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Paul Kennedy and Tad Stoner

Minister of Sport Mark Scotland says he’s convinced Cayman could host a world title showdown featuring West Bay boxer Charles Whittaker. Yesterday the World Number Two said how he “doesn’t have the words” to describe how happy he would be if he could challenge for top spot on home soil. Now Mr Scotland has revealed how legendary boxing promoter Don King has already had a meeting with Premier McKeeva Bush about bringing the fight to Cayman. “It’s not hard to put together,” said Mr Scotland. “You have to decide on whether you want it indoors or outdoors. It could be at the Lions Centre, the ARC at Camana Bay, or Truman Bodden [Sports Complex]and just cover the ring so the boxers don’t get wet. “It would be great if we could hold it here. Where you would make your money is not so much in the numbers that would attend, but TV rights and promotions and sponsorship. Continued on page 7

New sign urges motorists to slow down Page 15

Mrs Beavley joins the 100 club Mrs. Beavley Powery has joined the small group of Caymanian centenarians. Born on November 14, 1911 she celebrated her 100th birthday last Monday at a party with friends and family at the Church of God Full Gospel Hall in George Town. Several friends and family of

Mrs. Beavley spoke of not just a long life, but a life well-lived as a great example to her peers and the younger generation. Marjorie Ebanks, her 2nd cousin said: “We praise the Lord for the many years He has given her. This was not her choice; this was not her plan; this was not within her power.”

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Jamaican sprinter banned for life Page 22


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Fishing school at John Gray

Christopher Tobutt

Boys from John Gray High School have taken to the high seas to gain purpose and direction in their life, as part of a new mentoring programme, Fishing for a Purpose. “The intention of this programme is to have our boys exposed to positive male role models of the society and, ultimately, create an opportunity to develop meaningful relationships. The boys go on fishing trips every other Saturday with adult males and, while on the trips, sessions are held where the mentors share positive insights with the boys,” said John Gray Principal Lyneth Monteith. “On one trip so far, over 30 fish were caught and donated to the Golden Age Home in West Bay. This we believe helped to enhance a sense of purpose to the trips,”

she added. “The programme has been proven to be quite beneficial as the boys have been interacting positively and have shown overall improvements in their demeanor. One male student was overheard saying ‘I can’t remember the last time I got a suspension,’ and without doubt that gives the true meaning of Fishing For A Purpose.” The programme is being coordinated by JGHS Counsellor Christopher Murray. Mr Murray said that the programme was still looking for people with boats who are willing to help out at the weekends: “We have three boats so far but we wouldn’t mind getting another boat,” he said. “On the last trip we had 19 to 20 boys but there are others who want to be a part of it. “While we are on the fishing trips,

we stop all fishing and have interactive sessions with the boys, with the mentors making small presentations to the boys on different topics. “One of the deputy principals used the example of a fish that continues to bite the same bait knowing that it is going to be caught. He linked it to a student that continues to do the same thing, knowing that it is going to cost him,” he said.

Boys from John Gray High School learn how to catch fish, as well as valuable lessons on life, during the Fishing For a Purpose trips. to blog visit



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Man leaves a million bucks at Sydney restaurant



SYDNEY (AP) — Mamma mia! That’s a lot of dough, even for an upscale pizzeria. Police are looking for the owner of a suitcase “full of money” that was left at the Italian restaurant in Sydney by a mystery customer. Ten Network television reported the suitcase left at Cafe Marco Tuesday morning contained about 1 million Australian dollars ($1 million) in 50 dollar notes. But police will only describe the suitcase contents as “a significant amount of cash.” Detective Inspector Ian Pryde told reporters a man around 30 years old wearing surfing shorts and a singlet carried the suitcase into the cafe. He then “seemed to get spooked” and left without the money. A cafe staff member contacted by telephone told The Associated Press she was too busy with customers


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Australian gets $100,000 after shampoo found clean DARWIN, Australia (AP) — Authorities have compensated an Australian man $100,000 after he was wrongly accused of trying to smuggle drugs into the country in bottles of shampoo. Neil Parry of Darwin spent three days in jail last year after he was arrested at Darwin Airport and accused of trafficking liquid ecstasy. His boat and two friends’ houses were searched. But his two bottles of Pantene Pro-V shampoo and conditioner contained exactly what the labels said. Australian Customs and Border Protection said in a statement Monday that there were “mistakes made during the presumptive testing of Mr. Parry’s goods” and additional procedures have been introduced when conducting drug tests.

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Permission granted for Dart dump

Rapha Medical Centre DIETARY/ NUTRITION COUNSELLING • Obesity • Acid Reflux • IBS • Diabetes • Hypertension • Coronary Artery • Disease • Hyperlipidemia • Pregnancy

The George Town landfill site known as Mount Trashmore

Tad Stoner

Government planners have given permission for Dart Realty to begin development of five land parcels on 561 acres in Bodden Town for a proposed waste management facility, presaging relocation of the George Town Landfill. The company will pay $2.5 million in the initial phase to develop an access road and provide water, stormmanagement controls, electricity and telecommunications. The Department of Environment has registered objections to the construction, to the east of Midland Acres near the Bodden Town quarries, on 325 acres of central mangrove wetland, recommending that some of the area and its surrounds be given “in perpetuity” to the National Trust to conserve the area. The National Roads Authority has called for comprehensive drainage systems to preserve the wetlands natural ability to absorb stormwater, street lighting and proper paving, elevation and sloping to accommodate movement of both garbage and fire trucks. One of the property subdivisions will be as a surrounding agriculturalresidential buffer. which, according to the department, could “have a negative impact” on the mangrove area, recommending no development take place in the green area. The mid-October approval by the Central Planning Authority comes as part of the Dart-government to blog visit

ForCayman Investment Alliance, a $1.2 billion, 30-year programme of infrastructure improvement and economic revitalisation involving roads, hotels, schools and the transfer of the George Town landfill to Bodden Town. Dart will spend between $32.5 million and $42.5 million to “close, remediate and relocate” the 58acre landfill, according to company planners, eliminating the toxic accumulation of garbage and enabling expansion of Camana Bay, which has promised a public park on the site. Dart will spend another $26.5 million on the landfill’s replacement, a waste-management facility on 110 acres in Bodden Town, already partly owned by Dart. The area will be lined, sealed and enclosed, providing recylng and reprocessing of leachate, derelict vehicles, waste oil and hazardous liquids, discarded tyres, medical waste, hurricane and construction debris, and feature a baling and transfer station and waste-to-energy conversion. The unit’s eight-cell design will stagger waste storage, minimising the amount of exposed refuse at any one time. After construction, the company will give the facility to government to operate. “Yes, part of this is for the wastemanagement facility,” said Dart spokeswoman Lynn Smith-Moore, describing the acquisitions and subdivisions approved by the Central Planning Authority. Some of the parcels, she said, “is land that Dart Realty recently acquired and

is located between the Midland Acres quarry to the west and Tarpon Springs quarry to the east. The purpose of the application was simply to split the large tract of land into five sizeable parcels and an access road. “The CI$ 2.5 million cost identified in the application is the estimated cost to provide the road and infrastructure -power, water and telecoms -- to service the parcels in the future,” she said. Construction is unlikely to begin before Premier McKeeva Bush and Dart Realty, Executive Director Jackie Doak sign the formal ForCayman Alliance agreement, due by the middle of next week, although Mr Bush has been reluctant to name a date, saying final details still need to be settled. Meanwhile, in Bodden Town, an informal group of at least 20 residents have gathered to protest siting the waste-management faciity in Midland Acres, suggesting the area’s road system was inadequate to handle the predicted 200 daily vehicle trips, including two each day by a dozen garbage trucks. “The traffic on the main road is already unbelievable. We cannot walk there and people nearby have trouble sleeping. Doing business is already a challenge and this is just another one,” said a spokeswoman for the Coalition to Keep Bodden Town Dump Free. ”So this deal has been done for the interests of Dart as opposed to the interests of Bodden Town. There is no infrastructure here. It makes no sense,” she said.


150 Smith Road Centre George Town Contact: 926-2605 Cell: 323-6364 Email:




Rapha Medical Centre 150 Smith Road Centre George Town Contact: 769-5676 Cell: 546-5636


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Ministry launches gender equality campaign The Ministry of Community Affairs, Gender and Housing launched a public education campaign on gender equality on International Men’s Day, on Saturday, 19 November 2011. Visitors to the International Men’s Day Football Tournament and Expo on Saturday were the first to receive brochures and giveaways promoting the Gender Equality Law and the new website, www.genderequality. The Office of the Governor, through an Overseas Territories Programme Fund grant, and the Ministry of Community Affairs provided joint funding for the campaign materials. The site offers examples of international best practice and interprets in plain language the Gender Equality Law which takes effect on 31 January 2012. It aims to provide a social and historical context for gender equality in the Cayman Islands and highlight a variety of resource links from around the region and the world on the topic of gender equality. In addition, local employers are being encouraged to visit the site and take an online pledge to promote the development of gender equality within their organisation. Employers and the ways in which they are committed to ensuring equal opportunities to their employers will be made public once they take the Gender Equality Pledge that is on the website. “I would also encourage local employers to take the online pledge and demonstrate to our community and the world at large their commitment to making the Cayman Islands a world-class jurisdiction in which to live and work,” Mr. Adam urges.


