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RCIPS ask Merseyside cops for aid Paul Kennedy

Police Commissioner David Baines has written to a top UK force asking for help to curb the recent spate of senseless violence that yesterday claimed its fifth life. Asher McGaw was shot dead in the early hours of Thursday morning in East End. He was just 21 years old. Now Governor Duncan Taylor

has revealed the RCIPS has asked Merseyside Police for help to solve the crimes. Merseyside is in the North West of the United Kingdom and has strong links with the Cayman Islands. Current Deputy Commissioner Steve Brougham is a former senior officer with Merseyside Police and ex-Commissioner Stuart Kernohan also served with the force, as acting

Assistant Chief Constable. Mr McGaw was shot dead on John McLean Drive around 3am. A passing police patrol saw him lying in the road. Examination revealed no vital signs and the 21-year-old was pronounced dead. Sources say it is unlikely that he was part of either of the warring gangs in West Bay and the murder may have been unrelated to the other four killings.

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23 SEPT 2011 |

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23 SEPT 2011 |


Miss Cayman’s beauty with a purpose Ivy Lichtenstein-Sahadeo

Miss Cayman contestants are ready for their close-up at this weekend’s final event. iNews spoke to the beautiful hopefuls to find out how they felt about the possibility of representing their country. The Miss Cayman Islands pageant will be held at the Lion’s Centre on 24th of September, gates open at 5pm.


Alyssa Christian, 21

“It has been an awesome experience and I am honored to be a contestant as a possible candidate to represent my country. I would be very honored if I won to represent both locally and abroad. I would take my position very seriously.”

Jadine Swanson, 20

“It has always been a dream of mine to be apart of the Miss Cayman Islands Pageant. I feel that it will be a good experience for me to grow. Its going to be a tough competition because every girl has a chance.”


Crystal Tomlinson, 23

Cassianne Lawrence, 21 “For me to be in Miss Cayman is an amazing opportunity just to be apart of the pageant as a contestant. Not a lot of girls have the opportunity to say I was a Miss Cayman contestant and I believe this can mold me as a woman.”

“This has been a very exciting experience and a great opportunity for young Caymanian women. The role of Miss Cayman is very important for whoever wins and a very great privilege.”

Janelle Muttoo, 22

“Being apart of Miss Cayman this year means a lot to me with the opportunity to become an ambassador to represent Cayman through a broader scope.”

Jera Ebanks, 22

“It is really important, every young woman should be a better influence for young generations to look up to.”

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Jessica Ebanks, 24

Hettie-Ann Dunbar, 19 “I feel happy that I can be apart of miss Cayman 2011/2012 it has helped to boost my confidence, helped me to be moreoutgoing and every step has been a learning experience.”

“ It’s a great opportunity for me to exemplify what I have to offer as a young educated and determined Caymanian. Being able to represent at an international level gives me the empowerment and will to portray my country in a positive way.”

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Lindsay Japal, 23

“ This is an incredible honor to be apart of Miss Cayman and a huge privilege not only on a national level but as well as an international level to represent.”


Direct Line: 814-7244 Cell: 324-0649 Email: winston.pamphile@

Samantha Widmer, 24 “I think the pageant has been the best decision I have made. After losing my mom it has kept me going and helped me to be the person I want be.”



23 SEPT 2011 |



Kangaroo at exotic-animal farm attacks Ohio man GREEN CAMP, Ohio (AP) — An 80-year-old man is in fair condition after a kangaroo attacked him for 15 minutes at an exotic-animal farm in central Ohio. The Columbus Dispatch reports that the Marion County sheriff’s office received a 911 call Tuesday from a woman saying her father-in-law was hurt. Maj. Jeff Cline says the injury happened at Kokas Exotics in Green Camp. The Advocate of Newark reports the man was in fair condition Wednesday at a Columbus hospital. The farm owner’s son told WCMH-TV the man was attacked by a 6-foot-tall, 200-pound male kangaroo. The station reports the attack came at breeding time when males can be aggressive. The son says the kangaroo will be euthanized. Ohio’s lax pet laws came under scrutiny last year when a bear killed its caretaker near Cleveland.

Pa. man gets 2 DUI arrests in 1 night WASHINGTON, Pa. (AP) — Police have charged a man in western Pennsylvania with driving drunk twice in the same night — the second time about 15 minutes after they released him into the custody of a friend. Online court records don’t list an attorney for 58-yearold Robert Brodnick, of Washington, Pa., who was arrested Monday night by the state police. Police charge that Brodnick’s blood-alcohol limit was at least double what the law allows when he was arrested. Trooper Joseph Christy says troopers released Brodnick to the custody of a “responsible party” but say that person must have dropped of Brodnick at his vehicle because the same trooper who arrested Brodnick saw him driving again. Brodnick tells WPXI-TV that he had two or three beers and just wanted to drive his new car home.


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23 SEPT 2011 |


Rapha Medical Centre

Bush: “a ‘dark hand’ undermining C.I.’s” Tad Stoner

In a broad appeal to the West Bay community on Wednesday night, Premier McKeeva Bush called for cooperation with police to stem a wave of violence in the district, and detailed recent additions to the police. The five gang-related murders and serious wounding in the last week, he said, “shakes me to the core. What is happening? What is wrong? “The police need help, and regardless what you think of the leaders or members of the force, they are our protection. They need the community to stop this,” he said. “There are people who know that [gang members] live somewhere, sleep somewhere. They wash their clothes, they even iron them, and they know when they get a little money in their hand. We must do our part,” Mr Bush added. In the wake of a last week’s $4.6 million supplement to the police budget, he said, the RCIPS would boost from 25 officers to 45 officers the ranks of the armed response unit within the uniform support group, accompanied by “about four vehicles, available 24 hours”. The serious and organised crime force would double to 24 officers, an enforcement unit would be formed and a “tactical support group“, armed with tasers, would be created “to take control of hot spots and volatile areas”, he said. “We have done all we can do under the constitution, and we stand ready to do more to support the police,” Mr

Concerned citizens at West Bay meeting. Bush said, but launched into heated criticism of the foundation document -approved as part of the 2009 elections that brought Mr Bush’s United Democratic Party to power – which gives the governor almost-autocratic powers over police and security. “You who voted for the constitution will rue the day, and I will tell you that when the Bill of Rights comes into play, well, you ‘ain’t seen nuthin’ yet’,” he said, referring to the 2012 promulgation of the civil rights roster that will form part of the constitution. “It will cost over $12 million for buildings alone. “There are people who say it [the wave of violence] is my fault, but the buck stops with the governor,” he said. “We can tell him our concerns and vote millions of dollars and demand it be spent correctly, but he says how, when and where it will be spent. “I felt it [the constitution] was totally wrong and that in this small island community, your elected representatives should have more say, but we have done all we can,” he said. In an almost-eerie passage in his hour-and-a-half talk to an audience of several hundred at the John A Cumber School auditorium, Mr Bush pointed to a mysterious -- but unnamed

-- “dark hand” that was seeking to undermine the Cayman Islands. “I see a calculated and consistent attempt to destroy a people and its confidence. Where is this coming from? Why? There is a concerted effort, and the more hidden they are, the more successful they will be. “I cannot rationally explain this, but something is happening all around us. I ask young people to wake up. Don’t allow the manipulators to tell you what to think, where to go and what to be. He blamed “media editorials”, “the blogs” and “would-be politicians who cannot get elected”. “Don’t listen to the hate I heard spewed on the radio this week. You say ‘it’s not me’, but then stop the dark hand from working its terrible mischief on this country,” Mr Bush said. “Everyone things they are winning when they beat on Mac,” he said, in a self-reference. “but I tell you, they are losing. Those who ride the back of the tiger ands criticise me will reap the whirlwind. “Look around carefully and see what is happening and who has the authority, and ask why I am spending money [while] the authorities under the constitution go their merry way.”

