Dachshund 9. Poodle 10. Shih Tzu The German Shepherd held the number two spot, and the Yorkshire Terrier stayed in the third spot for the second year in a row. This year’s list included some shakeups — including the Beagle overtaking the Golden Retriever for the fourth spot and the Bulldog, who has been steadily rising in the

rankings, overtook the Boxer for the number six spot. “Not since the early 20th Century has the Bulldog enjoyed such sustained popularity,” said AKC Spokesperson Lisa Peterson. “‘Bob’ was the first AKC registered Bulldog in 1886, and today the breed enjoys its highest ranking in 100 years at number 6.” AKC registration statistics are compiled from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 of the previous year. In 2010, AKC registered 170 different breeds. For more information, visit the AKC’s Web site. Read more: http://www.care2/ greenliving/10-most-popular-dogbreeds.html#ixzz1nKgRUDr7/

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Marine toxins Dr. Bella Beraha

Dr Bella Beraha, born in Venezuela, joined us from Miami. She is an M.D. in Internal Medicine and runs a successful medically supervised weight loss program from the clinic.

The world’s oceans harbour hundreds of different types of marine toxins, and the illnesses caused by these toxins vary widely. Living on a Caribbean Island naturally means a very significant exposure to marine life. For the most part it’s a very safe exposure, but occasionally we come across some of these rare toxins. Like with any other illness knowledge is the key to prevention. I will briefly discuss some of the more frequently encountered marine toxins and limit the topic to the toxins present in tropical climates. CIGUATERA: Named by the Portuguese biologist Parra in 1771. Ciguatera poisoning is the most common fish food poisoning in tropical coastal regions with an estimated 20,000 to 50,000 people developing Ciguatera each year throughout the world. More than 400 different fish species have been associated with Ciguatera. Reef-dwelling tropical fish such as Barracuda, Moray Eel, Amberjack, and certain types of Grouper, Mackerel, Parrotfish, and Red Snapper are the most common sources of Ciguatera toxicity. Ciguatera is caused by several distinct toxins, of which Ciguatoxin is the best known. These toxins are formed by single-celled algae-like organisms that grow on and around coral reefs. There is concern that as more coral reefs die because of global warming, nutrient runoff, and construction, Ciguatera may increase. The algae are consumed by fish that do not appear to suffer ill effects from the toxin. Large, predatory fish eat these herbivore smaller fish and concentrate the toxin in their organs and flesh. Ciguatera toxin-containing fish does not taste, smell, or appear unusual. Since Ciguatoxin is a heat


stable, acid resistant toxin; cooking, marinating, freezing, and stewing fish does not destroy it. The patient affected with Ciguatera frequently develop vomiting, diarrhoea, and abdominal cramping, beginning three to six hours after eating contaminated fish. Neurologic symptoms usually begin 3 to 72 hours after the meal. These can include paresthesias (abnormal sensations), painful teeth, painful urination, blurred vision, nerve paralysis, and hot/cold temperature reversal. Cardiovascular symptoms include bradycardia (slow heart beat), heart block, and hypotension (low blood pressure). Ciguatera symptoms can recur up to six months later after drinking alcohol or caffeine or eating nuts or fish. The overall Ciguatera mortality rate is about 0.1 percent, mortality is lowest in areas of the world where the emergency medical/critical care system is able to treat coma, bradycardia, or hypotension if it develops. The diagnosis is based upon the history and clinical findings. There is no commercially available test for the toxin. Patients should be told to avoid all fish, alcohol, caffeine, and nuts for six months since these may trigger a recurrence of symptoms. Patients should also be informed that future attacks of Ciguatera might be worse than the initial illness. Ciguatera is not an infectious disease, and individuals do not develop immunity to the toxin. SCOMBROID: Scombroid fish poisoning together with Ciguatera are the most common fish-related illnesses reported worldwide. Because of its presentation it is frequently misdiagnosed as a seafood allergy. Scombroid is common throughout the world and most of the cases are associated with Tuna, Bluefish, and Mahi-Mahi. Scombroid occurs after consumption of contaminated dark meat fish. Contamination is caused by bacterial overgrowth in improperly stored fish. Overgrowth can occur when the fish is stored at temperatures above 20ºC for as little