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Three venues earmarked for fight

Charles “Killa” Whittaker lands a right last Friday (photo by Kelly Robyn Photography)

Paul Kennedy and Tad Stoner

Continued from front page So it really doesn’t matter if we have 5,000 spectators.” Mr Scotland now wants to meet with Whittaker and his advisers to discuss the logistics of staging the fight. If they get the green light it would be the biggest sporting event ever staged in Cayman history. He added: “Charles and his agent should sit down with us and tell what is happening, what they need, when it might be and the kind of costs we would be looking at. “Don King has already met with the Premier so we are hopeful something might happen and we would do what we can to make it happen. “Charles’ victory was great news for the whole of Cayman.” Premier Bush has also heaped praise on Whittaker after he came within jabbing distance of a world title fight. On Friday, Premier Bush was ringside to watch “Killa” defeat Cuban Giorbis Barthelemy in Miami. Bush also backed the idea of staging the fight in Cayman. The premier said: “Congratulations to Charles Whittaker on his victory in this important match. “The prospect of seeing a Caymanian compete in a world championship bout is very exciting. If Charles can fight for the title in front of a home crowd that will make it even sweeter. “ Mr Bush also said he and his government will continue to support the junior middleweight anyway he to blog visit

can – both morally and financially. The premier was criticised last summer when he gave $100,000 towards Killa’s training and to help him get to the top. Money, says Whittaker, was vital in his preperations. Mr Bush added: “We have always supported him, and will continue to give Charles moral support and financial support within reason. “I know how far the “Killa” has

come and I won’t let him down if I can do anything to help him. ” Meanwhile, reflecting on his victory, Charles added: “There are some very special people in my life I would like to thank for all their help and support. “My girlfriend, Ann-Marie, my sister, Shernett at Knockout Promotions and my mother Miss Olive plus the rest of my family who have been there for me for the whole of this journey.”

The Lions Centre

The ARC at Camana Bay

Truman Bodden Complex


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Elle Macpherson’s adviser: Hacking cost me my job LONDON (AP) — Phone hacking by the media cost me my job advising Elle Macpherson, a business adviser told a U.K. inquiry Tuesday, describing how the Australian supermodel wrongly blamed her for leaking intimate secrets to the press. Mary-Ellen Field told an inquiry into British media ethics that the leaks cast a shadow of suspicion over her, with Macpherson becoming convinced that Field was an alcoholic and ordering her to an American rehabilitation clinic. Field said she was shocked by the allegations that she was a drunk who’d been blabbing

about her employer, but went along with Macpherson’s recommendation because she needed her job. “I have a severely disabled child who can never look after himself so walking away from a high-paying position is not a good idea,” Field said. The rehab was grueling — she described it as being “like one of those CIA renditions, except they don’t put you in chains” — but it didn’t do her much good. Even though staff at the clinic said she was not an alcoholic, Macpherson fired her anyway, and Field lost her job at her firm shortly afterward. She

told the inquiry there was no doubt the sacking was the result of what happened with Macpherson. Field said her employer told her that “I’d been indiscreet, that the clients didn’t trust me.”

Missing girl’s mom arrested on child abuse charges GLENDALE, Ariz. (AP) — Police on Monday arrested the mother of a missing 5-year-old Arizona girl on child abuse charges “directly related” to the girl, and said they don’t believe they’ll find the child alive. In a news conference that offered the most detail yet about what investigators think happened to Jhessye Shockley, Glendale police said the girl’s mother, Jerice Hunter, was now the investigation’s “No. 1 focus.” Hunter was booked Monday at the Maricopa County jail. A sheriff’s spokesman said Hunter was unable to talk to reporters because she had not yet been assigned a housing unit. She was scheduled for her first court appearance Monday night.

Hunter previously told The Associated Press she had nothing to do with Jhessye’s disappearance and was highly critical of the department’s investigation. Glendale police Sgt. Brent Coombs said at the news conference that new information in the past few days led police to serve another search warrant on Hunter’s Glendale apartment and arrest her Monday. He wouldn’t elaborate. He also said Hunter has not cooperated with investigators who have been trying to set up a liedetector test with her. Coombs added the reward offered for information leading to Jhessye has been raised to $25,000.

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Romney to run his first TV ad of presidential race MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is turning President Barack Obama’s own words against him in the Republican hopeful’s TV first ad of his 2012 White House bid. Romney said Monday that his first television ad would start airing in New Hampshire when the president visits the state Tuesday. He said the commercial would compare Obama’s message as a candidate with Romney’s credentials as a businessman. “The contrast between what he said and what he did is so stark, people will recognise we really do need to to blog visit

have someone new lead this country,” Romney said in an interview with Fox News Channel. Romney’s 60-second ad features clips of an Obama campaign stop in New Hampshire four years ago and fresh footage from Romney events from recent days. The ad is slated to run through the Thanksgiving holiday weekend at a cost of $134,000. Romney, who is at the top of state polls and is sitting on a mound of campaign cash, has kept his focus on Obama over the past year and largely has shied from criticising his GOP rivals.

“I want people to remember that when he was candidate Obama, that he said he was going to get this economy going, he was going to bring people together, be a real leader for change in America,” Romney said.



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The Editor speaks

New White Paper produces mixed signals Colin Wilson

I have to echo premier Hon McKeeva Bush’s praise for the UK and CI Relationship Review Committee headed by Mr. Lemuel Hurlston for their hard work in such a short time frame. They consulted with the people of the Cayman Islands in advance of the November 2011 meeting of the Overseas Territories Consultative Council and in anticipation of a new White Paper outlining the United Kingdom’s strategy of the Overseas Territories. They produced a comprehensive document in record time comprising 58 pages. I have to quote from the first paragraph from the Conclusion section of the Report: “At times, this Report is an intimate and candid self-appraisal, which some detractors might superficially view as a weakness and seize upon to seek to embarrass the Cayman Islands in some way. The Review Committee does not, however, agree with any such proposition, stressing instead that this has been a valuable process of which the Cayman Islands should be rightly proud. Indeed, the independence of the Review Committee and of this Report should be viewed as evidence that some of the lessons relating to good governance, which were recorded in the feedback provided, have in fact been learnt. The Review Committee therefore believes that this Report serves as a testament to the development and maturity of the Cayman Islands and that the Government should be commended for facilitating this process and the people of the Cayman Islands applauded for so effectively engaging with it in the short period of time available.” The report summarised their findings as follows: • A need to recognise, value and celebrate, both locally and internationally, what is good about the Cayman Islands; • A desire to enhance the relationship between the Cayman Islands and the United Kingdom in new and mutually beneficial ways; • An interest in enabling the greatest possible amount of local governance, while at the same time ensuring that every necessary check is in place to guarantee that there is good governance and that there is transparency in decision-making and accountability for decisions taken;


• An aspiration for greater inclusion and more consensus, whereby it is possible to respect and seek to accommodate the interests of all residents, while at the same time, maximising the opportunities available to Caymanians; • A need to improve public financial management and accountability and to plan holistically and in an integrated fashion for the sustainable development of the Cayman Islands and the diversification of its economy; • An interest in investigating the potential availability of external support and engaging the United Kingdom, as well as other Overseas Territories, for this purpose; • A wish to build upon the positive track record that the Cayman Islands has in reaching out to assist others and to work together with the United Kingdom and other Overseas Territories to build a network for reciprocal cooperation and assistance. The area of contradiction gleaned from the Report was with the differing opinions of persons re the relationship the Cayman Islands has with the United Kingdom. Many people feel it has not been a positive one and the UK has let us down. The Report said the majority of people believed the relationship with the UK created an image of stability for the financial services industry. Steps towards the independence of the Cayman Islands would “almost certainly result in a major loss of confidence in the sector.” I am not surprised at the mixed signals being received by the general public. One only (God forbid) has to read the blogs. One only has to listen to the comments made by our legislators in the House. Premier Bush is a master at comments belittling “clerks” in the UK who question his Budget. In fact both parties have had their share of ‘putting down the Mother Country’ when it ‘flexes its muscles.’ There has to be a limit in the amount of self governance we are allowed as a British Dependent territory otherwise we have to accept independence. We can’t have our bread buttered on both sides. We do have to work together and I am satisfied the report is very fair. The copy of the report will be presented by the Premier to Henry Bellingham, the UK’s FCO minister with responsibilities for the territories. I can say for certainty here that Mr. Bush will not allow us to “be taken advantage of.”