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Premier the Hon. McKeeva Bush


23 SEPT 2011 |



Continued from front page

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One resident who asked not to be named said yesterday he was one of the first people to spot the body. He added: “As I walked up I could see him lying in the road in a pool of blood. That image will stay in my mind. It will traumatise me for a very long time. “When you see someone you have known since a child lying in the road like that it’s like you are being choked. I was so shocked I found it hard to breathe.” Another woman added: “I heard a loud bang and a scream. At first I thought I was dreaming. It was only the next day I realised something terrible had happened.” Commissioner Baines has been pressured to bring in outside assistance to help Cayman officers. In September last year UK officers came to help investigate a similar spate of murders. Their involvement was deemed a success. It is not uncommon for forces to ask for assistance from other countries that may have more expertise in dealing with certain crimes. Only last month the Metropolitan Police in London sought help from the USA to deal with riots that were terrorising the capital. Merseyside Police yesterday confirmed they had received a request from the Commissioner for support. Governor Taylor told iNews: “The Commissioner also announced that he had made an approach to the UK police for some temporary assistance similar to what happened in 2010 when about 16 officers came out for six weeks, and was hopeful of a positive response. “The assistance would be to support the investigative teams in respect of the murder inquiries.” Additional reporting Tricia Russell-Jones


23 SEPT 2011 |


Chilling similarities between Cayman and Liverpool criminal gangs

Liverpool’s famous skyline

Paul Kennedy

In comparison iNews reporter Paul Kennedy spent more than 20 years working as a journalist for regional and national newspapers on Merseyside. Here he looks at what the people of Cayman can expect if officers from his home city come to help the RCIPS.

Merseyside has seen its fair share of criminal problems over the years. Drugs, guns and gangs are commonplace and the region’s main city of Liverpool was once identified as the major importer for most, if not all, the narcotics on the streets of the United Kingdom. A recent spate of violence, similar to what’s happening in Cayman today, saw a turf war between two rival gangs spill out of control. What followed shocked the country, and indeed the world. Caught up in the crossfire was 11-year-old Rhys Jones. On his way home from football training, the schoolboy was hit by a stray bullet aimed at a gang member. He was pronounced dead in hospital a short time later. Chilling similarities to the senseless murder of 4-year-old Jeremiah Barnes in February last year. Just like the Cayman community, the people of Liverpool were horrified at the death of young Rhys. Tensions were boiling over and the local community demanded action. The police needed to act, and they did. It was swift, efficient and clean. to blog visit

Merseyside • Population: 1.5 million. • Famous people: the Beatles, Wayne Rooney, Ken Dodd. • Weather: warm, dry summers, strong breezes in autumn/winter. • Sport: Premiership football, Super League Rugby, professional golf. • Major crimes: drug-smuggling, murder

More than 300 officers were involved in the investigation. Not only did they arrest and convict the gunman, Sean Mercer, they also charged 10 others in connection with the death. The gunman’s own mother ended up in the dock accused of lying to protect her son. Two other parents of a gang member were also convicted of the same charge. Having covered the area for 10 years as a reporter and later chief reporter of the Liverpool Echo, I know first hand what the police are capable of. No stones will be left unturned. Their judgment won’t be impaired by local knowledge and they won’t rest until the job is complete. Yes, the climate may be different and they will need a helping hand from local police getting around and

Cayman Islands • Population: 53,000. • Famous people: Charles Whittaker, Cydonie Mothersill. • Weather: Tropical all year round. • Sport: diving, snorkelling, 9-hole golf courses. • Major crimes: drug-smuggling, murder.

dealing with a different culture. But whichever officers make the journey from the North West of England to the Caribbean will be professional, determined and extremely thorough. This is guaranteed not to be a sunshine squad-style jolly boys outing. They are coming to Cayman with a job to do, and they won’t rest until it’s done.

Murder victim Rhys Jones



23 SEPT 2011 |


Ophelia strengthens but is expected to stop strengthening as the weekend draws near Jessica Willis

Ophelia has strengthened more than what was expected over the last 36 hours and as of yesterday (22) morning, the storm has 65 mph maximum winds (9 mph weaker than hurricane strength). The strengthening is expected to stop as a southwesterly shear is expected to pick up the storm. This shear will cause Ophelia to weaken into a tropical depression and then a tropical wave by tonight or tomorrow (24). Ophelia is currently tracking to the west and is expected to turn to the west-northwest later today. The

storm will then turn to the westnorthwest. This movement will cause the storm to avoid directly hitting the Leeward Islands as was stated in Thursday’s (22) iNews. However, those in the Leeward Islands and the Virgin Islands should monitor their weather advisories closely. Next week, Ophelia is expected to take a path similar to that of Maria, potentially affecting Bermuda with tropical storm conditions before dissipating in the Northern Atlantic. This storm poses no immediate threat to the eastern coast of the United States and the western Caribbean. Go to Crown Weather Services at and the

National Hurricane Centre at www. for more information on Ophelia and any other possible developments. iNews wishes to thank Crown Weather Services for their permission to use their images and information. Please support them.

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23 SEPT 2011 |


UK to pay victims over Bloody Sunday massacre ruling that the soldiers, none of whom were wounded, were responding to IRA attacks and targeting gunmen. Last year, Prime Minister David Cameron apologized after a 12-year investigation found that the soldiers were not under attack and fired without justification on unarmed civilians, many of whom were fleeing or aiding wounded. Britain’s Defense Ministry confirmed Thursday it has written to lawyers representing the Londonderry victims’ families seeking terms for financial payments. It offered no details of potential payouts.

“We acknowledge the pain felt by these families for nearly 40 years, and that members of the armed forces acted wrongly. For that, the government is deeply sorry,” the ministry said in a statement.

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DUBLIN (AP) — Britain said Thursday it will offer compensation payments to the families of people killed and wounded on Bloody Sunday, a nearly 40-year-old massacre by British paratroopers in Northern Ireland that fueled Irish Catholic support for the IRA. Thirteen people were killed and 14 wounded on Jan. 30, 1972, in Londonderry when the soldiers opened fire on a Catholic crowd demonstrating against Britain’s detention without trial of Irish Republican Army suspects. Britain compounded local fury by hastily

Pope on visit to German homeland, expects protest BERLIN (AP) — Pope Benedict XVI warned Germans of the danger of ignoring religion as he began the first state visit to his homeland Thursday, seeking to stem the tide of Catholics leaving the church while acknowledging the damage caused by the clerical sex abuse scandal. He is expected to be greeted by large protests and a boycott by some lawmakers when he addresses parliament later in the day but also by larger crowds of Catholic faithful. “We are witnessing a growing indifference to religion in society,” he said at a formal welcoming ceremony

at the German president’s Bellevue palace, touching on a major theme of his papacy. He called religion a foundation for a successful society and said its values were essential for freedom. Benedict said the presidential palace, which was destroyed in World War II, was a reminder of German history. “A clear look at the past, even at its dark pages, enables us to learn from it and to receive an impetus for the present,” the pope said. The Bavarian-born pontiff was met on a red carpet at Berlin’s Tegel

airport by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Christian Wulff at the start of his four-day visit.

The end of the world: R.E.M. split up NEW YORK (AP) — The alternative rock group that shook up the music world with its experimental, edgy sound and then earned multiplatinum success and a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced on its website that it has “decided to call it a day as a band.” “A wise man once said — ‘the skill in attending a party is knowing when it’s time to leave.’ We built something extraordinary together. We did this thing. And now we’re going to walk away from it,” front man Michael Stipe said in a statement on the website. “I hope our fans realise this wasn’t

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an easy decision; but all things must end, and we wanted to do it right, to do it our way.” The Grammy-winning group, now composed of Stipe, guitarist Peter Buck and bassist Mike Mills, released its debut album “Murmur” in 1983; at the time it was a quartet, with drummer Bill Berry. He left the group in 1997, two years after he suffered symptoms of an aneurysm onstage. The group got its start in Athens, Ga., coming out of the region’s flourishing indie-rock scene. The band was credited for helping launch college radio with songs such as “Radio Free Europe.”




23 SEPT 2011 |

The Editor speaks “Please, sir, I want some more?” “That boy will be hung.”