as two to three hours. Although more typically associated with fresh fish, poisoning can also occur with canned fish if the fish is handled improperly either before canning or after the can is opened; opened cans of tuna should be refrigerated to prevent poisoning. The bacteria that causes Scombroid are naturally present in the muscle of dark meat fish. The contamination process produces high levels of histamine and possibly other toxins. Toxins are not broken down by cooking, freezing, or subsequent refrigeration. Fish contaminated with Scombroid may smell and appear fresh, although patients with Scombroid often report that the fish tastes “peppery,” “salty,” or “bubbly”. Signs and symptoms of Scombroid toxicity usually begin within an hour of eating contaminated fish. The symptoms resemble an allergic reaction. The patient may suddenly experience flushing, a sensation of warmth, a rash, palpitations, and significant tachycardia (rapid heart beat). The rash often is especially prominent on the upper torso and face. Headache, blurred vision, respiratory distress, and dizziness have also been described.Scombroid poisoning usually resolves within 12 hours if untreated and has no long-term effects. Scombroid poisoning usually responds rapidly to antihistamines. NEUROTOXIC SHELLFISH POISONING: Neurotoxic Shellfish Poisoning (NSP) is associated with “red tides.” NSP tends to occur along the South-eastern coast of the United States, the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, and New Zealand . The NSP-related toxins are formed by algae. These toxins, called brevetoxins, have been associated with two clinical pictures. One syndrome occurs after eating contaminated shellfish and consists of gastrointestinal distress and neurologic symptoms such as paresthesias (abnormal sensation) of the face, mouth, and extremities, dizziness, ataxia (unsteady gate), and muscle aches. Patients may also experience hot/cold temperature reversal, and seizures have been described. The other syndrome, aerosolised

red tide respiratory irritation (ARTRI), occurs when the toxins are inhaled from sea spray. ARTRI consists of nasal and respiratory irritation, rhinorrhea (runny nose), and bronchoconstriction (airway tightness). People with chronic lung disease and asthma are especially susceptible. Treatment of both syndromes is supportive. Bronchodilators (inhalers) are useful for treatment and possibly also for prevention of ARTRI. NSP is generally not fatal in humans and most patients recover within 72 hours. DIARRHEIC SHELLFISH POISONING: Diarrheic Shellfish Poisoning (DSP) occurs throughout the world. Several toxins have been associated with DSP, of which the best known is Okadaic Acid. Patients present with chills and gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, and abdominal cramps shortly after eating Mollusks. The symptoms usually occur within two hours after shellfish consumption and resolve within two days. Treatment is supportive. PUFFERFISH POISONING (TETRODOTOXIN) — Pufferfish poisoning is most commonly seen in Japan where the fish, called Fugu, Globefish, or Blowfish, is considered a delicacy. Pufferfish poisoning is caused by a toxin produced by microorganisms associated with the fish. Tetrodotoxin is one of the deadliest natural toxins and is not destroyed by washing, cooking, or other food preparation. It concentrates in the liver and visceral organs along with the skin of the Pufferfish and is also found in several species of frogs, salamanders, and octopus. Symptoms of tetrodotoxin occur rapidly after ingestion and include weakness, dizziness, paresthesias of the face and extremities, nausea, and loss of reflexes. With higher doses there is severe hypotension (low blood pressure) and, in some cases, general paralysis. Death can occur due to respiratory failure and hypotension. It is not unusual for the patient to remain conscious while paralyzed. Treatment of Pufferfish poisoning consists of supportive care. to blog visit