With all your might love God who made you, and do not abandon his ministers. Ecclesiasticus 7:30


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We continue our serialisation of Anne by Constance Fenimore Woolson

Anne “It must be very inconvenient to be so conscientious,” Part 78 Time is not so all erasing as we think. Old Katharine Vanhorn, at seventy, heard from the young lips of her grandniece the name, which had not been mentioned in her presence for nearly half a century— the name that still had power to rouse in her heart the old bitter feeling. For John Pronando had turned from her to an uneducated common girl—a market gardener’s daughter. The proud Kate Vanhorn resented the defection instantly; she broke the bond of her betrothal, and sailed for England before Pronando realized that she was offended. This idyll of the gardener’s daughter was but one of his passing amusements; and so he wrote to his blackbrowed goddess. But she replied that if he sought amusement of that kind during the short period of betrothal, he would seek it doubly after marriage, and then it would not be so easy to sail for Europe. She considered that she had had an escape. Pronando, handsome, light-hearted, and careless, gave up his offended Juno without much heartache, and the episode of Phyllis being by this time finished, he strayed back to his Philadelphia home, to embroil himself as usual with his family, and, later, to follow out the course ordained for him by fate. Kate Vanhorn had other suitors; but the old wound never healed. “Come and spend the summer with me,” said Helen. “I trust I am as agreeable as the dragon.” “No; I must stay here. Even as it is, she is doing a great deal for me; I have no real claim upon her,” replied Anne, trying not to give way to the loneliness that oppressed her. “Only that of being her nearest living relative, and natural heir.” “I have not considered the question of inheritance,” replied the island girl, proudly. “I know you have not; yet it is there. Old ladies, however, instead of natural heirs, are apt to prefer unnatural ones—cold-blooded Societies, Organizations, and the endless Heathen. But I am in earnest about the summer, Crystal: spend it with me.” to blog visit

“You are always generous to me,” said Anne, gratefully. “No; I never was generous in my life. I do not know how to be generous. But this is the way it is: I am rich; I want a companion; and I like you. Your voice supports mine perfectly, and is not in the least too loud—a thing I detest. Besides, we look well together. You are an excellent background for me; you make me look poetic; whereas most women make me look like a caricature of myself— of what I really am. As though a straw-bug should go out walking with a very attenuated grasshopper. Now if the straw-bug went out always with a plump young toad or woodturtle, people might be found to admire even his hair-like fineness of limb and yellow transparency, by force, you know, of contrast.” Anne laughed; but there was also a slight

change of expression in her face. “I can read you, Crystal,” said Helen, laughing in her turn. “Old Katharine has already told you all those things—sweet old lady! She understands me so well! Come; call it selfishness or generosity, as you please; but accept.” “It is generosity, Helen; which, however, I must decline.” “It must be very inconvenient to be so conscientious,” said Mrs. Lorrington. “But mind, I do not give it up. What! Lose so good a listener as you are? To whom, then, can I confide the latest particulars respecting the Poet, the Bishop, the Knight-errant, and the Haunted Man?” “I like the Bishop,” said Anne, smiling back at her friend. She had acquired the idea, without words, that Helen liked him also. The story of Miss Vanhorn’s change was, of course, related to Tante: Anne had great confidence both in the old Frenchwoman’s kindness of heart and excellent judgment. Tante listened, asked a question or two, and then said: “Yes, yes, I see. For the present, nothing more can be done. She will allow you to finish your year here, and as the time is of value to you, you shall continue your studies through the vacation. But not at my New Jersey farm, as she supposes; at a better place than that. You shall go to Pitre.” “A place, Tante?” “No; a friend of mine, and a woman.” Mademoiselle Jeanne-Armande Pitre was not so old as Tante (Tante had friends of all ages); she was about fifty, but conveyed the impression of never having been young. “She is an excellent teacher,” continued the other Frenchwoman, “and so closely avaricious that she will be glad to take you even for the small sum you will pay. She is employed in a Western seminary somewhere, but always returns to this little house of hers for the summer vacation. Your opportunity for study with her will be excellent; she has a rage for study. Write and tell your grandaunt, ma fille, what I have decided.”




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Crossword puzzle Free Printable Crossword Puzzle #1

This is the Daily Crossword Puzzle #1 for Nov 21, 2011


1. Clumsy ones 5. Settles one’s debts 9. Don’t have 13. __ boom (SST sound) 14. Footnote abbr. 15. Sky color 16. When Hancock signed the Declaration 19. Fall flowers 20. __ Scotia 21. Rockies or Andes: Abbr. 22. Prefix for precious 24. Solemn promise 26. One-liner 29. Chute or trooper starter 31. Persist with 35. City in Japan 37. Jai __ 39. Manage somehow 40. Hancock, Franklin and colleagues 43. With 25 Down, ‘’Volcano’’ actress 44. Calorie cut-down 45. Mail away a check 46. Narrate again 48. Make over 50. Cunning 51. Tells falsehoods 53. Defeat handily 55. Glide on snow 58. Hidden obstacle 60. ‘’Psst, __!’’ 64. Yearly celebration of 16 Across 67. Christmas season 68. Comic Laurel 69. Comic Kovacs 70. Did the backstroke 71. Utters 72. College official



Down 1. Clumsy ones


1. __ and aahs 17. West Point sch. 47. Talk like Daffy Duck 2. Working without __ (taking chances) Settles 1. __5.and aahs one's debts 18. Karma 49. Slay 3. Marching-band instruments 9. Don't have __ (taking 2. Working without 23. Teheran native 52. Thanksgiving parade star chances) 54.accessory Out yonder 4. Scrabble 13. __ boom (SST sound) 25. See 43 Across 3. Marching-band instruments 26. Succeed in business 55. Transgressions 4. Scrabble accessory 27. In unison 56. Be confident of 5. For each 28. Too thin 57. Notion 6. Business-env. letters 30. Children’s author Horatio 59. Aussie’s greeting 7. Shout of delight 32. Robert Frost works 61. Writer Ferber 8. Czech Republic neighbor 33. When baseball season starts 62. Sahara rarity 9. JFK successor 34. In a crabby mood 63. Needle hole 10. Grad 36. Prepare to propose 65. Shade tree 11. Religious group 38. ‘’And Jill came tumbling __’’ 66. Nav. rank Need some help? 12. Door openers 41. Lazy quality Find hints and answers at 13. RR stop 42. Defeated handily to blog visit


007701322355382474230 938791136990059283296 293287216222835653281 086148586824854174313 7 32 218664798 0 9 55253325 48 0 5 6 42625907442 26 4 26 1 47 347233203 0 0 74780313 33 2 2 13853503287 20 4 37 3 08 237209860 9 3 85789210 18 3 6 69290060059 98 2 19 8 55 432228112 2 9 30258977 25 1 6 62927208634 58 6 828040405996475135362 086148586824854174313 639087641358625474463 553580546504267328678 061755807661302813149 4 8 36323225 69 1 8 13405277305 13 4 51 7 43 272312733 5 8 27038231 73 6 2 50167009183 39 0 72 3 92 676068808 0 5 90745411 95 6 9 77003664981 88 5 02 8 54 822261922 8 2 88044808 42 0 5 49593634477 56 1 19 5 73 351396022 6 3 96058276 67 4 1 53758876120 52 4 80 8 07 740456138 33 0 6 10735555 85 0 7 66068133709 24 8 21 938134897 91 2 12 625147339 6 2 27529750 19 1 4 95073345130 73 4 16 6 46 568658486 7 3 22163270 20 5 1 27302163793 39 9


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Number search

044150270369188582692 848821945334765731902 652678057871028070518 035553360837948298387 2 7 0 9hidden 9 1 9in0the 3 4above 1 0 3puzzle: 2165439 Find these 7 numbers 262001623267396458546

0092054 1309221 1530700 1660401 2066813 2543262 2588589 2620016 3174592 3220383 3411669 3736076 4242164 4561230 5043162 5086067 5838489 6478901 6829517 7232437 7822839 8552738 d these numbers 7836332 hidden in the8389284 above puzzle: 8912248 8930278 9071353 9190341 to blog visit

2006095 3088279 3928530 5570183 7253958 8833756 9645854 13

Our Eye

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Why men like to wear facial hair “Everyone has facial hair”