Colin Wilson

The quotes are famous and come from Dickens’ “Oliver Twist” about an orphan boy who has a miserable existence in a workhouse and then an undertaker. He escapes and joins a gang in London although he is unaware of the gang’s unlawful activities. Oliver enjoys being with the gang members because they make him feel part of a family. He experiences a form of love he has never had before. The story was written at the beginning of the 1800’s but it could easily have been written here in the Cayman Islands in 2011. There are, of course, differences. I am sure not one member of our gangs suffered the hardship and poverty levels Oliver suffered. Oliver, in turn, did not suffer poverty that is prevalent in the world today. Latin America (132 million live on less than $2 a day and 57 million less than $1 a day), East Europe and Central Asia (97 million $2 a day and 24 million $1 per day), Sub-Saharan Africa (50% of the whole population live below $1 a day – the worst extreme poverty area in the world), North Africa and Middle East (23% of population live below $2 per day), Southeast Asia (of a population of 1.3 billion 85% live on less than $2 per day), and Eastern Asia and Pacific (50% of 2 billion population $2 per day). The absolute nonsense I hear every day on the radio call-in shows, the blogs on the media websites, even at the local town hall community meetings called to discuss our gangs problems, all pointing the blame at government decisions and expats, because our teens don’t have a job and “they have had no choice but to join a gang to rob and kill.” One such caller yelled, “Poverty is rampant on our streets and no wonder teens have guns.” Rampant? Does the caller know the meaning of the word? How many beggars do you see


on our streets? So poverty is a reason to carry guns. Don’t guns cost money? If the real impoverished people from these countries came here they would praise God for finding the land of milk and honey. Compare the photographs of the gangs found on their Facebook pages here with ones of these impoverished countries you see every day on BBC World News. So what are our gangs fighting for? What do they stand for? What excuse do they have for being the cowardly, lowlife scum they are? Why do we, as a society try to make up excuses for their behaviour? They care nothing for us except a blood lust and death for themselves. Yes, they will die and they might just have well never lived. Their disgusting behaviour has had a terrible effect on all of us living here. They are not human beings. They are like rats and soon they will be trapped and I will yell a big ‘Hurrah!’ They care nothing for life and why should we care anything for them? The laws we made to protect us also protect them. They think they are invincible because even if they get caught the witnesses are so terrified the courts will never get a conviction. If these gangsters are able to read, they haven’t a chance in Hell and that’s where they will be heading. Historically, no one has escaped the net. Other mindless hoodlums from rival gangs either shoot them down or law enforcement officers. And if you think you can outgun our law officers you are in for a shock. My fellow countrymen, help is on the way. Gang members get out whilst you still can and you place any value on living. Turn yourselves in and turn your lives around. You are on borrowed time. The net is tightening around all of you. “That boy” may not be “hung” but he will most surely be shot. “Please, sir, I don’t want (to be a member of a gang) any MORE!”

Put your feet into wisdom’s shoes, and your neck into her collar. Ecclesiasticus 6.24


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23 SEPT 2011 |


Dudus begs for mercy Confessed Jamaican drug lord Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke has written a letter to a New York judge asking for leniency, according to a report in the New York Times. Coke is facing a maximum 23 years behind bars following a guilty plea in the United States Southern District Court of New York on July 31. Coke, 42, pleaded guilty before US District judge Robert P. Patterson. Coke is said to have mailed a seven page letter, which was neatly handwritten to Patterson, on September 7. “Good day to you, sir,” the letter to the judge began. “I am humbly asking if you could be lenient on me.” Coke, who addressed the judge as ‘Justice Paterson’, reportedly accepted responsibility for his actions, but did not apologise. He asked that the judge use his “discretion” and sentence him “below the guideline range.” Coke, who is still revered in sections of West Kingston gave 13 reasons for leniency. Among them are the recent loss of his mother, and trauma experienced by 8-year-old son following Coke’s arrest. “I was told that while she was on her deathbed, she was crying and kept calling my name,” Coke wrote of his mother. In regards to his son, Coke penned: “I was told that he is constantly

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asking for his daddy.” Coke also reportedly complained once deported, after serving his sentence, he would leave the country “without the possibility of ever visiting” his brother or other relatives who he said lived here. In the letter, Coke described “charitable deeds and social services” he carried out in West Kingston. These services he said benefitted the elderly, the unemployed and parents. He also mentioned a ‘back to school’ treat which he held for children in West Kingston.

Coke also noted he organised a parents committee, which ensured that children and teenagers were off the streets by 8 pm Sunday through Thursday. According to the New York Times report, at least one resident, Maxine Riley from West Kingston, has written to Patterson asking for him to give Dudus a life sentence. “I hope that you exercise your judicial discretion to put him away forever,” she wrote. “Mr. Coke is the Hitler of the Caribbean; this is an opportunity for him and his murderous organisation to be permanently dismantled,” she wrote. Riley said Coke was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Jamaicans, including her own son, Dexter, who was killed by Dudus’ gunmen when he was 16. Coke, who was extradited to the US on June 24, 2010 to answer narco and firearm charges, will be sentenced on December 8 at approximately 4 pm. Coke was extradited following standoff between the Bruce Golding led Government and the US. Dorothy Lightbourne, attorney general at the time, refused to sign the authority to proceed against Coke, saying his constitutional rights were being breached.



23 SEPT 2011 |


Freedom of Information and tea in the Brac Jennifer Dilbert along with her staff from the Information Commissioner’s Office hosted an afternoon tea at the Aston Rutty Centre on Friday 16 Sept. Mrs. Dilbert said the goal of the tea was to set a comfortable atmosphere in which attendees felt at ease to discuss any questions they may have towards her staff and office. The select gathering allowed individual staffers to easily address concerns and clear up any misgivings as to why Freedom of Information act (FOI) was formed and how it functions for the public. As Head of the FOI, Mrs. Dilbert stated trips to the sister islands are part of the programme to make sure all the communities understand their rights and the proper procedures of how to utilise her department. She discussed the 91 public authorities who are responsible answerable to individual requests and the limitations of the type of information that can be accessed. Mrs. Dilbert said, “Our goal is to


promote access rights to the public every quarter. We make ourselves available to groups in Government Administration, service clubs, the schools and Civil Service and the like. “These meetings began in January 2009 and we made sure Cayman Brac was the kickoff for our programme to guarantee the public transparency, accountability and accessibility through our services. We are hoping to jumpstart

International Right to Know Day here in the Brac on the 28th of September.” Said Ms. Dilbert The informal settings help her staff educate the public and governmental departments that are answerable to the population to better understand deadlines for requests and limitations of what information is accessible and why certain information is not. Such sensitivities in the matters of personal information, commercial, legal and/or professionally privileged, matters of national security or law enforcement may not qualify for release to the general public. The FOI is working to spread the mechanics of their department to those seeking information and those who are being called upon to release such data. They are working to clarify guidelines for both sides of the issues. Brochures and tabletop items were provided to everyone making sure websites, phone numbers and other pertinent information was passed on to those attending the tea.


Lionfish culling course

Sister Islands spear Brac cancer awareness run gun re-licensing

The Department of Environment (DoE) is hosting a lion fish culling course on Cayman Brac next Tuesday, 28 September. Anyone interested in helping control this invasive fish species should attend this free course to earn their lion fish culling license. The course starts at 7 p.m. in the District Administration Building’s conference room. For more information call DoE at 949-8469.

The Marine Conservation Board invites residents of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman to renew their spear gun licenses next week. Officials will issue licenses at the Department of Environment’s office in Creek, Cayman Brac on Wednesday, 28 September from 9 4 p.m. and on Thursday, 29 September, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. They will be on Little Cayman at the DoE office in Blossom Village on Friday, 30 September from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Applicant must bring the following: A completed application form, a police record (6 months old or less), previous spear gun license and the spear gun with all its parts. The applicant must appear in person and everyone should call 949-8469 to schedule an appointment. A $50 application fee is payable upon issue of the license.


The Lions Club of Tropical Gardens holds its annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk/Run, on September 24th 2011 6am from Scott’s Dock in West End to Tibbett’s Turn and back. Entry fee is $10 and the first 50 persons to register will receive a complimentary T-shirt. The Breast Cancer Awareness Meeting on Cayman Brac will be held at the Aston Rutty Center 7:30pm.