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Georgina Wilcox

Every single one of us begins aging the moment we are born If you’re alive, you’re aging - you can’t avoid it. But there are a number of things that you can do to keep yourself healthy and active, and to eliminate or at least slow down many of the factors that contribute to aging. Ever since Ponce de Leon went searching for the Fountain of Youth, people have been looking for ways to slow down the aging process. Medical science has made great advances in keeping people alive longer by preventing and curing diseases, and helping people to live healthier, happier lives. Average life expectancy keeps increasing and most of us can look forward to a much longer life than our ancestors. Our bodies were actually designed with the ability to fix themselves, as long as you take care of yourself properly. Your body is made up of about 100 trillion (100,000,000,000,000) living cells, which keep themselves strong and healthy with the proper food. Each and every one of those trillions of cells dies off and is replaced with a

new cell at regular intervals. Your entire body is literally completely replaced every few years, you really aren’t the same person you used to be! What happens with your cells is the key to anti-aging - When a cell dies, one of three possible things must happen: A) If the cell has not been receiving proper nutrition, its replacement will be a weaker version of the cell. In this scenario, your body is degenerating. B) The replacement cell may have the same strength as its predecessor. In this case, your body essentially remains in the same place. C) The third possibility is that the new cell is stronger than the previous one. Now you’re actually regenerating the body, and reversing the aging process. This can only happen if you give your cells plenty of the right kind of food energy to work with. Sometime, usually in our late twenties or early thirties, many of us start noticing those first signs that we aren’t kids anymore and a few grey hairs appearing, facial wrinkles, skin starts sagging. As more time

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goes by, other signs gradually appear and it’s a little harder getting up in the morning, our vision and hearing aren’t what they used to be, our sex life isn’t as lively as we remember. As we look around, we see the same things happening to our friends and family. Most of us generally accept what we see as an inevitable process of nature. You’re only as old as you feel And if you feel and think that you’re getting older and well, then you are! Your mindset does influence what goes on in your body. Meanwhile, you see your body getting older, so you feel older, which reinforces the

aging processes in your body. It becomes a vicious circle. You can turn things around - As you notice your body looking and feeling younger, your mindset will improve, which motivates you to continue your anti-aging practices, which sets up a positive feedback loop, instead of a negative one. And so the process accelerates. People are living longer than ever nowadays, due to advanced medical breakthroughs, increased awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and other related factors. The human body can take an awful lot of abuse and neglect - We don’t always think about our bad habits, since it may take years or decades for the effects to become apparent. But neglect yourself long enough and you may one day find yourself suffering through the late period of your life with a wide range of ailments and complaints - from difficulty seeing and hearing to cancer, heart disease, brittle bones, and many other problems. Yet it only takes knowledge and a little bit of work to prevent most, if not all, of these common old-age problems from manifesting. There’s no magic pill or instant cure, and it will take some effort on your part. But the results will be well worth it. How much would it be worth to you to enjoy your final years as a healthy, active adult, able to continue doing many of the things you most love?



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Buccaneers beat Pigs Trotters in U16 Tag League Christopher Tobutt

The Maples Buccaneers beat the Maples Pigs Trotters, 10 to 8 in The U16s Girls’ Tag League at the South Sound Rugby Ground on Saturday. “We have around 25 girls in the programme and we are playing a modified Tag Rugby,” explained coach Caroline Deegan. “The girls have been split into two teams the Maples Buccaneers and the Maples Pigs Trotters. This league has been set up to introduce young Caymanian women to the world of 7s Rugby which is now an Olympic sport. “We are hoping to develop this programme so we can enter a team in 2020. Each week we introduce another rule from 7s rugby. We have covered Scrums, Line Outs

and next week we are introducing Contact,” Ms Deegan said. The score so far in the league is: Maples Pigs Trotters - 2 wins, 1 draw; Maples Buccaneers 2 wins 1 Draw.

Photos by Christopher Tobutt

The Maples Buccaneers played in white shirts, and Maples Pigs Trotters in red.

Office Space for Rent Cat 4 Hurricane Proof Building 2nd Floor Dorcy Drive. Space from 150sq ft to approximately 1400sq ft

Alexandra Jennings (white shirt) and Aisha Stanuel-Taitte (red shirt)

Can divide as required rent starting from $400 to $2,500 per month For further details email or call (345)326.2018 for more information or to schedule viewing.