Georgina Wilcox

Do you think there’s nothing manlier than facial hair? I have long been an advocate of equality of the sexes, however growing a thick beard or mustache is something only men can do. I will concede some women also have some facial hair, especially after menopause, though typically much less than men. Yes, there are exceptions but those women who produce impressive facial hair normally end up in a fairground sideshow. In contemporary western culture, almost all women shave, tweeze or otherwise depilate facial hair that does appear, as there is considerable social stigma associated with facial hair in women. A woman with an abnormally large amount of facial hair is often made to feel embarrassed and is looked at as somehow less feminine than other women. Most men develop facial hair in puberty. The growing of facial hair (beardedness) in males is called pogonotrophy. It is often culturally associated with wisdom and virility and this is presumably the reason many men style their facial hair into beards, moustaches, goatees or sideburns. However, many more completely shave their facial hair. A man’s facial hair, especially short hairs that were missed in shaving, is often referred to as whiskers, although only certain nonhuman mammals have true sensory whiskers. Women typically have little hair on their face, apart from eyebrows and the fine fuzz nearly all people have covering most of their bodies. However, a few women have noticeable facial hair growth. Excessive hairiness (especially facially) is known as hirsutism, and is usually an indication of normal hormonal variation. Abraham Lincoln was said to have grown a beard because a girl (Grace Bedell who was 11 years of age) wrote to him saying he would look better with one. The amount of facial hair on a man’s face varies from individual to individual, and also between ethnic groups. For example, men from many East Asian, West African or Native American backgrounds typically have


much less facial hair than those of European, Middle Eastern or South Asian descent, with Native Americans typically having little to none at all. Northern East Asians and Eastern Africans can grow conspicuous amounts of facial hair. Everyone has facial hair, men and women of all ethnic backgrounds. Actually, most people have some amount of hair over most of their body. The only differences between people’s facial hair involve thickness and quantity. In most cultures it is perfectly acceptable to have thick and large amounts of facial hair if you are male. In fact many cultures highly encourage facial hair for men, and thick beards are seen as a symbol of male virility, wisdom, and or power. I asked a friend of mine why he wears a giant beard. These are his reasons:“Before I grew it I looked meek, pathetic and useless.” I responded by telling him he looked like a ‘badass’, which he isn’t. He laughed. Then he asked me if I wanted to “touch, stroke and even frolic in his beard?” I laughed but declined. He pointed out that beards can make a handy

disguise. Whilst agreeing I told him his was so big he could hide a weapon in it. He thought that might be worth investigating. He was even nonplussed when I suggested he didn’t need a sail on his boat. He just invited me out on it for a trip out on the North Sound. Researching beard sand mustache styles I never realised there were so many. I found these: Full beard, goatee and mustache, extended goatee, balbo, chin strap and moustache, chin strip, goatee, petit, goatee, soul patch, chin curtain, chin puff, friendly mutton chops and mutton chops (unfriendly?), Van Dyke, Spanish beard, A La Souvarov (a sideburn/ mustache combo), anchor, copstash standard, dali, ducktail, El Insecto, federation standard, Franz Josef, French Fork, Fu Manchu, Garibaldi, handlebar, Hollywoodian, hulihee, Hungarian, Imperial, Napoleon III Imperial, Klingon, Norse skipper, old Dutch, rap industry standard, short boxed beard, sparrow, super Mario, toothbrush, Verdi, Winnfield, Zappa, and stubble. If you have anymore please write and tell me (preferably with a picture.) to blog visit


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New dog sign thanks to Leos

Lion Melrose Gooding, Latanya Stephenson, Steve Marshall from The Cayman Island Humane Society, Leo Jessica Woods, Lion Alton Brown, Leo Ainsley Thomas, Leo Kedeshia Dunn-Thomas, Leo Cedric Gidarsingh, Leo Jamie Rogers, Anthony Hall and Leo William Peguero

Paul Kennedy

Motorists are being urged to slow down outside Cayman’s Humane Society as dog walkers struggle to cross the busy road. And now – thanks to the Leo Club of Grand Cayman – they have no excuses not to know there are plenty of canines crossing North Sound Way. New signs have been erected informing motorists: “Caution – Slow Down”. It comes after a teenage dog walker was injured as she crossed the road with one of the animals at the shelter. Leo Kedeshia Dunn-Thomas of the Leo Club said: “There was an incident

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a while back related to a volunteer dog walker crossing the road by the Cayman Island Humane Society. “The Leo Club of Grand Cayman saw the need to assist and with the help of the National Road Authority, the Leo Club of Grand Cayman was able to donate two road signs “Dog Crossing - Slow Down”. “We hope that the dog signs will be effective in that zone and drivers will respect the speed limit and also the volunteer dog walkers.” Jason Jairam of the Humane Society said: “We are extremely grateful to the Leo Club of Grand Cayman for the signs. “They are excellent and really stand

out well. We would just urge motorists to take notice of them and slow down. “The volunteer dog walkers and the Humane Society do a fantastic job for us and we are always on the lookout for more. “But their safety, and the safety of the dogs, is paramount and we cannot stress enough how important it is for motorists to slow down when passing our centre.” The LEO Club of Grand Cayman is a non-profit youth organization for young people between the ages of 18 to 30. This youth generated club was established under the sponsorship of the Lions Club of Grand Cayman in April 26, 1975.



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Two new employment programmes planned We buy and sell gold, jewellery, electronics, vehicles and much more 943-7296 A group of recent Passport2Success graduates with Education Ministry representatives and sponsors. (Photo by Information Officer Kenisha Morgan)

(GIS) — Unemployed Caymanian single mothers and young men over the age of 21 years will get an opportunity to tackle barriers that have prevented them from getting and maintaining employment, when two new Passport2Success programmes are launched in 2012. The Ministry of Education, Training and Employment is expanding the initiative to include these new audiences, in two separate workreadiness development groups. The two cohorts, scheduled to start in January 2012, will run concurrently for 20 weeks. However the effort to assist single mothers will begin three weeks prior to the programme targeting young men. Twenty spaces are available for each. An application deadline is set for 30 November and forms are available online at Education, Training and Employment Minister, the Hon. Rolston Anglin, JP said that since its launch in April 2010, Passport2Success has proven that a quality programme, which addresses barriers to employment in a holistic way, is needed and can make a difference. “This programme is achieving its goal of transforming struggling young people aged 17-20 years into mature, work-ready citizens, and we are confident that it can also make


a difference for other vulnerable groups,” Minister Anglin stated. He also advised that focus groups have been held with single mothers and males over 21 years by the Ministry’s strategic partner, the Wellness Centre, to better understand their unique experiences of unemployment. Based on the information gathered, curriculum and programme model changes will be implemented. “This consultation process was critical. I am convinced that the key to the success of Passport2Success is the fact that it responds to real life issues and needs of the participants, whatever they might be,” Minister Anglin noted. Wellness Centre Director Shannon Seymour explained that both programmes will include the development of communication and negotiation skills. Core elements will include résumé writing, an overview of the Labour Law and employment contracts, and sessions covering workplace expectations and practices. Identified deficits in budgeting and finance skills, customer service skills, deportment and self-confidence will be addressed. Group and individual counselling and detailed assessments will also be important features of the programme. To start, successful applicants will participate in a three-week inclass orientation that includes site

visits and guest speakers. Following that, a 16-week combination of inclass work and internship will add to participants’ skill base. Week 20 will close the programme with the sharing and processing of experiences as well as a graduation exercise. Noting the importance of the internship component, Programme Facilitator Dr. Tasha EbanksGarcia explained that its focus will be skill acquisition as opposed to work experience. “We want our graduates to walk away with a tangible skill. Through an apprenticeship-focused internship, participants will have the opportunity to learn skills that will increase their marketability and employability. The benefit for employers is that skilled Caymanians will be available at the end of the programme.” Accordingly, organisers are soliciting the support of local businesses for the provision of unpaid internships. Interested organisations may contact Shannon Seymour on 949-9355 or email Passport2Success is a free programme provided by the Ministry of Education, Training and Education, with the support of private sector sponsors Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Ltd., CML Offshore Recruitment, and LIME Communications. Transportation for the programme is provided by Webster’s Tours Ltd. to blog visit

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Ezzard to resubmit “one man, one vote” motion Tad Stoner