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(345) 938 3848

P.O.Box 12047 KY1-1010


23 SEPT 2011 |


Visa scrapping is just“foolish”

Tad Stoner

Former Honorary Jamaican Consul Robert Hamaty, longtime advocate for the island nation, has rejected Governor Duncan Taylor’s scrapping of a new visa scheme for visitors, calling it “foolishness.” Simultaneously, current Honorary Consul Dr Jospeh Marzouca, said the governor should embrace two parts of the scheme allowing those under 15 years and those over 70, to enter Cayman without visas. Further work, he said, could be done on the final, more controversial part of the plan, explicitly rejected by Mr Taylor: allowing free entry into Cayman of Jamaicans holding US, UK or Canada visas. “How come a Jamaican requires a UK visa to go to Britain, but that is not accepted to visit the Cayman Islands?” Mr Hamaty asked. “It’s absolute foolishness. If the visa is fake, then he could never enter the UK or the US, and he could only stay [in Cayman] a limited amount of time until that visa expired,” he said. Dr Marzouca offered the governor some comfort, saying he had been asked to post a warning to Jamaicans not to visit Cayman because of the recent spate of gang violence. “We are considering the request, and so the governor may not to worry at all,” he said. Yesterday afternoon, Mr Taylor rejected proposed amendments to 2005 visa requirements for Jamaican nationals. Cabinet, he said, had suggested visato blog visit

Honorary Consul Dr Jospeh Marzouca

free travel to Cayman for Jamaicans aged 15 years or less and 70 years or more. A third component would have allowed similar travel for those holding visas for the US, the UK or Canada. “The problem is that I am advised that there is a lively market in forged and counterfeit documentation in Jamaica,” he said, “including visas for the UK, the US and Canada. “The Cayman Islands Immigration Department does not have the capability to determine whether such a visa is genuine or not and the respective countries have indicated that they are unable to provide the Cayman Islands with the access to the resources on which they rely to make these determinations,” Mr Taylor said. “The authenticity of a Jamaican national’s UK, US or Canadian visa could therefore not be guaranteed and this fact could be exploited,” he said pointing to a 2005 reduction in crime after visas were mandated for Jamaican travel to Cayman. Fearing “a significant negative impact on the security of the Cayman Islands,” the governor rejected any changes to the proposed easing of the restrictions. Premier McKeeva Bush at a

Former Honorary Jamaican Consul Robert Hamaty

Wednesday night meeting in West Bay, rued the decision in the context of the governor’s constitutional powers: “The governor of the day doesn’t have to listen to anything we say. We can ask and advise, but he doesn’t have to agree. We said Jamaicans with US, UK or Canada visas can come here, but the governor said no, for national security reasons.” Mr Hamaty said the premier had been sympathetic “to the cause”, and that Mr Taylor was the victim of “totally bad advice” that was “absolutely wrong”. “The Jamaicans that come here on work permits are thankful for the job and the money they earn. At one point we had 12,500 Jamaicans here, and there was no increase in crime, “A visa is not going to stop someone in a ‘canoe’,“ Mr Hamaty said, alluding to smugglers’ late-night speedboats moving drugs and firearms. “What we need is fixed-wing border patrols for that.” Mr Marzouca observed that embracing the first two amendments “would give the workers here some comfort. Their parents, grandparents and kids could come and visit them.”


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Mon – Sat: 10am-5pm


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Government school results continue to improve he said. Chief Education Officer Shirley Wahler noted that the significance of what has been achieved in 2011 becomes clear when the results are compared with performance in previous years. In 2005, for example, only 23% of students in Grand Cayman achieved five or more Level 2 passes at grades I-III or A*-C. More recently, the results came in at 25% in 2007 and 27% in 2008, rising to 36% in 2009 and 37% in 2010. In Cayman Brac, results have topped 60% before, with students attaining 65% in both 2006 and 2010. In other years, results have varied between 45% in 2008, 48% in 2007 and 56% in 2009. In his address, Minister Anglin encouraged educators to feel proud of what they had helped their students to achieve in 2011, but at the same time to commit to striving for even better results in the coming year. “These results should be celebrated, because they represent real progress and real effort, but they can and must still improve. The Ministry and DES will remain focused on challenging and supporting our schools to ensure that our students’ performance continues to improve, and that we move ever closer to our goal of success for all of our students,” he noted. Education Ministry Chief Officer, Name School Total Level 2 passesNumber of A*/ A Mary Rodrigues, advised that a more (A*-C, I-III) or I Passes detailed analysis of the external Katherine Lazzari LSHS 12 11 examination results, and other Kerry Antunez LSHS 14 9 performance data, is being finalized, Astrid Scott LSHS 11 7 for use by the Department of Education Jessica Thornton LSHS 10 7 Services (DES) and schools to identify Amanda Dixon JGHS 11 6 specific strengths and weaknesses and Manuel Gonzalez JGHS 9 6 to set targets for improvement, by Nicholas Scott LSHS 10 6 school, subject and teacher. Jovanni Anglin LSHS 11 5 She explained that the DES, Melgreen Reid LSHS 10 5 through the work of newly appointed Felicia Connor JGHS 9 5 Senior School Improvement Officers, Kayla Parsons JGHS 8 5 has been tasked with engaging Christina Maclean JGHS 8 5 with schools to develop additional Kristi Chin-Sinn JGHS 11 4 strategies for improving results even Shantel Zoya Coombs JGHS 8 4 further in 2012. Alicia Thompson JGHS 8 4 “At the same time the Ministry Nadiyah Abdul-Jabbar JGHS 9 3 will be working with the DES to Renita Barnes JGHS 8 3 establish national targets for external Andrea Watler JGHS 8 3 examination performance. We will Kerseanna Ewers JGHS 8 2 also be focusing on raising standards Davanni James JGHS 8 1 in mathematics, a significant area of Notable Successes The above 2011 Year 12 students were highlighted, among many notable underperformance nationally,” Mrs. successes, for their examination success Rodrigues said.

Year 12 students in 2011 achieved the highest ever-external examination results recorded for the government education service. According to Education Ministry officials, the pass rate represents a significant improvement over last year’s results and continues a trend of improvement nationally. Nationally, 45% of Year 12 students in 2011 attained five or more Level 2 passes in external examinations (A*-C [GCSE/IGCSE] or I-III [CXC]). Just five years ago, in 2007, the figures stood at 27%. This represents the difference between 84 students across schools meeting that target in 2007 versus 154 students in 2011. In 2008, the national average for government schools was 28%. Since 2008, results have shown significant improvement, rising to 38% in 2009 and 39% in 2010. Performance varied between Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. In Grand Cayman, in a year group of some 310 students, 43% of students achieved five or more Level 2 passes. In Cayman Brac, students at the Layman E Scott Senior High School (LSHS) significantly outperformed the national average, with a 66% pass rate at this level, in a year group of 32.


The percentage of students achieving Honours status, with seven or more Level 2 passes, also improved in 2011, with 22% (76 students) achieving this standard. Sixty-two of this year’s honors students attended JGHS/ CIFEC in Grand Cayman, and a further 14 were from the Layman E. Scott Senior High School (LSHS) in Cayman Brac. Minister for Education, Training and Employment, the Hon. Rolston Anglin, JP, shared external examination results with educators in the Sister Islands and Grand Cayman at the Ministry’s official launch for the new school year. He thanked educators for their commitment to working with the students, parents, the Education Department and Ministry to raise standards of achievement in government schools. “Standards matter,” Minister Anglin stated. “Behind every percentage point increase are children whose life chances have improved, because they have reached an important threshold for further studies or the world of work. “These results tell us that our Caymanian students can achieve at a high level and that our system can improve. We must believe that every child can, should and will learn,”

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“Cancer is devastating but if you have support… it makes it much easier to cope”

“I can’t thank the Cancer Society enough” “When I found out I had cancer, I went to the Cayman Islands Cancer Society and was able to qualify for financial assistance to cover my chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Everything I needed to help me with my cancer treatment, the Cancer Society provided. I am so blessed to be alive today. “I can’t thank the Cancer Society enough. They are always there for me. Whenever I can, I give back to the Society’s boxes that are in stores and Supermarkets. I do my part to help them to help someone else. I love these people.” Ms. Ruby Myles

Cayman Islands Cancer Society

114 Maple Road, George Town, P.O. Box 10565, Grand Cayman KY1-1005 T: 949-7618 | F: 949-8694 to blog visit



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Mellisa Rankin crowned Miss Festival You need $$$ money and you need it now!!!! Can BBES help you to get what’s yours? (YES) YOU CAN KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE LANDING STRIP WHILE I CO-PILOT YOU

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bbexecutiveservices 14 Wilmar Plaza, Eastern Ave, George Town, Grand Cayman PO Box 11078 KY1-1008

Contestants line up in their special orchid-themed evening gowns

Christopher Tobutt

Mellisa Rankin was crowned George Town Miss Festival Queen – at the George Town Miss Festival Queen pageant George Town Central Park, Scranton. Mellisa will represent the district of George Town in the Miss Festival Queen Competition finals, scheduled for Thursday 10 November, the day before the official kick-off of Pirates’ Week. The other six contestants, Gabriella McField, Kayla McField, Nassaria Thompson, Kayana Bustillo Chelsea Evans, and Lethea Rankin, all took part in the Cayman culture and heritage-flavoured pageant, organised by the George Town Heritage Committee The show kicked off with a dance presentation, with all contestants dressed in spectacular stingray outfits. During the next section, each of the contestants gave a special presentation on a significant George Town person. Gabriella McField spoke about Cayman photographer Edgar Banks: “He was able to overcome obstacles


making himself an independent living with camera in hand. He brought many smiles to hearts in his George Town studio,” she said. Kayana Bustillo’s presentation was all about Annie Huldah Bodden, O.B.E: “Miss Annie broke into the ranks of what was considered to be a sole masculine realm. She taught women of the Cayman Islands that they could lift their voices and be heard in a positive manner… the development of this country,” she said. Mellisa Rankin spoke all about Inspector Roddy Watler: “It is said he was tall and stern, looking quite military in his uniform. He had a special heart for children…did his work with pride and was always ready to protect and serve his country. He was beloved by his people,” she said. In the next section, each of the contestants came onstage wearing costumes themed with a unique aspect of Cayman culture - including a Black Coral outfit, worn by Nassaria Thompson and a Caymanite outfit, worn by Kayla McField. During the final section, the ladies were dressed in their

Gabriella McField dazzled in a bright orange costume

evening gowns - all with a Cayman Orchid theme. Former George Town MLA Lucille Seymour presented each of the contestants with a certificate of participation, before reigning Miss Festival Queen, Miss Shemika Gooding crowned and sashed Mellisa.