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Manchester clubs both win at weekend. Arsenal thrash Spurs Manchester City extended their lead at the top of the Premier League to five points after claiming a comfortable home victory over struggling Blackburn. City dominated from start to finish and took the lead when Mario Balotelli swept in Aleksandar Kolarov’s cross. A second goal, hammered in from close range by Sergio Aguero, made sure of the points before substitute Edin Dzeko headed in a third just after coming on. Rovers could muster only two meaningful shots on goal in the whole 90 minutes. The balance of the match was exactly as you would expect from one between the expensivelyassembled, league-leading topscorers and the comparatively cheap, 18th-placed side with the division’s worst defence. Ryan Giggs marked his 900th appearance for Manchester United with a dramatic late winner as Sir Alex Ferguson’s side closed the gap on leaders Manchester City to two points. United took an early lead when Paul Scholes headed home Nani’s cross. Grant Holt levelled for the Canaries late on when he held off Rio Ferdinand to turn and fire into the top corner. But there was still time for Giggs to steal the points when he converted Ashley Young’s cross at the far post. Arsenal recovered from two goals



Ryan Giggs scores late winner for United

down to thrash Tottenham in an enthralling north London derby at Emirates Stadium. Spurs - in the ascendancy over Arsenal for so much of the season looked to be on course for the first back-to-back league wins at the home of their arch-rivals for 86 years as an early goal from Louis Saha and Emmanuel Adebayor’s penalty put them in a commanding position within 34 minutes. But Arsenal, under so much scrutiny after their 4-0 Champions League thrashing against AC Milan in Italy and their FA Cup exit at Sunderland, mounted a comeback that combined resilience and character with dazzling attacking football to humiliate Harry

Redknapp’s side. Bacary Sagna’s header and a world-class strike from Robin van Persie put Arsenal level before the interval - and set up a second-half display that left Spurs beaten long before the end. Tomas Rosicky put Arsenal in front just after the break and the rout was completed by a quickfire double from Theo Walcott, goals that silenced the taunts he suffered from his own supporters in the first half. Spurs, ended with 10 men when Scott Parker was sent off late on. But the points had already been decided as Arsenal’s reward came in the shape of this rousing victory and a place in the Premier League’s top four.

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Mario Balotelli scores for City


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Singapore are Pepsi ICC cricket champions Singapore was crowned as the champion of the Pepsi ICC World Cricket League Division 5 (WCL Div. 5) today after the host defeated Malaysia in the final of the event. In the other play-off fixtures today, Bahrain defeated Argentina in the fifth/sixth play-off and in the third/ fourth play-off between Guernsey and Cayman Islands, Guernsey came out the victor thus giving the side a new global ranking of 31st and Cayman Islands 32nd. A consolation for Bahrain’s relegation from the division is that batsman and occasional off-spinner Adil Hanif claimed Player of the Tournament after the 33-year-old amassed 265 runs at an average of 44.16. Hanif was the top run-scorer at the event and the diminutive righthander also took six wickets during the tournament. At the marquee fixture of the tournament – Singapore took on local rivals Malaysia in the hotly anticipated final of the event. On the hottest day of the event so far, the teams were watched by at least a 100 supporters of both the local side as well as Malaysia. Having won the toss, Malaysia captain Suresh Navaratnam elected to bat, a decision he would perhaps later regret after an abysmal batting collapse from the side’s middle order. The team ended up being all out for just 159, far too small a total on a ground such as Kallang. In reply, Singapore always looked confident and the Singaporean crowd grew in size post-lunch with the knowledge that they were set to take

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home the title. Chaminda’s skill with the bat was highlighted even more so when the 32-year-old smashed his way to 91 not out in an innings that included 14 boundaries and one six, the man-ofthe-match was the second highest runscorer in the tournament, knocking off some 243 runs during the week. In the support role today after Suryawanshi’s departure was Anish Param, the 21-year-old patiently supporting his senior to guide the team to victory with his 44 not out. Guernsey defeated Cayman Islands in a last over thriller that saw the Channel Island come out the victor by just one run despite a valiant effort by Cayman Islands’ Pearson Best. Guernsey’s only real run-making skills came from stalwart Jeremy Frith after Cayamanian fast bowler Troy Taylor had worked his magic through the struggling batting line-up of the Division 6 qualifiers. Taylor combined with Ryan Bovell and Conroy Wright to dismiss the side for 186 runs, a total that should have been far less had the Caribbean side not given away some 49 extras. In reply, Cayman Islands attempted to chase down the target but young David Hooper of Guernsey had other ideas despite Best’s attempt. The 20-year-old medium pacer snaffled five wickets to make him the top wicket-taker of the event with 17 wickets at an average of 9.94 0 his best figures coming today when he took 5-47 including three top order