North Side MLA Ezzard Miller will resubmit his “one man, one vote” motion to the LA, and has rejected Premier McKeeva Bush’s effort to deflect responsibility for delayed public consultations on the UKCayman relationship. At an informal Monday gathering at the Legislative Assembly, Mr Miller took aim at Mr Bush, saying his “primary mission” was “to get the premier out of office, to get the UDP [Mr Bush’s United Democratic Party] out. I am not happy with the way the government is being administered”. In the wake of last week’s UDPled defeat of Mr Miller’s “private member’s motion” seeking “one man, one vote” in elections, he said he would renew his effort, moving to amend the Elections Law limiting an elector to a single vote instead of the current system whereby voters cast ballots for each representative in their district: four in both George Town and West Bay, three in Bodden Town, two in the Sister Islands and one in both East End and North Side. Acknowledging that a defeated bill may not be reintroduced into the LA for at least six months, Mr Miller vowed to carry on nonetheless: “I will file another motion for one man, one vote by doing something different under the constitution.” He pointed to Section 44 of the Elections Law, which says no one can

McKeeva Bush

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vote for more candidates than seats in any district. He would seek to change it in accord with the superior law of Section 92 of the constitution, saying a person shall vote for only one MLA. “Failing that,” he said, “I am in the process of getting the courts to interpret Section 92. I don’t know how it can be [otherwise] interpreted so that someone in George Town can vote for four, Bodden Town three and Cayman Brac two.” He vowed to rewrite and resubmit the one man, one vote motion, “under one form or another”, as often as it took to have it passed. Last week’s defeat, he said, was only in the face of the UDP’s silence, evidence that “the argument was full of holes. They didn’t have the confidence to present it. “Mr Bush is not above the requirements of the constitution, He has to obey it, and there is no reasonable argument against it,” Mr Miller said, seeking to break the UDP’s stranglehold on power in West Bay. His persistence, he said, was “because this is the right thing to do, There is a growing number of people in the Cayman Islands who want to see one man, one vote.” He rejected the suggestion that time was insufficient to educate people for the 2013 general elections, asking “how hard is it to tell people they can only vote once. It’s not complicated?” He denied, however, that reforming

Superior Auto, a comprehensive garage- (Machine Shop/ Aluminum, Steel and Gas Welding, Auto Repairs and Bodywork and Paint Shop). Machine Shop

Ezzard Miller

elections was his chief focus, saying he mostly sought to unseat the UDP, calling Mr Bush’s efforts to deflect blame for a truncated consultation period “incomprehensible and incompetent”. Citing UK timelines for consultation on its relationship with the Cayman Islands, Mr Miller said the premier had known about the situation since November 2010, but had failed to act. “A competent and confident government in a democracy would have established a select committee of the whole House” to study London’s “Partnership for Progress” White Paper to decide what the Cayman Islands needed to do. In March this year, he said, “absent any consultation or review by the premier”, London instructed Mr Bush to launch public discussions. Even then, he said, the special committee that was eventually appointed, had failed to “let the people of Cayman know what his committee decided.” “All the premier’s attacks on me cannot change the fact,” Mr Miller said, that he had “refused to develop a position paper” or present it to the LA for debate. Last Saturday, Mr Bush flew to London for the Overseas Territories conference with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, discussing the results of the White Paper consultation.


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Prostate cancer facts Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men worldwide. The Caribbean region has a particularly high incidence of this type of cancer. Throughout the month of November, the Cayman Islands Cancer Society is partnering with the Lions Club of Grand Cayman and the organisers of Movember to raise awareness of male cancers, especially Prostate Cancer.

What is cancer? Our body consists of cells. Normal cells grow, multiply and die in an orderly manner and are replaced by new cells. Cancer cells do not die but continue to multiply in a disorderly manner. Over time they can form a mass which may be malignant, in other words, cancerous. What is prostate cancer? Prostate cancer develops when this process occurs in the prostate. This type of cancer often develops slowly. Where is the prostate? The prostate is a walnut-sized gland that is part of the male reproductive system. It is located below the bladder and in front of the rectum. Its function is to produce fluid that protects and enriches sperm. What increases my risk? A RISK FACTOR increases the likelihood that you will develop a disease. Having a risk factor does not mean that you will develop a disease. Different cancers have different risk factors. Risk factors for prostate cancer include: Age: Risk increases with age. 2 out of 3 cases are diagnosed in men over 65. Race: This cancer is more common in African American Men. African Caribbean men are 3 times more likely to get it than men of other races. Family History: Having a father or brother diagnosed with prostate cancer will increase a man’s risk of developing prostate cancer particularly if the relative was diagnosed at an early age. If a close female relative has been diagnosed with breast cancer there is evidence to suggest a man will have an increased likelihood of a prostate


cancer diagnosis. Diet: Research suggests that eating a diet high in fat and red meat consumption will increase the risk of developing prostate cancer.

annually at age 50 or earlier, between the ages of 40 – 45, if considered to be high risk.

What decreases my risk? Any factor that lowers your risk of developing a disease is known as a PROTECTIVE FACTOR. These factors do not guarantee that a disease will not develop. Different cancers have different protective factors. Possible protective factors against prostate cancer are: Diet: Foods rich in lycopene such as tomatoes, pink grapefruit, papaya and watermelon may reduce your risk by helping to prevent damage to the DNA of cells. Additionally, selenium, which is found in liver, seafood, brazil nuts and whole grains may also lower risk. Physical Activity: Exercising on most days of the week may contribute to a reduction in risk.

What is a PSA blood test? PSA is a substance that is made only in the prostate. The level of this substance in your blood increases with age. It is measured by a blood test. The blood test is NOT cancer specific. Elevations in levels of PSA may be because of prostate cancer but there are many other reasons why a man can have an elevated PSA level including having sexual intercourse up to 48-hours before the test. Men should know that the PSA blood test can produce a false negative result which means that the blood test result is within normal limits but prostate cancer has in fact developed. The test can also produce false positive results with elevated levels prompting investigative studies when in fact there is no cancer present.

What are the signs and symptoms? There are often no signs or symptoms in the early stages. Some of the following signs may often be mistaken for other disorders. Typical signs and symptoms of prostate cancer are:

What is DRE? A DRE is a manual examination of the prostate. The doctor will insert a gloved finger through the rectum to feel for any abnormality in the size or shape of the prostate.

• Weak or interrupted flow of urine • Trouble starting the flow of urine • Pain or burning during urination • Frequency of urination especially at night. • Urgency to urinate • Blood in your urine or semen • Painful ejaculation • Frequent pain or stiffness in the lower back, hips or pelvis.

Special considerations Screening for prostate cancer is not recommended for all men at this time because these tests are not perfect and uncertain or false results can cause con-fusion and worry. Although the PSA test can help spot cancer early, it cannot tell how dangerous the cancer is. Due to the fact that prostate cancer is usually a slow growing cancer, in many cases it never causes any problems. For these reasons, each man should talk to his doctor about whether or not testing is the best option for HIM. There are a number of treatment options for prostate cancer. Side effects of many of these treatments include incontinence and impotency. There are ways of regulating both of these problems. Men should consider having both PSA and DRE tests as they do not replace each other but in fact complement each other.

Screening Screening tests are done on persons who have no signs or symptoms of a disease. There is no standard or routine screening test for prostate cancer recommended by any major scientific or medical organization at this time. The Cayman Island Cancer Society supports the American Cancer Society’s position that men should be offered a digital rectal exam (DRE) and prostate specific blood test (PSA)

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When problems seem impossible And we can’t face another day. The Lord extends His helping hand And shows us He can make a way.

When problems seem impossible And we can’t face another day. The Lord extends His helping handthe Let me forget hurt and pain, And shows us He Found along life’s can make way.a way. Let me remember kindness, Given day by day

Let me forget the hurtfriend and pain, A true helps us keep going Found along life’s When we feel like giving way.up. Let me remember I would like to say sincere ‘Thank kindness,you!!” to the people who Giventouched day byhearts day have by caring and listening. These are the people of the Cayman Islands Cancer Society Thank God and thank you all so very much.