Kayan Bustillo looked stunning in her orchid-themed evening gown

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Physicians w/ International Designations

Miss George Town Festival Queen, Mellisa Rankin (third from left), pictured with Shemika Gooding, reigning Miss Festival Queen (second from left) pictured with runners up, Lethea Rankin (left) and Gabriella McField (Right).

Get up… Get out… Enjoy Island Life!

Mellisa Rankin, Miss George Town Festival Queen

All the contestants looked very special in their stingray-themed outfits

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Reigning Miss Festival Queen, Shemika Gooding (left) with Mellisa Rankin, the new Miss George Town Festival Queen

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943-5800 943-5900 Reigning Miss Festival Queen, Shemika Gooding, sashes Mellisa Rankin


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Dishin’ with Dody The Birthday leftovers




Dody Denman

The last of our “sorta’ summer” birthdays was a few days ago. My number 4 grandson, Mason, turned 14 on September 11th. His party plans fell through, so I invited him over for a birthday luncheon, along with other family members. We celebrated and feasted…feasted and celebrated. It was also the first Texans game of regular football season. That never hurt the feelings of anyone in this family! So we feasted, celebrated and watched football. However, before the game and lunch could commence, the cooking had to. We grilled ribeye steaks, New York strips, pork chops and corn on the cob. Lunch was great, but what was done with the leftovers was much greater. Self-proclaimed “Queen of the Leftover’s”…taking what’s left and making it over, has done it again. I intended for the leftover steaks to become my husband’s lunch for the coming week, but when he went to eat them, they were much too tough. Not certain why, as they were great on Sunday. Anyway, I used the meat and corn to make an incredible soup. Soup is an easy way to go when dealing with leftovers. You can put practically anything into a stockpot and end with a delicious creation. Another title I hold is for my soup making, and this is not selfproclaimed. My sister always said that my mother and I could put anything into a pot and it would be

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delicious, but no matter how great the ingredients she used, it tasted like dishwater. Not certain I agree, but funny anyway! There are few rules; just remember what tastes well together. For instance, I prefer potatoes with beef and rice with chicken when cooked together. Beans are a great source of protein, fiber and taste to “up the ante.” I would have added green beans or ranch style beans to this soup if there had been any in the pantry. Cabbage, zucchini, squash and most any vegetable make a great addition. If there is any secret to making good soup, it is season and simmer…let the flavours meld until it is one scrumptious entity. The best

Ingredients • 3 steaks…cooked (of course, you may use raw meat, but may have to cook longer) • 2 qts. water • 1 large onion • 2 cloves garlic • 2 large carrots • 2 stalks celery • 1 small bell pepper (I used red) • 3 large potatoes to blog visit

• 3 ears of corn (may substitute 1 cup frozen corn.) • 1 15 oz. can tomatoes • 1 Tbls. beef soup base (similar to bouillon, but is more concentrated and flavourful. • May substitute bouillon if soup base is unavailable.) • Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

soup is what I refer to as “clean the refrigerator out soup.” Try tossing some of the contents of your fridge and pantry into a pot, let it simmer and call me for lunch.

Directions • Put steaks and water in soup pot. • Bring to boil, cover and simmer for an hour. • While meat simmers chop onion, garlic, carrots, celery, pepper, and potatoes. • Remove corn from cob. Place in bowl and set aside. • Carefully remove steaks from water and separate meat from bone and fat, leaving stock in pot. (You may need to cool meat slightly.) • Return meat to pot with all other ingredients. • Simmer for 45-60 minutes until all vegetables are done. • Serve with cornbread.


Tel: 949-0262 19


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Sleep apnea/Obesity hypoventilation syndrome “Pickwickian syndrome”: Part I

Cayman Islands Netball Association

Dr Bella Beraha The International Medical Group is a multi-disciplinary medical practice that offers professional and personalised care. Dr Bella Beraha, born in Venezuela, joined the International Medical Group from Miami. She is an M.D. in Internal Medicine and runs a successful medically supervised weight loss program from the clinic.

Pickwickian syndrome is named after Dickens’s The Pickwick Papers because the novel features a character who has all the classic symptoms of the condition. Joe is obese, constantly hungry, very red in the face and is always falling asleep in the middle of tasks.  “Sleep!” said the old gentleman, ‘he’s always asleep. Goes on errands fast asleep, and snores as he waits at table.” Obesity hypoventilation syndrome is defined as the combination of obesity (body mass index above 30 kg/ m2), hypoxia (falling oxygen levels in blood) during sleep, and hypercapnia (increased blood CO2 levels) during the day, resulting from hypoventilation (excessively slow or shallow breathing). The disease has been known since the 1950s. All patients with OHS are obese (BMI >30 kg/m2) and most have coexisting obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The most common symptoms and signs are due to the coexisting OSA, which include excessive daytime sleepiness, loud snoring, choking during sleep, resuscitative snorting (ie, a loud snort that follows an apnea as the patient partially awakens and reopens the upper airway), fatigue, hypersomnolence, impaired concentration and memory, a small oropharynx, and a thick neck. Other symptoms present in both conditions are depression, and hypertension (high blood pressure) that is difficult to control with medication. The high carbon dioxide (CO2) can also cause headaches, which tend to be worse in the morning. The low oxygen level leads to excessive strain on the right side of


the heart. Symptoms of this disorder occur because the heart has difficulty pumping blood from the body through the lungs. Fluid may therefore accumulate in the skin of the legs in the form of edema (swelling); decreased exercise tolerance and chest pain may occur It is estimated that 26 percent of adults are at high risk for OSA. The prevalence of OSA in the general population is approximately 20 percent. Clinical features of obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea: • Daytime sleepiness • Non-restorative sleep • Witnessed apneas by bed partner • Awakening with choking • Nocturnal restlessness • Insomnia with frequent awakenings • Lack of concentration • Cognitive deficits • Changes in mood • Morning headaches • Vivid, strange, or threatening dreams • Gastroesophageal reflux • Obesity • Large neck circumference • Systemic hypertension • Hypercapnia • Cardiovascular disease • Cerebrovascular disease • Cardiac dysrhythmias • Narrow or “crowded” airway • Pulmonary hypertension • Cor pulmonale • Polycythemia

DIAGNOSIS: OHS is diagnosed when the following criteria are confirmed: • Obesity (BMI be >30 kg/m2) • Arterial blood (special blood draw) showing high CO2 (hypoventilation) • A different cause of the hypoventilation cannot be identified Additional testing is necessary to exclude other diseases that can cause hypoventilation, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), restrictive disease (e.g., neuromuscular weakness, interstitial lung disease, chest wall disease), hypothyroidism, and diaphragmatic (breathing muscle) paralysis. This generally requires the following tests: • Thyroid function tests to look for hypothyroidism • Pulmonary function tests, to look for evidence that COPD or a restrictive disease. • A chest radiograph to look for lung disease, chest wall disease, signs of diaphragm paralysis, and cardiomegaly (enlarged heart).