batsmen. The task of dismissing Best, who ground out 79 runs in 97 balls fell to veteran bowler Gary Rich who tempted the all-rounder into hitting the ball into the safe hands of Tim Ravenscroft. After Best’s departure Wright, Bovell and the bottom order tried its hardest but Hooper had other plans – clean bowling Taylor with one ball to go and delivering another loss to Cayman Islands. Scores in brief (Final Day) Kallang (1st/2nd play-off) Malaysia 159 all out, 47 overs (Madhavan 48, Hassan 33; Janik 3-17) Singapore 164-1, 26.4 overs (Chaminda 91 not out, Param 44 not out) Singapore won by nine wickets Player of the Match: Chaminda Ruwan (Singapore) Singapore Cricket Club (3rd/4th play-off) Guernsey 186 all out, 47.2 overs (Frith 57; Taylor 4-50, Bovell 3-41) Cayman Islands 185 all out, 49.5 overs (Best 79, Wright 39; Hooper 5-47) Guernsey won by one run Player of the Match: David Hooper (Guernsey) Indian Association Argentina 139 all out, 43.3 overs (Siri 26; Hanif 4-30, Zafar 4-32) Bahrain 141-5, 20.4 overs (Ashraf 34, Hanif 38; Musiani 2-40) Bahrain won by six wickets Player of the Match: Adil Hanif (Bahrain)



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2011-12 DigicelCup Cup Summary 2011-12 Digicel Summary First Round

Sunday, 11 December 2011 KICK OFF VENUE HOME SCORE AWAY 5:00pm Ed Bush Tigers FC 1X2 Bodden Town FC Goal scorers: Alfredo Challenger, 76' for Tigers. Yefry Calderon, 85' and Arvid Harris, 87' for Bodden Town. 5:00pm Annex Cayman Athletic SC 0X1 Roma USC Goal scorer: Kenroy Graham, 101' 7:00pm Ed Bush Future SC 0X2 Scholars Int'l SC Goal scorers: Mark Ebanks, 5'and Damalay Howelle, 86' 7:00pm Annex George Town SC 1X3 Elite SC Goal scorers: Jairo Sanchez, 10', Methie Williams (OG), 45' and Alex Belcher, 83' for Elite and Fabian Malcolm, 30' for George Town.


First leg - Sunday, 15 January 2012: KICK OFF VENUE HOME SCORE AWAY 5:00PM ANNEX Scholars Int'l SC 1X2 Elite SC Scorers: Wayne Smith, 21' for Scholars; Jairo Sanchez, 29' and Alex Belcher, 76' for Elite. KICK OFF VENUE HOME SCORE AWAY 7:00PM ANNEX Bodden Town FC 2X1 Roma USC Scorers: Narval Buchanan, 27' for Roma; Theron Wood, 86' and Wesley Robinson, 90+1' for Bodden Town. Second leg - Sunday, 5 February 2012 KICK OFF VENUE HOME SCORE AWAY 5:00PM ANNEX Roma USC 0X1 Bodden Town FC Goal scorer: Theron Wood, 44' Agreegate: BTFC 3 X 1 Roma USC. Bodden Town FC qualified to the final on agreegate. KICK OFF





Elite SC*

SCORE 0X1 0 X 0 (e.t.) 4 X 2 (p.k.)

AWAY Scholars International SC

Goal scorer: Nahun Rodriguez, 35' Agreegate: Elite SC 2 X 2 Scholars ISC. Elite qualified to the final on penalty shoot-outs.

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2011-12 Digicel Cup Final

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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

KICK OFF VENUE HOME SCORE 7:00PM ANNEX Elite SC 2X0 Goal scorers: Alex Belcher, 11' and Jose Luis Bush, 36'


AWAY Bodden Town FC





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