A true friend helps us keep going When we feel like giving up. I would~Roxie like to Smith say sincere ‘Thank you!!” to the people who have touched hearts by caring and listening. These are the people of the Cayman Islands Cancer Society Thank God and thank you all so very much. ~Roxie Smith

Our Eye

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Fancy a facelift? Surgical procedures

Georgina Wilcox

Do you fancy a facelift? The old joke is when I went into hospital for a facelift the surgeon took one look at the one underneath and quickly placed the old one back. Why do people fancy having a facelift? Is it because they want to stop the aging process? I have news for them. Nothing can stop that. However, if you have plenty of money plus motivation, cosmetic surgery can reverse at least some of the ravages of time. A lot of people are willing to pay highly for a more youthful appearance. According to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in 2004 more that 150,000 people in the USA had a facelift. Skin goes through many changes as we get older. Cells divide slower. The dermis, or lower layer of skin, gets thinner. It is comprised of several different types of tissue, including elastin and collagen. Elastin gives the skin its elasticity, and collagen keeps the skin taut. Eventually both of these proteins begin to break down, causing the skin to loosen. The loss of elasticity makes the skin and underlying tissue more susceptible to the effects of gravity. Instead of springing back when pulled, the skin sags. Additionally, the muscle and tissue composition under the skin changes, leading to wrinkles. Facelifts are also known as rhytidectomies. There are several facelift procedures, but simple facelifts do not result in the “windtunnel” effect or “surprised look” that is sometimes caused by more extreme facelifts. Recovery from a simple facelift is easier and has fewer complications than the more extreme variety. There is also less chance of bruising and stretching and they are considerably less expensive. When considering a facelift, consultation is done with the surgeon to determine your qualifications and type of procedure appropriate for you. You will be asked about your to blog visit

history, be given a physical exam and administered a blood test. Be forewarned, many doctors will not do a facelift on people who smoke or have smoked, as this may have serious complications. Sometimes the best results of the facelift procedure are attained by combining several surgical procedures, such as liposuction, brow lift, fat transfer, blepharoplasty, laser, or chin and cheek implants - all depending on the patient’s needs. During a simple facelift procedure, the surgeon will make incisions that follow the contours of the ear, but hidden in your hair. This will produce modest, permanent scarring in most cases. The best improvement with a facelift is seen in the jowl area and under the neck, while the folds around the mouth, commonly known as nasallabial folds, are not usually improved much with a simple facelift. During surgery, after the ear contour incision is made, the skin is undermined - pulled upwards and back toward the scalp line. The excess skin is removed and is stitched or stapled into place. This is a typical, simple facelift. A newer technique is the “deep plane facelift”, which involves going under the muscle of the face and pulling it along with the skin to essentially make the facelift last longer. Some doctors choose a laser or chemical peel before the surgery is performed, however it should be a light treatment only - anything too deep adds serious risks. Recovery and risk for deep plane facelifts are more extensive than for a classic facelift. Because the muscles and skin are being manipulated, it is common for there to be some bruising, and the deeper the procedure, the more bruising will occur. For deeper and more complex surgeries, the pain, swelling and risks can also rise. However, it has been shown that some of the deeper procedures produce a longer-lasting result, which may be favourable to some patients.

Facelifts can provide excellent and dramatic results. They can reduce the appearance of age and increase selfesteem in many people. Healing times vary and it is important that you enter into your surgery knowing that the full results can take weeks to appear. But rest assured, when healing is all said and done, you will present a younger and smoother looking face to the world - with the results apparent years after your facelift surgical procedure. Women tend to have better results than men do in a facelift; however, men are sometimes good or even better candidates for the procedure than women are. Sometimes after surgery, men may have to shave in new places, as beard growing skin may be slightly repositioned. The effects of a facelift will not last forever - your skin will continue to age and be affected by gravity. You may want to have another facelift surgery five or ten years later for maintenance or improvement. A facelift can’t completely erase the signs of age, and it can’t fix all problems -- for example, sagging eyelids, eyebrows, or skin discoloration. To correct these problems, a patient would need to undergo other procedures (such as an eye lift, brow lift, or chemical peel). Information is consistent on facelifts across the board. As with all surgical procedures, there are risks involved that you must discuss with your doctor before surgery. Your own health record and practices can and will affect your candidacy for surgery. Be sure to be truthful with your physician to avoid as many side effects and risks as possible.


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Cayman Islands Cancer Society Presentation Synopsis 1. Breast Cancer – What You Need To Know


The Cayman Islands Cancer Society is committed to increasing the public’s awareness of cancer issues and has developed a public education awareness program around this goal. Our presentations are interactive and each presentation will include an overview of the specific type of cancer if it related to a specific type of cancer and include a discussion of risk factors, signs and symptoms, screening guidelines and ways to reduce your risk. Whenever possible, a doctor will attend these sessions. To book a session or to obtain more information, please contact Victoria Anderson by calling 949-7618 or 916-7108. Alternatively, you may email

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide and it can also strike men. Find out what you need to know - what it is, risk factors and how to reduce the likelihood of developing it, signs and symptoms, screening recommendations and more.

2. Cancer Prevention – The Seven Steps to Cancer Risk Reduction Cancer is one of the most common diseases in the world today but did you know that you could reduce your risk of developing cancer by changing your lifestyle? Attend this presentation and find out the steps you can take to reduce your cancer risk. 3. Colorectal Cancer – What You Need To Know

This talk will give you all the facts about colorectal cancer – what it is, risk factors and how to reduce the likelihood of developing it, signs and symptoms, screening recommendations and more. Don’t die of embarrassment – attending this talk could save your life! Talks on other types of cancer are also offered. Please see tomorrows paper for part 2