Name: Lyneth Monteith CINA Position: Second Vice-President Occupation: Principal John Gray High School

Started playing in High School Captain of C. I. National Netball team at • 1988 CANA Tournament in the Cayman Islands • 1991 World Netball Championships Australia • 1991 World Netball Championships England Assistant Coach C. I. National Netball team 1999 – New Zealand Coach C. I. National Netball Team 2003 to Jamaica Coach/Player AllStars Netball Club Coach National Under 16, 2009 and 2010 to Jamaica and Barbados Intermediate Umpire since 2009

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We continue our serialisation of Anne by Constance Fenimore Woolson

Anne Part 51

“I could not help coming, sir, because Annet is going away”

As the last words were spoken it was Rast who had tear-dimmed eyes; it was Rast’s voice that faltered. Anne was calm, and her calmness annoyed him. He would have liked a more demonstrative sorrow. But as he went down the long path on his way to the pier where the steamboat was waiting, the first whistle having already sounded, he forgot everything save his affection for her and the loneliness in store for him after her departure. While she was on their island she seemed near, but New York was another world. Down in the shadow of the great gate there was an ancient little cherry-tree, low and gnarled, which thrust one crooked arm across the path above the heads of the passers- by. As Rast approached he saw in the dusky twilight a small figure perched upon this bough, and recognized Tita. “Is that you, child?” he said, pausing and looking up. She answered by dropping into his arms like a kitten, and clinging to him mutely, with her face hidden on his shoulder. “What an affectionate little creature she is, after all!” he thought, stroking her dark hair. Then, after saying good-by, and giving her a kiss, he disengaged himself without much ceremony, and telling her to be a good girl and mind Miss Lois during the winter, he hurried down to the pier, the second whistle summoning all loiterers on board with shrill harshness. Tita, left alone, looked at her arms, reddened by the force with which she had resisted his efforts to unclasp them. They had been pressed so closely against the rough woollen cloth of his coat that the brown flesh showed the mark of the diagonal pattern. “It is a hurt,” she said, passionately—”it is a hurt.” Her eyes flashed, and she shook her small fist at the retreating figure. Then, as the whistle sounded a third time, she climbed quickly to the top of to blog visit

the great gates, and sat there high in the air while the steamer backed out from the piers, turned round, and started westward through the Straits, nothing now save a moving line of lights, the short Northern twilight having faded into night. When the long sad day of parting was at last over, and everything done that her hands could find to do in that amount of time, Anne, in her own room alone, let her feelings come forth; she was the only watcher in the old house, every other eye was closed in sleep. These moments alone at night, when she allowed herself to weep and think, were like breathing times; then her sorrows came forth. According to her nature, she did not fear or brood upon her own future so much as upon the future of the children; the love in her heart made it seem to her a bitter fate to be forced to leave them and the island. The prospect of the long journey, the city school, the harsh aunt, did not dishearten her; they were but parts of her duty, the duty of her life. It was after midnight; still she sat there. The old shutters, which had been rattling for some time, broke their fastenings,

and came violently against the panes with a sound like the report of a pistol. “The wind is rising,” she thought, vaguely, as she rose to fasten them, opening one of the windows for the purpose. In rushed the blast, blowing out the candle, driving books and papers across the floor, and whirling the girl’s long loosened hair over her face and round her arms like the coils of a boa-constrictor. Blinded, breathless, she hastily let down the sash again, and peered through the small wrinkled panes. A few stars were visible between the light clouds which drove rapidly from north to south in long regular lines like bars, giving a singular appearance to the sky, which the girl recognized at once, and in the recognition came back to present life. “The equinoctial,” she said to herself; “and one of the worst. Where can the Huron be? Has she had time to reach the shelter of the islands?” The Huron was the steamer, which had carried Rast away at twilight. She was a good boat and stanch. But Anne knew that craft as stanch had been wrecked and driven ashore during these fierce autumn gales which sweep over the chain of lakes suddenly, and strew their coasts with fragments of vessels, and steamers also, from the head of Superior to the foot of Ontario. If there was more sea room, vessels might escape; if there were better harbours, steamers might seek port; in a gale, an ocean captain has twenty chances for his vessel where the lake captain has one. Anne stood with her face pressed against the window for a long time; the force of the wind increased. She took her candle and went across to a side room whose windows commanded the western pass: she hoped that she might see the lights of the steamer coming back, seeking the shelter of the island before the worst came. But all was dark.

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Word search: McDonald’s                         




Big Mac 


Cheeseburger Coca-Cola  Coffee  Diet Coke  Drive-through    Fast food Filet-o-fish 



Franchise   Fries   Golden arches  Hamburger    Happy meal  Hotcakes  Ice cream

 McDonald’s McGriddle     

McMuffin   McNuggets   Menu Mickey D’s    Milkshake   Quarter Pounder Ronald Snack Wrap Sprite!  

Trivia question: Dick and MacDonald founded McDonald’s in California in 1940. What is the name of the man who bought McDonald’s from them and    

                  founded the McDonal’s Corporation as we know it today?

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Our Eye

23 SEPT 2011 |


Adjustable beds

“Sleeping on flat beds causes strain to the body”

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Georgina Wilcox

Sleep is essential for our existence; it is the state of natural rest to reenergise the body. During sleep the body regains much needed strength, and relieves the tiredness brought about by daily activities. A third of a person’s life is spent sleeping in bed, which is why it is important to have a comfortable bed to rest on. Many people are not aware that they are sleeping in uncomfortable beds. This is evident why some parts of your body ache after a long sleep. You may also feel restless no matter how long you sleep. If you think flat beds are better, you should consider that they do not offer any support to your body during sleep. The best choices are adjustable beds that are also known as hospital or electric beds. They can be adjusted into various positions to make sleeping more comfortable, aid certain medical conditions and also help getting in and out of the bed. If you have a medical condition that requires you to sleep in certain positions then an adjustable bed may be able help. Those who are temporarily or permanently bed-ridden to make daily life more comfortable can also use them. Modern beds can be adjusted by a remote control to adjust either the upper end of the bed to raise and lower the back and head, or the lower end of the bed to raise and lower the legs. They can also be fitted with extra features such as heat and massage. The human body is not flat but curved in so many areas. This is the reason why we feel uncomfortable when we sleep on a flat bed. Sleeping on flat beds causes strain to the body since your body cannot adjust normally to a flat surface. With adjustable beds you can regulate the angle of incline of the head so that the neck is in the correct position relative to your whole body, giving you more comfort through the night. Choosing the correct position can notably reduce various body pains to blog visit

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such as neck and back pains, shoulder tension and other body aches. You can adjust the bed to any height so you never have to stack pillows to watch TV, read or do anything in bed that requires you to be upright. With an adjusted upper body during sleep your air passages are more open so you breathe better during sleep. Acid reflux is reduced if you elevate your head that prevent stomach acids from moving towards the esophagus. The upper back and shoulders are also spared from pressure so you wake up refreshed. And with an adjusted head height, snoring is prevented, giving you and your sleep partner a good night’s sleep. The lower body can also be elevated to your desired height to increase circulation throughout the whole body. Combined with the right mattress, you can further maximize the comfort of an adjustable bed. A good mattress to match the adjustable bed’s feature is a memory foam mattress because it diminishes pressure points or body impact, which can give your body improved circulation. Unlike ordinary mattresses a memory foam mattress contours to your body giving you more

point-to-point support. Instead of using springs these mattress uses a layer of state-ofthe-art Viscoelastic memory foam. Underneath are layers of highresilience and pre-crushed foam. Memory foam mattresses also adjust to body warmth permitting your muscles to relax. With these materials and contouring capability, you are ensured of a recharging and pleasant sleep. Most beds are made to standard sizes as outlined below. Some manufacturers will make more bespoke beds and tailor them to the customer’s needs. • Single: 39” x 75” • Standard Double: 54” x 75” • Queen: 60” x 80” • King size adjustable bed: 76” x 80” • Grand King adjustable bed: 80” x 98” Please note the chart shows the styles and sizes for the United States and these are readily available here in the Cayman Islands. Sleeping on an adjustable bed is proven to benefit your health by giving you a comfortable sleep. You have no reason to feel restless upon waking up since you know that only adjustable bed can give you the rest you deserve.