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Wednesday, November 16,League 2011 Scores 2011/2012 CUC Primary Football 23 NOV 2011 | Group A: 2011/2012 CUC Primary Football League Scores Wednesday, November 16, 2011 LOCAL Group A: St. Ignatius Prep U-11 3 vs. Cayman Academy 4 Group A: Wednesday, November 16, 2011 U-11 St. Ignatius Prep vs. Football CaymanLeague Academy 4 2011/2012 CUC3 Primary Scores Wednesday, November 16, 2011 2011/2012 CUC Primary Football League Scores U-11 St. Ignatius Prep 3 vs. Cayman Academy 4 Group A: Thursday, November 17, 2011 A: 2011/2012 CUC3 Primary Football Two teams from Sir John A Cumber Group Wednesday, November 16,League 2011 Scores U-11 St. Ignatius Prep vs. Cayman Academy 4 managed 11 goals between them as they U-11 Thursday, November 17, 2011 St. Ignatius Prep 3 vs. Cayman 4 Wednesday, November 16,Academy 2011 saw off the under 9’s and under 11’s from Group A: A: Thursday, November 17, 2011 Group Bodden Town Primary last week. Wednesday, November 16, Town 2011 Primary Group A: U-9 A: St. Sir Ignatius John A. Cumber vs. Bodden Group U-11 Prep 35 vs. Cayman Academy 41 Their older team managed six to Bodden’s Group A: Thursday, November 17, 2011 U-9 John A.Prep Cumber Bodden Town Primary U-11 St.Sir 6 vs.vs. Cayman 2 Ignatius 3 5 Academy 4 1 two while the younger outfit won 5-1 on U-11 Thursday, November 17, 2011 Group A: U-9U-11 Sir Sir John A. Cumber 5 vs. Bodden Town Primary 1 Thursday. John A. Cumber 6 vs. Bodden Town Primary 2 U-11 St. Ignatius Prep 3 vs. Cayman Academy 4 Group A: The two teams kept their winning run U-11 Sir John A. Cumber 6 vs. Bodden Town Primary 2 A: Thursday, November 17, 2011 against George Town Primary in the CUC Group U-9 Sir John A. Cumber 5 vs. Bodden Town Primary 1 Football League but this time the matches U-9 Saturday, 2011Primary Sir John A. Cumber 5 vs.November Bodden Town 1 Thursday, November 17,19, 2011 U-11 Sir John A. Cumber 6 vs. Bodden Town Primary 2 were far closer. Saturday, 19, 2011Primary Group A:Sir John A. Cumber U-11 6 vs.November Bodden Town 2 Thursday, November 17, 2011 The under 9’s won 3-1 and the under 11’s Group Group A: A: Sir John A. Cumber Saturday, 19, 2011 U-9 5 November vs. Bodden Town Primary 1 2-1 when the two schools met on Saturday. Group A: U-9 John Cumber vs. Bodden George Town Primary SirSir John A. A. Cumber 5 63 vs.vs. Town Primary 1 21 But the biggest score of the weekend was U-9 U-11 Bodden Town Primary Group A: Sir John A. Cumber A: Saturday, November 19, 2011 U-9 Sir John A. Cumber 3 vs. George Town Primary reserved for Cayman Prep’s under 9’s who Group U-11 Sir John A. Cumber U-11 6 2 vs. Bodden Town Primary 2 1 19, 2011 U-9 Sir John A. Cumber Saturday, 5 November vs. Bodden Town Primary 1 managed to fire 10 past Grace Academy. U-9U-11 Sir Sir John A. Cumber 3 2 Town Primary 1 1 John A. Cumber George Town Primary U-9 Cayman Int’l School 0 vs. vs. George St. Ignatius Prep 2 The under 11’s also won against Grace but U-11 Sir John A. Cumber 6 vs. Bodden Town Primary 2 Group A: U-11 Sir John A. Cumber 2 vs. George Town Primary 1 U-9 A: Cayman Int’l School 2 U-11 0 vs. St. Ignatius Prep 3 Group just by the single goal. Saturday, 19, 2011 Sir John A.School Cumber 3 vs.November vs. St. George Town Primary 1 U-9U-9 Cayman Int’l 0 Ignatius Prep 2 Here’s a full look at the scores and fixtures U-9 U-11 Sir Bodden Cayman Int’l School St. Ignatius Prep U-9 Town PrimarySaturday, 2 November Savannah 1 John A. Cumber 3 0 vs. vs. George Town Primary 1 3 19, 2011Primary U-11 Cayman Sir John A.School Cumber 2 vs. vs. St. George Town Primary 1 from the CUC Primary Football League: U-11 Int’l 0 Ignatius Prep 3 U-9 Town Primary Savannah Group U-11 A:Sir Bodden 6 vs. vs. George U-11 John A. Cumber 2 2 TownPrimary Primary 1 1 Saturday, 19, 2011 U-9 A: Bodden Cayman Int’lPrimary School 0 vs.November vs. Savannah St. Ignatius Prep Group U-9 Town 2 Primary 1 12 U-11 Cayman Bodden Town Primary vs. St.George Savannah Primary 1 Sir John A. Cumber 36 vs.vs. Primary U-9U-9 Int’l School 0League IgnatiusTown Prep 2 2011/2012 CUC Primary Football Schedule U-11 Cayman Int’l School 0 vs. St. Ignatius Prep 3 U-9 Sir John A. Cumber 3 vs. George Town Primary 1 U-11 Bodden Town Primary 6 2 vs. vs.vs. St. Savannah 1 1 U-11 Sir John A. School Cumber George Town Group A: B: U-11 Cayman Int’l 0 IgnatiusPrimary Prep Primary 3 Group U-9 Bodden Town Primary 2 vs. Savannah Primary 1 U-11 SirCayman John A. Cumber vs.vs. George Town Primary 2011/2012 Primary Football22League Group B: U-9 Int’l School 03 vs. St. Ignatius Prep 20 U-9 CUC South Sound Schools vs. Schedule NorthEast U-9 Bodden Town Primary Savannah Primary 11 1 U-9 Sir John A. Cumber 3 vs. George Town Primary November U-11 Saturday, Bodden Town Primary 26, 02011 6 vs.vs. St.Savannah Primary 1 U-9 Cayman Int’l School Ignatius Prep Group U-9 B: Bodden South Sound Schools vs. Savannah NorthEast U-11 Cayman Int’l School vs. St. Ignatius Prep Red Bay Primary 0 vs. Triple CPrimary 3 U-11 Town Primary 6 0 12 3 U-11 Sir John A. Cumber 23 vs. George Town Primary 10 U-11 Cayman Int’l School vs.vs. St.Savannah Ignatius U-9 South Schools 03 12 U-9 RedSound 0 vs. U-9 Bodden Town Primary 26,302011 23 Primary Saturday, November U-11 Bay Primary vs. NorthEast Triple C Prep U-9 Cayman Int’l School 0 vs. St. Ignatius Prep 23 Group B: U-9 Bodden Town Primary 2 vs. Savannah Primary 1 U-9 Red Bay Primary 0 vs. Triple C 3 U-11B: Red BayTown Primary Triple CAcademy 2 U-11 Bodden Primary 63 vs. Savannah Primary 10 U-9 Cayman PrepSchool 10 vs. Grace Group U-11 Cayman Int’l 0 vs. St. Ignatius Prep 3 /2012 CUC Age: Primary Time: Football HomeLeague Team: vs. Away Team: Venue: U-9 Schedule South Sound Schools 3 vs. vs. Triple NorthEast 0 U-11 Bodden Town Primary 6 vs. Savannah Primary 1 U-11 Red Bay Primary 3 C 2 U-9 U-11 Cayman Prep vs. NorthEast Grace Academy U-9U-9 South Sound Schools 3 10 0 10 Bodden Town Primary 21 vs.vs. Savannah Primary U-9 Red Bay Primary 0 vs. vs. Grace Triple C 3 U-9Group Cayman Prep 10 0 U-11 B:Red Cayman Prep vs. Triple Grace Academy Age: Home Team: vs. Primary Away Team: Venue: U-9 Bay Primary 0 61 vs. CAcademy 3 10 U-11 Bodden Town vs. Savannah Primary Group A:Time: U-11 Cayman Red Bay Primary 3 vs. Triple C 2 Saturday, November 26, 2011 Group U-11 Prep 1 0 U-9 B: Red South Sound Schools NorthEast U-11 Bay Primary 3 3 vs. vs.vs. Grace Triple CAcademy 2 0 U-9 Cayman Prep vs. NorthEast Grace Academy 0 U-9 South Schools 310 vs.vs. A:9:00 U-9 Red Sound Bay Primary 0 vs. Triple C U-9 Prep Grace Academy U-9 am Cayman Int’l School vs. Savannah10Primary Cayman Int’l School 00 3 Group B:Cayman 2 CUCGroup Primary Football League Schedule U-11 Red Cayman Prep vs. Triple Grace U-9 Bay Primary 0 31 vs. vs.vs. C CAcademy 3 0 U-11 Red Bay Primary Triple Cayman Prep Academy U-9 South Sound Schools 3 vs. Grace NorthEast U-11 10:00 am Cayman U-11 Int’l School vs. Savannah 1Primary Cayman Int’l School 0 02 Red Bay Venue: Primary 310 vs.vs.League Triple C Academy 9:00 Int’l vs. Savannah Primary Cayman Int’l School 2 03 Primary Football Representative: am: U-9 vs. amAway Cayman Team: U-11 U-9School Cayman Prep Grace U-9 Red Bay Primary 0 Primary vs. Triple C U-9 November 9:00 am 26,Bodden Town Primary George Town Bodden Town Neil Murray •vs. Caribbean UtilitiesPrimary Company, Ltd. • PO Box 38 • Grand Cayman KY1-1101, Cayman Islands Saturday, 2011 Football League Representative: Cayman Prep 10Primary vs. Grace Academy U-11 10:00 am Cayman U-9 Int’l School vs. Savannah Cayman Int’l School 0 02 U-11 Cayman Prep 1 vs. Grace Academy T: 345.914.1110 • F: 345.949.5203 • E: U-11 NeilRed Bay Primary 3 vs. Triple C Murray •vs. Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd. • PORepresentative: Box 38 •Bodden Grand Cayman KY1-1101, Cayman Islands U-11 10:00 am Bodden Town George Town Primary Town Primary League U-11 Primary Cayman Prep 1Football Grace• Academy 0 T: 345.914.1110 • Primary F:vs. 345.949.5203 E:Academy U-9 9:00 am Bodden Town vs. Utilities George Town Bodden Town Cayman Islands U-9 Primary Cayman Prep 10Ltd. Grace 0 Neil Murray • Caribbean Company, • vs. PO Box 38 • Grand Cayman KY1-1101,


Winning run for Sir John A Cumber

U-9 9:00 am St. Ignatius Prep vs. T:Truth For Youth St. Ignatius Prep 345.914.1110 • F: 345.949.5203 • E: U-11 Primary Cayman Prep 1 Football vs.LeagueGrace Academy 0 Representative: U-11 10:00 am Bodden Town vs. GeorgePrimary Town Primary Bodden Town Primary Football League Int’l School vs. Savannah Primary Cayman Int’l School U-11 vs. 10:00 am St. Ignatius Prep Neil Murray Truth For Youth Ignatius Prep Cayman Islands Away Team: Venue: •vs. Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd. • PORepresentative: Box 38 •St. Grand Cayman KY1-1101, Neil Murray • Caribbean Company, Ltd. PO Box 38 •• Grand Cayman KY1-1101, Cayman Islands T: 345.914.1110 • F: •345.949.5203 E: St. U-9 9:00 am St. Ignatius Prep vs. Utilities Truth For Youth Ignatius Prep U-11 TBD Sir John A. Cumber vs. T:Cayman Academy WB Town Hall Field 345.914.1110 • F: 345.949.5203 • E: Int’l School vs. Savannah Primary Cayman Int’l School U-11 10:00 am St. Ignatius Prep vs. Truth For Youth St. Ignatius Prep Primary Football League Representative:

Town Primary U-11



George Town PrimaryNeil Murray Bodden • CaribbeanTown Utilities Company, Ltd.League • PO Representative: Box 38 • Grand Cayman KY1-1101, Cayman Islands Primary Football Sir John A. Cumber Neil Murray


Cayman Academy

WB Town Hall Field

T: 345.914.1110 F: 345.949.5203 • Caribbean Utilities Company,•Ltd. • PO Box 38 •• E: Grand Cayman KY1-1101, Cayman Islands