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Disney hopes game character makes it to big screen LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Walt Disney Co. has used mobile games to promote its movies, but now it’s trying something new: launching a cuddly character in a game in the hope he makes it to the big screen someday. In a first effort at the new strategy, Disney is launching this week an animated alligator named “Swampy,” whose bizarre quest in the 99-cent iPhone game “Where’s My Water?” is to keep clean. The reptile, unlike his in-thewild counterparts, lives under a big city and mostly hangs around in his bathtub, waiting for iPhone owners to dig a digital trench that allows water to flow into his poorly connected plumbing. Disney Mobile general manager Bart Decrem says one goal of the launch is to incubate new characters that can cross over into other Disney business units like movies and merchandise. “Maybe five years from now, wouldn’t it be great if there was a movie that started up on the App Store?” Decrem said. He said mobile devices are becoming central to kids’ lives and Disney wants to make sure it is there. “To me, this is where a generation of kids is growing up. And it’s really critical for the success of the company that we be there and telling stories and introducing characters to a new generation of kids,” he said. Disney’s interactive unit has long been a troubled one. Expensive forays into making video games for consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation 3 have resulted in big losses. In the most recent quarter through July, Disney’s interactive unit lost $ 8 6 million

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on revenue that grew 27 percent from a year earlier to $251 million. That marked the 11th consecutive quarterly loss since Disney began breaking out results for the unit in late 2008. Analysts have questioned what Disney is doing in the games business, especially after its $563 million purchase of social games maker Playdom last year didn’t help stem the losses.

The unit’s new co-presidents, John Pleasants and James Pitaro, have made it a goal for interactive to be profitable in 2013. The focus on mobile games, rather than console games, is part of what Disney hopes aids the turnaround. Decrem said mobile games take up to a dozen people about half a year to create. That’s far less expensive than console games, which can take hundreds of programmers two to three years to finish. Disney Chief Financial Officer Jay Rasulo told an investor conference in New York on Wednesday one focus of the interactive unit is to deliver products at lower cost. “Clearly, we’ve got a lot of work to do in this business,” he said.

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Our Eye


The cool way to dress up your boat Georgina Wilcox

Writen by : Victoria Anderson

There are a variety of cool boat accessories to dress up your boat. These range from technical products such as tie downs, navigation lights, and pumps to electronic ones such as radar systems, radio, and lights. You will also find functional items such as seats, covers, and ladders. Not to be missed are the motor parts with the corresponding lubes. Then there are pedestals, fasteners, winches and jacks, spark plugs and starters, flooring and other internal setting items, tires and couplers, gauges, flotation aids and devices, anchors and rod holders, till and trim auxiliary materials, and fenders and dock lines. And don’t forget jackets, mooring equipment, heaters and lights, buoys, paddles, lifts, and hoists. Boat accessories that cater to the “lighter side” of boating life consist of barbecues, grills, and swim decks with showers.


The end of the school year is here and savvy moms and dads by now have made all the arrangements for summer. Summer camps and leisurely days at the pool or beach are just a few of the summer rituals for many families. However if you're tempted to let your child play outdoors for even a few minutes without proper sun protection, you might want to think twice. Adolescence and childhood are critical periods during which exposure to UV radiation is more likely to contribute to skin cancer in later life. Children with fair skin, blond or red hair and blue or green eyes are at the highest risk of sunburn. But darker-skinned children also need sun protection. With this in mind, it’s important that parents teach their children how to enjoy fun in the sun safely.


Apply a thick, even coat to all exposed areas 20 - 30 minutes before your child goes out in the sun. Choose a sunscreen with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 15 or higher. Make sure it's labeled "broad spectrum," which means it blocks both UVA and UVB sunlight. For your little ones, sunscreen that contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide should be selected as these compounds are less irritating than others. Sunscreen sticks are best for the face because they are sweat proof and less likely to drip. Don't forget nose, ears, hands, feet, shoulders, and behind the neck; lips can also burn, so apply a lip balm with SPF protection. Reapply sunscreen every 2 to 3 hours, or after sweating or swimming.

COVER FROM HEAD TO TOE. Wearing protective clothing and hats is one of the primary ways of warding off UV damage. When wet, light coloured clothing transmits just as much sunlight as bare skin. Keep your kids covered with dark colours, long sleeves, and pants whenever possible. And don't forget the accessories: sunglasses with UV protection to guard against burned corneas, and hats to prevent sunburned scalps and faces. Protective clothing, hats with wide brims, and sunglasses are just as important for babies. At the beach, bring along a large umbrella.

Parents, you are the best teacher by practicing sun safety yourself. If your child sees you following sun safety rules, he'll take them for granted and follow suit. Teach every member of the family how to protect their skin and eyes. With proper supervision, children can learn to protect themselves and enjoy summer fun without sacrificing the health of their skin.

There are a great many selections to choose from. Anchors, for instance, may be resistant, powder-coated contraptions available in different shapes and weights. These can be accessorised by anchor spool lines, anchor chains, spools, and nylon ropes. The anchors are made to be tolerant to fresh water, seawater, or both. Protective covering for boats can also be equipped with boat accessories such as steel, aluminum, or tie-down support poles. Cover materials may be made of canvas suitable to every kind of boat. Boat accessories for docking are comprised of vinyl or ‘plyfoam’ fenders, sturdy corner bumpers, and protective mats for the hull.

Avoid unnecessary exposure when the sun's rays are at their strongest. Even on cloudy or cooler days, ultraviolet (UV) rays remain strong. Shady spots can be just as tricky because of reflected light. If your child is playing outdoors during these hours, make sure to apply ample sunscreen.

WATCH OUT FOR MEDICATIONS. Some medications increase the skin's sensitivity to the sun, so make sure to ask your doctor whether your child may be at risk. Prescription antibiotics and acne medications are the most notorious culprits, but when in doubt, ask. T: +1 345 949 7618 | E:

114 Maple Road, George Town, P.O. Box 10565, Grand Cayman KY1-1005, Cayman Islands Victoria Anderson is project coordinator of the Cayman Islands Cancer Society.

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UK holds 1st Olympic safety exercises since riots

LONDON (AP) — British authorities are holding their first major planning exercise for the 2012 London Olympics since riots in the capital last month forced police to reassess their security plans for the games. The government’s emergency committee, known as COBRA, started a three-day exercise on Wednesday to simulate responses to potential crises during the Olympics, detective chief superintendent Alaric Bonthron of the Metropolitan Police said, “We are going through the whole gamut — from food poisoning to terrorism through to heat waves and rail disruption,” he said. “We have to understand how we manage the games in those situations.” The violence began in early August after the fatal shooting of a man by police in north London. Police struggled to contain the violence that left a trail of looted stores and burnedout buildings across London,

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Manchester and Birmingham and led to thousands of arrests. “We are still reviewing everything post-riots to make sure we have learned the lessons,” Bonthron said. Britain’s image took a hit during the riots, and a global publicity campaign was launched Thursday to promote the country. London was already preparing a massive security operation for the Olympics, but most of the attention had been on the threat of international terrorism until the outbreak of unrest. “We recognize we didn’t always get it right during the rioting,” Bonthron said at an Olympics planning conference. “We are reassessing plans in light of what happened during the riots to make sure the resources we have ... match the risk.” About 12,000 police officers will be on duty each day of the July 27-Aug. 12 games, which have a

security budget of $732 million. The latest in a series of security exercises, which end on Friday, allow the police, government and games organizers to test how their infrastructure could cope with an emergency during the Olympics. “It’s a simulation where people go through and exercise and test communications, test what sort of responses we need, what sort of information flows we would need ... to make sure everyone understand their games-time roles,” Bonthron said. “It’s focused on the response to an incident that could be terrorism or it could be something more minor that could affect the games.” Meanwhile, London authorities have identified 20 potential risks to the 2012 Olympics. The top four include terrorism, serious crime — specifically ticket fraud — protests and natural disasters such as floods or heat waves. When the eyes of the world are on London next year, Bonthron can see that “it’s a good time to protest.” The games also could be disrupted by striking workers. Britain’s public sector unions are planning a huge wave of walkouts on Nov. 30 as they resist efforts to reduce spending on pensions. “It’s one of the factors being built in (to planning),” Bonthron said. “We, in the police, have issues with our communications staff going on strike. So it’s about looking at all eventualities and trying to plan how we resource and keep everything running if there were to be strikes.”


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NFL memo warns teams on faking injuries NEW YORK (AP) — To the fake handoff and fake field goals, add fake injuries. The NFL sent a memo to all 32 teams warning of fines, suspensions and loss of draft picks if the league determines players faked injuries during a game. Yet several players admit its an accepted practice, and some coaches hinted they are not above condoning phony injuries if it provides a competitive edge.

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“I’ve been places where it has been (taught),” said Browns linebacker Scott Fujita, a member of the players’ union executive committee. “They have a name for it and I’ve been places where it’s been pre-called. I’ve been places where it’s one player who has been designated. Maybe I’m getting everyone in trouble, but I’m just being honest.” In the memo obtained by The Associated Press, the NFL reminded teams of league policy that calls on coaches to discourage the practice. There is no specific rule on the topic. Nonetheless, two days after there was speculation the Giants’ Deon Grant faked an injury against the Rams during Monday night’s game, the NFL is warning of disciplinary action. “It’s always been in the game,” Ravens All-Pro safety Ed Reed said. “It’s all tactical stuff you need to use. Whatever it takes. ... If you’re tired, you’re tired. You get a break however you can.” Added 49ers running back Frank Gore: “Hey, I feel if it helps, do it. I’m bound to do it. Whatever it takes to win.”

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Two games, two wins, two clinches for Yankees NEW YORK (AP) — All is well with the New York Yankees — at least for the next week. Bubbly was spilling on the dark blue clubhouse carpet, some players wearing goggles to protect themselves from the spray. Jorge Posada’s pinch single had driven in two runs in the eighth inning for a 4-2 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays, completing a memorable doubleheader sweep Wednesday and clinching the AL East. “We got something special going on here. Hopefully, we can continue this ride,” Posada said. About 6½ hours earlier, Robinson Cano’s two-run double in the eighth led the Yankees to a 4-2 win in the opener, a victory that clinched New York’s 16th playoff berth in 17 years. But players merely exchanged handshakes after that one — Yankees blase at its best. They vowed to let loose when they secured the division crown, their 12th in 16 seasons. And when it was time to celebrate, they broke out only the domestic — Mumm Napa Brut Prestige — and Lunetta Prosecco from Italy. Having won 27 World Series titles, the Yankees save the good French champagne for only the biggest of championships. Hard to remember back to March, when many picked Boston as the division favorite after the Yankees failed to sign Cliff Lee and lost Andy Pettitte to retirement. At the same time, the Red Sox added Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford.

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Fans charged after Leeds-Manchester cup clash

Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs, second left, celebrates with teammates after scoring against Leeds

Paul Kennedy

Police in the UK have charged 14 fans for a number of offences following the tempestuous Carling Cup tie between Leeds and Manchester United at Elland Road on Tuesday night. The match was marred by vile chanting from both sets of supporters, with the visiting fans unfurling a banner which apparently mocked the the two Leeds supporters stabbed in Istanbul in 2000 and sections of the home crowd responding with songs concerning the 1958 Munich air disaster, in which 23 people lost their lives. Three men, aged 27, 38 and 40, were released on bail after being arrested on suspicion of public order offences, while two 16-yearolds were reprimanded on the same charge. Others were charged with throwing a missile on to the playing field, ticket touting, public order offences, indecent or racial chanting, being drunk and disorderly and possession of a Class B drug.


Four men, aged 19, 23, 45 and 46, were arrested on suspicion of making off without payment but were later released without charge. The charged will appear before Leeds Magistrates Court between Oct 4 and Oct 6. The game, the first between the two sides at Elland Road since Leeds’s relegation from the Premier League in 2004, was preceded by violent clashes outside the stadium which left two police officers injured, one suffering from a foot injury and one a broken leg. Supt Vernon Francis, from West Yorkshire Police, described the violence as “shocking and surprising” and indicated that police would search a “wealth” of CCTV footage with a view to making a number of arrests. The match finished with a comfortable win for Manchester United with two goals from Michael Owen and one from Ryan Giggs. Elsewhere in the Cup there were few shocks as Liverpool, Arsenal, Everton and Manchester City progressed into the next round. Owen Hargreaves scored for City in

their win over Birmingham after his long-awaited return from injury. Although Chelsea, down to 10-men after defender Alex was dismissed, won after a penalty shoot-out over Fulham at Stamford Bridge. Stoke’s tie at the Britannia Stadium with Tottenham also had to be decided on penalties with the home side coming through 7-6.

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MOTOR REWINDER Caribbean General Repairs Applications are

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being accepted

Major Account Sales Representative – To be considered, the ideal applicant should have a minimum of 5 years experience and a proven successful track record in sales. Preferably in sales of digital multifunction devices, electronic printing, computers, software, and IT equipment. Responsibilities will include: sales, account relations, customer training on products, achieving designated objectives and revenue targets, producing sales and forecast reports while maintaining customer satisfaction at the highest level. Must be computer literate.

“Motor Rewinder”.

Monthly salary range is CI$1,100 - $2,500 plus commissions based on experience

The successful

for the position of

applicant must

Xerox Customer Service Engineer (CSE) – Requirements for this position will be a minimum of 3 years work experience in service, support, troubleshooting, diagnosis and repair of Xerox engineering photocopiers, office multifunctional and production laser printers. Expertise in Microsoft Office, Windows 2000 and networking is an absolute requirement. A+ and MCSE certifications or equivalent network experience preferable. Must be very customer service oriented, a quick learner, organized, reliable and willing to make an extra effort to learn new products. Evening and/or weekend work maybe required.

have proven experience working in

Monthly salary range: CI$3,000-3,600 based on experience and knowledge

this field for at

Applications in writing with a detailed resume should be sent to: Human Resources, Cayman Business Machines Ltd., P.O. Box 2326 KY1-1106, fax 945-9009 or email Only Caymanians, those with Cayman Status and/or connections in that order need apply. (Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.)

least 5 years in maintenance and repair of electrical

TWO PRIME LAND OPPORTUNITIES An excellent opportunity to purchase two adjoining parcels of land • Situated within the North Sound Estates canal development with a total of 0.48 acres. • Plot 1 has 0.26 acres with water to two sides with 210ft of water frontage with sea wall. • Plot 2 has 0.22 acres with102ft of water frontage. • The area has family residencies and apartment complexes with local amenities including supermarkets, shops, bank, plus more. • Savannah Primary School, Post Office and gas station. • Plot 1 is cleared and ready for development. • Sold together would be discounted. • Plot 1 has a dock that brings in an income and can be transferred to new owner.

and mechanical equipment.

Asking price:

Must be able

Appraised value of CI$184,000

Plot 1 $179,000

to work on

Appraised value of CI$100,000

weekends, public

Plot 2 $95,000

holidays also work overtime

Plot 2

Plot 1

when required. Salary will commensurate with experience. Send resume to: PO Box 2437, Grand Cayman, KY1- 1105 Cayman Islands

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‘Fall Ball’ starting soon

Fall Ball is part of year round action at (T-Ball), Andrew Holness, Jeff Pouchie, Alero Abrahms, Chris Field of Dreams in George Town. Cayman Little League is continuing a McField, Jon DaCosta, Jeremy Rice, drive to go back to their roots, putting John Cridland and others. Practices and games start Sat 24 together a ‘Fall Ball’ programme, with an emphasis on fun, instruction and Sept. The short season will last just 8 teamwork. The programme remains weeks, finish early Dec (including 2 free, with coaches and pick-up teams, weeks for rain-outs). CILLA is developing a series of but no uniforms. Already over 180 players have shorter, fun seasons, to compliment committed so far and numbers are the main Feb-May program. A climbing. There is enough for each Summer Co-ed Softball season for age division to see action, despite the older kids just concluded. Already well underway is the initial registration Sat 10 Sept being Summer/Fall season of adult co-ed hampered by torrential rain. Baseball Commissioner Rob slow-pitch program with some 450 Harris is coordinating the Fall Ball players on 21 teams in 3 leagues, programme, has a viable Division Ages Day supply of coaches, but always appreciates good help. Contact: (baseballcommish.harris@ Harris’s plan is for ‘less formal, instructional games. More than practices, more like remarkably fun practices’. Pulled together with coordinating help from veterans Cheyenna Stewart






Monday or Wednesday Games Fri



Monday and Wednesday



Tuesday and Thusday



Tuesday and Thursday



Still gathering requests, sign up on-line

playing mostly evenings under the lights. The current season ends midNovember, with a two-month break before the Winter/Spring starts on January 16th. For more information about adult co-ed softball, contact Alan Markoff at Little League President Paul Gallagher ( commented, “ This ‘Fall Ball’ program will allow kids who love baseball to play all year round, while honing their skills and potentially compete within the Caribbean. We’re excited to have more coaches come to the programme. Kids can play this short season independently or as a lead-in to the Spring programme. Time And we will use this to help us get better organized.” 2:30pm As always, free for kids 5:30pm with a standing invitation to all, registration is still 5:30pm open: at the Field of 5:30pm Dreams 5:30 M-F   (look for LaToya) or online @ 5:30pm NA Contact: Sara MacKay : 916-7600

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