Town Primary vs. George Town Primary BoddenT: Town • Football F: 345.949.5203 • E: Primary League Representative: School Cayman Int’l345.914.1110 School Groupvs. B: Savannah Primary Neil Murray • Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd. • PO Box 38 • Grand Cayman KY1-1101, Cayman Islands us Prep vs. Truth For Youth St. Ignatius Prep T: 345.914.1110 School vs. Savannah Primary Cayman Int’l School • F: 345.949.5203 • E: U-9 B:9:00 Sound Schools GracePrep Academy Annex Field (Field 1) us PrepGroup vs. amTruth South For Youth St.vs.Ignatius Primary vs. George Town Primary Bodden Town U-9 9:00 RedAcademy Bay Primary vs.Town Prospect Primary Annex Field (Field 2) A. Cumber vs. amCayman WB Hall Field 9:00George am SouthPrimary Sound Schools Bodden vs. Town Grace Academy Annex Field (Field 1) PrimaryU-9 vs. Town U-11 10:00 am Red Bay Primary vs. Prospect Primary Annex Field (Field 2)

U-9 vs. 9:00Truth am Red Bay Primary Youth U-9 9:00 am For Triple C U-11 am Red Bay ep Truth Youth U-11 vs. 10:00 10:00 am For Triple C Primary 9:00Cayman am Triple C mber U-9 to blog vs.visit Academy


vs. Prospect Primary St. Ignatius Prep Prep vs. Cayman vs. Cayman Prospect Primary St. Ignatius Prep Prep vs. vs. Hall Cayman WB Town FieldPrep

Annex Field (Field 2) Triple C Annex Triple C Field (Field 2) Triple C



23 NOV 2011 |


Mullings given lifetime ban Paul Kennedy

Jamaican sprinter Steve Mullings has been banned for life from competing in athletics after a second doping offence, the Jamaican Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel has said. “We the panel believe that a clear and strong message must be sent to every athlete in Jamaica and elsewhere that prohibited substances will not be tolerated in sports,” panel chairman Lennox Gayle said. Mullings, 28, was expected to appeal the ruling to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), his attorney said. Alando Terrelonge said the decision was unfair based on the evidence presented to the three-member panel. “There was no evidence before this panel to indicate that Mr. Mullings either deliberately took a drug to enhance his performance or to mask the presence of other drugs that he was taking to enhance his performance,” Terrelonge said. Mullings, a former relay world champion, had been found guilty on Thursday by the panel for using the banned diuretic furosemide, which can act as a possible masking agent for other drugs. The sprinter, now based in the United States, did not attend the hearing. Gayle said the decision to ban Mullings was unanimous. “The fact that Mr Mullings, on the several

occasions we tried to get him here, refused to attend, we therefore believe we certainly should impose the maximum in this particular case,” Gayle said Mullings tested positive for the substance after placing third in the 100 meters final of the Jamaican national trials in June. He previously served a two-year ban after testing positive for excessive levels of testosterone in 2004. Jamaican Jerry Holness, who is currently the head coach for the United Arab Emirates said the decision will cast a negative light on Jamaica’s track and field. “This will give reason for people to be pointing fingers on Jamaican athletes and their success,” he said in an email response. Holness, who was coach of Christiana High and Manchester High and was the technical leader of the Jamaican team that took part in the 2008 IAAF World Junior Championships in Poland, said: “Our performance ranking is now at the highest level when compared with the rest of the world, and I am sure that this is due to the hard work and commitment of our athletes, coaches, administrators and all stakeholders involved.” Mullings’ ban, he said, will only put Jamaica further under the microscope as “there are people out there who were pointing fingers and questioning the enormous success we have been reaping”.

Holness, who also coached a number of athletes including relay gold medallist and IAAF World Championships 100m finalist, Nesta Carter, wished Mullings the best with his stated plans to appeal the decision at the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS). “I am still hoping that he will be able to take his case to the court of arbitration and free himself of all these charges,” he said yesterday. National Record holder in the discus throw, Jason Morgan, expressed concern for his close friend via Black Berry Messenger. “Wow that’s sad, I wish Steve the best, I’m not sure if he had a back up plan... and have some money saved up.”

Cyclist Longo cleared of doping by federation PARIS (AP) — Former Olympic champion Jeannie Longo was cleared of breaching anti-doping rules by the French Cycling Federation on Tuesday in an embarrassing reversal for the French Anti-Doping Agency. The 53-year-old Longo had faced a ban from three months to two years, a sanction that would effectively have ended the career of one of France’s favourite athletes. Now she has a chance to ride at the London Olympics if she qualifies. Longo had faced a disciplinary hearing after the AFLD said she had three whereabouts violations. But she was cleared when one of those violations was considered invalid because she was no longer a member of the testing pool, which only lasts for one year. “(Because) there is no infraction relative


to the whereabouts requirements (of three failures in a period of 18 months), the national disciplinary commission therefore found that no violation of the anti-doping rules can be held against Jeannie Longo,” the FFC said. The AFLD, which can appeal the FFC’s ruling, did not immediately comment. Calls to Longo’s home went unanswered. Longo’s lawyer, Bruno Ravaz, praised the FFC’s decision and criticized the AFLD. “We’re very, very happy. It’s a decision that does justice to Jeannie Long,” Ravaz told L’Equipe’s website. “(She) was not questioning the importance of the fight against doping, but wanted to defend the right of athletes to be treated equally, with respect to the procedures.”

Former Olympic champion Jeannie Longo to blog visit

23 NOV 2011 |


Bobby Valentine goes after Boston manager job


Bank Sale


Savannah Hirst Road

We Sell, Rent and Manage Cayman Properties

MLS 114277

Great investment opportunity ......rental income $75,000 approx. 7% ROI Main House & 5 Apartments A single/Two storey Building 7200sq. ft. Price: CI$550,000 Make an offer All reasonable offers will be considered.

ge an ,000 sr ce 99 Pri CI$ Properties for IMMEDIATE sale: m One, Two, Three & Four Bedrooms fro George Town from ..... CI$199,000 West Bay ..... CI$ 220,000 Bodden Town ..... CI$ 99,000 Seven Mile Beach ..... CI$ 450,000 Prospect ..... CI$ 265,000 South Sound ..... CI$ 395,000

Fidelity Real Estate Member of Cireba

Donnie Smith 916-0512 call for appointment to view.

TWO PRIME LAND OPPORTUNITIES An excellent opportunity to purchase two adjoining parcels of land • Situated within the North Sound Estates canal development with a total of 0.48 acres. • Plot 1 has 0.26 acres with water to two sides with 210ft of water frontage with sea wall. • Plot 2 has 0.22 acres with102ft of water frontage. • The area has family residencies and apartment complexes with local amenities including supermarkets, shops, bank, plus more. • Savannah Primary School, Post Office and gas station. • Plot 1 is cleared and ready for development. • Sold together would be discounted. • Plot 1 has a dock that brings in an income and can be transferred to new owner.

Asking price:

Appraised value of CI$184,000

Plot 1 $179,000 Appraised value of CI$100,000

Plot 2 $95,000

Plot 2

Plot 1

To view this opportunity please contact Tel: 945 7856 • Cell: 916 4594 to blog visit


BOSTON (AP) — The Boston Red Sox said they were looking for a different voice in the clubhouse when they let Terry Francona walk after the worst September collapse in major league history. Enter Bobby Valentine. Known for his confrontational style that rubbed some of his players the wrong way and for feuding with his bosses with the New York Mets, his last big league managing gig, Valentine formally interviewed for the Boston job on Monday when he met with general manager Ben Cherington and other members of the Red Sox brain trust. “They have one of the best teams in baseball, one of the best organisations in baseball, one of the greatest venues in baseball, with a winning tradition over the last 10 years,” he said. “Other than that there’s really no reason why I want to be here.” The Red Sox had originally interviewed Gene Lamont, Torey Lovullo, Dale Sveum, Sandy Alomar Jr. and Pete Mackanin. Sveum has been hired to manage the Chicago Cubs by former Red Sox GM Theo Epstein; Mackanin had been told he was no longer in the running, and Alomar got the same news on Monday. Working against Alomar wasn’t a lack of managerial experience as much as the fact that none of his coaching experience had been in a dugout.



23 NOV 2011 |

Storm beats Trotters Christopher Tobutt

DHL Storm, playing in the yellow and black shirt beat the Queensgate Pigs Trotters in red, during a warm-up game, the Heineken Wooden Spoon, at the Cayman Rugby Club at South Sound on Saturday afternoon. The DHL Cayman Storm, having finished 3rd place last year, did not get the opportunity to compete for the Heineken Shield, a trophy which they have held since the trophy’s introduction. The aforementioned Heineken Charity Shield, was the main event of the afternoon when the John Doak Iguanas beat the Krys Global Buchanners, 23 to 5.

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